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VanCon 2013: Sunday Report

Sunday started bright and early with the Jared and Jensen breakfast at 9:30am. I woke up and had breakfast at my house, because I know that they don't serve very much food at the J2 breakfast. This is actually the last year that they're going to have the breakfast - from now on it'll just be an extra short informal panel for Gold tickets.

J2 Breakfast

SunVanCon13 016

Of course, it goes without saying that both boys looked amazing. I particularly liked Jensen's shirt this year.

They played Carry On when J2 walked in. They greeted the crowd and Jensen said "I wish Kansas played every time I enter a room."
Jared: "It doesn't? I have it written in my contract."

They asked what Sebastian had gotten up to this year. A fan yelled out "you don't want to know" and Jared joked that now he definitely wanted to know. They then asked about Felicia and everyone cheered. A fan thanked them for sending her to the Con, and Jensen said that they didn't ask, they just told her "you're going, we're making a phone call and you're going. This isn't a negotiation."

Jared also realized that it was the first time they'd seen us since the finale and asked if we liked it. We did, of course. Jared then asked if anyone was from Europe and had been at the Con (Jus in Bello) that Jared had had to back out of at the last minute due to a family emergency. One or two people had been. He thanked them, and fans in general, for being so understanding and supportive and sending him and Gen love over twitter. He said that obviously he wasn't as active on twitter during that time, but he did check it from time to time and was always appreciative of the kind messages.

They talked about how Felicia didn't really know what to expect, and it was much like their first convention experience - but that they told her that we were cool. Jared was trying to talk about the convention experience to the new people at the con, and he called the new people "newbies" and the people who had been there before "oldies... wait, not oldies!" and then he scrambled to find a better word and came up with "more experienced... now they sound like hussies." He just couldn't win.

His point, though, was that he wasn't sure what to make of conventions at first - but over the years he's seen the friendships formed at them, both amongst the fans and amongst the cast - like Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr.

They talked about the Finale again, and Jensen said, "that was real rain" about the final scene. He re-enacted trying to act with rain pouring into his eyeballs and the director yelling at him to "hold the look!", and Sam saying "what's happening?" and Jensen saying "it's raining! Rain is falling thousands of feet into my eyeballs!"

Jared told us about being annoyed that they had to drive an hour and a half to get to a location, where they had built the church. His argument was that if they were building the church anyway, they could have built it anywhere - why build it there? But the crew told him about how gorgeous the location was - with this vista of the river and mountains... and then on the day, they get out there and it's all fog. :P

While describing all this, Jared used the phrase "buttery shafts of light" and told us that was what Jensen said, not him. Jensen said that came from Smallville, but then declined to tell the origin story.

Part way through talking about the finale though, Jared caught sight of missyjack in the audience, who happened to be wearing Sam's Whippet shirt. Jared suddenly stopped talking and said "That's my shirt!" and was momentarily floored, explaining that he just had some "weird deja vu thing" because that shirt was hanging in his trailer right when he walked into it during S1, so he saw it every day. Jensen asked him if any of his other stuff was missing. :P

A fan asked Jensen how it felt to be a dad. I forget now, how it happened, but Jensen at one point squinted and said "what?!" and Jared laughed. Then they explained that there's this phrase actors have when a shot lingers on them too long, about there being "egg on their face" - and they had been filming with (Bob Singer, actually) and the shot was lingering on Jensen too long in Jensen's opinion, so he said to Bob, "are we waiting for the fourth yolk to slide down my face, or are we moving on?" and Bob took off his glasses and squinted at Jensen and then said "what?!" and Jensen replied, "the pause! It's going on too long!" and Bob, continuing to squint, said "I can't see you!"

Jensen then answered the question and said that fatherhood has been great. This weekend is his first weekend away, and he's a little sad about that, though he's happy to see the fans.

A fan asked how they came up with Justice Jay's name. Jared joked that it was "better than Injustice" and Jensen said that their pediatrician said, "Let me be the first to say that there's a little justice in this world." Jensen said Danneel liked the name Justice, and that Jay is what people call Jensen, "sort of like a nickname." It's the name he gives at Starbucks too, and the Starbucks people always write it "J-A-Y". Their calling the baby JJ though.

Someone asked about the spin-off that will be introduced in the latter half of this coming season. They said that they're hoping to film a portion of it in Chicago, (Jensen thinks it'd be worth it to see the Impala drive down Michigan avenue), but it's not a for sure thing yet.

Someone asked Jared to elaborate on previous comments that he's made about the book The Fountainhead. He explained that when he read it when he was young, he connected with it, because it's message was that life and the advancement of society all stems from the drive to be better, but as he's gotten older, he's realized that life is really about being bolstered by the people around you and happiness. (This is just a sum up, of course - in my opinion Jared just grew a brain.)

Someone asked whether Jensen would ever make a music recording. Jensen answered no.
Jensen: "I'm an actor"
Jared: "slash director slash daddy!"
Jensen: "I'd like to introduce my personal publicist..."
Jared: "slash actor slash daddy!"

