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Quick Reaction: 9x04 Slumber Party

Hello! Okay, so today I didn't eat much - then I chugged a glass of wine - then I ate half a pizza, then I drank two more glasses of wine...

Also, before we even watched the episode (but after the first chugged glass of wine), I was told that David Bowie and Annie Lennox had once performed "Under Pressure" together on stage... and WHY HAD NO ONE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE? We watched it on youtube and it is GLORIOUS and AMAZING and I FELL IN LOVE.

So, yeah, drunk and high off a ridiculously sexy performance, it was time for Supernatural... let's see how much I remember...

We begin in 1935, and I'm super glad that they made it 1935, because the MoL Bunker is clearly Art-Deco style, and it makes the most sense that it would have been constructed between the late twenties and the early 30s (more likely the begun in the late 20s). So, the fact that it was still new in 1935 makes sense.

Also, Peter Jenkins! Dude! Peter Jenkins is the name of my sister's houseplant! My little sister always named out plants when we lived together. There was Charlie Edward Plant (a bonsai) and Peter Jenkins (a spider plant) and then when Peter Jenkins had babies, I took one and named it Dean Winchester (and then when it turned out to actually be two separate plants, I just named it Winchester...and then it turned out to actually be THREE separate plants, so yeah, that worked out.) Anyway, when they introduced Peter Jenkins, I was like, "where do I know that name from?" And then I remembered and was amazed.

So, Peter Jenkins and... the other dude... let's call him Leroy after Leroy Jenkins... anyway, they're hanging out in the MoL bunker in the 1930s being bored out of their trees, because there's nothing going on. When all of a sudden, a hunter arrives! Dorothy! Who's father Frank had apparently brought her back from the dead somehow - and she has the Wicked Witch from Oz in tow because she doesn't know how to kill her.

Meanwhile, in the present, Sam had figured out a way to help Cas - figuring that if they can use the MoL computer to track angels, then they can warn Cas if they're zeroing in on him.

Sam doesn't understand why Cas left - and Dean weaves a tale about how it was Cas who wanted to go - and, of course, this all hinges on Sam and Cas not talking to each other and realizing they're being fed two different stories. Poor Dean... that's the problem with lying, one lie begets another begets another...

Anyway, Sam leads Dan to the computer room... and I'm not going to lie, when he opened the door, I half expected to find Richmond from the IT Crowd in there, but disappointingly it was just a room with computers.

Now, I'm not TOO up on my history of computers, so I'm not sure how realistic those computers are for existing in the 1930s... but I do know that when Dean walked over and said "it's warm here" - well, unless they had an AMAZING cooling system for that room, the whole room should have been pretty sweltering. Old computers run HOT, like - REALLY HOT.

Anyway, Dean pries the back off the computer, and in the process knocks over a jar on the shelf. I have a feeling that the MoL should have organized a bit better.

In the end, they call in Charlie to help with the computrons.

Meanwhile, back in the past, the Wicked Witch escapes - possesses Peter Jenkins, who then gets tragically killed, having learn that adventures aren't always nice - and then Dorothy and the Witch disappear.

Back to the present! Charlie arrives! It's all happy fun times - it turns out that she was recently fired for leaking information about the company she was working for, so she's been focusing on her hobbies - larping, macrame, and hunting. She took out a ghost and a teenage vampire.

In the end though, she wasn't really satisfied with it, because it wasn't... magical. For a girl who grew up on Tolkien and stories about epic quests, she's a little disappointed. The boys, of course, take issue with the fact that she was hunting alone. She agrees that the Supernatural books frown on it. They want her to delete the books from the internet, and we learn that not only is that impossible, but that the unpublished works were released to the internet by Becky. GUYS! THIS IS WHAT I FIGURED HAPPENED WHEN THAT QUESTION KEPT BEING ASKED AT VANCON! Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... well, I'm glad that questions been put to bed.

I thought the scene was hilarious when Sam was all like "nope, doesn't ring any bells" when Charlie mentioned Becky's username.

