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Quick Reaction: Merlin Finale

I can't.... I can't decide if I liked it.

Things I liked:

1. The fact that the magic reveal was early on in the episode and just between Merlin and Arthur.

2. The acting, it goes without saying, was phenomenal. My opinion of Merlin is that the talent of the actors has always far outstripped the talent of the writers - and that remains unchanged.

3. I liked the fact that Merlin and Arthur got at least one adventure together where Merlin got to openly use his magic.

4. I like the fact that we could see Arthur slowly coming to terms with Merlin as a sorcerer - I love that he went through the entire arc, from being frightened of Merlin to feeling just betrayed and then finally coming to see that Merlin was still the same person he always knew - and more than that, realizing that he had the most powerful sorcerer ever to walk the earth as his manservant, and that the sorcerer LIKED it that way.

5. I liked the fact that this episode really was about the love story of Arthur and Merlin, which, of course, the entire show has been about - so it was nice to have the final episode completely dedicated to it.

6. I like that we got an ending for all the knights - some were sad (Gwaine, I'd argue, had the most tragic ending) and some were bittersweet (Percival being the last of Arthur's original low-born knights left alive - Leon, who I've seen some people jokingly call immortal, remaining Gwen's right hand knight as he was Arthur's). I think that scene between Percival and Gwaine broke my heart completely.

7. The final moments between Merlin and Arthur were horrendously heartbreaking and very well done. I half expected Arthur to tell Merlin "I love you" as his final words, but "Thank you" WAS actually more fitting, since the whole thing with Merlin is that he has constantly suffered without any thanks from those he suffered for.

8. Gwen being a badass queen was awesome. And I LOVE the fact that she was basically the only one who really did put it together that Merlin was a sorcerer without having to be told. She needed to have it confirmed, but that's hardly the same thing. And when it was, she wasn't betrayed, she was happy. I think Gwen will restore magic to it's rightful place in the kingdom.

Things I didn't like:

1. Magic wasn't restored to the kingdom in Arthur's lifetime. 

2. Morgana's death. Katie McGrath kept saying that she liked Morgana's ending, but I didn't. It was the death of a two-dimensional villain, not someone who was Arthur's sister and USED to have a good heart. I wanted either a sliver of redemption, or at the very least, an acknowledgement that she had gone about everything completely wrong and misguided.

3. The ending. I guess I just wanted a complete reincarnation/resurrection ending. If you're going to have a show that completely changes and plays with the Arthurian myths - like, just COMPLETELY rewrites the legends - WHY DO YOU STILL GIVE US A HORRIBLY TRAGIC ENDING?! Maybe it's just me, but the idea of Arthur's second coming isn't a a balm for pain of his death - nor is the thought of Merlin, immortal and unchanging, stalking the shores of lake Avalon waiting for his friend to return...never able to move on from the grief of having lost him in the first place. Why not give us an ending where Arthur miraculously survives and we see him restore magic? Why not give us an ending where it's the future but Merlin is young and he's walking up the road and he sees a group of boys laughing, and one of them turns and smiles at him and it's Arthur...and they have this sort of unspoken moment of joy at seeing one another again. I guess, I just wanted them to subvert the legends completely.


Anyway, yeah...I guess I'm conflicted. There were some really good bits, but the ending wasn't satisfying to me. I wanted it left open, I suppose, for canon-compliant future-fics to be written that could satisfy me in the days ahead - but alas. 

I'm going to really miss this extremely gay show. I guess I just wanted it to go on in my brain forever.

Now, even though I didn't like the tragic ending. I have to say that the final scene between Merlin and Arthur really was magnificent. I love the fact that Arthur told Merlin just to hold him...I love the fact that he used the last of his strength to reach up and put his hand on Merlin's head. I love that in the end it really was a love story between Merlin and Arthur.

Now I'll go have a sulk.