Another fan asked about Jensen's recent fatherhood, I didn't hear the question, but it must have been about whether Jensen still wants to wear one of those flying squirrel suits and jump off mountains anymore... and Jensen answered that when he drove away from the hospital, he was going over the speed bumps so slowly - he mimicked it, and then Jared mimicked it and added a concerned "is she broken?!" - and then Jensen mimicked driving on the highway and waving people to "just drive around me!" So his lust for adventure has somewhat abated because he's got responsibilities now.

Jared talked about when Thomas learned to walk and he was suddenly "higher than I thought he'd be" and they had to re-safety the house. Thomas apparently started walking in Rome, very spontaneously, after seeing some pretty four-year old Italian girls. Jared laughed and said that apparently Thomas likes Italian girls! "Just like his father." The week after that, back in Austin, it was a case of where everytime Jared turned around Thomas was trying to kill himself. Jared started telling a story, then paused and lamented that he was going to get arrested by Child Services, but he explained that he always carries a pocket knife - and his father was the same way - and that one day he took his eyes off Thomas for five seconds and when he turned back around Thomas had somehow gotten Jared's pocket knife off the dresser and was playing with it. It was closed, but Jared mimicked asking Thomas in a sweet voice, "Thomas, can you give that to Daddy?" and then having a small delayed heart-attack.

Jared then mimicked Thomas playing with the knife, hitting himself with it and making random sounds.
Jensen: "Just like his father."
Jared: "I can't even argue with that."

Jared hears by the second child though, parents don't even care. "Whatever, give him a lighter."

How would they react if their children wanted to be actors?
Jared hopes not. It's a very fickle business and most people aren't as lucky as Jared has been. He has dear friends who can't catch a break.
Jensen explained how his father was an actor, so he wasn't necessarily thrilled by Jensen's career choice - but he gave Jensen a time limit. Since Jensen was skipping college to try acting, his father said he had 6 months (basically one semester) and that was all Jensen's father was going to support him for.
Jared amended his answer to say that if his kids really loved acting, and did it because it made them happy, and not for money or fame or anything, then he would be supportive of them... because that's what it was for Jared. In high school, Jared was too small for sports (everyone laughs, but Jared insists it was true) - and acting was really the only thing he had outside of academics.

Jared went to pick the next question, and there was a bit of confusion as to who was asking the question - the woman closer to the front told them that her question was still about kids (as in, it was still on the current topic)...
Jensen: "For those of you who wanted to talk about Supernatural, you've come to the wrong convention. This is a parenting conference by a couple of rookies! Seb's next door if you want the sex talk." And then he joked, "It took 9 years for them to get bored of Supernatural.... so you have kids, let's talk about that!"

The question was about how Jensen felt about having a little girl.
Jared: "You had a little girl and you remember being a little boy! Ha ha!"
Fan: "Or Jared, if the next one is a girl."
Jensen: "Ha ha!"

Jensen says that he's not stock piling weapons yet. He also explained that he has a sister who is 7 years younger than him. (Hey, so do I! That's it, Jensen and I have to be BFFs now! [joking]), so he'll probably draw on that experience.

Another fan brought the topic back to Supernatural and told Jared that he was great in the finale. Jared thanked us for our agreeing applause and then admitted that he did "stay in it" a little more than usual and wrecked himself a little bit. Jensen explained that the finale is like the end of a marathon, when you've gone for 22 episodes and then are asked to sprint through the finale 23rd. Jensen agreed that Jared wrecked himself, but was amazing and did a great job, and then he got uncomfortable with all the sentimentality and told Jared: "your one compliment of the year." He immediately picked a guy to ask a question and said that they "need a dude right now."

The dude came through and asked about how often they get to drive the Impala and if they want to keep it after the show ends. Jensen said that there's legal issues with them driving it, but they do try. Jared laughed and remembered them doing donuts in it in S1 and sending gravel flying everywhere, so the crew had to dive behind trucks, "it was like a Gatling gun."

Jensen says that it's no secret that he's very protective of the car on set and off, and he's hinted that he wants it. Jared says that he actually wants one that doesn't work. He loves classic cars and has a camero that he's had since high school.
Jensen: "It also hasn't worked since high school."

And then their time was up!

SunVanCon13 030


If you don't buy Jared and Jensen photo-ops, and you don't have enough money to even THINK about bidding on their private Meet and Greets, then you get this glorious long break between the breakfast panel and the afternoon panels. Knowing this, I lugged my laptop downtown this year and used that time to type up the breakfast while it was fresh in my memory and then go have lunch with my friends.

There's a pub just around the corner called Moose. It's like it was meant to be.

Rachel Minor

SunVanCon13 066

Richard introduced Rachel by talking about the unholy things that happened on Saturday and how he'd introduce someone, go away, and come back to a destroyed stage (Misha) or Sebastian with his hands down someone's pants.

He joked about Sebastian getting the adult-only warning next to his panel this year in the schedule (it's true) and how he was crushed by it and promised to class up the show...and then failed to do so. An audience member called out about how Sebastian apparently threw one of his pubes at her and then asked her to ask him a question while pretending to be the pube. Richard was suitably flabbergasted.

