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I've been translated into Chinese!!

So, a little bit ago, I got a lovely message from pilpa asking if she could translate the Unfortunate Brother series into Chinese. I, of course, said yes! I happen to know that the majority of people in the world speak Chinese and I thought it'd be really cool if they could read my fic too. :)

Well, she's done it! (You need to sign up to the forums to see it, but I'm sure all you Chinese-speakers can handle that.)

I've had a look and even though I only know how to read the words, "I", "you", "heart", and "everybody", I think she did a really great job!

I'm very flattered that someone liked my fic so much they wanted to translate it and bring it to a wider audience.

So, yeah, I'm super thrilled. I really love that series and I'm very excited that people who perhaps couldn't read it before can now do so. :)
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