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Upcoming projects...

This is mainly for my own benefit...

To Do:

1. Finish writing the Merlin/SPN crossover.
2. Update Merlin Meta with chapter on S5.
3. Rewatch Sherlock S2 - right now I'm thinking this might be a January-March project, with me doing an episode every month. That'll bring us to the point where they actually start filming S3, so I thought that'd be cool.
4. PDF rewatches/meta for people who keep wanting me to do that - make available to download.
5. Rewatch early Supernatural seasons, so that my rewatches are all the same quality....or at least as close to the same quality as I can manage.
6. Unnamed Supernatural Project that's been on hold since September while I did the S7 clothes. Still sitting at 1/4 completed.
7. Possibly start writing a prequel to my Merlin-Sherlock fusion fic "The Case of the Unfortunate Brother" - I wouldn't be able to complete it until 2014, but that doesn't mean I can't start it and come back to it later. 
8. Second draft of novel.
9. Sort out life and career and whatnot, because something around here has got to change. 

Let me know if I missed anything.
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