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Rewatch S8: 8x07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Okay! Let's do another one of these...

This time, Cas returns to us!
So, at the end of last episode, Dean started to acknowledge other people's grief - by giving Bobby's hat back to Garth. supernutjapan pointed out in comments that I neglected to talk about this piece of character growth... and she was right to, because it DOES kind of tie into this episode.

Instead of being unsympathetic to other people's grief for fear of acknowledging his own, Dean recognized that Garth had feeling too - feelings that Dean could understand. And perhaps that did open him up to start acknowledging the fact that he was grieving over Cas
... was THIS when he made the false memory? Because it was easier to grieve for a lost Cas, then to acknowledge that Cas chose to leave Dean. Remember, in our society, marriages that end in death are considered successful, whereas marriages that end in divorce are considered failures. I know I had a past relationship where I found it easier to pretend that the person I loved had died, rather than acknowledge the fact that they were alive but just didn't want to be with me. Or maybe it's something else all together - but let's keep this question in our heads as we watch...

The first scene (with the Winchesters) is Dean driving alone through a forest while a song that says "we've got to get out of this place - girl there's a better life for me and you" plays, and he suddenly sees Cas at the side of the road. Supernatural does like it's anvils. ;)

Sam: "Hey"
Dean: "Hey"
Sam: "You look like you- I was going to say 'you look like you've seen a ghost', but you'd probably be stoked. You okay?"
Dean: "Yeah, I'm cool. What's up?"
- I really love the way Jared and Jensen deliver these lines - mainly because it's actually kind of rare that we see the Winchesters have these kinds of conversations. Usually their "are you okay?" conversations are of the "you better be, because SHIT IS GOING DOWN AND I NEED YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME!" They aren't the type of conversations that really people have with their siblings (or friends) where you give a begrudging "yeah, I'm fine" just because you don't want to address your problems right then.
- Now, that being said, I love that it's part of a conversation where Sam points out how Dean would actually be stoked if he had seen a ghost. It's adorable.

Sam describes the case - and then...

Poor Samandriel is being tortured. This marks the third or forth time I've watched this episode and I kind of really don't want to watch the torture scenes anymore... I will say that the filming process for the actor who played Samandriel must have been absolutely horrible, but he did a really good job.

Crowley: "The power grid is so knocked out in heaven that they don't even know you're not there."
- This is interesting bit of information, because a lot of the time when we talk about Naomi in fandom, we talk about her like she was in charge - but in truth, she was probably just in charge of a faction, and heaven is still in turmoil over their civil war.

The other interesting thing about the prophets is that they're all different ages, but Kevin was called to duty first. Was he just closest at the time or is there an inherent order they're meant to be called in regardless of age? There's other things I want to talk about too, but I guess I'll talk about them when they come up...

First, let's talk about Kevin and his mother - I like the fact that it's a pretty realistic parent-child relationship, and one of the healthier ones the shows given us.

Mrs. Tran: "I hired a witch."
Kevin: "A witch?"
Mrs. Tran: "Off of craigslist..."
- Never a good idea.

Mrs. Tran: "Oh, time for Delta to check in!"
Kevin: "Oh my god..."
- And this is the thing about parents - no matter how good their intentions are, they can just steamroll you with bad decisions. Kevin KNOWS this is a bad move, but, like he told Dean in 8x02 - he can't tell his mother what to do.

Mrs. Tran: "You know the rules. Casual encounters: that means no questions asked."
Kevin: "No, Mom, that's another part of craigslist."
- Now, that being said, this does backtrack just a little bit on the secretly-world-savvy Mrs. Train that 8x02 gave us, who had a secret tattoo (or two) - obviously, that world-savvyness only goes so far, before she backtracks into naive suburban mother.
Back to Sam and Dean's investigation...

*Sam's starts saying an exorcism into his phone*
Woman: "Excuse me?"
Dean: "It's a code. For your own safety, so you can't reveal anything during enhanced interrogation..."
- Personally, if I were that woman, I'd start freaking out that Dean just floated the possibility that I would be tortured in the near future.
- Sorry, I love it when they sleep.

And then Dean once again sees Cas...

Sam: "Dean? What's going on? Are you alright?"
- I love how Sam wakes up just because Dean isn't in his bed on the computer anymore. I mean, yeah, the Winchesters are probably light sleepers, but still - it's kind of adorable. Also, sleepy Sammy is just adorable all around.