He then said that he knew Rachel would be a good guest who wouldn't do anything like that, and she was such a sweet girl that Richard wasn't even going to give her a porn name.

Rachel was a lot more timid and soft spoken than I thought she would be. ACTING! It's amazing.

Her porn name would be Peeper Ellington.

She started the panel by explaining that she knows she's just there to help us while away the time before the boys' panel, and that she hopes that she can help us make the time go faster.

She mentioned that Meg wasn't on the 'baddies' panel, so maybe that was a sign of Meg's change of heart.

Her hair is blond!
It's something Rachel did for herself, and then the show caught her with it and they had to write it in, because she was told if she died it again and then went back to blond, her hair would fall out. "I went with the 'with hair' look."

What has her experience with Cons been like?
Rachel is very shy and at first she thought it would be horrible, but the fans are so nice and have been fantastic. She wants us to know that we shouldn't be afraid to talk to her at all.

Was Meg's transformation inspired by the chemistry between Rachel and Misha?
Rachel doesn't know why the writers decided to write what they did, but she loved it! She had wanted Meg to go out in that way - in some redemptive way. She laughed, she cried, it was great. She's a romantic and loved the crossing of boundaries between angels and demons.

What did she like about Meg?
Rachel liked that Meg was smart. She also liked her one-liners - she lived a long time to hone that skill.

What will Rachel miss about the show?
Such an awesome crew and bunch of people to work with. She loved the ending so much though that she doesn't need to come back.

There was a question about powerful women tending to be evil and how Supernatural is guilty of that, because it kills off its strong females as soon as they aren't evil or something (I didn't write down the exact question, I'm not trying to be dismissive - I'm trying to remember!)
Rachel thinks that's a trend that we're moving away from, but yes, smart and strong females tend to be evil. If you don't act confused you get cast as evil. Rachel thinks that Supernatural is moving away from that. Fundamentally though, the show is about the brothers, so anyone else has a limited lifespan, except Misha. Rachel has heard that the spin-off is going to be more female centered, so she's looking forward to that.

The next questioner was disappointed that we didn't see Meg's corpse and give her a proper moment.
Rachel is satisfied with the story from an emotional point of view. She's died in other things and she's seen her dead body before, so she's "satiated" with that, "but sorry to deny you a chance to see my corpse."

What are Rachel's feelings on the love/hate relationship of her character? As in, her character is a character that we love to hate.
Rachel: "If you believed what you were saying, the audience did."
Rachel: "If I'd been around for as long as she had, I'd be bored.
" Meg was doing something to entertain herself. Her brand of evil was almost playful. She cites the line "you find a cause and you get behind it" as proof that Meg was just trying to pass the time in some way.

What was it like coming into an established character?
It was only intimidating in retrospect. Rachel's instincts were similar to Nicki's because the character came through in the dialogue. Rachel actually came into it a bit clueless though, and only afterward worried that she had messed it up.

What does Meg do in her spare time?
Rachel doesn't think Meg was as separated out from the culture as some of the other angels and demons. Meg "knew what she was doing in the twitterverse". Rachel would be interested to see what she did.

Any regrets?
Nope. It was good dialogue, especially for a female character, which is hard to find - not since the days of film Noir where women got to be smart and challenging.

Other passions?
Rachel liked reading and "study tangents" where she just goes on Wikipedia and starts learning about sometime random and then let's it lead her to other things to learn.

What would Meg/Cas be like if Meg lived to S9 when Cas became human?
Rachel: "Well, he's got junk now, right?"
Rachel loved their relationship.
(I completely zoned out here and missed a lot of what she said, which sucks because I think it was really interesting stuff about how the relationship brought a human caring element that neither of them had experienced before.)

Another person asked about a film Rachel had done that is possibly called "In Her Skin" in which she did a great job.
Rachel jumped into that role quickly, her character had no life and was admiring of others to the point where she immitated them and wanted to BE them.

If Meg came back, how would it happen?
Rachel would just let the writers do whatever they wanted to do. She loves Meg's end. Meg did something worthwhile. It would be tricky to take it from there, but if anyone could it those writers can.

Book recommendations?
The elegance of a hedgehog. It's a french book that Rachel's been reading in translation.

Learn anything while playing Meg?
Not to kill babies. Seriously - perspective.
Rachel: "What does it mean in the grand scheme of things?" We shouldn't beat ourselves up too much or get too nervous, because the world will keep on going even if we mess up a little. Meg never gets too panicky, she takes it all in stride.

Where does Rachel think angel and demons go when they die?
Rachel doesn't know, but would like to think it would be the end completely when they die. She thinks possibly they go to the same place - she thinks that fits with the mythology of the show. There really isn't a good or bad on the show. The angels can be as bad as the demons, and the demons can also sometimes be good.

Rachel mentioned earlier that she liked fairytales?
Rachel grew up on Legend, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal. She dresssed up for Halloween as Una from Legend. She wanted to be the Empress in the Neverending Story or Galadriel.

