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Quick Reaction: 8x11 LARP and the Real Girl

I am looking forward to the gifs... oh, there will be a wealth of gifs, and I will reblogging all of them no doubt over on my tumblr.

But, let's actually talk about the episode....

Being drawn and quartered is not a good way to die. It's horrified me ever since I first heard about it as a wee lass, and I would have been quite happy to have never seen it actually acted out. Thank goodness for standards and practices, I guess, we mainly just got the Foley and the blood splatter.

ALSO A DATE! I still haven't timelined last episode, but dude was killed on January 23rd...or, well, probably early morning January 24th - and that works well with what I have for 8x09 anyway, and I don't forsee 8x10 being that much of a problem when I do get to it. Anyway, I usually try not to timline while I watch, but I actually did yell out "A DATE!" when I saw the cellphone, and confused my friend for a moment. :P

ETA: WAIT! I just realized that if the dude died on January 23/24th, then that meant that the scene with Sam and Dean driving was probably the evening of January 24th which is... DEAN'S BIRTHDAY! Oh man, well, I guess that answers the question of whether or not they celebrate birthdays. :( At least Dean got to go LARPing on his Birthday weekend.

Then we get the obligatory "why aren't we focusing on the important plot?" conversation between the Winchesters. It was actually a good one, except that they decided the important plot was the tablet. Personally, I think the current important plot is actually Castiel. If I thought there was something weird and sinister going on with one of my friends, that would take priority over killing demons... but then, they probably have no idea how to help Cas either, I just think they should have mentioned that problem too.

Dean wants to take some time off, eat, see a film. Dean's all about asking people out on dates lately. Hahaha... I kid, but I'm actually kind of serious. I think what Dean is trying to say is that he and Sam need to reconnect and remember what they like about hanging out with each other so that they can move past the bitterness quicker. Sam's all about the job though, because Sam's all miserable about his life, and when Winchesters are miserable, they either become alcoholics or workaholics or both.

Garth calls them for a job...and I actually wonder if they got DJ to mumble stuff over a phone, because it really did sound like him on the other line...maybe they just used audio from his old episode. In any case, it was well done. Apparently DJ has the GPS turned on on all the Hunters and he tracks them - that's pretty clever, but I can only imagine that that means that other people might be able to track them too...other SINISTER people.

They head to the dead dude and meet an awesome Sheriff. Seriously, I forget the first line that I kind of giggled at, but he won me completely over with "These kids today and their tweeting and murder."

Also, Sam and Dean had broken out the long trench coats, which DAMN - YES PLEASE. I just want to crawl inside those things and... uh, sorry, I've gotten off track.

They go to question the guy that dead guy was texting, and they find out about the LARPing world. I love how uncomfortable Sam and Dean are with other people's emotions. I did like Dean's parting "hang in there buddy" or whatever the heck he said.

Then to the internet, where Dean starts realizing that medieval LARPing looks awesome! Jensen is so great with the way he plays scenes like this - where Dean starts smiling and then keeps trying to school his expression to indifferent seriousness like Sam's. Brilliant.

CHARLIE! I'm happy to have Charlie back. I really liked her last time. 

Then dude dies horribly. So gross. I have to say though, I really like that tree tattoo. It's pretty.

So, off to the Ren Faire.... well, not really a Ren Faire, since it's a LARPing event, but close enough. Here's a fun fact: In Victoria Vantoch's Threesome Handbook, she mentions that Ren Fairs are an excellent place to pick up, because Ren Fair attendants are "up for anything". Here's another fun fact: Jensen and Danneel go to a Ren Faire nearly every year. These two facts are not related, I swear. I DID happen to notice that Charlie was not having a hard time picking up at this LARPing event, so I only assume it runs on similar rules. ;)

I love the fact that after 8 years (10 in plot) someone FINALLY calls them on the fake badge, but it still doesn't blow their cover, because the dude just assumes that they're LARPers there on the wrong weekend. I also love how offended Sam gets when he points out everything that let him know it was fake. Part of my headcanon is that it's Sam who makes the fake credentials for them, though Dean picks the names. Speaking of, I'm going to have to look up what their fake names were in reference to this episode.

Then it's off to see the Queen! I absolutely love how they did the reveal with Charlie. I mean, first, I like the fact that we first see her kicking ass in a fake sword fight and then have her do the dramatic slow-mo reveal... but then I also love how they showed her perspective when revealing Sam and Dean to her. Just...LARPer LARPer LARPer WINCHESTERS LARPer...oh shit. The way she goes from confidence to terror was amazing. I have a thing for Outsider POV on BAMF/Dangerous Winchesters, and that was one done perfectly. 

And as Charlie explains, she's not afraid of them, she's afraid of what they bring with them. Charlie worrying that she was a monster magnet and then asking them if there was such a thing...I do wonder what they would have said, because I'm pretty sure that the Winchesters are the monster magnets in this universe. They can't escape.

Okay, is anyone going to mention the fact that Charlie gave Dean the QUEEN'S crown?! There was a LOT of stuff in this episode between Charlie and Dean that more than hinted at Dean having a non-heterosexual orientation, that's all I'm saying... and Dean didn't protest any of it. Personally, I've always believed Dean was bisexual, so I just loved it all. I'm even coming around on the whole Destiel thing this season, because I think the characters have finally changed/grown in such a way that I could actually believe it. Castiel's become less guarded and Dean's become less prejudice against non-humans.

