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April Ficlet: The Open Road (Supernatural)

So, I skipped yesterday only to return today with something short and depressing. I hope you forgive me. (Prompt is under the cut, because it's a picture)

The Open Road
(Supernatural, Season 8, 254 words)

Dean ejected the tape and turned the radio off. He listened to the hum of the Impala’s engine, the sound of the tires on the asphalt, and somewhere under all that, Sam’s soft breathing on the seat next to him.

Dawn was coming up over the horizon and for the moment Dean felt like they were the only car on the road. It felt liked the world belonged to them – him and Sam, the car, on the road, forever. Even though he had driven all night, he suddenly wanted to just keep going. He wanted to drive and never stop.

Sam coughed in his sleep, wet and uncomfortable sounding, but he didn’t wake up – he just moaned a little and sunk further into his boneless slouch. Dean glanced over at him, struck by how Sam could seem both too large and too small in the same instant.

A country street light briefly illuminated a trail of drool making its way down Sam’s chin. Dean smiled, because it was gross and he could tease Sam about it when he woke up... but then he glanced at Sam again and the smile slipped. He waited for a straight stretch of road, and then he reached over and gently wiped Sam’s chin with his thumb.

It was blood.

Sam’s brow furrowed a little, but he kept right on sleeping.

The sun broke over the horizon and a transport truck passed them. Dean kept driving, trying to chase the feeling – him and Sam on the open road, forever.

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