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Quick Reaction: 9x08 Rock and a Hard Place


I'm exhausted tonight, so let's just get down to business... oh, but first: Please remember that I type these quick reactions up after only watching the episode once while drinking copious amounts of wine...and I usually type up the review an hour or two AFTER seeing the episode, so it's not even fresh in my mind. I am not going to remember every detail, nor every word. If I put something in quotation marks, it doesn't mean that's what was actually said - it just means that's the GENERAL IDEA of what was said. Last week, I had a lot of people correcting me, and while I know you guys are just trying to be helpful, it was unnecessary... I'd prefer to talk about the themes and characters than whether I got a line exactly right in something that I wrote while tired and tipsy. Unless it's a linchpin line for the entire plot, it doesn't matter.

Okay, reminder out of the way..., TO THE EPISODE:

The teaser death is a girl getting swiped out from under a truck! She has a cool mini-taser thing. I kept thinking that she should have jabbed it into the truck and electrocuted the monster that way.. but most likely the charge would have been too weak anyway.

Then we get the bunker! Dean walks into the kitchen to find Sam asleep beside his bowl of cereal...AWWW, he's ADORABLE. I actually have a picture of myself as a kid in a similar position. Actually, my reaction was to think, "Oh no! Sam has The Sleeping Sickness!" because a couple of times when I was a kid, I would get sick in a such a way where I couldn't physically stay awake for more than a minute or two. Later in life, I described the symptoms to a friend and they said that I should have been hospitalized, but nope - I just slept for 3 days straight, barely ate (because all food tasted like sawdust...and also I constantly fell asleep while trying to eat), and then eventually recovered and went on with life. My mum would basically just leave me where I fell and bring me a blanket. I slept for 3 days on a futon on the floor in a storage room, because I just never made it back to my own room after leaving the bathroom that first day. As strange as it was, it was my favourite sickness I ever had, because sleeping is my favourite thing to do!

Anyway, we were talking about Sam...Sam actually CAN stay awake once you wake him up, he just looks and feels a bit like crap. Like his "battery won't recharge" which is actually a really good way to describe the Sleeping Sickness... but of course, with Sam, it's probably referring to how Zeke is just plain tapped out. He's brought two people back from the dead, cured Sam from deadly wounds a couple of times, and he's now a sleepy angel.

Dean gets a call from Jody about the girl who's gone missing. The location they're filming at looks like the place they used for the Biggerson's back in S5's My Bloody Valentine and/or the place that Sam works in S5's Free To Be You and Me. The important thing here though is that we get confirmation that JODY IS ALIVE!!! YAY!!

They take off to go meet up with her! Yay! I think the footage of the Impala driving between these two scene is some of the footage they shot when they drove the car over to the Okanagan Valley last spring - it's very desert looking rather than temperate rainforest looking.

They get there and talk to Jody and interview the witness and find out all about the case. The victims were all part of the same church group. Jody, apparently, has also been going to church. INTERESTING...I kind of wonder if they're sewing the seeds for something to come in the future here, because it didn't really tie in to this episode so much and hardly seemed plot-crucial.

Sam and Dean go to the church, posing as potential church-members, and talking to the woman in charge of the church group. They find out that all the victims were part of the APU...which stands for something about Purity, because it's a chastity support group. Sam decides the best way to figure out what is going on is to sign up...which means they have to sign a chastity pledge to not lose their virginity until marriage.

I loved Dean's comment about how "you can't unring that bell." Hehehe...really, you can't.

But apparently if you sign the pledge, it's like starting over. Dean signs, saying that she had him at "clean slate" - which is kind of sad when you think about it too hard, so let's not.

Most importantly though: THEY SIGN THEIR REAL NAMES!! This is the first time, I believe, that we've EVER seen Sam and Dean sign their own names on the show. There better by pictures on Tumblr, because I love looking at signatures. I don't think we get to see all of Dean's though - just the Dean part. We get to see all of Sam's however.

Next up, of course, is the meeting.... where they're asked why it is that they've signed up. I love Sam's very very understated explanation that everytime he's been with someone it's "ended badly" (or however he said it) - that's one way to describe how you have the penis of death, I guess.

Dean, of course, thinks sex is great, what with the feeling...and the well, I'm not going to do his words any kind of justice here...basically, Dean describes sex in just enough detail to get passed the TV sensors and turn on all the women in the room (and possibly Sam too, who knows.)...and then finishes it up by explaining that despite all that, he "it's....sticky." Hahahaha... oh man, it's funny because it's true.

Dean thinks he recognizes the chastity counselor. Sam just rolls his eyes. I was actually looking at her wondering if she's been in the show before... Dean ends up finding an excuse to go to her place, because, of course, Dean Winchester can score at a chastity group meeting - and of course he can score with the woman RUNNING the group. I did love how Dean used the word "research" as his explanation to Sam though, because it harkens back to Changing Channels, and I'm actually wondering if "research" is a code between them in certain contexts now.

Sam goes back to the hotel room to see what Jody's found. Oh, I have to say that I love how Jody reacts to find out out that things are real in this episode. She apparently didn't know about angels - I guess she's never met Cas, has she? No. I don't think so. Crazyness. And then Sam tells her dragons are a thing, since they're the main suspects in this case, and I love the exchange where Jody is like "Dragons are a thing?" and Sam says, "Too many things are things."

