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Quick Reaction: 8x13 Everybody Hates Hitler


Another Ben Edlund episode: Yay! Featuring Judaism: Double Yay! With Sam looking adorable in a sweater: Triple Yay! And... okay, why don't I just talk about the whole episode....

So, we begin in Belarus in 1944, where nothing good was happening. Trust me. I'm an historian.

I was ready to cringe at the German, but I think they actually did a pretty good job. They didn't over enunciate until they were using the radio. A lot of times in movies, the German isn't believable because everyone is speaking it really really clearly...when, you know, normal Germans don't speak that clearly. Also, they were actually saying what the subtitles were saying, which is more than I can say for some scenes in Die Hard 3.

When suddenly a Golem attacks!! You know, just as an aside here - I'm really jazzed they did this flashback to WWII, because, being the history geek that I am, I really wondered how the Supernatural fit into large historic events in the Supernatural Universe... I know these things take place on the fringes of society and unnoticed to most of the populace, but still, it was an interest of mine. So it was cool to see a Golem in the context of the Holocaust. 

Meanwhile, in present day... Kansas? Lebanon Kansas...oh hey, that's where Larry lived last week. That's cool. Anyway... Sam and Dean find the Men of Letters bunker, and it seems to be in the basement of a dam? Are there even any dam-able rivers in Kansas? (I originally wrote "damnable"...I'm sure there are damnable rivers in Kansas.) Anyway, it's a really cool building. What's even cooler about it is that the architecture is 1920s-1930s, which is in keeping with the time frame for the Men of Letters, and also fits into the historical-type of episode.

There's no garage for the Impala, but they do find the equivalent of a "bat-cave" as Dean says. And we get Sam saying "son of a bitch" for once, which I loved. Also, I love the fact that the Winchester's bat-cave isn't a cave full of gizmos and weaponry, but KNOWLEDGE. Be still my heart.... but knowledge really is the best weapon!

Sadly, elsewhere, there's a man trying to find a particular book, and he does! But that means that he DIES... killed by a seemingly invisible Nazi necromancer. Who wasn't really invisible, it just seemed like no one in the bar could see him.

Back at the Bat Cave... (Winchester Lair? We gotta name this thing people! Sam'n'Dean Den? ETA: The BROMANCE BUNKER! - I'm quite proud of that one, in related news it is now 2am and I should be asleep)... Sam is geeking out over books, Dean is walking around freshly showered in a "dead guy robe"... and telling Sam not to geek out... even while he finds a sword and geeks out. I love this whole sequence, also, Dean looked adorably short in that long robe (long robes will do that to you...also so will standing next to Sam).

Also, I loved the playing of old records! I really love old vinyl, there's a quality to the sound that you just don't get with modern mediums... it's richer somehow, even though it's also scratchy. It's hard to explain, but I loved it.

And then Dean takes off for two weeks (two weeks? one week?... sorry, I timeline on the weekends and I usually try to put it out of my head when I watch. Speaking of: Not new plaid shirts. That plaid shirt of Dean's, unless I'm mistaken, was introduced last season.) And this is another benefit of a homebase - the brothers can spend a little time apart if they need to. I think this will do wonders for their relationship - I mean, no matter who it is and how much you love them, you get kind of sick of someone when you spend 24/365 with them.

 So, Dean takes off and checks in with Kevin. Sam reads books. No one hears from Cas, but at least they MENTION that they haven't heard from Cas, and not only that but he's not answering Dean - and they do so with a subtext of helpless worry. THANK YOU! That was all that was missing from last week's episode (and the week before too.)

But, Sam found a case!! There's another secret organization called the... oh shoot. The Judaic Initiative? Man, I'm so bad with names. Anyway, their last member was killed last week! Oh no! It was old guy! It's off to investigate, even though Dean just got home!

And Dean drops Sam off while he's wearing an ADORABLE SWEATER! And has patches on the elbows of his tweed jacket! And...I was very attracted to him. Meanwhile, Dean goes to interview the people at the bar... and there's a guy making eyes at him!

The scene when Aaron flirts with Dean was awesome. I loved how flustered Dean got... I loved the line where Dean said, "this is a federal investigation!" and Aaron just said "and that's supposed to make you less interesting?" Hahaha, love it so hard. Both actors played that scene brilliantly. I had a feeling that Aaron was just using the flirting to throw Dean off - mainly because it was a brilliant strategy!

And then I loved how when Sam said he was being followed, Dean had that line "I thought i was being followed too, but it turned out to be a gay thing." Hahaha, oh Dean. I love you... also, I totally still believe you are bisexual.

So, they set up a sting to catch whoever is following Sam - and it turns out to be the Golem - who throws Dean into a car....ouch. And Aaron, who thankfully calls off the Golem before it kills Sam.

