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VanCon 2013: Saturday Report Part 2

I can't believe I had to split this report in two in order to my LJ post size limits. That just goes to show how busy this years VanCon was. :P

Felicia Day!

SatVanCon13 102

Felicia was a very last minute addition to the Con, and a VERY welcome one. Felicia is so busy with her own writing and media companies, that I honestly thought that she'd never be a guest at a Supernatural Con. So I was REALLY pleasantly surprised when it was announced on Wednesday that she would be there. And she was just as awesome as I thought she'd be - her answers were very well thought out and articulated.

Felicia's porn name is Princess Morningside. She thinks it'd probably be hentai.

[Spoiler?]She was actually in town filming andJared and Jensen were the ones that told her that she had to come to the convention. (THANK YOU JARED AND JENSEN!)

The first question I just have noted as "Trickster?" I know longer know what that means.
Felicia answered by saying that if she were to prank someone, they'd have to be nice pranks - like taking one of their socks. She doesn't like tricks or April Fools, because she too honest and gets tricked too easily because she believes whatever people tell her.

Would Charlie become a hunter?
Felicia cites Pac-Man Fever, and how Charlie agressively wanted to be part of Sam and Dean's world in that episode. Felicia thinks that Charlie is lonely. She sees that Sam and Dean have purpose in what they do and are also kindred spirits in that they are loners too - they're on the outskirts of society and can't connect to other people, just like Charlie. Felicia would love if Charlie became a hunter, but she thinks that Charlie obviously has to work on her skills and has a long way to go.

She was asked about her webseries the Guild.
The Guild ended with S6 and the DVDs are out now. Felicia finds it very cool to now be signing DVDs for something she made in her garage. The show has come to a close though and she has no plans to bring it back. Right now she's concentrating on Geek&Sundry, which is her new company. They have a very successful webseries in Tabletop, hosted by Wil Wheaton, and it's been very interesting to build a business from the ground up. They're producing 3 scripted series for the network soon.

She was asked about her book club Vaginal Fantasy and what her favourite book on it has been?
Felicia explained to those who don't know what Vaginal Fantasy is - it's a book club for genre romance novels. Basically, it's herself and her friends getting drunk and discussing a book on Google Hangouts. Felicia always wanted to read books like that but was too embarassed to be seen with them, then the Kindle came out and it meant that she could read them and no one had to know. She liked Iron Duke and Desperate Duchesses.

The next questioner tells Felicia that she really enjoyed watching Felicia play videogames with her brother on Co-optitude (Geek&Sundry).
Felicia is glad that she likes it and tells us that her and Ryon will be playing Secret of Mana in a special two parter soon, because they didn't want to stop playing the game. (I am thrilled about this, because I love Co-optitude and I REALLY love Secret of Mana, it's a fantastic co-operative game like they just don't make anymore. *shakes cane at the kids on her lawn*)

What's her favourite character in Dragon Age?
Fenris was her favourite. She was always trying to have sex with him, but she played a mage and Fenris hates mages. Felicia would try everything she could to win him over - she stalked him, she brought him gifts - she basically courted him relentlessly. Then she soon found herself lying, saying that she hated mages too. He STILL wouldn't have sex with her.
Felicia: "The moral of the story: Have sex with whoever WANTS to have sex with you."

How does she feel about being an icon for Geek girls? Is it what she aspired to be?
Felicia: "I don't think people should aspire to be an icon - that seems very self-centered." Felicia has always just tried to be authentic to herself. She thinks we need more women role models who aren't just known for their looks.

When did she become nerdy?
Felicia was home-schooled and moved around a lot as a kid. She didn't know that the things she liked were nerdy. She tries not to label herself. Being a geek is just about loving something and sharing that the love you have for whatever that thing is - it's the same as sports fans, or ANYTHING that someone is passionate about. Felicia says that the connectivity of the internet has done wonders for bringing people together and making people feel less ashamed of their passions. "It's hard to love something in a vacuum."