I loved Dean correcting Charlie's battle formations, and Sam trying to keep them on task. I loved the whole conversation between the three of them really. Then Sam gets the call saying that the guy died from belladonna, and we get the gold of this conversation where both Charlie and Dean say "the pornstar?" and Sam just gets this look on his face like 'oh dear god there are two of them.' 

I did love that dynamic though, the fact that last episode Dean called Charlie "the little sister I never wanted" and it's true. Dean also treats her like a family member too. When Sam leaves for the tech-tent, and Charlie asks for the "full wiki" on what Dean and Sam have been doing for the past year (nearly two actually), Dean ACTUALLY TELLS HER. Not only that, but he tells her the details, including the ones where he kind of messed up - like the fake Amelia text. 

Meanwhile, of course, Dean is dressing up and loving it. Yay Dean. 

And then we get the other reference to the fact to Dean's non-heterosexuality when Charlie basically calls him on the fact that it sounds like he just broke up with someone too. That, of course, Dean denies. But yeah, as they walked out of that tent, I have expected Dean to start a conversation with his friend the lesbian about coming-out or something... I'm not even joking. 

Meanwhile, Sam's picking up in the tech-tent. I'm not sure what kind of girl is turned on by crime-scene photos...OR what kind of girl still thinks that Sam is cross-genre-LARPing when it's obvious that he's looking at REAL CRIME SCENE photos... but, hey, maybe she isn't the brightest tool in the shed, but at least she can appreciate a good looking guy enough to try to pick him up...even if he turns her down because he's a grumpy pants.

Charlie and Dean figure out it's the Orcs (possibly) and head out into the woods. Again, we have Charlie calling Dean her handmaiden and Dean just goes with it. I mean, yeah, he complains, but he doesn't insist that she choose something else. I kind of figured something weird would happen when Dean sent Charlie back alone. The ram's skull was creepy.

Dean and Sam meet up and realize that Charlie's missing. Oh... I forgot to mention earlier that I liked Dean trying to get Charlie to leave and be out of harms way, and basically arguing the "Sam part" of an argument that they often have because Sam was arguing Dean's usual part. I kind of love that about the Winchesters, how they always balance each other out even if they have to play each other's more common part. I could make a switch-hitting joke here, is what I'm saying... and how come my commentary this week is so sexual?

I loved the reference to Notting Hill. Maybe I shouldn't admit to recognizing it right away, but damn it, I did... and I cheered. The magic tent, I should say, was really cool. And then we get the reveal that the skull-dude is actually a beautiful lady! Suddenly things are looking up for Charlie! We get a good fairy! Only she is horribly trapped by an evil dude who is using her for evil purposes.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam are in the woods trying to figure out who their magic user is... Dean gets sick of waiting and breaks out the gun. I love how exasperated Sam is with it. He's not freaking out, he's just like "really, Dean? Ugh." And the dude Dean's threatening is actually an attorney. I liked that addition. But he's not the magic user, he's another victim... so it's back to the drawing board...or in this case, a creepy tent down by the river...where they find Charlie getting it on with a fairy. Nicely done, Charlie.

I actually didn't see Bolty (or whatever his name was) as the bad guy coming. I kind of feel like I should have, in retrospect... and I almost did when Dean and Charlie ran into him in the woods, but when nothing happened immediately, I put it out of my mind. Anyway, I liked the ensuing battle and I like that Charlie is "the one that saves damsels in distress around here." She's the hero that gets the girl, which is a much better ending than her last Winchester adventure where she did her best but was eventually steamrolled by things way out of her league.

Which is why we get the more amicable split, with her telling the Winchesters that they CAN contact her again if they need her. It's super sweet. And then, even better, we get Sam realizing that he and Dean DO need to have fun...and what I love about this decision is that Sam's favourite thing to do is to make Dean happy, so he knows exactly what their first fun thing should be....

And then we get the most brilliant scene of the episode, with Dean giving the Braveheart speech (better than Mel Gibson, I'm sure) and Sam telling us that it's the only speech Dean knows. Brilliant. Personally, I've known a few braveheart fans in my life, and this is accurate. And of course, the CLOTHES, and SAM HAS A PONY TAIL! I LOVE IT! I squealed when I saw it. 

The added bit with the frisbee guy was just hilarious too - I love how the music un-swells and then re-swells. Brilliant, lovely, hilarious.

Next week I'm a little skeptical about, I have to admit. But I'm very happy with this week's episode.

FELICIA'S LIVEBLOG: I did watch the liveblog after watching the episode. Of course, Felicia does so much stuff, only part of it was about the actual show. I think my favourite comment from her about the show is how she thought Jensen looked like "a really hot Jughead." Jughead was my favourite when I was a kid, and I felt that he was the only one who had his priorities straight in life... anyway, yeah, loved that comment. Also, it was just nice to hear (yet again) how Jared always tries to make people laugh, and how Jensen is a super nice guy (and a smartass) and how much fun she had on set. I do hope that some of those scenes make it to the gag reel.

So, what were your favourite parts? What did I completely forget to talk about?
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