What research, if any, did she do for Meg?
Rachel looked up fallen angels and Azazel, because Meg had said he was her father - and in classic mythology Azazel is a fallen angel. But Azazel wasn't ACTUALLY her father, he just created her.

Did she learn anything from the crew or cast while she worked on Supernatural?
A lot. There's no pretension on the crew. They don't work themselves up about things. They have an ability to just show up and work their hardest, but not make a big deal about it.
Usually, on film sets, the PAs bring the actors to set early, because they don't want to lose their jobs by bringing the actors to set too late - which means that Rachel will get to set all hyped up to start working, and then have to wait around for an hour and she loses all the energy she had when she first arrived to set. On Supernatural, the PAs all brought her to set exactly when they needed her and no sooner or later.

Was Meg's final act good enough to save her soul?
Personally, Rachel thinks so. Rachel thinks that she got to that place in time.

Rachel thinks fantasy has the ability to nail human truths on such a fundamental level.

If she weren't an actress, what would she be doing?
When Rachel was young, and was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said "a rabbit." And then at other times a ballerina, an astronaut... Rachel enjoys working behind the scenes to though. She just knows that she wouldn't be a politician.

Upcoming shows?
Rachels only been doing films recently.

What's Meg's real name?
Rachel ever made up anything, because she didn't feel that Meg's name was important. She asks the fan if she thought of one, and the fan said that she found the only female demon in lore, and since Meg was always in a female body, she chose that demon. Rachel liked that and said that now she's going to have to learn about that demon.

Rachel is so petite, how did she fit in the frame with Jared?
Sometimes she had to stand on boxes. Mostly, it was camera trickery. Rachel will never forget beating up Jared. "It gave me confidence that wasn't warranted."

What would Meg's heaven look like? (This questioner admitted to missing the first half of her panel)
Rachel cites the previous question about a shared place, and the other previous question that Meg's final act was redemptive enough for her to get there.

What did Meg do originally to go to Hell?
Rachel doesn't know, but thinks Meg's meatsuit was probably a timid girl. Her headcanon is that Meg is very old, like from prehistoric times.

Best/worst part of acting?
The best - You really get to understand another perspective on life.
The worst - People looking at you, and judging how you look. It's the opposite of what it should be about.

And with that insight into how celebrity culture interferes with art, Rachel ended her panel.

Jared and Jensen Afternoon Panel

SunVanCon13 142

There was a slight delay before the boys' panel, because they were running behind schedule and still had to do their backstage-VIP chats...so we watched a series of videos with very little sound while they did that.

Then the boys were introduced by Richard. And in walked Pudgy Midway and Bootsie Larklair... which are, quite frankly, awesomely hilarious porn names.

The first question was for Jensen, saying that for a macho guy, Dean sure does cry a lot - is it because when Jensen cried the first time, the writers realized that he "cried so pretty"?
Jensen joins in the joke and says that he really shot himself in the foot with the One Perfect Tear, and then they thought he could do it every single time.
Jared: "He can."
Jared then comforted Jensen for having such a hard life and Jensen mocked crying, and then mocked sobbing and told us that that's how he REALLY cries - the ugly sobbing with the snot and everything.

The next question was about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and rumours that he wanted to come back on the show and redeem John Winchester because he wasn't happy with that they had done with the character after he left.
Jensen basically told us not to listen to any rumours. He still talks to JDM and JDM is very happy with everything. He likes the show.

At that point, Jared had noticed this strange knocking sound that was coming from somewhere. Jared declared that he was going to find out who was "drumming" and left the stage abruptly. Jensen immediately put on a deer in the headlights and froze, asking where Jared went - "I can't do this without you!"

SunVanCon13 098

Jared then came back, Jensen went back to answering the question, and then turned to Jared and said "Where WERE you?" as though he were distraught at being abandoned on stage.

Jared laughed and put in his two cents about JDM, saying that JDM leaving for Grey's Anatomy actually really worked out well for the story in Supernatural.

If they were to write an episode, what would happen on it?
Jared declared that it would be all about Dean Winchester. A Day in the Life of Dean Winchester. We'd see him washing his hair, brushing his teeth...
Jensen would write A Day in the Life of Dean Winchester on Vacation in Hawaii.
Jared: "Lotioning himself..."

In seriousness, Jared was recently talking to Robbie Thompson about some of his ideas, because Jared DOES have writing ideas - but he doesn't want to write for the show or direct.
Jensen thinks the question is a little weird - like asking the writers when they're going to act. (I agree)
Fan: I wasn't suggesting you'd be better!

The next person told them how much they love the fight scenes between the brothers, and could they talk about the choreography and/or demonstrate?
Jensen laughed about how they were asking him and Jared to fight.
Jared says that in the beginning it was written really specifically, like specific moves.... but lately it's just "a bawl ensues" so they have more creative freedom on set to do whatever they want. Kripke didn't want the show to be The Kung-Fu Brothers. It's not a fighting show. The fight scenes have to serve the story, not the other way around.