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Dec. 25th, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)
I haven't even seen this last episode (pt 2,that is)yet, I don't have BBC America so I will have to run down an online stream of it later; but from reading the tons of spoilers I tend to agree with you. I don't know, maybe it's partly because there have just been so many awful, wrenching TRAGEDIES lately in rl, and even if this episode's ending might make better creative or mythical sense as is, that hurt, grieving part of my heart would just like a miraculous, re-set button sort of ending just so Merlin and Arthur can be together in THAT time and place instead of waiting for the 'future' part of 'once and future king' to come to fruition. It just can never be the same again, and I guess that's what makes me sad, that sense of loss and the fleeting, ephemeral nature of time spent with those precious to you. I guess I just wish Merlin didn't have to pace through Time waiting for Aurthur to reappear, even if that falls more into line with proper canon. I might change my tune later, once the holidays are done and 'normal' daily life and routine is back in effect, subduing much of my current emo state; but some part of me is always gonna be so so sad that it ended this way as far as this particular tv series.
Dec. 25th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
My thoughts exactly. Part of me wants to like it better on rewatch, but then another part of me just really doesn't want to rewatch it because the way it ended is too painful.

Even if Merlin had eventually traveled to Avalon to wait WITH Arthur, that would have been better than to conclude this epic lovestory with them being apart - even with the promise of a future reuniting, it's just to painful to leave it this way.

Also, it kind of irks me that the writers always very happily used their magic reset button up until now, when suddenly it became important for them to stick as close as possible to the legendary end.

But yeah, maybe part of my negative reaction is just because Merlin is my happy gay show, but instead of leaving me happy, it's left me devastated.
Dec. 25th, 2012 01:02 am (UTC)
Have a wonderful dinner and a drama-free holiday! How'd did you like On The Road?
Dec. 25th, 2012 01:02 am (UTC)
Sans typos, of course...
Dec. 25th, 2012 07:14 am (UTC)
Thanks! You too!

On The Road? Am I completely forgetting about something?

Dec. 25th, 2012 03:52 pm (UTC)
Ha! I think I responded to the wrong journal BUT! I still wish you a wonderful and calm holiday. We all need them!
Dec. 25th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, okay cool. I'm glad I'm not losing my mind. ;)
Dec. 26th, 2012 04:12 am (UTC)
Nope, leave the mind-losing to me!
Mar. 8th, 2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
Part 1
Yay! Thanks for this review! It pretty much summed up *exactly* how I felt about the episode, and now I feel oddly vindicated. :P

Or rather, how I felt right after I'd watched the finale. Because between then and now, there's 1 little detail that actually changed my perception of the ending. Because while, yes, they take the legend and rip it to shreds, when you sit down and think about it...it makes perfect sense that the Arthurian legend as we know it might spring from a story such as this.

See, key to the formation of this legend is that you'd have 2 sources: one is Merlin, who knows exactly how things happened (except for some small details, like Gwen being enchanted into cheating on Arthur) and the other is the stories that the people of Camelot would tell and pass on. Now, I think it's safe to assume that Merlin won't be telling his story for some time—he wasn't even at Gwen's coronation, after all. I think he needs time alone, to grieve.

But the moment that you think about things as the people of Camelot saw them, and the way that stories have a tendency to change over the years... Everyone knew that there was this kind of attraction between Morgana and Arthur before they knew they were siblings. Morgana was caught protecting Mordred as a child. I can see how over the years this could morph into the story of an illegitimate child that resulted from incest. The Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot triangle is self-explanatory.

And Merlin! This is the part that I think is completely ingenious. Because Arthur meets old!Merlin while he's still a prince. Old!Merlin is crazy, tricky, and powerful. And this is how the people remember him. He keeps on popping up and demonstrating his oddness and power to several people (the knights, mostly)—and ultimately saves them all, the most prominent force that won for Camelot that final battle.

I believe that after the events of this episode, Gwen will lift the ban on magic; I can understand why she might not make public that Emrys is Merlin, though, especially if Merlin goes into seclusion out of grief. But then, years later, I can see Merlin coming out of hiding—and then he'd hear these stories about the late King Arthur, many of them completely not how things happened, and he'd start correcting details, hinting at how his warlock companion had helped out.