While they wait for Charlie's program to do it's work, they decide to have a slumber party. Which they have in SAM'S ROOM!! YAY! Sam has a room! He does not have a good mattress, but he does have a flatscreen TV. That's pretty moved in in my books. They watch Game of Thrones Season 1 (which I forgot to mention that Dean had bought for Sam earlier - which I find adorable... also like perhaps Dean is buying Sam presents in the hopes that when the shit hits the fan he's already buttered him up a fair deal?) Sam intends to read the books and makes a joke about Dean not reading books without pictures, but guys, Dean's read VONNEGUT! I haven't even read Vonnegut. I don't even know if that's how you spell it, but I'm still mostly drunk, so I don't care!.

Charlie wonders allowed if Sam's ever going to move in - as in unpack and make himself at home. Sam insists that it's not a home, it's a place of work and that he's not about to hang up the "hang in there"-kitty picture. Dean gets offended that Sam doesn't think they're home is good enough for the "hang-in-there"-kitty picture. Now, I desperately need fanfic about Sam owning a hang-in-there-kitty picture that he keeps carefully rolled in a tube in the trunk of the impala. :P

Annnnnnnnnnyway... back to the computer room to check on Charlie's work. Now, I figure Warner Bros/CW must have a deal with Microsoft, because there is no way in hell that a hacker like Charlie would use Windows 8 on a Surface tablet. I'm sorry... seriously, my BIL works for Microsoft, so I really am sorry, but from everything I've read, Windows 8 is a shit-show. But, hey, let's not get political.

Charlie's uploaded the entire MoL computer to the tablet, so that's good. That will really save on the energy bills they don't pay.

Buuuuuuuut, there's other things afoot! Dorothy and the Wicked Witch have escaped! They find Dorothy, but not the Witch...

So, when the boys walk into the room and something is amiss, they immediately pull their guns... and my friend's husband laughed and pointed out that they're essentially walking around their "home" fully armed at all times. We all agreed that with their histories, we didn't really blame them - but it IS pretty funny.

OH MAN, I forgot to talk about Kevin - okay, jumping back here - at the very beginning of this episode when Dean walked in with the DVDs, he had just dropped Kevin off at a "heavily warded" hotel room for some R&R, because apparently the kid is fried. As much as I understand about scheduling and whatnot and how they needed a reason to not have Kevin kicking around the MoL bunker for this episode - i'm kind of sad that Kevin didn't get to meet Charlie. Also, that Kevin isn't in the Bunker anymore. I guess it's hard to introduce the Bunker and then think of reasons why it ends up just being Dean and Sam in it - but still, I thought they learned their lesson last year with having Kevin be anywhere other than the Bunker.

Okay, back to the show... they meet Dorothy who fills them in about the fact that the Wizard of Oz was only loosely based on her. That Oz does exist, but Dorothy herself is a hunter who tagged along on one of her father's hunting trips. They never really explain where Oz IS, but I'm guessing that it's a parallel universe - like the French Mistake universe - only obviously even more extreme in its differences.

Oh! Also, this whole time Crowley is still sitting in the dungeon. I think the Winchester's whole solitary confinement thing is really working, btw. They have to have patience, but Crowley is totally miserable.

So, they set off to find the Witch, meanwhile the Witch has found Crowley - who learns that the Witch is looking for a Key. He tells the boys this in exchange for being allowed to stand up for a while.

The key is the key to Oz, of course - it's a key that can turn any door into a doorway to Oz. They set off to find the key...

Before that though, Dorothy gets to learn that feminism has progressed a little bit in the last 70 years, and that Charlie is now considered a "Man of Letters" and the boys name her as the smartest person in the room... and then leave Dorothy to hang out with her. And me and my friend were both like, "they'll be making out by the end of the episode!"

But what they do first is discuss the Wizard of Oz books, which Dorothy hates - but Charlie realizes are filled with clues about how to defeat the Wicked Witch. Dorothy calls them "revisionist history" (which I love) and reminds Charlie that real life is nothing like a storybook... I like to think this is also indirectly about the Supernatural books too. Charlie read them all and started hunting, and even though the books surely don't lie about the glamorous nature of hunting - they probably do romanticize it a little bit. So, Dorothy's problem with her books are probably similar to Sam and Dean's problems with the Supernatural books - they try to capture something that can't be captured, and they make a horrible event into an adventure. I'm not sure it's a moral that Charlie really learns though - because as Charlie does point out, the books are full of information and are tools for solving the quest...