The next questioner tried to ask if Felicia think that female characters are held to higher standards, but the way they phrased it sounded like they were asking about criticism of Felicia in general. (Hey, it's hard to be articulate when you're nervously standing at a microphone).
Felicia thinks that everyone's opinion is different, and that you have to be careful not to invalidate other people's opinions. The worst thing to do is negate someone's else's opinion just because you don't agree. We should encourage debate instead. Felicia doesn't like it when people get hostile. There is always nasty stuff on the internet, but Felicia at this point has seen it all before and it doesn't bother her.
Felicia thinks that Pac-Man fever really deepened Charlie's story, and she loved it for that.

The next questioner stated that she thought Charlie got a storyline in LARP and the Real Girl that would have traditionally be given to a male.
Felicia says that the thing about Charlie is that she's written as a character and not just a female. She agrees that there's nothing worse than seeing the "girlfriend that's going to get kidnapped."

What can she tell us about the upcoming scripted shows for Geek&Sundry?
One is done by Bryan Singer. The second is written by Amy Berg and is about Superheroes. The third is based around Magic: The Gathering.

Does she have any writing projects in the works?
Felicia is taking the next 6 months to write.

If Charlie and Cas met, that would be crazy, right? Because Charlie is all about references and Cas never understand references!
Felicia agrees. She thinks it would be cool. They wouldn't intersect in any way. Charlie would just look at Cas like he were a strange bug - a hot bug - there would be anti-sparks in that relationship.

If Felicia could go back in time and give herself advice, what would she say?
Use a teleprompter for the Flog on Geek&Sundry. In all seriousness, though, Felicia went into a depression last year because of stress and overworking herself. That being said, she wouldn't go back because her mistakes have made her who she is. She's maybe just tell herself to enjoy the moment more. She feels that she was always so busy working that she never took a moment to actually enjoy the fun that was being had.

The same questioner who asked Rob and Emily how they think the Supernatural books got published after Chuck's disappearance, now asked Felicia the same question.[me ranting](This question kind of annoys me, because if you just put a little thought into it, you'll realize that Chuck told Sam and that he had a publish again in S5, and Sam told him not to write anymore books - but quite obviously, Chuck did. And hey, folks, computers are CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. Just because we didn't see Chuck physically hand a manuscript to a publisher does not mean that he didn't email those pages we saw him writing in Swan Song to someone - who, already owning the writes to the works, would publish them whether or not Chuck was alive. I mean, COME ON!)
Felicia though carefully considered it and then answered that Charlie is a hacker, and if she wants to find info on people, she's going to find a way to get that information.

The next question was about Bioware and whether Felicia would reprise her wold in another Machina thingy.
The probability of another webseries is low. They were extremely low budget and hard to finish. She would, however, love to see the character in a videogame.

How does Charlie compare to the other characters she's played.
Charlie is more grounded. She's comfortable in fantasy worlds. Felicia tends to play more flustered introverted characters. It's nice to play a grounded character, it makes Felicia feel more grounded too.

The next questioner was a woman who asked a question at nearly every panel - she always started off her question with a very sincere compliment. Sometimes they'd go on a little too long, and usually that stuff annoys me, but she's so articulate and nice that I actually didn't mind. Anyway, she got up to the mic and thanked Felicia for playing a well-rounded female character, who isn't defined by being a lesbian or a geek or a love-interest or whatever, on a show where female characters often aren't as developed before they're killed off.
Felicia gives credit to Robbie Thompson, who originally wrote the character. Felicia has had a lot of offers to play hacker girls, but Charlie stood out among them, because she's not defined by geek, lesbian, woman, etc - she's a character. Felicia agrees that there's lots of backlash against women, but that you have to forget what other people say. "You can't let hate discourage you from loving what you love."

What does she think about Ben Affleck playing Batman?
She's reserving judgement, because no matter who was announced, she was going to see it anyway. Don't hate!

Has she had any feedback on Charlie from the LGBT community?
Just that it's nice that Charlie isn't defined by her sexuality, again, Felicia thanks Robbie Thompson, the writer, for that.