There are lots of missing years, after all, for more adventures and stories than we've seen in the actual show.

But then, over the years, I can see Merlin getting tired of telling the same stories—of reliving those ten precious years again and again and again only to relieve the pain of Arthur's passing every time. And when he stops—that would be when the people who know the stories start mixing and meshing bits and pieces from different versions they've heard. By the time that someone thought to write it down: Voila! You have the legend that we know.

Yep, I've wasted countless hours thinking about this. I can't even watch Merlin send off that boat with Arthur in it without tearing up yet. I keep rewatching the episode, and I keep skipping that part. (Also the "Don't leave me!" part, which takes my heart in a fist of steel and *twists*.)

**Continues in Part 2 (yes, I seriously had too many thoughts for one comment)**
Mar. 8th, 2013 05:58 pm (UTC)
Part 2
**Continued from Part 1**

This is similar to what you said, but my biggest sorrow is the fact that Arthur wasn't the one to realize the Camelot that he and Merlin dreamed of. Arthur and Merlin laid its foundations. Without Arthur's years as prince and then regent and then king, it would never have happened. His death was the final sacrifice, and we can assume that had he made it home alive, Camelot would have been the wonderland that he'd always hoped it would be. But he died. And Guinevere was the one who reigned during that time—and there are only two reasons why I might argue that this doesn't actually conflict with my theory about laying the foundations for the legend that we know. First, because Gwen loved Arthur and *knew* that everything she was taking over was owed to Arthur, and would have ensured that people acknowledged that. Second, because over the years in those days, it seems fair to assume that people in a day and age that is so male dominated and with a system so reliant on physical strength would rather not speak of the wonderful queen who is after all a woman and not at all proficient with a sword.

On some level, though, I know that he had to die, and I'm glad that he did. Frankly, if Arthur had lived after this episode, I'd have worried for future interactions between Arthur, Merlin and Guinevere. The royal couple take Merlin *everywhere*, for crying out loud, and Merlin would never consent to another position that would involve him having to leave Arthur's side. (Can't you just see that conversation?
M:"I can't do that—you'd be dead before suppertime!"
A:"Believe it or not, Merlin, I can protect myself."
M:"And yet I have to save your life on a near-daily basis. Nope, you're stuck with me.")
And I don't mean to say that Gwen and Merlin would be at odds with each other. I think the one who'd start having problems would be Arthur.

Arthur has this tendency to put people in defined boxes. Merlin is his loyal, brave, idiot servant. Guinevere is his gentle, wise, beloved wife. He has an easier relationship with Merlin even after his marriage, because while they're friends, they're not really equals—and as such, he can use and abuse Merlin as he pleases (but he's kinder about it than others would be in his position, so Merlin seems fine with this). Guinevere, however, is the one he goes to for serious discussions, for emotional support and encouragement.

Can't you just see how knowledge of Merlin's power would make *both* relationship definitions crumble to the ground? Suddenly, Merlin's opinion would hold more sway than Gwen's. Merlin is Arthur's equal as Guinevere never could be, because if Gwen and Arthur disagree, ultimately the power to veto Gwen is Arthur's. But if Merlin and Arthur disagree, there's nothing that Arthur can do to stop Merlin from doing as he pleases. (Not that there's ever been, but Arthur believed that there was, on some level, which makes all the difference.)

I feel like if Arthur hadn't died, Gwen could never have become the wise and wonderful queen that she did become, because Arthur would probably have suddenly deferred to Merlin's opinions a lot more than Gwen's, demoting Gwen back to mere romantic interest. So on that level, I think it played out wonderfully.

It still hurts, though. :( I'm on a crazy rewatch of the entire series now, to heal my wounds. I'm in series 1 right now, incidentally, and I never realized how *weird* it is to go straight from series 5 to series 1, and suddenly watch Arthur flirt with Morgana and Gwen so blatantly interested in Merlin. *wonders if there's a fic out there where Arthur finds out that Gwen was a little in love with Merlin before Lancelot*

Anyway. This has been horribly long winded, but the bottom line is—loved your review. Seriously, there's not enough appreciation for the sheer wonder that the actors managed to create out of a half-hour emotional roller coaster that ends in a place so touching and so deep that you have to cry with Merlin as he loses Arthur, and wonder how the hell he'll go on after this.