Anyway, Crowley had told the boys that he told the Witch they kept their keys in the kitchen... they go to the kitchen to find it ransacked. Dean is pissed - "I just cleaned in here!" ... Domestic!Winchesters are the best Winchesters!

Charlie and Dorothy run in and the boys fill them in on what's going on... saying that "a little bird told them" that the witch was looking for a key, because they don't actually want to explain that they have the King of Hell tied up in the storeroom.

So, then it's off to find the key - which Dean remembers seeing when he was going through boxes and found the vintage porn - so it's in his room for some reason. He and Charlie go to find it, while Sam and Dorothy try to distract the witch... Dean tries to get Charlie to go to the dungeons which are more secure so that she doesn't get hurt. Charlie refuses.

Sure enough, Dorothy and Sam fail to stop the witch and she takes to the vents - and materializes back in Dean's room. She goes to kill Dean, but Charlie takes the hit, thus, DYING. Sam runs in to save the day and Dean immediately calls for Zeke.

Zeke takes Sam over immediately. Charlie's dead. He can bring her back, but it would take all his strength - thus meaning that he has to stay in Sam longer. He JUST brought Cas back. So, Dean has to make a choice - and of course Dean chooses to bring his loved-one back from the dead. That's pretty much ALWAYS going to be Dean's choice. Zeke does so. Leaving Charlie to wake up saying "Merry Christmas" and Sam to wake up being very confused about the two minutes of time he just lost.

Dean quickly covers and then it's off to find the Witch. Dorothy and Charlie have figured out what will kill her based on the books - it's the shoes. I can't remember how/when they figure this out, but they do figure it out. They run off to the garage to find Dorothy's bike.

GARAGE! Awesome! I KNEW there had to be a garage - it didn't make any sense for the Impala to continually be parked out in the open like they had been doing - not when multiple MoL used to use the bunker and no doubt DRIVE to it.

Anyway, I loved the scene where Dorothy and Charlie went to fetch the shoes - mainly because Dorothy explains that she never walked down the yellow brick road in them because a)it's creepy to wear a dead woman's shoes, and b)she doesn't do well in heels. As someone who also can't walk in heels, I basically love every single female character who doesn't like heals - because I would like heels NOT TO BE A GODDAMN THING THAT I'M EXPECTED TO WEAR!

Also, Charlie talks about the fact that when the Witch "knocked her out" she had a dream that she was with her parents at Christmas - and Dorothy tells her that she must have died. Dorothy herself has died before, "you aren't a real hunter until you've died once." Aww, inside jokes. In the beginning of the episode too, they MoL talked about what Dorothy's father had done for her - supposedly to bring her back from the dead - and I kind of want to know what!

Meanwhile, the boys are getting possessed. Oh boys.

Oh, before they get possess though, they talk about their feelings in the middle of an action scene - ALMOST anime style, but not quite. Dean is still offended that Sam doesn't think of the bunker as home. Sam points out that he's never had a home and everytime he's tried to make one it's ended in crap. They both have a point, but Dean points out that the bunker is as close as they're ever going to get to a home.

Anyway, THEN they get possessed and go to the garage...where Charlie wonders why they're using batman voices before she realizes that they're possessed. I like how she apologizes to Dean in advance before she kicks him in the balls. She's a good friend. Dorothy quickly gives Charlie the slippers to go stop the Witch while she distracts the boys.

The Witch is opening the portal to Oz, and summoning her flying monkeys, when BAM! Charlie kills her with a shoe. Good job, Charlie. Also, this makes another witch that the Winchesters failed to kill themselves. They've only ever killed one witch, I believe.. though I could have that wrong. Anyway, it's extremely rare for them to kill a witch. So, it's kind of cool that Charlie did here.