How do they prepare for emotional scenes?
Jared: "Oh, he can cry in a minute." Jared starts to answer seriously, and then he realizes that he's been talking a lot and tells Jensen, "you know what, you take this one" and sits back. Jensen sighs.
Jensen thinks it's trickier to get emotional during scenes. If you start the scene off emotional, then you can just think about whatever you want to work yourself into a state beforehand. But if you have to go from not emotional to emotional while the camera is rolling, that's different.
Jared then jumped back in to say that their directors know how to set it up so that they only have to cry once or twice.
Jared: "No one wants to cry for 12 hours of the day."
Jared, though, as opposed to Jensen, finds it easier if the dialogue builds up the emotion during the scene. Like for instance the scenes with Jared and Mark and Jared and Jensen in the S8 finale.

The next questioner had their question stolen from someone else (they were going to ask about crying), so they asked Jared about football and the Cowboys. Jared and Jensen both pretended to cry. I didn't write down anything else about this question, because I know absolutely nothing about American football.

Who or what inspires them?
Jared and Jensen indicate each other.
Jared: "Not Jensen, something on his leg."
Jensen says that everything and anything inspires him. It could even be a subtle acting note from Bob Singer.
Bob Singer called out "If you say so!" from the audience, and then those who had been at breakfast in the audience yelled out "What!" in reference to the story Jensen had told earlier. So Jensen told a shortened version of the story so that everyone (and Bob) knew what the reference was. Jensen then got up and demonstrated Bob Singer giving him an acting direction, saying "Jensen!" and then making very vague hand gestures and nodding as though Jensen should understand.

Jared is inspired by things like the potential shooter that the bookkeeper talked down - because she connected to him on a human level, and that's what acting does at it's best - it connects people on a human level.

What did they think when they got their first script for Supernatural?
Jared was excited. He really liked the realism of Supernatural, as opposed to the more campy Buffy and Angel that were on at the time.
Jensen's first audition was for Sam, but after the audition he said, "Listen, the character that cries a lot, I want to read for him."
Jared: "And I want to play the character that hooks up with that Ruby chick."
Jensen then made a comment to Jared about how different things might be if Jensen had gotten the part of Sam, and Jared laughed.

The next person at the mic was dressed as the Impala, which the boys noticed.
Fan: "I've got my high beams on"
Jared: "I can see that"
Jensen: "Yeah, you do!"

Jared shakes his head at Jensen.

How do you balance work and life?
Jared answers that you have to constantly work at it.
Jensen asks Clif how much time they have, and then brings Bob Singer up on stage.

Jensen, Jared, and Bob Singer

SunVanCon13 150

How do you balance work and life?
Bob says you have to be with someone who understands your work. He works with his wife, and he tries to tell her that they should leave work at the office, but she doesn't listen to him. Jared and Jensen have been better since they've married. They've calmed down, "which has been great for us." Jensen and Jared both laugh.

Dean ultimately led the YED to his family, what do you think the impact of that has been on him?
Bob - Eric had a five-year plan and then he ran like a thief in the night. The long history of the show makes writing more interesting, and they can constantly revisit elements, or use things in the past for new storylines as though they planned to do so all along.

Was Dean's ring significant in any way? Was it secretly a shapeshifter detector because it was silver?
Jensen to Bob: "Why didn't you think of that?!"
Jensen tells us that it's purpose was simply to open beers, and if you watch, you see him use it that way on many occassions. But when there was an opportunity to get rid of the Jewelry, Jensen took it. He asked Bob if it was okay, and Bob said "Yeah, I never liked it anyway."

Now that you have kids, what moments from your own life would you be most embarrassed for them to find out about, or most proud for them to know about?
Jared: "Mine's the same thing. Thomas' mommy and daddy have this scene together [...] but at the same time, I was really working out back then!"
Jensen can't believe Jared just said that, and Jared collapses on the floor in embarrassment. Jensen knocks over Jared's chair. Jared then stands up and tries to explain about how he wants Thomas to know what he looked like.
Jensen: Won't he know what you look like?
Jared: No, I'm going to wear full clothes all the time.

Bob then went into the story about watching the dailies on that scene, which he was glad he didn't direct, because he would have been embarrassed. But when he was watching the dailies, he turned to whoever he was with and said, "There's something there." Jensen looks absolutely delighted at this revelation, and asked Bob "Really? Really!?" Bob nods and says it was so...hot...and makes a joke about how he wishes he could get Jared to work that hard.

Jensen doesn't know what his embarrassing moments are.
Jared: "I'll answer for Jensen. Google: Jensen Shirtless Cowboy hat"
Jensen sighs. The questioner then mentions that Misha tweeted something about Jensen too, as though Jensen would know immediately what she was talking about, thankfully Jensen cuts to the chase and says, "save us some time and just tell us?" and she mentions the Brick pants and the (unauthorized) Vasectomy ad. Jensen shakes his head and says that he doesn't want to hide those things from JJ because he wants her to learn from his mistakes.

Since Jared and Jensen are already on the cover of the Supernatural novels, what other characters would they like to see and what cheesy poses should they be doing?
Jared answers with somethig that involves Richard's pornstache. Jensen wants to see DJ and Felicia, in a Conan the Barbarian pose - photoshop DJ's head on Schwazeneggers body.