Dean: "I don't know. I think I just saw something"
Sam: "Uh, you saw what?"
Dean: "Cas."
Sam: "Cas? Where?"
Dean: "Right there. And, and then, earlier on the road. I'm seeing him."
Sam: "That's...not possible. I mean, you said it yourself. You made it out, and he didn't, right?"
Dean: "I tried so damn hard to get us the hell out of there."
Sam: "I know you did."
- I have to say, for two brothers who were at each other's throats just the episode before, this is an extremely honest and tender conversation on both their parts. Whether he's doing it in an attempt to be more honest with Sam, or because he's just that emotionally distraught, Dean is telling Sam exactly what's going on, including the emotional aspect/impact of it.

Dean: "You know, I could have pulled him out. I just don't understand why he didn't try harder."
Sam: "Dean, you did everything you could."
Dean: "Yeah, well why do I feel like crap?"
Sam: "Survivor's guilt? If you let it, this is going to keep messing with you - you got to walk past it."
*Sam knocks Dean on shoulder in sign of comfort*
- And part of me wonders if Sam's not speaking from experience here. Yes, one could argue that he DIDN'T do everything he could to get Dean out of purgatory - but I'd counter argue and say that Sam didn't KNOW that Dean was in Purgatory. He assumed Dean was dead and then started driving aimlessly around the country being an emotional wreck. Maybe he was thinking similar things, "was there something I could have done to prevent Dean from dying... I should have been the one to go after Dick with Cas... was there a warning on the tablet about the weapon that we missed? etc..."

Flashback times!

Cas: "Dean, it's a human portal, there's still no proof that an angel can pass-"
Dean: "Stow it Cas, you're coming, that's final."
Cas: "I'm just saying, if it doesn't work - thank you for everything."
Dean: "Save the hallmark. Okay? It's going to work. Nobody gets left behind."
- Again, we have Cas trying to talk to Dean and Dean shutting him down. Which is really par for the course in their relationship... and Cas tries to say goodbye anyway. Dean doesn't do goodbyes. He is a goodbye-denier. In Dean's world, no one ever dies as long as they don't say goodbye. As a result, I think a lot of Dean's last words to friends are "SHUT-UP! LALALALAAL I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Hahahahaha... (the important thing is that *I'm* amused.)

End of flashback...

Time for Crowley to try to get prophets to read the tablet, even though they don't know how... poor poor people.

When Delta the witch knocks on the door of the abandoned diner, she knocks out SOS.

Okay, I don't have much to say about the Trans in this scene (besides that I liked the touch of Kevin checking out Delta's ass as she walks away) - so let's move onto Sam and Dean again...

*Sam talking about occurance in Rome*
Dean: "Are we going to Rome? Wouldn't be too shabby!"
*Dean washes face, looks in mirror and sees Cas behind him.*
Cas: "Hello Dean"
- Firstly, it's nice to know that Dean's gotten over his fear of flying.
- Secondly, I love Jensen's stunned reaction, but I kind of which we'd been able to see the transition from Cas and Dean in the bathroom to Cas and Sam sitting at the table. Though, I have a feeling it was Sam turning around in his computer chair before Dean could respond to Cas, and saying "CAS! OH MY GOD! Are you alright?! Come sit down! Oh my god..." while Dean continued to stare in shock...

Sam: "Unbelievable, Man. I cannot believe that you're actually here."
Cas: "Yeah, I've been trying to reach out, but for whatever reason I wasn't at full power so I couldn't connect with you."
Sam: "That must have been why you kept seeing him, you think?"
- Yes, Captain Obvious, I do think that was the reason Dean kept seeing him.
- Okay, making fun of Sam aside, Cas trying to reach out and failing is actually a really cool character/myth point, because it basically confirms that vessel/angel can exist solely as a wave of celestial intent and do not have to manifest corporeally... and this is probably the form Cas is in during scenes such as those in S6, when we see him standing in a room but "invisible" to Dean and Sam. (To that end, Crowley has to have a similar ability to communicate with a wave of celestial intent without being corporeal himself.) We also know from this episode that Cas wasn't with them the whole time, because he doesn't know what's going on with the case, even though he's been following Dean and trying to talk to him... so, we can also assume that he really did just get back and that Naomi, possibly, has been tampering with him already. (We'll also see evidence of this later on.)

