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My Summary of Asylum Day 1 Twitter Reports

Things are pretty boring on the internet with everyone at Asylum. Well, they were interesting earlier when people were actually AT Asylum, but now everyone is sleeping. (And it sounds like it is well deserved for both actors and attendees alike - I can't imagine getting off a trans-Atlantic flight and going straight into photo sessions and autographing until 8:30...that's just insane, poor Jared.)

So, ignoring my usual complaints about people complaining about not being able to touch strangers...I'm going to write a news article that sums up the day! This is not prepared beforehand, so, let's see what comes out when I just start writing:

By Hells Half Acre

After queuing in long lines all day for a fleeting opportunity to stand in close proximity to their favorite Supernatural stars, fans made a shocking discovery. Although it is the common belief that Jensen Ackles is in fact "out of this world," it appears as though Ackles' hair does have the distinctly ordinary human ability to grow when left unattended for more than a week. There was mixed reaction at the revelation, as some declared the hair to be "lush" others firmly stated that they "do not like!" (though the latter reports were most often followed by a swift apology, for fear they may offend the gods).

It is perhaps unsurprising to some, who realize that one can become quite tied of cutting ones' hair once a week, as Jensen has previously stated is his routine for 9 months of the year; and who also realize that hair, when left unattended, tends to grow. Jensen's co-star, Jared Padalecki, seems to be held to a far less other-worldly standard than Ackles, as no twitter trend was started featuring the words "#jaredshair", even though it should be pointed out that Jared's hair is nearly down to his shoulders.

In other news, Misha Collins is still adorable.

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