Aaand I'm getting sniffly again. That's my cue to go grocery shopping to restock my bare fridge and empty stomach!
Mar. 8th, 2013 10:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Part 2
I agree with your Part 1 - but, I argue that they still could have written a better S5 and had it plausible that our Arthurian legends came out of it.

I actually disagree with you about Arthur's relationship with Merlin though. I don't think it was dependent on Arthur perceiving Merlin as a lesser at all. Actually, I'd argue that Arthur had the exact same relationship with Merlin as he had with Gwen - he used Merlin for emotional support, serious conversations, and advice just as much - if not more so than Gwen. We see that again and again in late S4 and S5. Arthur continually sought out Merlin's advice before making a decision... and when Merlin approached him on his own with advice, Arthur listened to him.

I do agree that Merlin wouldn't have wanted to be given a different position in court - but I also don't necessarily think he needed to be given a different position. (I can't remember what I said in the post above, so if I'm contradicting myself here - it's because I've had more time to think about it). I think that Merlin could have continued to appear to be Arthur's hapless manservant, and could have continued to only be "Emrys" when he was needed to perform magic - and the same legends would have occurred. And why would he have done this? Well, time and again, Merlin won because people underestimated him because of his station and the idea that the most powerful sorcerer on earth wouldn't stoop to being a servant.

My main argument though is that the plot of S5 shouldn't have been the end game of Camlann. The plot of S5 should have been the establishment of Albion and the return of magic to Camelot. I still maintain that the writers completely forgot the story they had set off to tell and instead got sidetracked by thinking they had to end at the same point as the Arthurian legends.

The ONLY thing that I liked about the finale is the fact that metaphorically, it was about Arthur accepting his bisexuality and running away to live with Merlin for eternity...and I liked the possibility of an eventual Gwen/Leon romance, especially considering the back story that Rupert came up with for Leon and Gwen. That being said, I really wish they had given us a reunion scene instead of a "Merlin is alone and eternally in mourning" scene.

The ending was just far too depressing for me when it comes down to it. I signed on for a story about tolerance and compassion winning out over bigotry and hatred - and instead I got a story about how destiny will kill everything you love and none of your dreams will come true.

I am glad that you've come to make a little peace with it though! I'm sorry that I haven't and have just become even more bitter. :P
Mar. 9th, 2013 12:39 am (UTC)
Re: Part 2 I
Oh, you're perfectly right—I didn't mean to say that Arthur doesn't carefully heed the advice that Merlin imparts when he himself is at a crossroads and at a loss. Not at all. Actually, I feel like Merlin recognized that he had this power, and doomed them all when he told Arthur to reject magic with the thought that it would save Arthur's life.

This was, to me, the most devastating moment of series 5. Yep, more than even that finale. To me, the situation itself was a double-edged sword that left Merlin with no right answer. If he'd said, "Yes, Arthur, accept the Old Religion and bring back magic!" then he would be putting his own interests and ambitions first. By saying what he did, he showed us that Arthur, the man, not the great king that he's supposed to become, is more important to Merlin than anything. By heeding that advice, Arthur showed us just how much he really trusts Merlin—and doomed himself. *headdesk* If ever there was a good reason for the writers to wait so long for magic to be accepted, though, this was it. The plot device itself was one designed to put this bond between them to the test, and by caring so damn much about each other, they fail.

When I said that Merlin is ultimately a subject of Arthur's, one under his command whose advice Arthur takes and discards as he pleases, I was more referring to the times when Arthur isn't at a crossroads. It's weird, this system between Arthur and Merlin, because when Arthur is lost, he first turns to Merlin, and listens. But when Arthur is sure of himself, while Gwen's words can give him pause, Merlin's he scoffs at and either has to be convinced to heed him or receives an "I told you so" later on. These cases are all generally results of Merlin having information that Arthur doesn't because of magic, and so would most definitely be decision making processes heavily affected by Arthur's knowledge of Merlin's powers.