More importantly though: SAM AND JODY BROTP! I know we don't really get many deep broments in this episode, but I'll take whatever I can get. I just love the idea of Sam and Jody being BFFs 4eva. It's a thing with me. Yes, he shot her undead son, but I'd like to think that cemented the friendship rather than damaged it... because sometimes you're better friends with people when your friendship's been dragged through the muck a bit.

Meanwhile, back with Dean, the Chastity-girl is sad about her friends and has him pray with her. Oh, I forgot to mention earlier than I liked Sam coughing to force Dean to pretend to pray back during the chastity meeting...again, another call back to S1, when he did the same in Hookman... also, I love Atheist!Dean.

Where was I? Or yeah, eventually, Chastity-girl leaves the room and Dean goes snooping while on the phone to Sam and finds casa erotica DVDs in a drawer.

Now, the funny thing here is that I have a hell of a time recognizing people and/or telling people apart. So, my first reaction when Dean found the DVDs wasn't to think "she's a pornstar!" it was to think, "She's a secret lesbian?" Because I didn't realize that it was HER on the cover...

Anyway, Dean knows what angle to use to sweet talk his way into her pants, and he does just that...through really cheesy porn dialogue. And it's awful and HILARIOUS.

Meanwhile, of course, Sam and Jody have put it together that the victims aren't virgins, their people who have broken their vow of chastity...and Sam knows that Dean's about to become just that.

Oh! While all this is going on, Taser-girl wakes up in an underground bunker.... she fumbles around in the dark for a while until she finds an almost dead former kidnapping victim and then her other friends...and they're all starving/thirsting to death underground. I forget the old water/food thing...I think it's 3 days without water or 3 weeks without food, and then you die? Anyway, they're not doing so well without the water.

Dean and his lady friend are abducted, while Jody finds the most likely monster - a roman goddess of the hearth. And a way to kill her, which involves the blood of a virgin, which Jody collects by punching one of the church girls in the face after she calls them pagan devil-worshipers.

ETA: Oh hey, and when Dean is dropped down into the underground bunker - I really thought they were missing a line. Because when Dean asks where they are and the dude says "Hell", I REALLY wanted Dean to look around and say, "Uh, no, we're not."

Dean quickly assesses the situation, the monster took his phone, but not his other other phone, which he has apparently sewn into the lining of his jacket! Firstly - how does he charge it? Secondly - why doesn't his lady friend, or anyone else, question why he has a cellphone sewn into the lining of his jacket?!? Thirdly - that is pretty damn awesome.

Of course, being underground, it's hard to get a signal - but he does manage to contact Sam long enough for Sam to hear a train...and then Jody and Sam figure out where Dean must be based solely on that information.

Off to rescue him!!

Sam gets knocked out, in Sam fashion, but Jody takes on the monster - which, as it turns out, is the church leader! I didn't recognize her, because she had changed her hair and, as I have mentioned, I have trouble with faces... but sure enough, it was her! Eventually I could tell by her big big eyes. He and Jody have a bawl, which Jody doesn't exactly win, because she's up against a god... so she gets strapped to a table, but her hands are free enough to get out the weapon and take a stab at it...which of course, backfires, because the goddess grabs the stake and stabs Jody instead. Here's where me and my friends paused the show to discuss whether that was actually a recoverable wound. We determined that if the stake had gone between the ribs, Jody would have a punctured lung, but that it probably wasn't stabbed i with enough force to break a rib - then we realized we were being ridiculous and we should just finish watching the show...

Sam, of course, has woken up and stops the monster from killing Jody, by turning her wrath on himself - which leaves Jody enough time to get off the table and stab her properly thus saving Sam! Yay JODY!

Before that happened though, the goddess had tried to kill Sam...going after his liver (her preferred organ) only to discover that he's all "duct-tape" on the inside and "how are you even alive?!" which is not exactly a good thing for Sam to hear.

While all this has been going on - Dean's been figuring his way out of the underground bunker thing - and he comes up at the end of the fight, with Garth's line of "what'd I miss?" Nice, Dean.

Then, it's just time for goodbyes! Jody gets painful hugs. YAY HUGS! And well wishes are given.... and I love the line when she walks out of frame "don't get the door for me or anything." Hahaha...she's definitely family.

With Jody gone, Sam can voice his distress that he is perhaps broken beyond repair... that perhaps there is no recover for him and that this is just how he is now. Dean can't stand it - it's one thing to lie to his brother, it's quite another thing for him to sit there and watch Sam blame himself for something that was Dean's decision...it's Dean who is disparately trying to pull Sam back from the dead, after all. Dean decides to come clean, but Zeke is having none of that - he comes forward and tells Dean not to...Dean, of course, isn't happy, but Zeke's basically holding his brother hostage at this point, so he doesn't have much choice. Sam comes back and Dean just tries to tell him that it's not his fault and that Sam should have some faith.

Thus endeth the episode....

And then we get the preview for next week and OH SHIT!

As per usual, let me know what I missed or what you desperately would like to talk about in the comments!!

Oh, I should also say that Dean wore one of my favourite plaid shirts in this episode. It was really nice to see it again. It first made its appearance back in S3's Fresh Blood.

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