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Teen Wolf S2

Okay, in a fit of crochet madness (that's what I do while I watch TV, because I'm cool like that), I actually blew through Teen Wolf S2 in only a few days.


First off, just to get it out of the way, I'm actually surprised by how much basis there is for Sterek (Stiles/Derek, for those who are living under a rock?) in the canon. So many people laughed when I told them that I read fic first and was now going to check out the show, and they said "You'll be surprised by how there's absolutely no base for the Sterek ship"...but, um, guys? There's more base for Sterek than there is for any other slash ship, except for Scott/Isaac (Scisaac? Right?) but that only comes in towards the end of the season. Anyway, I'm not saying that I'm a hardcore Sterek shipper now - because I'm very much a canon-girl when it comes to Teen Wolf ships - but what I am saying is that Sterek shippers aren't as insane as you all make them out to be.

Okay, moving on to non-shippy things....

I was surprised by how early in the game Peter's resurrection came about. I honestly thought that it had been something that happened in the finale - but Teen Wolf has such a different pacing than any other show I watch that I guess it makes sense in retrospect. Seriously, the pacing on this show is insane - in that it's kind of brilliant? At least in S2 anyway. There was never a dull moment and pretty much every episode had epicness to it.

I'm so used to slower paced shows like Supernatural, where there's much less carry-through plot and things move VERY slowly. And I realize now that there are advantages to that - Supernatural is far more character driven than Teen Wolf, because Supernatural has PLENTY of room for their characters to breath and think and emote and make the audience connect with them. Teen Wolf is all about the plot, and while it's a thrill a minute, it skips scenes that AREN'T action filled but would have been amazing to watch from a character point of view - Derek talking to the betas (we only saw a little of it with Erica, and it was very much a seduction, I would have loved to see the conversation with Isaac...with Boyd... did Derek just choose Boyd because Boyd was lonely? Was there something else going on there? How did Derek find these kids?)

That's another slight criticism I have on the show - not that it could have been avoided given how TV works - but it was jarring to suddenly have Isaac, Matt, Erica, and Boyd as characters when they hadn't been around in S1. S2 opens about four days or so after S1 closed, so this is the EXACT same Lacrosse team and the exact same classrooms, yet suddenly NEW people!  It pretty much painted Matt as the villain clear as day, so him being the master of the kanima came as no surprise..."Hmm, I wonder who controls the kanima? Perhaps the only character introduced that's taking creepy pictures of our leading lady? POSSIBLY!"

As much as I criticize the character building in Teen Wolf, I gotta say that I'm still absolutely in love with the Stilinski's... BOTH of them, in my opinion, are the heart of the show...especially in the latter half of S2, the show really does become more about Stiles than it does about Scott - and you can see that in the narrative, because they take the focus off Scott so much that we don't know about his plan with Gerard until Derek does.

That reminds me of something else that fanfic steered me wrong on - because I read a lot of Sterek, I was used to Scott being someone who was constantly obsessed with Allison to the point where he messed up constantly because of make-outs, or stupid things like that. And Scott IS obsessed with Allison, and Jackson DOES escape during sexytimes (and seriously, Jackson could apparently hear everything in the back of that van...he probably morphed into an amnesiac kanima out of self-defense)...but that's it. I've seen so many fics where people write Stiles as this person who is constantly let down by their best friend (pity-party Stiles fic) that I was surprised when Scott had a LEGIT reason for hanging up on Stiles when he was trapped in the pool with Derek. Likewise, all Scott's other failings are because he's focused on another EQUALLY IMPORTANT task - and not just because Allison is making doe-eyes at him.

Speaking of people messing up though, I will say that S2 is like a lesson in how NOT to treat mentally ill people. Both Jackson and Lydia needed FRIENDS, and all their friends were running around with their heads cut-off and conspiring behind their backs, but not actually talking TO them. Granted, they tried with Jackson and it failed, but it mostly failed because they came at him antagonistic and then he overheard them possibly plotting to kill him and that probably didn't help. Meanwhile, Lydias wandering around writing "someone help me" and people are just like "well, Lydia's oddly crazy after being bitten by psycho werewolf, but I'm sure she'll be fine... LA LA LA..." Geez, guys, with friends like you...

Speaking of enemies - oh man, is Gerard ever over the top. I found him really grating to watch. I'd say that it was like he was written by a 14 year-old who doesn't understand subtly, but that's an insult to the 14 year-olds who DO understand subtly. Seriously...

Peter was slightly better. Again, it helps that he kind of has a good backstory for ending up the way he is. (And yes, I hear we get some backstory for Gerard or something too in S3, but I'm not there yet and that might be wrong.) That being said, I don't think Peter's backstory excuses his behaviour and I REALLY think someone needs to kill him again. He came to Derek offering some sort of deus ex machina solution, so I kind of get why Derek didn't kill him... not to mention the whole Alpha pack coming and the fact that two of Derek's beta had just run off and he needed more.

Speaking of Derek's betas. I really laughed in that scene where Derek has them chained up in his train-lair and he calls Scott for help - "Scott, I accidentally had too many children! HALP!" (At least that's what I heard).

Fic always has Derek as being so emotionless, but he's really not.

Back to subtly...because the show CAN do it. I love the fact that you actually SEE the whole "christian name" thing working on Jackson even before Peter says anything. Danny is able to call him back, so is Allison... oh man, that scene...okay, I'm going to talk about that after I talk about the next thing. Hold that thought.