The next question was about her character in Fallout: New Vegas. Felicia apparently played Veronica, who was also a queer character. I did not write down what the question was or how Felicia answered it though. I must have been taking pictures.

What was working with Neil Patrick Harris like?
NPH is the most polished actor she's ever worked with. He walks like a panther.

What's her writing process?
She has an idea, she writes, she cries, she outlines, writes, cries, writes, cries... basically it's torture. Her advice to writers is to just keep writing, you are always going to feel like a faker.

What was her first con experience?
The first "con" she ever went to was a lizard show in Austin. She went there on a date, because she wanted to buy a frog, then they went and saw Antigone. It was a horrible date. She never did buy a frog, because she felt sorry for them. Then she went to ComicCon for Dr. Horrible, and it was like walking with the President because she was there with Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion.

And thus ended Felicia's panel.

Sebastian Roche

Sebastian Roche and I don't share the same sense of humour. I skipped this panel.

Costume Contest

SatVanCon13 128

The costume contest was crazy this year. There were more costumes than I've ever seen before. They had to do two separate rounds PLUS have a special catagory for just Castiel costumes. I won't go into details, but the 1950s Abaddon girl got jipped in my opinion, because she was perfect. Also, one of the Cas' (and I'm sure you all have seen his picture by now... actually, I'll put it up too) was AMAZING! I mean, godforbid anything should happen to Misha, but I think we just found a good replacement. :P

SatVanCon13 130

They brought Misha out to judge the Castiel's, and he ended up splitting the prize betweeen spot-on Cas (seriously, the guy NEVER broke character when on stage) and a girl who had actually made wings that she could open and close. Misha called them "creepy Cas" and "Technology Cas." The fact that Misha thought that the spot-on Cas was creepy is also a bit hilarious.

SatVanCon13 137

Misha Collins

SatVanCon13 214

The first questioner mentioned the fact that Misha had to cancel out of the Dallas Con because of Maison's birth.
Misha admonished himself: "Who doesn't show up to a party because they had a baby?"

What's his favourite joke?
Misha likes the joke about the snail that knows on a guy's door. The guy picks up the snail and throws it away. 3 years later, there's another knock on the door, the guy opens it and there's the same snail who says, "What the hell was that for?!"

Misha then asked the questioner what their favourite joke was - at which poiint they told a really long joke about clowns and a pile of shit and revenge... and basically the joke is that you sit through this long joke set-up and there's no punchline. Misha was amused.

The pile of poop mentioned in the joke though, reminded Misha of a story from his childhood. He and his family were living at a campsite (I'm guessing this was during the homeless years...) and their bathroom was this fallen tree, that you could walk up and then do your business over the end. One day, Misha's brother, Sasha, went to do his business and tripped and fell backwards... it was a soft landing but not for any good reasons.

What's Misha's favourite fan experience?
He likes a lot of the stories he here - like how someone met their best friend through GISHWHES, and similar things to that. Other than those little things, it's the orphanage they built in Haiti. He saw it for the first time this year, and it was an amazing experience to think of everyone who came together to make something so wonderful happen.

The next questioner started their question by saying, "I used to be normal..."
Misha: "I'm sorry that happened to you and Congratulations on not being that way anymore."

Does Misha have any interesting scars?
Misha once got his finger sucked into a contraption at a bowling alley and it stripped the flesh from the bone. Also, when he was 14 years old, he started carving things into his leg with an exacto nice - deep things like "Why?" and a peace-sign. His brother joined in, and did a triumphant swing with the exacto nice and accidentally put it right through Misha's hand. He also had his appendix out when he was 11, and the girls in his class brought him a Penthouse calendar to cheer him up - and then his mom got mad when she saw it, but he wasn't physically able to get out of bed to hide it.

There was a question about GISHWHES
Misha hasn't seen the submissions yet. He's spent the past week up north with no internet. He thinks it's really cool this year that NASA got involved and had to tell people not to bother them. He also loved the Flash mobs at particle accelorators. He laughed about William Shatner being more involved in GISHWHES than some participants. He likes how the founder of amazon actually played along and bought people's ebooks. He also got a letter from the Skywriting Association asking him to please stop. Did he receive a compliment from Jared? No.