The way things always were in the show, my feeling is that Arthur's relationship with Gwen and Merlin only balanced out because he wasn't really seeing all of Merlin. He indulged Gwen and listened to her most of the time, but she never had quite as much advice to offer as Merlin did. Merlin's advice was sometimes taken and sometimes not, but there's so darn much of it. But once this mask called magic is gone! Oh, then all of Merlin's warnings and suggestions and advice would suddenly be valuable, because there would no longer be unsubstantiated arguments like, "I had this odd feeling that this is the case."

Which is why, if they'd done the reveal earlier, I feel like it would have gone differently. I feel like we'd have had Arthur shy away from Merlin for a bit longer than a day, and ignore his advice time and again until he finally accepted him. And then suddenly Merlin would be everything, so important to not only Arthur but also to the kingdom...that I feel like Gwen would have to fade into the background.

**Continues in Re: Part 2 II**
Mar. 9th, 2013 12:40 am (UTC)
Re: Part 2 II
**Continued from Re: Part 2 I**

I agree that they could have designed that last series differently, to avoid this very annoying phenomenon of "But Guinevere was the one who ruled during the golden age that Merlin and Arthur built! The prophecies never said a word about that!" They could even have done so in this whole build up that led to Camlann. Arthur could have accepted the Old Religion, accepted magic, but remained personally skeptical about it. There could have been some other disagreement between Arthur and Mordred that led to his death. And because Merlin knew that Arthur was still skeptical of magic, he could have chosen to wait for an opportune moment...only to have the finale play out in much the same way. The only thing that we'd miss in such a retelling was the example that I mentioned that showcased how important Arthur and Merlin were to each other.

There are a million other things that I think they could have done differently, to make the show more interesting: an Arthur who figures out Merlin's magic before being told, for instance, and then having known for a while when Merlin finally tells him. That would have been fun to watch.

I signed on for a story about tolerance and compassion winning out over bigotry and hatred - and instead I got a story about how destiny will kill everything you love and none of your dreams will come true.

I think that my feeling is the exact opposite of yours. At the risk of sounding redundant, I felt like it showed us that if you want your dreams to come true, you have to actually focus on your dreams. I maintain that all it would have taken was Merlin telling Arthur to accept the Old Religion, and WHAM: crisis averted. I saw it as a story about two people who united in their dream of a better kingdom, and ultimately never realized that dream for themselves because they became too wrapped up in each other.

It's not that much less depressing, yet I find it sweet. But I will not argue that a reunion scene would have been very, very welcome.
Mar. 9th, 2013 01:04 am (UTC)
Re: Part 2 II
Well, at least we both agree on wanting a reunion scene!

I can see your point about Merlin vs. Guinevere. I guess my problem is that by S5, Arthur WAS paying attention to Merlin's funny feelings etc, even when he didn't have all the information. And Merlin's words COULD make Arthur pause just as much as Guinevere's by then too... and I think even knowing about Merlin's magic, Arthur would still stick to his guns on things... but I recognize that this is a subjective stance and at this point we're just arguing character interpretation. (We could also get into how it was never really fair on Arthur to withhold so much information from him constantly - but that's opening up a whole other can of worms.) But yes, once Arthur REALLY knew Merlin, they would have to establish a metaphorical threesome in order to resolve the plot without permanently separating Arthur and Gwen (like I said, the only part about the finale that I liked was the metaphorical running off with Merlin part.)

I agree that Merlin doomed them all in the Disir episode... or rather that the Disir were the ones that actually doomed them all. Because it WAS a double-edged sword. And as you say, it was a decision between achieving his dream and saving the man he loved - and Merlin chose to save the man he loved, and in so doing, actually doomed both.

