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No longer unemployed (at least for November)

Well, that didn't last long.

Contracting company (that annoys me) wants me to work in November (and possibly longer, but I haven't promised them anything yet.) It'll be doing very similar work to what I was doing (so... still boring depressing job), but it'll be the kind of work that I can do while listening to audiobooks, and it won't be QUITE as depressing as the other job? Mostly just boring, but boring I can deal with.

Anyway, this really puts a spanner in my plans for November - which was to do a sort of mini-nanowrimo for the fantasy novel that I want to write, as well as finish up the S8 rewatch and update the clothing catalogue (all while timelining the new season). Not to mention that I have a crochet commission for a friend to finish up... and also a just-started sewing project currently taking up nearly all of my kitchen counter (makes it hard to cook too.)

I guess, in retrospect, I should have been more productive in October... but I was too busy enjoying the fact that I didn't HAVE to do anything that I didn't feel like doing at any given moment. It was glorious. One thing is for sure though - I'm going to have to lay off the obsessive fic-reading for a while if I want to get anything done. (I also have a stack of physical books that are demanding to be read.)

Anyway... I guess we'll see what happens. I'm still debating what I should do next, career-wise, and it's true that I didn't HAVE to take this job - but the fact of the matter is that money is nice to have and working in November will ensure that I have money until January, which gives me just that much more time to find something else or figure out what I'm doing otherwise.
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