The next questioner was wearing a flower crown, it caught Misha's eye, and she asked him if he wanted to wear it. Misha asked if she had head lice, and then took the flower crown and wore it briefly, before giving it back. Once she had taken it back and put it on her head, Misha said: "I DO have lice, I should have told you that."

Why is Misha so unconventional with his fans?
He doesn't know. He and his wife were just talking about that the other day. They were discussing the tattoos that people have gotten, and Vicki asked "How does that make you feel?" and Misha could only answer: "I don't know." Misha thinks he just ignores it. Just puts it out of his mind like it's not real. He thinks that he really always has two reactions to things, one is the optimistic "Something interesting could happen" and the other one is the pessimistic "I'm wasting my life." The audience laughed loudly at that, and Misha thanked them for confirming that he was wasting his life.
Misha: "It's amazing and wonderful and thrilling and completely fucked up."
He then thanked us for being unconventional right along with him. He thinks his fans are like benevolent terrorist. When does NASA ever have to tweet someone "Please terrorist cell #41 leave us alone."

How does Misha go about playing all the different version of Castiel? What's his thought process?
Misha: "Thought process is a strong phrase."
The first time he reads the script is the most important - he tries to soak it in as much as possible and get a sense of whot the character is going to be. Then he focuses on body language and vocalization. Body language and vocalization is where the character comes from.

The next questioner got up to the mic and Misha commented immediately, because she was wearing very little clothing, yet she had apparently given Misha a hard time earlier about how many items in this years GISHWHES involved nudity. Misha thought that her complaints were ironic, given her current atire.
The questioner apparently had issues with the tea-bag bathing suit, because they involved being naked underneath the tea bags. Misha argued that we're all naked underneath our clothes.
Questioner: "I do where something underneath my clothes - underwear!"
Misha: "Oh, how very conservative of you!"

The next question was about the old VHS Tax Video that Misha made MANY years ago, in which Misha explained taxes while wearing a suit that "was trying to eat you." Misha laughed about it. It was an IRS instructional video, and it was Misha's suit. They objected to his socks, saying that no one wore those socks with a suit, and Misha was confused, because they were new white tube socks. But basically the story behind that video was that the IRS wanted to explain taxes to people and they thought the best way to do this was to make a VHS tape and "have a child in a man's suit explain things."

Any advice for an aspiring actress?
The questioner flubbed the question, so Misha first suggested that she work on her memorization skills. His real advice was to be patient, persistent, dogged, "basically it's just a thesaurus at this point."
Misha: "Actors who have too much success early on miss out on something." Rejection is character-building. Make it part of the process, rather than the product of the process.

Craziest behind the scenes story?
Questioner: "I'm sure you're involved."
Misha: "No, that is an unfair assumption."

Misha then went on to refer to "antics that involved, for lack of a better word...alcohol." People have been drinking on set and broken things, and perhaps made children cry. Misha agrees that when you've made a child cry it might be time to give your actions a second thought.
Misha teased that they did something really fun behind the scenes this year, but he can't talk about it.
The pranking between Jared and Misha is at a truce point at the moment. "We're not violating each other anymore... as much."

Someone asked about his TSA webseries.
It's finished, it'll be released sometime this year. He's a bit worried about having problems flying after that.

Which character does he relate to most?
Crowley. Seriously though, probably Castiel - they're both fish-out-of-water types, who don't understand boundaries and feel like outsiders.

He was asked about the University of Chicago scavenger hunt (which inspired GISHWHES) and what his favourie items were.
You can't get a soviet fighter jet delivered to Chicago. It was his wife's team that one, because his wife is a very determined person when she sets her mind to something. One of the items was a Hooter's waitress, so she got a job at Hooters. She stole sheep using Misha's car, and then her team spent the winning money on cleaning Misha's car.