If they could go back in time to when they were 18 and give themselves advice, what would they say?
Jared: Buy Apple stocks.
Then Jared considers it and thinks that's a tough question. He turns the question back around, because he had recently been talking to a friend about something similar - if you could see 5 minutes of 10 years in the future, would you choose to see it? Jared doesn't think he would, because then the next 10 years you'd be living focused only on that 5 minute moment.
Jensen would go back to when he was 18 and tell himself "when you're doing that photoshoot with the cowboy hat and they tell you to take your shirt off, it's okay to say no."
He then acts out what that photoshoot was actually like, with Jensen being a very unsure and inexperienced young guy who they basically coerced into doing something that he was a little uncomfortable with... he played it for laughs, but yeah... poor young Jensen.

The next question was from Compliment!Woman (again, if you didn't read my Saturday post, I say that with affection). She thanked Bob and J2 for keeping the show about the brothers.
Jared: You haven't seen S9.

With Misha directing, and previous jokes about a musical... have they thought about it? After all, "one of you can sing..." *the audience woos* "...I'm talking about Jared, of course."
Jensen: "Jared CAN sing."
Jared singing in a false operatic voice: "Damn right, I can!"

Bob admits that they've kicked the idea of a musical around. Both Jared and Jensen start saying "Shit! Really? Shit." Bob continues and explains that it would be very hard to do it and keep it still feeling like Supernatural.

I then missed something in my notes, because all of a sudden I have Jensen talking about the possibilities of directing episodes for the Spin-off, and I have no idea what the lead in to that was.

What do they geek out over?
Jared: Pearl Jam. Jared then tells the story about getting backstage passes to Pearl Jam and then completely losing his cool once he actually saw them.
Jensen: "It got to the point that I walked over to him and said, 'You are embarrassing me! Lock it up!'"
Jared: "I always hoped I wouldn't react that way."

Then Jared saying that led them to tell the story about the episode where Balthazar had a bowl of blood, and during one take, he put it on the back of the couch at Bobby's and it fell - instead of calmly reaching forward and stopping it from falling. Jared leapt backwards and yelped like he was afraid, and Jensen was like "Why didn't you catch it?" and Jared responded "I don't know! I always hoped that I wouldn't react that way."

What was the most challenging thing for Bob in terms of writing for the show?
Bob admits, and knows from Fan reaction that it showed, that S7's storyline with the leviathans was the most challenging to make work. They had a great season close, but they struggled with it.

Bob then tells us, going back to the blood bowl story, that everything on set has to be built strong because Jared breaks things.
Bob: "'Jared slam that door' and it flies off it's hinges."

The next questioner was a young man who wants to get into acting but is shy, and he heard that Jensen was a shy actor - any advice?
Jensen doesn't think of himself as shy. Maybe he was more quiet early in his career because he was listening and learning.
Jensen: "Now that I know everything, I don't shut-up."

Does Dean really throw a whole zippo into graves when he lights them on fire? That doesn't seem very economical!
Jensen: He gets them at CostCo.
Jared: "We buy in bulk."
Jensen answers that these days they do two match books - Dean will use one to light the other and then throw in the lit one.


Jared and Jensen stopped their panel there as Richard came out on stage. Jared explained that they had been telling Bob about how supportive the fandom was, and how they band together to help each other and charities all the time. And so they had some things that they'd like to auction off for charity.

Bob explained that his charity is Death Penalty Focus - which tries to get rid of the death penalty, because evidence is showing us that innocent people are being executed.

Bob had brought two books made by Jerry Wanek of behind the scenes pictures. The pictures are of the sets, and just behind the scenes stuff. They're unavailable unless you are cast or crew - basically, they're unavailable unless Jerry gives them to you personally.

Jensen and Richard start the auction with Richard scanning one side of the room for bids and Jensen scanning the other. They were yelling bids back and forth, and then Jensen did his auctioneer-bit, and there was a lot of Jensen and Jared talking over each other - so it was a little hard to actually hear the bids being yelled out by the audience, which Jared noticed and said:
"If y'all stop yelling we can hear them!"

I always find Jared interesting to watch when these auctions take place, because he looks the most like a puppy that I've ever seen - like he's not sure if his master is going to give him a treat or smack him. It's kind of adorable (not that I'm biased or anything).

SunVanCon13 205

Bob Singer was noticably moved by how high the bidding went - he stopped the bidding at $4,000 because he was embarrassed at the generosity and gave the books to the two highest bidders.

Then they brought out the pictures of Jared and Genevieve from the French Mistake. Which of course caused Jensen and Richard to start making jokes at Jared's expense. "We call this one The many Moons of Jared Padalecki"

Richard: "What home wouldn't look better with these - the answer is mine!"
Jensen: "I'd bid, but I already have dreams."

Jensen also told us that Jared's also makes a good dart-board - not Gen's though.
Richard: "I'm going to bid on that one."

What charities are they going to? Jared jokes that he just needs some extra cash. Jensen laughs.

