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Quick Reaction: 8x18 Freaks and Geeks

I bet a lot of fans (probably mostly the tumblr crowd) aren't even old enough to remember the glorious brief existence of Freaks and Geeks... Hell, *I* barely remember it. :P

But tonight I didn't have that much wine, so hopefully that means I remember more of the episode...

We start with the standard couple making out in the car thing...only, that girl is familiar! I was totally thinking Krissy was legit getting it on with some guy, and wondering why she didn't seem more professional about the situation. But it turns out that it was a TRAP! And Krissy and her dude kill a vampire....

Cut to Sam and Dean in .. the car? I think we see them running a stop sign right outside a cop shop. Good one, Dean. :P And they are there to investigate things! There have been MURDERS - VAMPIRE MURDERS (I really wish you guys could read these reviews in the voices that I type them in... I do accents and everything, you have to use your imagination.)

Before they get out of the car though, Dean checks in on Sam's health - whether he's actually well enough to do a hunt, and Sam takes offense! I think he's right to - now that he's promised to tell the truth, I think he'd let Dean know if he wasn't well enough to handle a hunt. That being said, I know how frustrating it is when your sibling/loved-one is sick and you want to make them feel better, but there's nothing you can do, so you just end up asking them if they're alright ever 5 minutes until they tell you to go away... at least, that's what I do. It's either that or I purposefully swing the pendulum the other way and come off as an insensitive prick. I haven't figured out which one is worse yet, but apparently I have no middle ground.

I liked how Sam just turned it back around and asked Dean how HE was. I missed the line - or I actually, I misheard it - because I heard Sam say "Cas really deaned you back there" - and then I was like "Dean is a verb now?" and was confused... so I'm guessing he said something else. ANYWAY... I love Dean's reaction "You mean my FEELINGS?! You're asking me about my FEELINGS?!" Hahahaha... and I love how Dean steps out of it in good bro-fashion... my making fun of the idea of talking about his feelings. Oh boys.

Anyway, the cops have surveillance of the make-out spot. Creepy. And Dean recognizes Krissy Chambers - though Sam doesn't.

So, it's off to find Krissy... meanwhile, Krissy and her little hunting friends are checking into a motel - and doing a hunt Ghostfacer style with little cameras. Why? I don't know... I guess it's just part of the training. Anyway, dude-bro is hitting on Krissy, and she tells him she has a boyfriend in Canada - whereabouts? "a town called Kiss My Ass" (must be in Newfoundland, I joked...#jokesforcanadians) and then it's off to find vampires...

Sam and Dean track her down and it's not-overly-happy reunion time!  And then the little hunters track down the Vamp, who swears that he didn't kill the girls' family and seems really confused... but they kill him anyway, because they've been BRAINWASHED. Or something... I agree with Dean, something is horribly wrong.

Dean takes Krissy aside and has a heart to heart. Krissy's dad is dead - NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo.... even though they got out of the life, the life came and found them... as per usual with SPN. Same goes for the other kids, and they're all living with some dude named Victor.

Here's a pro-tip for the white creepy looking guys out there: don't start collecting teenagers, because I end up thinking the absolute worst of you... and apparently Dean is right with me on this one.

Plot-twist, Sam remembers meeting Victor one time in Spokane.... man, Sam, what a memory... I'm always amazed that he can remember 180+ years of hell, 1.5 years of soullessness, plus his actual life, and keep all the details straight. Meanwhile, I've been trying to remember to recommend a film to my older sister for nearly a year...unless I DID recommend it to her and I've forgotten. Ugh.

Anyway, the actual plot-twist is that Victor is acting as a den mother to orphaned hunter kids and training them, while also making sure they do their homework and clean their rooms. DEAN DOESN'T LIKE IT! He's off to investigate while Sam sticks around the house...

On the commercial break, my friends had a discussion about why Dean has such a problem with the situation...
Friend#1: I think Dean has an overdeveloped sense of... protected-ness for children.
Friend#2: I think Dean has an overdeveloped sense of knowing what's best for everyone else while not knowing what's best for himself.
Me: Both. Gotta love Dean.

But as usual, Dean's instincts are correct. He figures out where the mysterious stranger with the blue van went off to...

Meanwhile, Sam has waffles in the morning and then talks to Victor... and Victor explains how his children died, and he's just trying to make the world a better place, and blah blah blah... and then the kids come home because Victor's found evidence that the vampire that killed Krissy's dad is around someplace... and he's got pictures and whatnot to prove it! And the kids run off to hunt the monster...

Oh, I should note that I was actually pretty impressed that someone asked Sam if he wanted kids... and I like that his answer was "maybe?"... it really hadn't occurred to me that we don't really know that much about Sam's attitude towards kids. Dean's always the most kid friendly Winchester, and has proven time and again that he obviously wouldn't mind having kids... but we never really get to see how Sam feels about the subject. I mean, we know Sam wants a "normal life" but that doesn't necessarily mean he wants anything other than a girlfriend and a dog.

And Dean calls Sam from outside the hotel...and Sam is all like "there are no timestamps on the surveillance screenshots!" and I'm like "thanks, Sam, now I don't have to go back and pause there for timelining purposes. Saves me time."

Anyway, Sam spots the blue van after he gets off the phone, and Dean heads up to the lodge to see what's what.

