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Quick Reaction: 8x15 Man's Best Friend With Benefits

Okay, fess up Supernatural Writers.... which one of you has been stalking the kinkmeme?

An old-school MOTW this week... let's get into it...

NOTE: Just for those who don't remember, my cut-text is always the most apt lyric that I heard on my iPod on the walk home from my friend's place... and well, this was seriously the most apt lyric tonight.

So, we begin with... a murder. As always. I think it was girl-in-alley. Poor girl-in-alley, first she has to wear ridiculously high heels and walk down an alley, and then she gets murdered for her trouble. Then the murderer wakes up in bed from a nightmare... premonition? MYSTERY ESTABLISHED.

Next we have Sam and Dean, who seem to be fresh off the Hell Hound kill, because Dean's concerned about whether Sam is okay and he still wants to tag Sam out of the match and dive in himself. (Uh, Dean... not sure heavenly quests work like the WWE, just saying.) Sam and Dean are in town because a friend called them though, a friend named James, who is a cop who saved their life... which I'll just assume happened in the broad expanse of time in S3 that we never got to see. I'm actually THANKFUL that they didn't give us a flashback or a date because I can't actually add anything to my S1-S5 timeline without deleting something of equal length from it - that post is at it's limit. And odds are it happened back then, rather than during the madness that was S6-S7, and James is too young to have met them pre-series.

Anyway, Dean goes out for beers and CUTE DOG shows up. Sam loves dogs. It's actually kind of adorable, because ordinarily I'd think it kind of out of character for Sam... mainly because the dog-people I know tend to be more outgoing...like, well, DOGS. But I suppose that's a stereotype. You can probably be an introvert and a dog person.

I loved Sam's reaction when he heard the Impala pull up. Like, no matter how old Sam gets, he's got this rule ingrained in his head "no dogs allowed" and he's like "I'mma be in trouble!"

I also loved how Sam doesn't actually say the word "dog" and just says "she" and then opens the door and the dog is a lady. Hehehe, very well done. But seriously, Dean's "she can stay the night" upon seeing a hot woman in the room just confirmed like 3,000 wincest-y fics where the boys...share. (*cough* Not that I read those of course *cough*)

I also loved how Sam's immediately to business though. He's not caught off guard or dumbfounded. He's just "she was a dog a second ago" and it's out with the knife.

Anyway, doggie is Portia, James' familiar. James the Cop is now James the Cop-Witch. (As opposed to the Witch-Cop, who I'm thinking would only arrest witches?). Dean is not impressed. James = friend, but Dean HATES witches. Ironically, he's always hated them mostly for what they do to animals.

Portia contacted Hunters BEHIND James's back... you have to wonder about the logic on that one. Though, I guess she's right... he can't get help from the police and it's most likely an inside witch-community job, so getting their help is out too. Still though, asking Hunters to help your witch boyfriend is playing with fire.

I did like the lines where Portia gave Dean a piece of her mind, and his response was "that was hot" and then she looked at Sam for a little help, and he just deadpanned confirmed "it was kinda hot." Oh, boys... I love how much you both love women who refuse to take any crap from you.

James meanwhile is at a club chatting with someone who looks a lot like Michael Fassbender... so much so that I was distracted. Also, he does not seem trustworthy.

Then it's awkward waiting in the living room while a couple fights in the bedroom like you can't hear every word they are saying... but perhaps first James kills another dude? Yes. That's right. Poor blind dude.

The plan is simple: Tie James up so that he can't kill anyone and then go investigating.

Sam talks to the cops - who then threw me off the sent of Michael Fassbender, because the cop dude seemed shady... most of the time the local cops are always wanting to help the FBI, but this one didn't... SHADY.

Meanwhile, Dean goes to the club to interview witches? Was this the plan? Couldn't Portia do this? I guess this was one aspect of the episode that I didn't really get... I wasn't sure what Sam and Dean really brought to the table, besides maybe forcing James and Portia to talk to each other again so they could solve these shenanigans.

Dean meets Philippe LeChat, and let's us know that for all Dean's knowledge of Latin, Enochian, and a little bit of Japanese, he obviously does not know a lick of French. I will say that Philippe was well cast. We decided that the only thing that would make that scene better would be if Philippe looked Dean dead in the eye and knocked over his glass of beer right before he changed into the cat. (see cat-friend vs dog-friend)

Now, that being said, asking the MOST LIKELY CANDIDATE FOR EVIL about the existence of evil spells is probably not the wisest detective move Dean.

Oh! We also learn that Dean is allergic to cats! You and me both, Dean... though he's more allergic than me. I guess Portia also tells us that Dean isn't a dog person, but we kinda already knew that, I think. We've seen Dean interact with dogs in a friendly manner before (Mystery Spot!) but my hypothesis is that he's kinda like me... I don't HATE dogs. I just don't want to own one myself. I'm happy petting other people's dogs in other people's houses, but I don't like the idea of a dog in my own house. Also, maybe being torn apart by hell hounds sours a man on a species. :P

Then I kind of forget what happens. Sam gets the results back on James' shit.. the one witch Dean asks doesn't know of a spell that can control other witches, so they decide that James has got to go down.

Oh, I have a question: Who even monograms their shirts anymore?! What century is James living in?

I kind of think that the decision to kill James was PRETTY rushed. I mean, in my opinion, they kind of barely investigated. That being said, they are kind of biased against him given how much Dean hates witches.