So, yeah, still a horribly depressing moral of the story, in my opinion. And again, one I'd prefer not have watched, no matter how bittersweet it was. I just think that S5 shouldn't have had Camlann on the horizon at all.

But, again, like you said, we could be here for ages thinking of all the multitudinous different ways that S5 could have been written - and each version would be awesome in its own way, but inevitably piss SOMEONE off. I'm just saying that the version they chose was the version that pissed ME off. :P

I'd have much preferred to follow Arthur as he slowly united Albion, while piecing together the evidence that his manservant was a sorcerer, and then having Merlin tell him, having an episode where Arthur pulled away due to the betrayal/lack-of-trust of it all, and then come back for love of Merlin, rescind the ban on magic, create Albion - and fade to black happy ending time.

Again, just my opinion, and I'm biased, because I'm not a huge fan of tragedies... except for Hamlet and S1-S5 of Supernatural (ignoring the last few seconds of 5x22).
Mar. 9th, 2013 11:14 am (UTC)
Re: Part 2 II A
Ooh, me too—the Arthur/Merlin part was very satisfying. In fact, I felt kind of sorry for Gwen, who seems to have faded away in Arthur's mind during those last two episodes. In the first part, Arthur's preoccupied with the battle and Merlin's desertion; by the second part, I wonder if he even thought of his wife much at all. To me, even the part where he gave Gaius the signet ring for Gwen was about Merlin—in any other situation, wouldn't you say he'd have waited for the last moment and then given it to Merlin? Or even just trusted Merlin to know without being told? After all, he's been on death's door before, but he's never tried to pass on his signet ring before he was even dead. I think that at that stage—having only just found out about Merlin, and probably wondering how this powerful sorcerer was plotting to take over Arthur's beloved kingdom—he was "thwarting" Merlin. But then, after that...the way that he says, "I know now everything you've done for me, for the kingdom that you helped me build..." I think they had must have had a lot of discussions about magic that we didn't get to see. I think that Arthur was so busy figuring out Merlin, thinking about him, learning about him, that he sort of...forgot about Gwen.

But then, heh, maybe that's my wishful thinking. I grew to like Gwen in the last series, but I had trouble warming up to the Arthur/Gwen dynamic before that. In series 2 and 3, I just found their Romeo and Juliet mentality (and the sudden onset of this all-encompassing affection) a little bit tiresome. And series 4 was alright...up until the incident with Lancelot, at which point I got a splitting headache. In series 5, though, I liked them together. Gwen makes a great Queen. :)

Don't you kind of wish Morgana had had better resolution, though? The drastic change in her personality between series 2&3 was always attributed to the love that Morgause offered as compared to the fear that she suffered under Uther, combined with the knowledge that Merlin had tried to kill her. But I read somewhere a theory that Morgause had subjected Morgana to the Dark Tower as a rite of passage of sorts...and wouldn't that explain a heck of a lot? Even with the original interpretation, the fact that Merlin just sort of stabbed her was...well, kind of nice, in a way, because Arthur was there and stabbing is a thing that Arthur understands, but still. I wish there had been a little more about her. Aithusa, too.

It's interesting, though, this moral that love for a person over love for your ambitions will doom you. Because isn't that ultimately how the Arthurian legend goes? Traditionally, Arthur dooms Camelot when he chooses to wed Guinevere despite Merlin's warning that she's meant for another. And then when Guinevere and Lancelot can't resist each other, Arthur is perfectly willing to live as part a menage a troi, but his people see it as weakness and ultimately he has to punish them. And in being forced to send away his best knight, he dooms Camelot because they can no longer win the battle with Mordred's forces. (Which, incidentally, also broke out over a misunderstanding—the armies were facing each other with instructions not to fight, but it was hot, and some soldier had a fly buzzing around his head, so he drew his sword to stab the fly, the other side saw the glint of the sword and thought that they were dishonoring the agreement...and ta-da! War!)

**Continued in Re: Part 2 II B (I admit it—I'm enjoying this discussion too much to try to delete paragraphs when the comment doesn't fit. :P)**
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