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Master List of Fic

All my fiction is GEN.
* - indicates personal favorites.

Mostly all stories are also available on A03


Listen to Your Father
PG, no spoilers
Summary: When it came time, John's decision to leave was an easy one.

Lady at the Bus Stop
G, drabble, no spoilers
Summary: An encounter with a not-so-blind old lady at a bus stop.

Anger As Beauty
PG, no spoilers
Summary: When Sam went to Stanford, he brought three pictures of his family.

Season 1/Pre-series

Lies Were Kept Simple*
PG, pilot
Summary: What Jess did know about Sam's family.

Like a River
PG, spoilers for Asylum.
Summary: After the events of Asylum, Sam tries to mend the broken pieces of a simple rule.

Bloody Mary Coda
PG, spoilers for Bloody Mary
Summary: My answer to the question of why Dean's eyes bled.

Season 2/Pre-series

Of Bracelets*
PG, no spoilers
Summary: The bracelets were for protection and unity, Sam always remembered that.

Season 2/Season 3/Season 4
Three Deaths*
PG, spoilers up until 4x01
Summary: Bobby's experiences with Winchester grief

Season 6

Sam Is...*
PG, spoilers until 6x07, goes AU thereafter.
Summary: Dean gets Sam back

Season 7

Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams

PG, spoilers from 6x22-7x03, AU for those episodes.
Summary: Sam doesn't wake up. Dean "dreamscapes his noggin."


PG, pre-slash (or just slash) John/Sherlock
Words: 1,400
Summary: Irene is in London for a fortnight, and John's not sure he likes it.

The Switches*
PG, Gen (or pre-slash)
Words: 2,110
Spoilers: S1
Summary: It's dark and someone has moved the light-switches.

Merlin (BBC)

I imagine the gods saying, We will make it up to you
(link goes to AO3)
R, Slash
Words 22,841
Spoilers: Entire series.
Summary: Arthur returns to find an old friend, a new world, and a second chance.
(My canon-compliant happy ending for Merlin)
Note: To leave comments about this story on LJ, please do so on this post)


The Demented!Verse* (Supernatural/Harry Potter) - click this 'verse link for all parts and timestamps

Two Hunters, A Wizard Family, and the World's Only Consulting Detective Walk into a Cafe...
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter/Sherlock-bbc (an AU demented'verse/Sherlock-bbc crossover)
Words: 3,500
Summary: Sherlock sees something interesting at lunch, John is curious, and Albus might be a little psychic.
A/N: No knowledge of the Demented'verse is needed for this fic. Also, it is not officially part of the demented'verse. It's a 'verse within a 'verse...or some fanfic for my fanfic.

And its sequel: Two Hunters, a Military Doctor, and a Consulting Detective Walk into Diagon Alley...
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter/Sherlock-bbc (an AU demented'verse/Sherlock-bbc crossover)
Words: ~9,000
Summary: Sometimes Sam is too nice for his own good...Sherlock and John get a tour of Diagon Alley
A/N: Some knowledge of the demented'verse would be good - maybe just Vile Violent Vacations.

The Case of the Unfortunate Brother (also available in Chinese translation)
Fandoms: Merlin/Sherlock-bbc Fusion
Words: 5,576
Summary: John meets Sherlock's estranged younger brother in a coffee shop...twice

A missing scene: Unfortunate Timing

and it's Prequel - The Unfortunate Brother: Childhood (Is the Kingdom where Nobody Dies)* (also available in Chinese translation)
Fandoms: Merlin/Sherlock-bbc Fusion
Words: 7,930
Summary: The problem with Tug of War is that it's not really about the rope (Merlin reads the news and reflects on his childhood with Sherlock.)

Men of Legend
Fandoms: Merlin/Supernatural
Words: 33,395
Summary: When a sorcerer summons monsters from another world, Merlin must summon heroes from another world to help save Camelot. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam Winchester didn't even know they were summon-able.
Also available in Polish on ff.net: Legendarni, translated by Quiet_crash

Men of Legend - The Butterfly Effect
Fandoms: Merlin/Supernatural(mentioned only)
Words: 14,660
Summary: Haunted by Sam and Dean’s parting words of advice, Merlin makes a decision that could change his and Arthur’s destiny and friendship forever.
Tags: master list

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