Dean: "Yeah. I gotta be honest. I'm thinking, how the hell did you make it out? I mean, I was there. I know that place. I know how we had to scratch and claw and kill and bleed to find that portal and it almost finished me. So how exactly are you sitting with us here right now?"
Cas: "Dean, everything you just said is completely true and that's the strange part - I have no idea. I remember endlessly running and hiding from Leviathan and then I was on the side of the road in Illinois, and that was it."
Dean: "And that was it?"
- Firstly, I love the little tidbit that Cas first appeared in Illinois, because that's where Jimmy is from (and also where Dean was buried between S3 and S4, and where Dean then first summoned Cas.)
- Secondly, Dean's reaction is interesting - because he's immediately skeptical. He's immediately waiting for the other shoe to drop, because good things (like your BFF angel love coming back from the dead) do not just happen to Dean Winchester. He went over this with Castiel the first time good things happened to him (himself coming back from the dead.)
- I also love Sam's face during this part, because I think he's picking up on Dean's kind of harsh reaction too - but he's not sure what to make of it. It's funny, because one COULD interpret Dean's reaction as Dean not actually being that happy to see Cas. I think Cas knows him better than that though, and I think Sam does too - but I find it interesting because part of the reason Dean (I think) is upset with Sam about not looking for him, is because Sam quitting hunting and shaking up with a girl indicates to Dean that Sam didn't WANT Dean to be alive, that Sam was happier without him. And yet, I think Dean's own skeptical reaction to Cas's return could be interpreted the exact same way. Winchesters = not good at showing their loved ones that they're happy they came back from the dead.

Cas: "Yes. I'm... I'm dirty."
- Yeah, you are.

Dean: "Purgatory will do that to you."
- Joking aside, I wonder if Dean is referring to the killing here - the killing, and the fact that he bent his own ethics/rules in Purgatory enough so that he's got a vampire friend now. He came back and told Sam that he wasn't the same anymore - did he mean that he was sulllied somehow by the things that he had done? They weren't nearly as bad as hell, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Dean doesn't view them as wrong and something he shouldn't have enjoyed. And we know from Benny that Dean DID enjoy it, but then Dean also enjoyed Hell... does he feel bad about both now?

Cas: "Maybe you were lied to, maybe there is no seam-"
Benny: "I lie, I don't get lied to. Aren't you guys all about faith?"
Cas: "Not particularly."
- Firstly, that's an interesting character note about Benny. We never actually see it be true though, according to Dean, and by all evidence we see of Benny - Benny is HONEST. Yet here, when traveling with people whom he has to convince that he's trustworth, he straight up tells them that he lies.
- Secondly, I LOVE the fact that Castiel says that angels aren't "all about faith" - because when we met Castiel in S4, he WAS. Angels had faith, they were not ALLOWED to doubt. It was Castiel's dirty secret (intrusted to Dean) that he did in fact have doubts. And now, 4 seasons and 6 years later, Castiel tells Benny that angels aren't really about faith at all. Castiel, despite being one, has completely lost faith in angels and heaven.

Sam: "Dean, you alright?"
Dean: "You do see something severely wrong here, right? Sammy, I remember every second of leaving that place, alright? I remember the heat, the stink, the pain, the fear. I am a whole ugly mess right here, and he says he has no idea how he got out - I'm just not buying it."
Sam: "So what, you think he's lying?"
Dean: "I'm saying something else happened. I saw the shape that he was in. I mean there was no way he was fighting his ass out alone. No way."
Sam: "Alright so, who, or what, got him out?"
Dean: "Yeah, exactly."
- I just love how Sam immediately goes into support mode in this episode - he's THERE for Dean. He's keeping track of his moods, he's listening to what he says... why can't he do this when HE and Dean are the ones having problems? I don't know.
- Also, this is essentially the same problem they had in 4x01. Sam was just happy to have Dean back, meanwhile Dean was like "THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! RAR! DEAN CANNOT HAVE NICE THINGS!" I mean, technically he's right, but it's still pretty sad.
Cas: "Better?"
- Seriously, I'm not even a shipper, but even I agree that they totally did the "hot girl camera pan and impressed boyfriend reaction" shot. Also, where did Cas get a suit? He went into the bathroom, ran some water for two minutes, and came out completely clean, shaved, and with a new suit.... it... why did he have to run water? Was it to cover up the sound of him traveling through time and space?

Back to the Trans, who are getting double crossed by a witch (who has a hooker for a sister.)

Mrs. Tran: "Your mother must be so proud."
Delta: "She is! Of course, with my sister, the bar ain't real high."
-Sorry, I just love that line.

Why didn't Kevin FIX the salt line as soon as he saw it? I mean, it still probably would have been too late, but still.

