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Quick Reaction: 9x09 Holy Terror

I have had more wine than usual tonight... and it was red wine, so basically I've had so much wine that my teeth are now blue... more wine was consumed for obvious reasons to those who have watched the show.

So, standard disclaimer: I write this reaction after only watching the episode once (in this case, I watched it twice, but the second time I was mainly focusing on the live-tweets...and drinking more wine...so I'm afraid it's not going to help the memory problems.) Also, again, I have had a lot of wine. I'm not going to remember everything and I'm going to get quotes wrong - I am well aware of this.


Oh god.

Okay, how did this thing actually start? Oh yeah! Back in October, or possibly early November, we had some super foggy days in Vancouver that were AWESOME (I love fog... as long as I'm not driving). In this case, we get to see a church-group glee-club driving through the beautiful fog in supposedly Wyoming. Only, it's really the DoD lands down by Boundary Bay airport. The same place that Harvelles was, and the crossroads...and Benny's gumbo shack... and Rufus' cabin... in this case though, I think they put the biker bar right where Harvelles used to be.

The glee club arrives at the bar and we're like "oh man, this isn't going to be good" and it wasn't! But in a different way than we were expecting - it's a angel-faction fight! The bikers, sadly, loose.

Cut to... Sam and Dean... in the car. Only it's Ezekiel and Dean, and their discussing how Ezekiel doesn't like taking this case because he's trying to stay away from angels! And Dean is like "but why are you trying to stay away from angels?" and Ezekiel is like, "Oh hai, here's Sam back." And then Sam is like, "how the hell did we go 50 miles in 12 seconds?!?!" and yeah... Sam's suspicions are rising.

I was super happy that Sam has actually noticed that he's missing time. It makes sense. Me and my friend were trying to come up with better lies for Dean, "Narcolepsy!" "Petite-mal seizures would also work! Only, I guess that would be more worrying.. not that narcolepsy isn't worrying too though..." (I'll leave you to guess who said what. :P)

They show up at the place and find that Cas is already there! Posing as an FBI agent and working the case! AWWWWW.... he's adorable. Dean is mostly just trying to figure out what the hell is going on and react to Cas taking the initiative in his own life and being where he's not supposed to be... meanwhile, Sam is very much on my boat and clearly thinking "Awww, he's adorable!" Seriously, I love Sam's face in this scene.

But then Ezekiel comes forward JUST to give Dean the bitch face once Cas walks away. And Dean just walks away... and um, guys? What's it going to be like for Sam once Ezekiel retreats. Dean is all of a sudden going to be across the room!! No wonder the boy is getting suspicious.

Is this where we cut to the meeting between Bartholomew and Malachi's people? Let's say that it is... we cut to a meeting between Batholomews angels and Malachi (and two of his angels). It turns out that the angels are a little like the Irish, in that both sides of their current civil war actually have the exact same goals, they just disagree on how to get there or, rather, who should rule once they do get what they want. They both want to usurp Metatron, but they also both want to rule heaven once Metatron is gone. So, they're killing each other off instead of going after Metatron. NOT SMART GUYS! The Irish civil war was FAR bloodier than their war for independence... and even the victor of the civil war was like "yo, one day history is going to figure out that I'm a huge douchebag who killed my poor innocent BFF" and he was correct... though he was still elected president a gazillon times and loved by all. Oh Ireland, I love you, but you have a touch of the crazy-sauce.

Anyway, Malachi kills Bartholomew's people because Bartholomew is IMPOLITE and unwilling to work things out (supposedly).

What's going on with Sam and Dean and Cas....

It's off or beers!! I have to say, that Cas has REALLY loosened up since the last time we saw him. He's definitely progressed on the human scale. I don't think it's just the beers either. Again, Sam spends most of the conversation emoting exactly what I'm feeling....

I love Cas and Dean reminiscing about how hot April-the-reaper-who-tortured-and-killed-Cas was... and it's really hilarious. I'm sure some destiel shippers will have huge problems with such a hetero-bro conversation, but please take solace in the fact that all I could think about was how hot that threesome would have been. ;)

Cas goes to get more beers, and Ezekiel comes forward again to bitch Dean out...  he wants to stay away from Cas, who he sees a beacon for angels. Dean wants to know what Ezekiel's so afraid of... or something, I kind of forget this part. God, so much wine.

ANYWAY, Cas comes back to the table and "Sam" excuses himself to "get something from the car" - it's kind of hilarious to me that "Ezekiel" is better than Sam at coming up with an excuse to leave... I'm just thinking of the other times that Sam's tried to leave Dean alone with someone in a bar before, and it's always been, "uh, I have to...go over there." Hehehehe....

