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Working full-time sucks. How do people do this? I have a headache.

I made myself one of those snazzy introductory posts - with a link to my timeline (I am seriously way too proud of that thing). I also linked to a master list of my fanfic. So, now if anyone is looking for any of those two things, they can just go there and click to their hearts delight.

I'm still able to write my epic crossover even with all this work though, because one of the applications at work is really slow...so while I wait for it to load, I write the epic. It actually breaks up the monotony of my job a little bit, so that's nice. It's a bit slower to write that way of course, because I'm constantly interrupting "the flow", but it gets it done and that's all that matters.

Part of me kind of regrets starting the epic, because it has become quite a beast (and I have such little time), that it means I really can't find the time to write the one-shots that I love writing so much. With the more serious one-shots, I really can't write them while I'm working, because they require far too much concentration. Sigh...maybe in the fall? We'll see, I suppose.

After making the master list of my fanfic, I WAS surprised at how much I have written since last November. And if you think about it, with the long-chapters I'm writing for the epic, I'm really knocking out a fic per week...it's just that it's all chapters of this cracky epic (which has become not so cracky and just epic).

Anyway, CHECK OUT MY WELCOME POST! (Seriously, the fact that I found time for LJ maintanance astounds me).
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