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Alive - check

I made survived the seven hour drive back "home". Now I just have to make it through this stupid training session at work, and then I can drive the seven hours back to my brother's house tomorrow to live out the rest of the month in relative peace. My work load is going to increase though...exponentially really...until August, when I take a trip to the east coast to visit a friend, and then drive myself to the west coast.

So, of course, the bad news is that I'll have far less time for writing/reading/etc. The good news (for some of you) is that I actually made myself a brief plot outline for my SPN/HP story, in the hopes that if I outlined a plot ahead of time it would stop growing to epic proportions. We'll see if it works.

Man, one thing you guys should know about me - I hate being busy. So, the thought of the amount of work I have to do this summer is...well, it makes me groan and go back to bed.

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