The charities are going to be St. Judes, A Dog's Life, and Wounded Warriors - the auction money will be divided among the three.

Gen's goes for $700.

Misha crashes the auction bringing a tray of cokes for everyone on stage.
Richard: "I said Pepsi, you idiot!"
Jensen doubles over laughing.

Jensen then declares that Jared's painting comes with a basement, and proceeds to 'walk down the stairs' behind them. Richard then does an 'escalator.'
Jensen: We know what comes next! Bing! *pretends to go down an elevator - then sticks his feat up like he's gone ass over teakettle (which I think he did).
Jensen then springs up, out of breath, declaring that the basement isn't finished.

Eventually they get back to the auction and the painting goes for something like $1300 - to tell you the truth, I was laughing to hard to notice what the price was.

Jared was extremely appreciative of everyone who bid, and made sure to give everyone hugs. He signed the paintings and the books - and during the auction he put in a text to Genevieve and said she was on her way down to sign as well.

Then they left the stage.

More Robbie Thompson

There was a brief break, while Jared, Jensen, and Misha did the J2M photo-ops... and I went upstairs to see if I could get Robbie Thompson's autograph while I waited.

Robbie was in the hotel lobby talking with fans. He talked about Felicia and Charlie a lot, and about how he wrote Charlie as a character, not any one-particular thing...Charlie is the hero of her own story. He also talked about what an awesome job Jared and Jensen did with the "I'm all out of love" scene in the Impala - and how Jared completely nailed how Robbie wrote Sam's reaction. He wishes that the WB would release the scripts to the fans, because he wants us to see the work and detail that goes into them. He also said that novel writing is way harder than script writing, there are 90% more words!


I kept my tradition of not saying anything to Jensen besides "hello" and "thank you" except that when he paused over the page as though he didn't know where to sign, I said "anywhere you like!" and then once he chose a spot, I think I said "awesome choice" (that sounds like something I would say anyway - I'm a dork).

Then I got Jared's autograph - usually I know what I'm going to say to Jared, but this year I had nothing. I thought about asking him if he was going to get another bracelet made now that he was expecting a second child. But then I saw that he wasn't wearing his bracelet for Thomas anymore, so I wondered if maybe it was moot point... so in the end, I just told him that he was awesome in the finale, and he said, "thanks, it was hard work" and then I said that I was looking forward to season nine, and he said "thank you" as I walked away.


Then I went upstairs and talked with missyjack and my friends in the lobby for a few seconds, before I headed upstairs to grab my Felicia Day photo-op. While I was gone, Genevieve and Thomas walked RIGHT by my friends - and I WASN'T THERE. I totally missed seeing Gen. sigh.

Also, note: Getting a photo-op with Felicia Day is wonderful, but she will make you look HUGE in comparison. Seriously...I'm a cow in that photo, and my smile is too big so I look deranged. WHY DO I NEVER LEARN MY LESSON ABOUT PHOTO-OPS?!

I went back down to the main theatre when I heard Genevieve and Thomas had arrived, and I discovered that Jared had Thomas sitting in his lap playing with stuffed toys while Jared signed autographs. It was ADORABLE. I almost took a picture, but as soon as I touched my camera I remembered that A)taking pictures of children you don't personally know is creepy, and B)we aren't allowed to take pictures in the autograph area.

Then I was talking to more friends and Clif walked right by me with Thomas and I didn't even notice, because I'm really bad at noticing people.

Then I sat down to while away the time before Ty's panel, by typing up my Friday notes on my laptop.

Jared came out after he was done signing autographs to thank us again:
I just wanted to thank you on behalf of me and Jensen. "Believe me when I say that Jensen and I don't like talking about Supernatural on days when we don't have to shoot Supernatural, but we love talking to you [...] We love you. We truly love you."

Ty Olsson

SunVanCon13 269

Before Ty's panel, Creation was doing their auction of the huge banners and other goodies.... and it was interrupting Ty's backstage time with the VIPs. So Ty came on stage to help out by offering to kiss or do other things to Jensen's picture on a banner if people bid on it. He ended up kissing it with tongue, moaning, and talking dirty to it.

Then Creation donated the money to Wounded Warriors, and Ty went back to his VIP group.

Richard came on and talked about how nice it is that Jared and Jensen don't leave a huge mess on the stage, and their panel is always so family friendly and clean - and now things were probably going to become unclean. Richard says that he told Creation that he never wanted to follow Jared and Jensen again because it's the worst time slot, but they found just the guy to do it well.

Ty's porn name is Felony Bell.

Ty is all manic energy on stage. He greeted us, and then brought a girl on stage who was turning 16, and we all sang her happy birthday. Ty used to do theatre, so he loved being in front of a crowd again. He had forgotten how great it was.

One fan brought him a case of beer! He took it, but didn't open it, because he knew Creation was going to be pissed off. Sure enough, a volunteer came out to take it away - Ty snuck a beer out of the case, which the volunteer wasn't happy about - but he just put it at the back of the stage and said that he prefers drinking caffeine at these things.