Cas has noticed that Dean has been shifty every time that Sam brings up the fact that Cas left the bunker. Dean tries to explain that the trials messed Sam up, but he doesn't even tell Cas that Sam is currently possessed by Ezekiel... why? What's the harm in telling Cas? Did Ezekiel make him promise not to tell ANYONE or is Dean feeling ashamed of himself, knowing that it was wrong to take Sam's choice away from him?

Dean once again talks Cas into leaving though...

BUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS...."Ezekiel" goes outside and meets METATRON! *gasp* and Metatron is all like "I know who you really are, and it's not Ezekiel!" *double gasp*

We come back from commercial to discover that Metatron is bored in heaven all alone... which I think is interesting, because wouldn't he have all the souls of heaven to entertain him? Seeing as how he went centuries upon centuries in isolation in Colorado, you would think he'd be able to handle it... but I guess we find out more about that later....

The point is, we find out that "Ezekiel" is actually Gadriel... who, at first, I thought was called Galadriel, and then I kept thinking of how awesome that would be... and how I wouldn't mind Cate Blanchett being inside of me...

ANYWAY... it's Gadriel, who apparently was the angel who accidentally let the snake into the garden of eden. So, basically, Supernatural gave us their version of Crowley, and now they're giving us their version of Aziraphale (for those who don't know Good Omens, please look it up.) Gadriel was in heaven's prison - in solitary. This REALLY explains why he was so inhuman to start, and his speech so measured. The angels falling has given him a second change. He was God's most trusted angel until he made the mistake... and I'd like to think that he's still fundamentally good, but a lot like Cas was, in that he can't tell the different between good actions and bad actions when he believes that he has good intentions and/or believes he is finally getting what he always wanted. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Let's first go out to the woods, where a bible study is getting slaughtered before they can get possessed... well, that was fun, BACK TO THE SHOW!

Do we go back to Metatron and Sam? Sure, why not, you guys will just have to forgive me if everything is horribly out of order. This time, they're talking under a bridge and a skytrain line. Metatron explains that he never really could stand humanity... he liked to read about them, sure, but he did so in isolation from them. Interesting... so, I guess that explains why the human souls in heaven don't content him. He needs angelic souls. He wants Gadriel to join him. They'll rebuild heaven together - the way God intended it - without bureaucracy... and Gadriel points out that if God is AWOL, would that make Metatron God? and Metatron plays it like he'll RELUCTANTLY take that burden, but be called "X", not God.... but DUDES, Metatron is totally lying and is a megalomaniac! Oh man...GADRIEL, NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF THIS?!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO GODDAMN NAIVE?!

Cut to....

Dean and Sam are back in the bunker and Sam is wondering where Cas is and why Dean isn't more worried about him "just taking off like that" and yeah... poor Sam.

Meanwhile, Cas is praying.. this scene was hilarious. I love how Cas goes through all the different prayer positions from several different cultures. This was, though, an EXTREMELY risky move on his part... and the surprising thing is that it sort of works, though eventually backfires. Muriel (?) shows up in answer to his prayers, and once she realizes it's Cas, she wants to leave. But Cas convinces her to give him information about the civil war... we learn about the factions, about how Muriel is one of many who want no part of EITHER Bart or Malachi...and guys, not going to lie, I really wanted/want Cas to take charge of that third faction.

But before much can be done, Malachi's men show up and take both Muriel and Cas hostage.

Guys, why am I more attracted to Misha when his hair is messed up and he's covered in blood? Wait, don't answer that - I probably already know, and it's probably why it's for the best that I don't have a boyfriend.

ANYWAY, Cas is beaten to hell and gone. Malachi wants information and won't take Cas' story about being an UNWILLING accomplice as truth. He also throws the fact that Cas killed thousands in heaven himself back in Cas' face as a way for justifying his own murdering ways...ouch, that's gotta hurt more than the physical torture. He has his stooge Theo kill Muriel to show Cas that he's serious, I guess...all I could think was that it was pretty dumb of him to get rid of a bargaining chip that fast.

In his talking though, he tells Cas about the angels who didn't survive the fall... naming them...Ezekiel being a name among them. Cas is suddenly a lot more concerned than he was five-seconds ago.

Malachi leaves Theo to torture Cas, but Theo, as it turns out, really doesn't like working for Malachi. He's realized that Malachi is crazy-nut-balls and he wants to throw his chips in with Metatron, the one guy who is actually ON TOP right now. He figures that Cas has an in, so he pleads with Cas to tell Metatron to call him to heaven, that Theo will do whatever Metatron wants - that Theo will be the perfect soldier.

I think that's the problem with angels - they were trained to be soldiers, and it's all they know, and good or bad don't really register - all that registers is whether they're being given orders by someone who will LAST, someone who they know will be victorious.