Mrs. Tran: "You betrayed us?!"
Kevin: "How could you?"
Delta: "I'm mercurial"
- Okay, first off - this should not have been shocking, Trans. Secondly - I kind of feel like Delta's line is totally making fun of the manic-pixie dreamgirl thing... and for that reason, I love it.

But, you shouldn't underestimate Mrs. Tran.

Back to Sam and Dean...

Sam: "Luigi, Justin, Maria, Dennis-
Cas:                         "Maria, Dennis, Kristin, Sven. I missed television."
Sam: "Wait, Cas, how did you know those other names?"
Cas: "Well they're prophets."
Dean: "Prophets?"
Cas: "Yeah, angels instinctively know every prophet, past, present, and future."
- I love how it's so instinctual that Cas just starts reciting along with Sam while he's watching TV with that little smile on his face. Like, "ah TV... oh! Sam's reciting the prophets! I love that game!" (Slightly related funny story: I once fell off a streetcar in Germany while reciting the list of prepositions that are followed by the dative case. It sounded a little something like this: "Aus, ausser, bei, mit, nach, seit, *THUMP*, FUCK!")

Cas: "...plus, Kevin Tran, of course, the other seven are future prophets. Only one can exist at a time."
Sam: "How is Kevin a prophet if Chuck is a prophet?"
Cas: "I'm not sure what happened to Chuck, but um, he must be dead."
- The first time in 4.5 years that they think about Chuck... poor Chuck.
- BUT... this is interesting that Chuck was the same TYPE of prophet as Kevin. Chuck's mission was to record the events of the apocalypse (as in, he was a scribe-prophet, writing the equivalent of the holy bible), whereas Kevin is reading the already-written word of god, supposedly in the desert, and then teaching man (which is less like, let's say... Luke, and more like... um... Mohammed? I mean, technically Mohammed took dictation, he didn't translate pre-existing writings - but he did it in the desert! And then he taught his fellow man!)
- Setting aside Chuck's departure and what that might mean for his identity as a prophet, and just supposing that he WAS a simple prophet, then that would mean that Chuck had the capability of reading the tablets, and it would also mean that Kevin has the ability to foresee the future and write it down. Now, the fact that Kevin was awoken only when a tablet was uncovered means that there's currently no plan in motion - no destiny at play - it basically confirms that Dean and Sam where sucesseful in their 5x18-5x22 mission to "screw destiny, right in the face!" And I think that's really cool to know. The ONLY thing left for prophets to do is to read the current writings of god and teach their fellow man.

Sam gets a phone call: "Hello? Mrs. Tran? Well where the hell have YOU be- What? *to Dean and Cas* Crowley's got Kevin."
- I just love hearing only one side of this phone call, because the way Sam says, "well where the hell have you be-" tells me that Mrs. Tran just said "where the hell are you?" or words to that effect.

And Crowley does have Kevin already looks like he's been roughed up a bit. I'm not going to copy out dialogue, but it IS interesting that Crowley wants Kevin to read the tablet as opposed to the "stupid" prophets, even though the new prophets would probably be much more co-operative (and more afraid) than Kevin is.

Back to Sam and Dean...

More flashback for Dean...

Cas getting the shit beat out of him... Dean to the rescue! Only he fails to pull Cas through the portal...

Back to the present...

Dean: "Cas can I talk to you outside?"
Cas: "What?"
Dean: "Exactly, what? What the hell happened? Back there - Purgatory! I told you I would get you out. We were there! It's like you just gave up. It's like you didn't believe we could do it. I mean, you kept saying that you didn't think it would work. Did you not trust me?! I did everything I could to get you out. Everything! I did not leave you."
Cas: "So you think this was your fault?!"
- So, this is interesting, because we can start to try to pick apart what Dean is feeling... and it seems to centre around trust and, dare I say it, faith. Part of Dean recognizes that Cas "just gave up", he recognizes that the whole time Cas was saying that he didn't think it would work... but Dean didn't translate that fact to "Cas doesn't want to leave", he translated it to "I have to convince Cas that we can do this. I have to make sure he has faith in me and my ability to save him." So, Dean shutting down Cas every time Cas spoke wasn't so much Dean denying Cas his free will, it was Dean trying to fix Cas' lack of faith.
- But it wasn't lack of faith in GOD, it was lack of faith in DEAN that Dean saw - the most horrible thing for Dean here is the thought that Cas didn't trust him, that Cas didn't believe that Dean would do anything he could, DID everything he could, to save Cas. It's not the first time this issue has come up between Dean and Cas, S6 was about this issue as well, and it ended in disaster, of course...and they never really addressed it since, so I guess it's no wonder that it's still a bone of contention for Dean.

