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Now that all the timelines are updated on the SuperWiki, I find myself wondering what fandom related project I should tackle next...

I had started a Castiel+Sam centred fic back in May, but it kind of stalled out. Mainly, I think, because I'm just not good at writing from Castiel's POV, plus, the story I'm trying to tell is apparently just hard to pull off in an interesting way. Anyway, I've still not given up hope completely - I don't want it to become another "Dean's Unnoticed Teenage Rebellion" (which was a great idea I had for a fic back in 2009, started to write, but ultimately abandoned.)

Right now, I'm thinking that maybe I want to put the Merlin fandom to bed... which means actually taking the time to update my Merlin+Arthur Meta to S5, so that people will stop asking me to. Now that 6 months have passed since the finale that completely pissed me off, I'm thinking I might be able to watch S5 with minimal fits of rage.

I also kind of want to write a Merlin reunion fic. I wrote a couple of drabbles of Merlin reunion fic back in my April drabble month... and yeah, it kind of whetted my appetite to actually get my headcanon down on "paper"... of course, the big deal with that idea is that it'd mark the first time I would write straight-up slash for this journal. Everything kind of ended up being Gen on this journal, (even the Sherlock stuff that I have marked as slash doesn't really "go there" explicitly, mainly because I have a horrible habit of all my slash fic devolving into fluffly cuddle-fic)... but anyway, I AM actually a Merthur shipper though, and if I were to write a Merlin reunion/resolution, then by god, I'm going to have some consummation happening.

So, yeah... we'll see. I've kind of been stalled out on writing the past two months... so I'm not sure when these things will happen.

On top of that, I've been working on another idea for an original novel (the fantasy novel idea)... but I think in order to move forward on that, I'd like to get at some of my history books for research purposes, and I won't have access to those for another two weeks... and then I probably won't have that much time to actually look at the books for another two weeks after that. So, yeah, that project, by nature, has to simmer on a low heat for a long time... whereas I think I could probably crank out the Merlin stuff FAIRLY quickly, depending on my motivation levels.


It is currently three billion degrees in Vancouver. I'm planning to head downtown to see the fireworks later, but I'm kind of reluctant to do so since it'll mean I'll have to put on clothes. :P
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