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Musings on the Vancouver Con

I've procrastinated working on my weekend job all day. Seriously, I am an amazing procrastinator. I even forced myself to read fanfic long after I had grown tired of reading fanfic. It astounds me that reading fanfic doesn't seem like as much as a waste of time to me as reading books, working - obviously I'm insane.

They are selling Location Tours for $199 during the Vancouver Supernatural Convention. $199 - for a bus tour of locations. I keep thinking of bus tours I've been on "Down that block is the coffee-shop that they use for the outside shots of Central Perk on the Friends"...and then I think of the list of Supernatural filming locations that I compiled myself through hours of online research, and my little car, and my little sister...and really, I can't possibly see how a $199 hole in my wallet and an impersonal bus can measure up to what we have planned. Leisurely days spent driving around vancouver, listening to tunes, and making each other laugh doing lame reenactments.

I certainly don't think poorly of anyone who pays for the tour...I mean, you get driving directly to the site and have it pointed out to you and explained, I suppose. Do they take you all the way up to Squamish and then right down to White Rock, then all the way to Buntzen Lake? Anyway, the point is, you don't have to sit at your computer and rely on other people's guesses. You don't have to worry about the times they filmed on Hastings and whether they were in the portion that's filled with crackheads.

Same with the set tour really. I would LOVE to have a set tour...but, it's what? $350? I just...yeah. Maybe it's my priorities. Maybe I just don't love the show THAT much. Or maybe if I wasn't so broke, I wouldn't be as completely baffled as to how anyone can afford these things. Because really, I'd consider it if it was $100, but no more. I'd pay $25 for a set tour, even if it didn't have the Impala.

Though, I do LIVE in this country. I am planning to move to Vancouver, I WILL be able to take a day to drive myself to Squamish and another day to go to White Rock...I do have that luxury.

Also, unlike seemingly everyone...I don't actually have that big of a desire to meet Jared and Jensen (or even Misha) in person. I think they are all wonderful, but I figure they have better things to do than talk to me. I also figure I'd probably only embarass myself. I mean, it'd be cool to talk to them, but not the kind of talking that gets done at conventions. Mainly because the way I get to know people is to sit back and listen, to be non-agressive, to laugh and make them feel comfortable enough to be themselves...and you can't do that at Conventions. You can only say "Hi, you're awesome. Thank you" or ask maybe one question in front of a roomfull of people, half of whom are going to like your question and half of whom are going to think you are wasting everyone's time.

After saying all this though, if someone were to BUY me a full access pass to the Vancouver Convention, I certainly wouldn't turn it down! I'm just saying, I'm not willing to pay for it myself...and I think the people who are must have a pretty sweet setup in life...because seriously, you are looking at over $1000 in Con tickets and photo-ops alone...and all I can think of when I see the figure $1000 is "That much money will get me to Germany" or "That much money will buy me a new laptop".



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Jun. 7th, 2009 12:24 pm (UTC)
I think your tour is far superior! =D Someday I'm gonna come to Vancouver and *demand* that you take me on it! *g*

I have to say that meeting them was fun, but also rather awkward and stressful. I totally understand not wanting to meet them. Having done it, I wouldn't really want to do it again.
Jun. 7th, 2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
Haha, if you ever come to Vancouver, you won't even have to ask for the tour ;-) We'll just have to argue over who is going to play Sam and who is going to play Dean in the commemorative photos *g*

I was talking to my Mum about this yesterday at the pub (because that's how cool I am - on a Saturday night, it's me and my Mum at a pub :P ) and I was telling her about how as much as I like the actors, I didn't really want to meet them. She said, "But if Jared walked in here right now and the only place to sit was our table, you'd let him sit here, right?"...the answer of course is yes. I think I WOULD like to meet the actors, just in a very relaxed setting, where maybe I don't even mention the show, and where they don't feel overwhelmed by fanaticism.
Jun. 7th, 2009 08:32 pm (UTC)
\o/ AWESOME! =D Whoever drives will have to be Dean! And we'll have to bring a shovel this time. Last time we tried taking trunk photos, it just wasn't right since we didn't have guns or shovels or anything to hold. hahaha!

Aww. I would spend time with my mom on Saturday night if I could! It's weird, but I was just discussing this with Rick earlier today. We both agreed that it's one thing if you ran into them somewhere (like a baseball game, or the VIP room of a club) and you could just kind of chat with them. I think then it would be nice to get to know them and hang with them etc. but the whole paying to be in their company creates such an artificial environment that I just don't see either you or them having a good time. It's too creepy for them, and I don't know why you as the fan would actually want to be in that situation!
Jun. 8th, 2009 12:59 am (UTC)
Exactly! It's the artificial environment thing that I don't like.

Since we will be in Canada and have my car - I will be Dean! Yay! I think my sister and I are doing it by height and who owns a leather jacket - which means that I'm Sam.
Jun. 8th, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
Yay for you being Dean!

Pretty much no one is shorter than me, so I wouldn't use height as a guide!
Jun. 8th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
My sister shouldn't use height either...she is only 5'4'', but she DOES own a leather jacket, so I can't really argue too much.
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