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Still alive - check

Survived the trip back to my brother's...listened to some great tunes. How come no Tom Petty in Supernatural? Not classic rock enough? I guess it is sort of the wrong sound, but come on...he has a song called Zombie Zoo! (on an album called Full Moon Fever!!)

Sadly, I am too tired to do any writing tonight. It is even hard to write this entry. This is very sad, as I kept having awesome ideas in the car. I need one of those "note to self" voice recording thingies...do they have a name? Man, I'm tired.

I'm also freezing. What is with the weather and/or the temperature of this house?

Anyway...umm...work tomorrow and stuff. I'm hoping to get a chapter of my HP/SPN epic up by the end of the week. Oh, and mizzykitty : I don't know if you remember, but I wrote a couple of lines of "Dean's Completely Unnoticed Teenage Rebellion" the other day...so I haven't forgotten about it! It's just slow going.

Now I go pass out...
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