On a completely separate note: Theo looks SO MUCH like Bull from Night Court. Do any of you remember Night Court? He's way too young, of course, and too hairy....but did the guy who played Bull have children? Because DAMN... SO SIMILAR.

Anyway, Cas is a clever girl. He plays the part of someone who actually DOES have Metatron's ear and gets Theo to release him from the shackles...., and then he STEALS METATRON'S GRACE?!!? Holy crow! I didn't realize that was possible. As we find out in the next scene with Cas though, it's considered "barbaric"...but again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Cas has angel powers again. He heals himself and kills Theo and then escapes.

Gadriel and Metatron are talking again. Gadriel accepting the job offer (NOOOOOO!!!) and Metatron decides that he needs to test Gadriel's fidelity.... and he gives him the name of someone who needs to be "neutralized"...and yeah, I knew what was coming, because there's really only one threat to Metatron at the moment, and that's anyone with KNOWLEDGE or a means of acquiring it.

Cas calls Dean from a payphone... and tells Dean that he has his grace back, or rather "a grace" back... and that he's become a barbarian like the rest of the fighting angels. He's rather disgusted with himself and won't even really say whether him being an angel again is a good thing or not... and in my opinion, he even seems uncertain about how long his powers are going to last. I have a question about what this means? I mean... his he basically consuming Theo's "soul"? SO MANY METAPHYSICAL QUESTIONS!

Anyway.... Cas tells Dean about how Ezekiel is dead, and Dean, quite rightly, freaks the fuck out. He gets Kevin to find a spell that will put "Ezekiel" on the backburner so that Dean can talk to Sam for a minute and get Sam to eject the angel. Kevin wants to know WHY he's doing this, but Dean won't tell him, and just asks him for his trust. Kevin points out that he always gets screwed when he trusts Dean, and Dean takes offense to the "always" - hilarious, but also tragic, as these are the last words that Dean will ever say to Kevin.

Sidenote: My friend loved Kevin's line of "Everyone always needs a spell and it's always ASAP" - because that's the kind of job she has too. Only thankfully, with less death on the line.

Kevin found the spell, of course, and Dean uses it - telling Sam all about what he did and why and that Sam has to eject the angel now. Sam punches Dean out and leaves the room... only to come across Kevin, and straighten, and I think it IS good to note that Sam's eyes don't even flash, his posture just changes.

And that's when Gadriel kills Kevin.

Dean runs into the room, but it's too late. Gadriel sticks him to a pillar and tells him that he overheard Dean and Kevin talking about the spell and that Dean never actually spoke to Sam. Gadriel had altered the sigil and pretended to be Sam, convincingly, since he's had plenty of time to study up on Sam's mannerisms and reactions. And then he leaves....

Leaving Dean to slump to the floor, calling to Kevin as though there's even a chance that he's still alive... :(

So, yeah, FEELINGS.

Firstly, I'm super sad about Kevin, but that being said - I saw it coming based on the promo from last week. So, I had some time for my subconscious to prepare. That being said, I had hope that they might resurrect him, that it might only be temporary, but either Osric is really good at faking out the fandom, or it IS pretty final. We'll see though - Osric IS an actor. I may just live in denial that this is permanent a little longer.

Secondly, I really like how Dean still called Kevin's name. It really drove home the fact that Dean really doesn't care about what Kevin can DO for them, because even when it's obvious that Kevin will never see again, Dean just wants him to be ALIVE. I think that's what's most heartbreaking - the fact that we get the proof that Kevin WAS family, just like Dean claimed he was, because it wouldn't even matter to Dean if Kevin never read another tablet in his life. He would have loved him anyway.

Thirdly, Sam STILL DOESN'T KNOW! Oh man... I don't even know how it's going to come out now, or what's going to happen - I mean, the promo for January spells out pretty well what is going to happen, but I don't know what is going to happen EMOTIONALLY!

Fourthly, CAAAASSSS...I'm not sure how I feel about him being angelfied again. What does using Theo's grace mean long term? Does it mean anything?

Fifthly, At least Dean still has Cas. He's not completely alone. I really just wanted him to call Cas, and say "I need you" and yes, Cas would still have to take ground-transportation... but damn it, I just... Dean's all alone with Kevin's dead body and EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE.

Sixthly... how come fifthly is a word but sixthly apparently isn't? Seventhly isn't either. Nor eighthly. I guess you're only allowed to use the ~ly suffix five times. :P

Okay, well, that's it until January.

S8 Rewatches will recommence on the weekend. Sorry that I had to take a few weeks off. I've been having trouble balancing work and my psychological problems, but things should be better this month.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments! Let me know what you want to discuss further and what crucial bit of information I forgot to talk about completely! Again, LOTS OF WINE THIS EVENING! So, apologies all around, but I regret nothing. 
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