Sam tells Victor about the van and they go hunting in the park next door.

Dean finds a vampire! Only she's NEW! She hasn't even fed yet, nor does she know she's a vampire. She's just miserable and scared... and thank you writers for continuity because Dean KNOWS that means that she can still be saved. But we're getting to that...

First, Victor knocks Sam out in the park.

Then the hunting kids find Dean... luckily Dean convinces Krissy that something fishy is going on. I did really like the repetition of "hunting isn't just about killing."

So, on some commercial break around here, me and my friends started discussing why it might be that Victor was working with vampires... and my friend, to her credit, suggested he might be acting like a cat... cats will bring injured mice/birds to their kittens in order to teach their kittens to hunt using easy prey. So, she thought he might be using the vampire to train his kittens on easy prey... and she was right!

And then it's back to grand central to find a tied up Sam (this is where me and my friend's narrated Sam's thoughts for him, "ah, man, AGAIN!?!"... and Victor giving a creepy speech about how he murdered the kids' families so that he could form the ultimate hunting squad. And how Sam couldn't possibly understand because "you're not a father" - oh man, I HATE THAT ARGUMENT. Sorry, personal pet peeve of mine, but it really drives me nuts when parents act like their problems are so much more important than yours because they've reproduced... or like you can't understand human emotion because you haven't squeezed anyone out of a uterus lately. Ugh.

Anyway... Sam is about as impressed as I was with the speech. Basically, Victor is an emperor penguin - he lost his own kids, so he stole someone else's. Not cool.

And we get a hint about what's in it for the vampire... because Victor mentions the leviathan... and I'm thinking that maybe Victor and the vampire met during the time when everyone was doped up with vamp-poison, and it was in both the hunters' and vampires' best interest to work together maybe? Or maybe not... maybe that excuse is flimsy and the vampire was just in it for the free meals and tenuous protection.

Then it's Dean and Krissy et al to the rescue! And Victor's charade comes crumbling down. Krissy takes out the vampire and then moves to take out Victor, but Dean's all about protecting her innocence... as Dean is wont to do. I did like the way this was worded though, because Dean says "We don't kill people" and then amends it to "You don't kill people", because Dean sure as hell has killed people. Krissy makes a good argument about how people can also be monsters... but in the end, Dean's influence wins out.

I also really like the line Krissy used at some point in this scene...where Victor says that he taught her everything she knows, and Krissy says that he didn't teach her EVERYTHING she knows... because she had a father, and she also had Dean, who in their brief encounters, has always tried to teach her the lessons he learned the hard way.

Anyway, Krissy decides the ultimate lesson for Victor would be to boycott him, Irish style. Being completely ignored and shunned by society was actually what the Irish did to criminals back in the day... it was, apparently, super effective... mind you, when I say "back in the day" I mean back when not being part of a social group meant certain death. Apparently, Victor feels that it'd mean certain death now too - or maybe he just can't live with himself now that his ersatz children all hate him with the fire of a thousand suns, because he offs himself with a cute little gun that he had in his boot.

And then they cue the girl and supposedly get rid of Victor's body somehow... and then it's goodbye time!

Dean wants to drop Krissy at her aunt's house, but she doesn't want to abandon her orphaned friends... so she's sticking around, and they're going to try to be normal unless something comes to town. Dean says it's because she's got the hots for the Aidan guy (who I wish now they'd made more sympathetic, because personally I find guys who come on that strong to be really creepy - so I think Krissy can do better... but that's just me, and I guess teenagers cut each other more slack.) And she calls Dean old, even though he's "really not that old" and then gives him a kiss on the cheek, because seriously, who wouldn't?!

Oh also, Krissy saying that it's not like that with Aidan because he's "like a brother" - um, that's not really an excuse that works on this show, at least not with the fans. :P

And then my favourite part... Dean calls Aidan over to him and Aidan is like "let me guess, 'if I hurt her, you'll kill me'" and Dean says, "No, she'll kill you." And BAM! Dean is awesomesauce.

I like the fact that Dean actually respects Krissy and treats her like an adult, even if he doesn't necessarily agree with her decisions. Personally, I think we have Jo to thank for that (and Sam too, of course, though his situation is a little different because he's actually Dean's little brother.)

Then it's off to the car to drive away - and Dean wants to shut down the hell-gates so that Krissy never has anything to hunt (or at least LESS to hunt) and she can have a normal life. And Sam is like "yeah, maybe she won't be the only one..." and we get another hint that Sam really is in it for the short-haul, that is, IF he survives whatever is going on with him...which I somehow doubt he will, given that, IMHO, we probably still have two more seasons left before J&J call it quits.

It's really cool, I think, what the writers are doing this year though... they're really building back up the mythology... and they aren't doing it by adding new monsters or plots, they're doing it by making tertiary characters that COULD HAVE THEIR OWN SHOWS. Think about it... you could have a show about a witch-cop and his dog-girl.... and you could have a show about a house of orphaned teenage hunters... S7 was all about narrowing down the world, but S8 is all about expanding it again. Anyway, I like it.

Anyway, fairly decent MOTW, but MAN that promo for next week looks AWESOME.
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  • ... give me one more week!

    I didn't do rewatched last weekend, because I wanted a little bit of breathing space after the finale. I wanted to actulaly feel like the show was…

  • ...hi

    I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that…

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