Why were there so many items in GISHWHES that involved trash?
Misha hadn't realized that. "Wow, I like reading into this!"

Is he using S9 and Fallen!Cas as a way to give his voice a break?
Misha: "That would have been smart."

Has West warmed up to Maison?
At first, it was though West thought she were an alien that he needed to protect the family from. He named her Sockeye, and that's what Misha and Vicki call her now too. She doesn't respond to Maison, but when you call her Sockeye, she smiles at you. West now calls her "Socky" - he'll pet her gently and then whack her.
West knocked her over the other day on some concrete and started laughing. When Misha got mad, West defended himself by saying that he didn't hit her as hard as he could have.
At a recent birthday party, West played the part of the monster that all his friends had to run away from before he hurt them.
Misha: "Yeah, very proud."

Are there storylines in S9 with Cas and females?
[Spoiler]Misha: "There is sex that occurs between Castiel and a person"
[purely speculative freak-out on my part](All the audience cheered for this, and I know a lot of people will freak out about Destiel - but all I can think is that Castiel is at his most vulnerable, and I'm sincerely worried that he's going to get raped... so, I'm kind of thinking the absolute worst here, I know, and I really hope I'm wrong, because I have enough trouble with the Sam/Ruby scene in S4. I really don't like rape in my entertainment. Mind you, by the time it airs I will have quit my rape-filled job, so maybe I'll be able to stomach it a little more? Doubtful.)

Will Misha ever use Cas' voice for anything else ever again?
Never to that degree again. By the end of the week, he can't talk, and then there's just enough time on the weekend for it to heal before he destorys it again the next week. Misha really likes dialects and accents and weird shit like that though, so he'd like parts where he gets to do that. He can't use accents on Supernatural.
Misha: "Dean and Sam and Cas reunite and now Cas talks like a hillbilly." Misha did a couple of lines, and it was hilarious.

We sang Happy Birthday for the next questioner, who was turning 29.
Misha: "That must be so nice, you must feel like you still have a future."
Misha then told us a story about visiting a friend of his who has a 10 year-old daughter. The daughter walked into the room and asked her father, "Dad, what were you like before you were all used up?"

The Birthday Girl wanted to issue Misha a GISHWHES-like Challenge - decorate her for her birthday using a roll of duct tape and items in the room.
Misha quickly asked for items from the audience, and then proceeded to put deodorant on her, smash cookies in her hair, put things in her mouth, and then bind her hands and feet. He then put her in a fireman's carry and carries her off the stage.

The next questioner told Misha that he should try using this certain type of gas for his voice.
"It's supposed to be inert"
Misha laughed at that and repeated, "it's SUPPOSED to be inert."

Does Misha think that the relationship with Benny was awkward because Benny had been stuck inside Cas when Cas sucked up Purgatory?
Misha: "Doesn't that always make relationships awkward"
Misha: "It's much like the cat's penis, which is slightly barbed at the end..."

The joke went even further, when it was pointed out that Benny was stuck inside Cas alongside other people.

Cooking Fast and Fresh with West is fun. Is Misha going to do any episodes with Maison?
Yes, eventually. They tried to film one the other day, wherein Maison would play the part of West's punching bag. Misha sighs, and says that he really does try to protect her. He says that Maison loves to eat, and she's a very chubby baby. She has fat folds, and when he gives her a bath, he'll find food stuck in her folds.
Misha: "We haven't had chicken for days!"

Richard came out then and closed the panel. Giving Misha a hard time about the mess that he had left on stage. Misha did feel bad about that (even right after he did it) and asked if there was a vacuum or something.

Misha's pornname is Shiba Riveredge.

Felicia Photo-op

I ran upstairs for my Felicia Photo-op. The people ahead of me were getting hugs, so just did that. As I pulled away, Felicia said "Nice to meet you" and I was suddenly struck with how absolutely bizarre it is to hug a stranger. Oh right, Felicia doesn't have any idea who I am... now I feel super creepy. :P


I really suck at knowing what to say to people. So, I just don't say anything. I told Richard to sign anywhere he liked, and when he did, I said, "thanks! Looks great!" and he replied, "Thanks, I've had a lot of practice."