Which just leaves the part where the hero walks off into the sunset. This time, it's Charlie and Dorothy... Dorothy invites Charlie to come with her to Oz, and Charlie accepts, because she wants an adventure quest. She wants another magical world where she can be her own romantic hero.... so she walks off into the sunset with Dorothy.

Me and my friend were very disappointed that they didn't even hold hands, I gotta say.

Also, I guess this sets up the rest of the season for a reason why Sam and Dean don't just call Charlie when they run into a problem. I REALLY hope that Charlie isn't gone for very long though - I mean, I'm glad they left her in an adventure world rather than killing her off, but I'm still sad that they've written her into a place where they can't just call her up easily. I love Charlie and want her around all the time. :(

Oh, before she leaves though, Charlie confronts Dean about the fact that she knew she was dead and thanks him for bringing her back - and double-checks that she's not a zombie. Dean tells her not to tell anyone, and she leaves it at that. Also, earlier, Sam totally heard Dean call him Zeke before he blacked out, but Dean blames it on Sam having a head injury. I guess it's a good thing that Charlie decided to walk off into Oz, before her and Sam were able to talk.

I have to wonder about Zeke... I mean, he's been with the Winchesters for what? Two or three weeks at most? (I haven't timelined last week's episode yet). And he's already resurrected two people for Dean? He must be like "oh god, what exactly did I sign up for? How did Cas deal with this?"

Anyway, good episode - definitely more of your MOTW variety - good, but not knock-me-out-good. Still not sure how I feel about Charlie going into another world... I just really like her - but I know Felicia is really busy with her own stuff, so much like inexplicably deciding that Kevin should relax in a hotel, they needed a reason why Charlie wasn't just a phone-call away anymore.

It was really cool to have an entire episode in the MoL Bunker and to see so much of it - INCLUDING SAM'S ROOM! Which I wish we had gotten a wider shot of... also, I hope next time we see it there's a "hang in there" kitty picture on the wall. Seriously, maybe next year at VanCon I'll get Jared to sign a "hang in there" kitty picture for my wall.

Next week looks like crack!

As per usual, let me know what I missed that you desperately would like to discuss...


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Oct. 30th, 2013 08:26 am (UTC)
Charlie's uploaded the entire MoL computer to the tablet, so that's good. That will really save on the energy bills they don't pay.

I was wondering about that, too! Who pays that electric bill for that big place? Gotta be pretty hefty to run a computer and system that big. I can imagine there's some old guy somewhere hiding out in a big old mansion that's been funding the MOL since like, forever, and some ep in the future the boys will find him. :P


Amen, sister!

Seriously, maybe next year at VanCon I'll get Jared to sign a "hang in there" kitty picture for my wall.

Haha! Doooooo iiiiiiittttttt!!!! :D
Oct. 30th, 2013 09:20 am (UTC)
Well, I guess technically the MoL bunker is at the bottom of what looks to be an old power-plant... so maybe it's off the grid somehow? I mean, so far they've just explained it as magic - electricity, water pressure, someway for Sam to get internet.

Haha! Doooooo iiiiiiittttttt!!!! :D

I just might! I doubt Jared would remember the joke, but I would! And lord knows I could use a motivational kitty from time to time. ;)
Oct. 30th, 2013 09:57 am (UTC)
Yes, Windows 8 is shit. I have it on my netbook. Also, the date on the screen is June 5 2013!!

I loved all of the domesticity in the ep, and Dorothy and Charlie were awesome.

Oct. 30th, 2013 10:05 am (UTC)
Ooo! Dates! Awesome! I'm behind in my timelining, and June MIGHT scuffer my guestimates from last year, but it might also make them better!

I LOVED the domesticity in this ep. I want to tweet Robbie at some point when it's not 3am and thank him for setting an episode entirely in the Bunker. It was so cool to see different rooms - including Sam's!
Oct. 30th, 2013 11:29 am (UTC)
Sam's "I haven't read all the books yet."

I have!! And they are so much better than the show (as is usually the case).

But that is what I always do (read the books first) so it was nice to see in Sam.

I also loved Dean's "I just cleaned in here!"

Love them both!