Back to Kevin...

Who gets his finger cut off... poor Kevin... but he agrees to read the tablet...

Kevin: "Next is the demonic influence on the collective tapestry of the soul..."
Crowley: "Blah blah blah. Doesn't anybody ever edit this stuff. So far as a writer, God's a snooze."
- I love how they made them sound like academic essays. When I was in school, I used to try to name my essays really fun things - but by the time I did my masters, I was tapped out of creativity and I just called it exactly what it was... basically the equivalent of: "A study of the thing I'm studying."

Sam: "Sorry Mrs. Tran." *Sam handcuffs her to the steering wheel*
Mrs. Tran: "Wait, what? My son is in there!"
Sam: "Which means Crowley already has leverage, he doesn't need another hostage."
Mrs. Tran: "Oh COME ON!"
- Mrs. Tran just wants to be an active agent in her own life, guys. Geez. That being said, probably a smart move to handcuff her to the car.

Crowley and his pinwheel - I had forgotten about the pinwheel.

Kevin: "This one describes sealing the gates of hell."
Crowley: "So it's true. It's there. Clearly humans cannot possess this thing. What was God thinking? We'll get back to that, we were just getting to the sexy part-"
- You'd think Crowley would clue into the fact that a tablet written FOR HUMANS wouldn't possess any knowledge that would be helpful for demons... I mean, I doubt it'd be about how demons can take over the world, that just wouldn't make sense. I'm just saying, I don't know what Crowley expects to find on this thing.

Kevin: "Hold on, this is diffferent, it's not text - it's like a personal note."
Crowley: "A personal note from god?"
Kevin: "From the archangel Metatron."
Crowley: "The scribe, and suck-up, took down God's word and picked up his dry-cleaning. Go on..."
- The first mention of Metatron...this season, anyway. And our first description of him is from Crowley, calling him a suck-up. Innteresting....

Kevin *reading*: "Upon completion of this work, I take my leave of my master..."
- Also the first mention that Metatron has "left"

Meanwhile in another part of the castle... Sam uses a demon bomb (and it is good) and rescues the hostages while Dean and Cas zero in on Crowley and Kevin... Cas exorcises a demon, but it costs him.

Kevin *reading*: "So ends the sacred word into the hands of God's children, thus passes the compendium of tablets..."
Crowley: "Compendium?"
Kevin: "It's a collection of things-"
Crowley: "I know what compendium means. What does Metatron mean?"
Crowley: "There are more tablets - more than just leviathan and demon."
*Cas appears*
- Hmmm, I'm not sure - could you possibly be more obvious with your foreshadowing, Supernatural? I'm not sure I got what you're hinting at....

Demon and Angel fight! Kevin's smart to back away. The tablet gets split.

Sam: "How you holding up, Kev?"
Kevin: "Are you kidding? I want to seal those bastards up forever. He took my finger."
Sam: "Cas thinks he might be able to fix that. [...] In the meantime just lay low until we're able to get back to you, okay."
- I love how Sam always asks the stupid "how are you doing?" questions, trying to be nice, even when it's quite obvious that the person he is asking is doing really really shitty.
- And Sam sends the Trans off to Garth, as these are the pre-bunker days.

Dean: "That was a bonehead move back there. You could have gotten yourself killed, why didn't you wait for me?"
Cas: "Well, I didn't get killed and it worked."
Dean: "And if it didn't?"
Cas: "It would have been my problem."
Dean: "Well that's not the way I see it."
- Now, none Teen Wolf fans will have to forgive me, but this reminds me of the Stiles/Lydia conversation in S2, where Styles yells at her about how her death doesn't happen to her, it happens to those around her - it happens to those that are left behind. Basically, what I'm saying is that Cas may have made his decisions, and it's his RIGHT to make decisions about his own life (which is something that I think Dean needs to learn), but what Cas doesn't realize is the effect that those decisions have on Dean... he doesn't fully comprehend the consequence of what his 'death' would (and did) mean to Dean, who loves him. Cas' death would have been Dean's problem whether Cas intended it to be or not, because Cas has no control over that aspect of the event. Cas can choose to die, yes, but he can't choose what the consequences of that death would be to those around him.

