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Daily Fics in April

In April, I'm going to do daily drabble/ficlets using [community profile] daily_prompt ... if, for some reason, daily_prompt forgets to prompt for a day, I'll instead use a prompt chosen at random from yalumesse's 30 day prompts

These drabbles/ficlets will be:
1. Fanfic (most likely SPN, Sherlock, and Merlin... but who knows, maybe there will be others).
2. Fanfic of my own 'verses (Demented'verse, UnfortunateBrother'verse).
3. Original fic (most likely fantasy genre, but I might be inspired to do something with the characters from The Novel Project as well....I'm at least leaving myself open to that).

Now, if I do write in my own 'verse, that doesn't necessarily mean that the stories will be "canon" for those 'verses. I'd most likely be writing fanfic for fanfic... sort of like how my trifecta'verse is a crossover between my demented'verse and Sherlock, but isn't actually part of the demented'verse.

Anyway, I just thought I would give you all a week's warning that I'll be posting daily in April... we'll see if I can pull this off. My job has also gotten 10x more time-consuming/boring, so that's either going to hinder or help, I'm not sure which.

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