I've got to say though that there was a vital Supernatural aspect missing from this episode. It was way too tame... tame enough for my 5 year old daughter. And come on! Dorothy and Charlie walking off into the sunset? I thought they were supposed to show that fantasy land was not what it was made out to be. So what was the theme of this episode anyway?

And Dean and Sam possessed or mind controlled by the witch was pretty hilarious. Was it supposed to be?

I liked LARP(the theme of which was that they should stop trying to escape into dreamworlds) but more than a little disappointed with this one.

Edited at 2013-10-30 12:08 pm (UTC)
Oct. 30th, 2013 07:14 pm (UTC)
I agree about the theme being a bit...well, contradictory. It was a fun episode, but yeah, at the end of the day, I wasn't sure what it was trying to tell us about the Supernatural world, besides "Charlie's not going to be around for a while."
Oct. 30th, 2013 11:10 pm (UTC)
laugh Exactly!

Hope the next one is better. But maybe not?
Oct. 30th, 2013 10:31 pm (UTC)
I did like this episode. With SPN, you always need some leavening because you know tragedy is soon to follow. And only one good person died in this episode - Jenkins - so this was pretty light.
BTW, at some point, Sam or Dean mentioned that the computers were installed in the early 50's, so they're not from the 30's. They do have a look of 50's computers but you're right, they would need some serious cooling.

One thing about the red heels really bothered me -- they didn't look like shoes that anyone from OZ would wear, more like something from a bargain rack in the 50's or 60's. The style sure doesn't fit with Dorothy's timeline of being in Oz, sometime before 1936.
Oct. 30th, 2013 10:36 pm (UTC)
Oh cool. I completely missed the line about the computers being installed in the '50s. Good to know.

Us and our anachronisms. :P I had the same thought about the shoes, but shrugged it off. Maybe Oz, for all it's magicalness, has a thing for bargain shoes.
Oct. 31st, 2013 01:07 am (UTC)
What slightly bothered me is that in the book Wizard of Oz, the shoes are silver, which actually fits into the world of Supernatural where silver works against supernatural creatures. (Red looked better in color, so that's why they made them Ruby slippers.) Anyway I wish they had been silver and Charlie talking about them being red in the movie and Dorothy saying they were silver in real life. It's a small thing, but I had hoped.
Oct. 31st, 2013 01:12 am (UTC)
I didn't know that... I guess they wrote the episode with people like me in mind. I know there was a fair bit that got cut, so maybe the episode was already running long and it would have just added another thing. But you're right, that would have been cool - as well as make logical SPN-verse sense.
Oct. 31st, 2013 02:47 am (UTC)
I think having Charlie download the contents of the MOL mainframe onto her iPad or whatever was a way to eliminate the boys having to drive back to the bunker for research all the time and will pay off in smoother future storytelling.
Oct. 31st, 2013 03:29 am (UTC)
Oh! Good point. Though, I think the computer was just processor and not a storage device (RAM rather than ROM, yk?)- so the knowledge is still in the books. But we'll see - if they do use it to track evil/angels, then it's a way for them to track evil/angels from the road.
EDIT: I just rewatched the episode in order to timeline it, and realized that Charlie does indeed say "all the files" are now on the tablet. So, I STAND CORRECTED. Apparently the MoL bunker does have SOME digital files. I still highly doubt they digitized everything in the 1940s though, the technology just wasn't there. (Take it from someone who has spent the last 5 years working with digitized historical documents.)

Of course, it's since occurred to me that if Sam does figure out how to track angels - he's going to be pretty suspicious when there's one wherever he is. :P

Edited at 2013-10-31 05:45 am (UTC)
Oct. 31st, 2013 11:51 am (UTC)
What concerns me is if Sam does get the Angel GPS tracking working on the table he is going to see an angel at the MOL headquarters and that is going to cause a major problem - yep Zeke will be found out!

BTW - I don't think they were possessed but mind controlled.
Oct. 31st, 2013 10:46 pm (UTC)
YES! The thought about Sam and Zeke was brought to my attention the next day! Yikes!

Also, yes, I do think they were mind-controlled and not possessed, but I don't really put much thought into word choice when it's midnight and I've been drinking. :P
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