I also really liked Stiles' speech about what dying for your friends/family really means - how it's the people you leave behind that experience the death, not you, and how Stiles own beating wasn't about him at all either, it was about leaving behind marks for Scott to see... and UGH, FEELINGS! Because it all ties back in to his mother and the fact that Stiles GETS death and pain on a level that no other character understands in the show (except Derek). And you see it in every scene between Stiles and his father too... the Sheriff is DESTROYED when Stiles goes missing, and before that he pretty much almost broke his wrist trying to get out of the cuffs so that he could rescue Stiles in the police station. And if Stiles DID give up Derek (which we never see if he does or not, but I'm guessing he might have) he certainly wouldn't have done it to spare Scott finding him... at least not in my opinion. Or man, Stilinskis.

Anyway, back to that other topic. S2 DOES GET A LITTLE RAPEY... I mean, there's the whole using Lydia against her will thing that's done by Peter, where he's basically mind-fucking her - and to top it off has to make-out with her too...gross!) and then there's Jackson's body being used against his will, and without his consent or knowledge, too... by a creepy stalker type too, to make things as gross as possible. And that's just the metaphorical stuff...

There's also that scene in the locker room between Allison and Jackson, where Jackson gets the crap beat out of him for molesting Allison while he's completely naked, only Jackson's absolutely horrified reaction when he comes back to himself to find himself completely naked with Allison makes us perfectly clear that they were BOTH just assaulted - only Allison is the only one who has someone to defend her (besides herself).

Finally, the stuff at the end with Gerard offering Allison to Scott like she was some sort of prize to be won was pretty gross too. Oh, also Derek has his body used against his will not once but twice in the season - first resurrecting Peter and then biting Gerard. And then after Scott USES him, Scott has the nerve to once again reject Derek as alpha. Ugh, Scott, why don't you drop his cupcake on the ground while you're at it. I have an idea, let's take away the body-autonomy of a possible statutory-rape victim and then tell him that he's worthless to you! Scott's such a decent person...really... so decent.

So, yeah, no one has body-autonomy (Bodily integrity) and females are bargaining chips. Swell.

Seriously though, still an awesome season. There are some absolutely stunning shots in the show too... like, just amazing visuals.

Another scene that I would have loved to see would have been the actual conversation between Scott and his mother... though, I guess they never really had time for it in the finale - but I'm willing to bet it's not in S3 either. I did like her reaction though, because again, it keeps the parents realistic. Melissa is realistically completely unable to cope with or possibly not be terrified of her creature-son.

Which brings me to the Argents... I would have felt more for Allison and her whole grief-induced-homicidal-rage if we had actually seen her and her mother connect at any point in the series. Instead we just see her mother play the part of basically an angry psycho beneath a cold-indifferent veneer. There's absolutely no mother-daughter bond to mourn the loss of. Seriously, if I had a mother like that, I'd probably be pretty indifferent to her death... mind you, my heart is nothing but an engine formed from the remnants of a dead star.

Mom-Argent's suicide WAS in my mind a pretty stupid death, and I can't believe that Chris went along with it. I mean, it's basically like all those people who kill themselves for being gay because they were raised to believe that being gay was worse than death... it's horribly tragic! But you'd expect the dude who ACTUALLY FOLLOWS CODE and later works WILLINGLY with the werewolves, to be like "uh, honey, maybe being a werewolf ISN'T worse than death?" But no, he's just like, "let me help you push this knife into your chest, cuddle-bunny!" Maybe he wanted her dead because she was a psycho... yeah... I'm going to go with that. I mean, Chris actually seems like a decent guy deep down, which is another thing I wasn't expecting... but it's obvious that Allison takes after him and not anyone else in her family, no matter what her crazy relatives say.

Anyway...um... what else is there to talk about now that I've had several disjointed rants?

Isaac is pretty neat. I like him. I also like how it really just takes Scott doing ONE thing to win Isaac over - and that's telling him that he doesn't want Isaac to get hurt. This is part of the reason I would have loved to see the conversation between Derek and Isaac, just to compare and contrast. Because Derek obviously offered him help, but he didn't appear to offer him someone who CARED. Furthermore, I think it doesn't help that Derek's method of training is to beat the shit out of his betas until they're as grumpy as he is. After years of abuse, it makes sense that Isaac would gravitate towards the one person who actually wants to wrap him in cotton and smother him in cute puppies... I'm spoiled for S3, of course, but I really think that despite everything, Scott earned himself his first beta (besides Stiles) as soon as he told Isaac to be careful in the club and then taught him how to help sick doggies and told him it was okay to cry.

Boyd and Erica we don't get much of a feel for...besides that they're both lonely, I guess. Really, everyone Derek turns is lonely. How...sad. Actually, I think Peter points that out too. Seriously, I don't know how Derek can let Peter walk around when Peter KILLED LAURA! UUUUUUGH... unforgivable.

I did like Derek's shouty-speech at Erica and Boyd though, about how if they run, they'll always be running. I think Derek was speaking from experience there and that probably he and Laura had been on the run for the past 6 years.

Okay, now I'm just blathering on and jumping all over the place, and I've been typing for a LONG time. Bravo to anyone who has read this far!

Soon, I will start S3a.

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