We find out that Aaron is the last of the JI organization, and just like Sam and Dean and the MoL, he had no idea about it until his grandfather passed away. And he doesn't actually know how to use the Golem, and the Golem is NOT IMPRESSED. He's also MASSIVE and oh man, it's so weird to see someone who makes Jared look small. The guy playing the Golem was really good too. I loved his voice. I wonder if they digitally altered it or if it really is that low and gravely... I wouldn't be surprised. It was hard to hear him on a couple of words (my hearings not the best sometimes) but I thought that just added to the effect.

Anyway, nazi necromancers! I guess it's the Golem that tells them? I loved the fact that the Golem wasn't just animated emotionless clay... I love that he was animated clay that FELT things... like he got genuinely angry, and the Holocaust was legitimately upsetting to him and a bad memory, and you could SEE that when he spoke about it. It would have been easy just to make him an emotionaless lump, but he's such a better character when he's three dimensional... especially because you start liking him and when Sam and Dean worry about having to take him down eventually, you're reaction is "NOOOOoooooooooooooo" (or at least mine was.) But we'll get to that.

First, TO THE LIBRARY! (A:TLA fans? Y/Y?)

Now, I don't know about you, but I have never been more turned on then when Sam knew what a book was about by it's library call number. Hahaha. Seriously... I mean, when I was in university, I basically had the history section memorized, but I have no idea why Sam would know the zoology books... yet, I don't care.

I just love the fact that this episode gave us SO MUCH Student!Sam, and I thought you can actually see how happy Sam is in that element - which is something we were always told, but didn't really ever get to see first hand. I think Dean could see it too - but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I love when they break into the library and Aaron comments on how they "just break into any place they want to go" and Dean answers with "our father wanted to give us a solid career to fall back on in case the Hunting thing didn't pan out." - GOLD. I now want professional-thieves AUs please!

(I should say that the majority of this episode takes place at UBC, for those location hunters around you. I'm not sure exactly sure which library though.) 

Sam runs up to get the ledger, and um, Sam, it's been 10 years - you'd think you'd learn not to run off alone. Anyway... NAZI attacks! WITH A BLOW DART! It's very James Bond...only this is a NECROMANCER blow-dart! Oh noes! Sam manages to run down the stairs before collapsing though, and then Aaron also gets a hit in the chest by the blow dart... so Dean sends the Golem after the Nazi.. and he kicks ass. I kind of liked how he dragged the body to right in front of Dean before snapping his neck. It was very "I have done what you commanded and here is proof."

Then it's burn the body time! I LOVED the conversation that Aaron and the Golem had while they watched Dean and Sam bury the body. I loved Aaron's "they're psychos!" realization as he watched the routine way they went about salting and burning the corpse. And I love love LOVE how Sam reached out and warmed his hands over the burning body. Oh Sammy, you were just stealing my heart left right and centre this episode.

So, turns out these Nazi dudes actually are nazi necromancer dudes (Brotherhood of Thule? Thule Society? Seriously...horrible with names) who figured out the secret to eternal life. You can kill them with a headshot and then burning the body within 12 hours though, so glasses-dude isn't coming back.

Wait, I just realized something... can Sam read German?! I mean, he figured out what the ledger said... though, I guess he mainly did that off a list of names, and I suppose he could have used google-translate. I do not need more reasons to love Sam in this episode, so that's okay. 

And then the Nazis attack! 

And the Thule guys know more about the Golem than Aaron, because they apparently didn't smoke the pages of their manual. (BTW: I actually really like that Aaron is a non-practicing Jew with a less than responsible past.) Turns out, you have to write your name on the scroll that the Golem keeps in his mouth in order to take control of him. 

Sam and Dean are down, but guns are within ALMOST reach...and the nazis like to monologue! Yay! I loved the fact that they brought back Dean and Aaron making eyes at each other, as Dean tries to tell Aaron that he and Sam need a diversion.

And it works! 

They kill all the Thule, or, well, all the Thule in Aaron's living room...and then Aaron decides that he's going to step up to the plate and take over the work of the JI. And he obviously remembers enough Hebrew to write his name (I'm sure that's a pretty easy thing to remember from Hebrew school), and he takes control of the Golem... effectively taking over the family business, just like Sam and Dean have done, and will do, with the Men of Letters.

And the final scene, we get Sam writing up index cards for the books that he's adding to the bat-cave library... and Dean is happy that Sam has found a part of hunting that he can thrive and be happy in. Yay! Also, is that a huge telescope?

Good episode all around! So, let me know what I missed (I'm probably missing a ton of good lines, but it's nearly 1am) or what you want to talk about in comments!! :)
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