How would Ty like to be posed on the cover of a cheesy pulp novel?
He's like to be wearing a tuxedo and a top hat, but with no pants. He likes the thought of being regal from the waist up and the bottom is pink underwear with bananas on it.
He sometimes does taped auditions where he only puts on wardrobe on his top half, because the camera can't see his bottom half. Some day, when he doesn't want to work anymore, he plans to stand up at the end of one of those so they can see.

What did Benny think of the fact that Cas was in a mental hospital outfit?
Ty: "He knew he was nuts. He's like a coocoo bird."
The monsters in purgatory were from all different periods and were wearing all different outfits, so Benny probably paid it no attention.

Ty notices someone tweetingn in the audience, and says "Ty Olsson's on stage and he's so drunk!"

Ty had a highstakes childhood, there was a lot of violence in his home, and he was bounced around foster homes... and then he was a teenager full of hormones, and the he got into acting which makes you constantly jacked up. He talked about being in Rome and humping Jensen's leg on stage and then apologizing for it later when he realized he had done it. He doesn't have that thing in his brain that thinks about consequences of his actions beforehand. He's heard that doesn't develop in boys until the age of 25, but he doesn't have it. He just does stuff and then freaks out about it after.

What's it like working with the same actors on different projects?
Ty has a bad memory, by necessity. He grew up in a situation where it was best to forget the past and leave it behind you. "Detach, detach, detach." It's the same in acting - he can't constantly be thinking about potential gigs or past gigs. For instance, he'd love for Benny to come back, but if he spent the year pining he'd be miserable.

Ty gets hot and takes off his coat, to reveal that his shirt is a button down sleeveless, so you can see his upper arm tattooes. An audience member suggests he pop the collar, so Ty does and then starts singing heartbreak hotel.

Ty likes DJ Qualls, because he constantly forgets what he's talking about too. "We're like little brothers."
Ty: "He does it and I start laughing. That's me! We're the same! I love you!"

We know you just said you don't think about it, but WILL Benny come back?
Ty hugs the questioner, because the audience laughed at her question and she was nervous and didn't take it well. Ty says that Supernatural listens to its fans, so it's up to us.

How was shooting X-men? You got to make out with Rebecca Romaine Stamos! A female fan asks.
Ty laughs and says that no one ever comments on the fact that his character was important to the plot. Whenever he talks about that gig with guys, it's always "Dude! You made out with Rebecca!"
Fan: "I'd make out with Rebecca"
Ty: "I'd watch that."

He put on 60 pounds for that part, and told Rebecca that when they were filming. He met up with her at some event later when he had lost the weight again and she was amazed. "I told you it was all for the part!"

On one of the takes, they did a joke take where Rebecca took out a dildo instead of a syringe after bending him over the toilet. Rebecca has a great sense of humour.

What was it like coming onto such an established show?
Supernatural was the easiest show to come onto that he's ever done. The AD actually came up to him and said that Jensen was wondering if he wanted to do his coverage first. No lead has ever asked Ty that before in all his years of acting. Jensen also asked him if he wanted to run lines, which just amazed Ty, because Jensen doesn't have to do that with him at all - but he still offered. Jensen is a good guy, they're both "good boys."
Ty: "I love how you call them boys. They were puppies when they started."

Ty himself is a good Canadian kid.

Rick Worthy then made a surprise appearance! He came up and hugged Ty, balanced a beer on his head, and then left. Ty thinks it's awesome meeting guys that he's never done a scene with and becoming friends - and he misses them when they aren't doing conventions.

SunVanCon13 312

If Benny did come back, how would you like it to happen?
Ty would like Benny to have turned feral. He'd just become a "ballet of destruction." "Like when you lose your dog for too long and it's turned a bit feral. 'I love you, but why are you snarling at me?'"

The next questioner wanted to claim her "borealis bum-pat"
Ty had promised people who helped him tweet about Borealis to get a bum-pat. When she finished groping his ass, she asked if he wanted to molest her in return. Ty declined. "That's how the rumours start. He touched my bum. He took me to his room."

The support from the Supernatural family means a lot to him.

What did he want to be when he grew up?
Ty didn't know if he was going to live past the next day when he was kid. He had a very rough childhood. It's the small things that change things for people - Ty had a drama teacher, Judy Craig, who saw that although Ty was a bad kid and in trouble a lot, he was a good person. She made him audition for this high school in Peterborough and he didn't get in. She called the school to find out why he was rejected and it was because his grades were so bad. So she tutored him.
In high school he passed things with 55%, because people recognized that he needed to pass. But the last year he graduated on the Dean's list, because at 18 he realized that he wanted to be an actor, and he went for it.

If it hadn't been for that grade 7 drama teacher, "I would probably be dead. Probably in jail or dead."

Ty was quite emotional at the end of that story, and he gave a nod to Gary from Creation and smiled and ended his panel, even though there was technically still a girl at one of the microphones.

And with that, VanCon2013 officially ended.

Still to come...more locations and VFX(Non)Con. (I'll probably type these up much later in the week. I didn't take notes doing the VFX con, though, so it'll just be a general sum-up - like my dinner with Kevin and Jill.)
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