Cas: "Hey, everything isn't your responsibility. Getting me out of Purgatory wasn't your responsibility."
Dean: "You didn't get out. So who's fault is it?"
Cas: "It's not about fault. It's about will. Dean, do you really not remember?"
Dean: "I lived it, Cas. I know what happened."
Cas: "No, you think you know. You remember it the way you needed to."
Dean: "Hey, I don't need to feel like hell for failing you, okay? For failing you the way I fail every other godforsaken thing that I care about. I don't need it!"
- And this is just the thing, I don't think they NEEDED Dean to have conjured a false memory. I think he would be just as angry and devastated had he known the whole time that Cas CHOSE to stay. But, apparently Dean's abandonment issues are greater than his "I'm a failure" issues, so he constructed a memory in which he failed rather than was left.
- But, like I said earlier, I think Dean's main problem with the false memory (and also real memories up until the portal) was that Cas didn't seem to trust him, didn't seem to believe that he could get out - because he could interpret that as a failure on his part to instill faith in Cas that Dean would never leave him, never abandon him, never let him down.... so, Cas showing him the correct memory does solve that issue. It wasn't that Cas didn't have faith in him, it was that Cas DID and he just didn't want to be saved.
- I think this is actually an argument that Dean and Cas have had before, "we can fix this"/"it's not broken." How do you save someone who doesn't want to be saved?

Cas: "See, it wasn't that I was weak. I was stronger than you. I pulled away. Nothing you could have done would have saved me because I didn't want to be saved."
Dean: "What the hell you talking about?"
Cas: "It's where I belonged! I needed to do penance for the things I did in heaven and on earth. I didn't deserve to be out and I saw that clearly when I was there. I planned to stay all along, I just didn't know how to tell you. You can't save everyone, my friend, though you try."
- And this is the thing with Cas. He's been trying to do penance ever since 7x01. I think it's why he was "crazy" last season. Sam did something wrong due to good intentions (released Lucifer) and did penance by suffering in the cage for 18 months (180 years?) and then subsequently being so mentally scared that he was driven insane. Sam, in S7, did not feel guilty about his past anymore - he felt GOOD - because he felt like he had suffered enough to make up for it. He had done the appropriate amount of penance and paid for his crimes and could now move on. When Cas took on Sam's madness, I think he KNEW that that's how Sam felt about it all - and it appealed to him, so he basically frolicked in Sam's madness, he rolled around in it like a pig in mud, because if the madness had left Sam feeling like he had done his penance, then maybe it could serve the same purpose for Cas. As soon as he got to Purgatory, of course, he realized that a)he couldn't afford to be crazy there, he needed to be sharp, and b)Purgatory is a much more traditional way to "serve time" for your sins. It's basically what it's there for according to some. So, Cas swapped out one form of penance for another one.
- This also tells us though, that whatever DID pull Cas out of purgatory did so against his will. So, even before we meet Naomi, we know that her first act was one that interferred with Cas' ability to exercise his hard-won and precious free will.

Naomi: "Hello Castiel"
Cas: "Where am I?""
Naomi: "You don't know? You're home, Castiel."
- Now, my theory, as I stated above, is that this isn't the first time that Cas has been here. I think Naomi's already had him there and messed with his head, and I think this because of the next lines....

Cas: "[...] Why am I telling you any of this?"
Naomi: "It's not any of your concern. Help the Winchesters, come when they call. You will report to me regularly and you will never remember having done so."
Cas: "No, I will not do that."
*Naomi smiles*
- Cas tells Naomi exactly what she asks him to as though compelled, and only afterwards realizes that it was against his character/choice to do so. Then, Naomi gives him orders, which Cas refuses, and Naomi just smiles, because all signs point to the fact that this is not the first time they've had this conversation.

Sam: "You're with us on this, right Cas? Cas, you're okay?"
Cas: "I- I'm fine. And yes, I am with you - if that's okay."
*Cas walks off*
- I love how Sam notices right away that something is a little off with Cas. I also love how subtle the "little off" is - Cas stutters, he takes just a slight moment to respond, he doesn't quite look at them.

Sam: "It is, right? You two are good?
Dean: "Yeah."
- I also love how Sam's TOTALLY in "friend of couple* mode. Again, I'm not even a shipper, but ALL MY FRIENDS ARE COUPLES. I'm like, a professional third wheel at this point in my life (seriously, I think I currently have only one friend that I talk to regularly that is single).... and Sam is totally rocking the way you have to delicately navigate moods that you don't know the reason for or history of. He doesn't say, "Of course it's good, Cas!" he checks with Dean, "it is right? You two are good?" Because the fact that Sam is still friends with Cas doesn't matter.

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