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Just a quick note...

I intended to do a rewatch today - but didn't get around to it.... so, I have an overwhelming urge to leave a note here and apologize even though it's not like you knew that I intended to do one today. Only, now you do... so, I've blown my cover.

Actually, I intended to do one on the weekend, but then I ended up video-editing for a friend and watching lots of Sherlock.

So, now that Sherlock S3 is over and done. I will do rewatches THIS weekend. I promise.

I am really sucking at finding time to do rewatches this year, it's ridiculous. Usually I have them all wrapped up in a month and the clothing catalogue updated by Christmas. I am being so slow! It doesn't help that they take like... 4 hours, so if I don't start them by 4pm, I kind of just give up on doing one that day.

The other problem is that because my job (which I'm only doing part time at the moment) means that I have to sit at my computer for 7.5 hours, I kind of want to do non-computer related things on my days off. Like, errands, or other projects... though that doesn't seem to include cleaning my apartment, because, my god, this place is a disaster.

Other things still in the works:
1)That goddamn Merlin fic that I've been writing since...oh god, JULY?!? I thought it was October or something, but no, I just looked it up as I was typing this and apparently I've been procrastinating on finishing this thing since July. GEEZ. I'm so ridiculous. It's not even that long a story... and it's not even that good!

2)Everything else I've ever said I was going to do... seriously, why can't I get anything done these days?! I'm ridiculous. Everything is ridiculous. Now I'm all mad at myself for being a ridiculous person who can't get anything done.
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