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Question for anyone in the Teen Wolf fandom...

As some of you know, I've been reading Teen Wolf fanfic recently. I don't actually have any immediate plans to watch the show (I'm going to give White Collar a try first, and maybe see how Tumblr reacts to TW S3).

Anyway, since most of the fic over on AO3 is Sterek fic, I've been reading that.

My problem is that there are these really lovely first-time fics, but inevitably, they all end either before Sheriff Stilinski finds out, or, even more infuriating, they end right after that, but before Derek has to come over for the obligatory awkward "meet the parent who once arrested you for murder" lunch/dinner/brunch.

It's kind of driving me crazy, because goddamn it, I like stories where people's opinions of each other change and I really really want to SEE that meeting. In my opinion, it's a really bad writing choice to end the story on the "I love you, and by the way my dad wants you to come to dinner" line, because that's not a resolved ending to the fic, that's a "why isn't there another chapter?" ending to the fic.

So, my questions to anyone on here that is in the Teen Wolf fandom:

1. Do you have any recs about Sheriff and Derek actually having the awkward "I'm dating your son and I'm not actually a murderer...or well, not for the murder you thought I did" discussion?

2. Is there a Teen Wolf equivalent of spn_storyfinders (or a similarly functioned tumblr fic-blog) so that I can put a request in for Sheriff and Derek stories?

Now, to be fair, I have read a couple of fics that DO address the Sheriff and Derek meeting really well, so it's not ALL fics... but that just makes the majority of fics that skip this scene really f*cking annoying. Unfortunately, because I've gone on such a Teen Wolf fic binge the last few weeks, I can't actually remember what those stories were... I know one of them had Derek hanging out at Stiles' house and eating meals with them until the Sheriff actually put it together about what Kate did. Another one didn't really have a Sheriff+Derek moment, but it was told from the Sheriff's point of view and it had him briefly conclude that Derek had PTSD and that him hanging out with teenagers was actually him hanging out with people his own age. Anyway, I want more stories like those.
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