I guess I'm also skipping over the whole Kate&Benny argument. I know most of you will grown when I bring up the Amy storyline from last year, but that was where my mind flew - as I asked myself why Dean was willing to cut Kate and Benny slack (because they had no choice) and not Amy, who also had no choice... but then it occurred to me that Kate and Benny weren't killing people, and that's always the bottom line with Dean. He's learned to forgive being a monster (especially if it's against your will) but he doesn't forgive killings very easy. Also, Amy had the unfortunate timing of killing right after Cas had gone on a murder spree while thinking himself a god.

I'm also skipping the whole "You don't trust me" drama... which, you know, I don't think we actually NEED in the story at this point. Though, personally, I kind of see where Dean is coming from - If you want something done right, your only choice is to do it yourself. But then, I DO have trust/control issues... so, the fact that I can totally understand where Dean is coming from, probably isn't actually a point in his favour.

Another note here... I don't know who directed this episode, but those extreme zoom-ins while Sam and Dean were arguing gave me claustrophobia.

Anyway, back to murdering James!

Oh, but before we get to that, James and Portia have kinky sex with chains.... seriously, what doesn't this episode have? Bestiality, bondage, soul-bonds... we just needed some magic healing cock and gratuitous emotional hurt/comfort, and we'd have everything.

Also, can I just say... worse orgasm ever? I mean, that IS when she had the murder visions right? Anyway....


It's a good thing the boys didn't come in earlier... but Portia stops them from murdering her man, and explains that from what she saw there was no possible way that James did the murdering, because there was no preparation, aftermath, or any emotion attached to them whatsoever.

Okay, just a note here, when Portia is talking about how "Familiars aren't supposed to have sex with their witches" or whatever the line was... I seriously thought she said "their bitches" and well... I kind of preferred that line, because it was even kinkier. :P

So, it's back to investigating....

Sam goes back to the police station, but discovers that the cop won't co-operate, and also sees that they've got a file on James. Dean goes with Portia to meet up with a Witch-Snitch... Snitch-Witch?... Switch?... either way, sounds like the beginnings of a good tongue-twister. The Switch drives a Gremlin...

Before he arrives though, Dean tries to find out if Portia was a dog first or a human, and which one she considers her true self... because he's got to figure out if James is gross or a lucky man, I guess. Portia's not telling... which I kind of like.

Anyway, Switch tells them that there's rumours going around about James in the community...that he's killing folk. So, they know it's an inside job. They head back to James' place.

I love how Sam congratulates Dean on not making any bestiality jokes, and Dean actually looks PROUD of himself. Hahaha... never change.

Sam tells James about the evidence room at the precinct, and they decide to do some Astral Projection. I thought that's what they did back in 4x15 when they walked around outside of their bodies... but this was a little different... or so directed that we didn't get to see them spiritually manifest. They see that the police have quite the case built up around James and it all hinges on a witness account... PHILIPPE LECHAT.

JAMES ANGRY! JAMES SMASH! Seriously, that's no way to treat your friends, James... and don't yell at your dog when they've done nothing wrong. It hurts their feelings. James storms out and goes to the club and attacked Lechat, while all the other patrons clear out... and Lechat tells him that it was all his master and he had no choice! And then his master KILLS HIM!

And at this point my reaction was "He killed his cat!! THAT MAN MUST DIE!"

Thankfully, James, the Winchesters, and I were all on the same page. James is losing the fight, but then the Winchesters run in... and promptly get thrown into a wall. Seriously boys, you have got to figure out a counter measure for that move. Then they get up - but MIND TRICKS! At first, I thought that maybe Fassbender would see what he was putting in their minds too, and THAT would kill him... because wouldn't that be cool? If he's like "I will paralyze you with your worst memories!" and then he's like "OH GOD! THE HORROR!" when he sees them for himself, and the Winchesters are like "that was just Tuesday, man, that was nothing."

But no, instead... actually, I can't really remember what happened... Portia ran in and saved the day? Yes, that sounds right. Anyway, dude loses breaks control of the spell and the Winchesters, now very adept at suppressing their traumatic memories, quickly deal him the death blow using Bobby's witch-killing spell. And James and Portia headbutt affectionately.

Then it's goodbye time... and sure enough, James still has to leave town, because the police have a pretty good case, and it's a little suspicious that their key witness is dead. So, James and Portia take off. I really do love how Portia looks at Sam with a great deal of affection...telling him that she'll miss him, even though she spent most of her time with Dean. Sam doesn't have many friendships, but the man does love dogs - and I like that that's all Portia needs to know to decide that Sam's an awesome guy.

And then it's time for the Winchesters to have an emotional talk in the Impala... where Dean tells Sam that he DOES trust him, and that as long as Sam's good, Dean's good... and we're all good.... except that Sam's come down with tuberculous!

Seriously though, Sam coughing up blood makes me wonder if there is a time limit on these trials... like, maybe they really should have translated all three of them before Sam started on this journey. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the fact that they only have half the tablet will bite them in the ass at some point, because it'd be way too convenient if they only needed the half that they happened to have.

All in all, another solid MOTW, not as grand and epic as the previous three, but still solid... plot reflects Winchester issues, funny lines, grey moral areas... and Sam not wanting to worry Dean with possible health issues for fear that he'll lose his adult status and get kicked back down to baby-brother status.

[Next week's promo]Next week looks awesome! But then, I'm a huge fan of both Prometheus and archery, so I'm probably biased.

So, as always, let me know what I missed! And please remember that I like liking things.
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