Matt I just said hey, how's it going, and thank you too. Then the line was kind of getting backed up at his table from JPS's line... so Matt got up and said, "Okay, how about we do this" and then got a role of duct table and outlined a path on the floor quickly so that JPS's line would turn away from Matt's table.

As I got to JPS's table, Jim Michael's walked behind me, and made a noise (I think he said "James" in a really gruff voice) and then just get walking past JPS's table really fast - so when JPS whipped his head up to look wide-eyed at the noise, he looked straight at me and was confused. "That wasn't me!" I said, and then felt like Molley in Sherlock 2x01. Then I pointed to Jim Michaels, and JPS shook his head and said "when the boss says your name, you notice."

Misha wasn't personalizing, but I actually new the volunteer sitting beside him - so when I got up to his table, the volunteer leaned over to him and told him my name. I think she also called me amazing or wonderful or something, something undeserved I'm sure. So Misha started writing my name, and I quickly tried to tell him the alternate spelling, but he had already written the traditional letter for the name...so he went over it and changed it to the alternate spelling - and then started to go over the letters around that letter so that it wasn't the only really thick letter.
Volunteer: "That's cool."
Misha: "No, it looks bad."
*continues to go over letters*
Me: "No, I think it's cool. It's very...emphatic."
Misha: "I'm trying to fix it"
*continues to go over letters, finally signs name*
Me: "Thank you!"
*Misha winks*

It took forever for that pile of silver sharpie to dry!

Then I got Sebastian's autograph. As much as I don't enjoy his panels, I do think it's nice how he tries to engage every fan that comes up for his autograph. He asked me my name, and I told him and then quickly gave him the alternate spelling - and then he corrected the way he had pronounced it immediately (even though it was the way I pronounce it.) Realizing that it was "Montreal-style", and it's true - my French-Canadian friends are the only ones who make the distinction with how my name is spelled. Although my mother never intended my name to be pronounced that way, I still love hearing it, because it reminds me of my friends. So, yeah, I thanked him and told him that the French were the only people who ever pronounced my name right.

And thus ended my Saturday.

Cocktail Party

I chose not to go to the Cocktail party this year. It wasn't starting until 11pm, and quite frankly, by that time on Saturday, I'm ready to murder everyone I see and then go live in the woods by myself until I die. So, instead I decided to go home...but my friends wanted to have ONE DRINK first.

So, we went to the hotel bar and I, having lost my patience with everything under the sun due to exhaustion, commandeered us a table by asking two ladies who were sitting at separate tables but talking to each other to kindly move to one table. Then I made my friends go get the extra chairs we needed, because I can't do everything.

Then missyjack and Ryan Curtis from VFX came over and joined us. It worked out, because one of my friends is actually a film maker who does short independent sci-fi films, her husband is also a graphic artist who does films with her... so yeah, them and Ryan Curtis seemed to get along great discussing the business and their latest projects and exchanging cards and whatnot. (My friend actually did background work on Supernatural before too - she was in Frontierland.)

Anyway, after I chugged my chocolate martini, I finally made my excuses and got the hell out of dodge. Came home, remembered to send in my work report for work, wrote an exhausted post on LJ and then fell asleep.

I heard from other people on Sunday though that the Cocktail party was tons of fun and Ty Ollson and Rick Worthy also dropped by. Rick Worthy wasn't even a guest at the Con, he was just in town. I am slightly sad to have missed talking to him up close, but I wouldn't have wanted to meet him when I was in such a bad mood anyway. So I think I still made the right decision.

Sunday to come...
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  • ... give me one more week!

    I didn't do rewatched last weekend, because I wanted a little bit of breathing space after the finale. I wanted to actulaly feel like the show was…

  • ...hi

    I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that…

  • What do you mean it's already 9:30?

    See, this is what happens every day. I finish work around 2 or 3 if I'm lucky (a couple of times it's been 5 or 6). Then I think, okay, I have a…