Hell's Half Acre (hells_half_acre) wrote,
Hell's Half Acre

Clothes and Master Lists

Just thought I'd drop a note...

I created a Master List of my Meta today. Before it was kind of scattered through various tags, so I've attempted to consolidate it all in one place.

(I'm also thinking once Merlin S5 finishes, I'll add another chapter to my Merlin meta, just fyi to those of you who watch Merlin.)

I've also begun the slow process of creating pages for the new S7 clothes. It's only a slow process because I make it slow, but whatever. Usually I do an entry a day, but today I did 3 entries. (Dean's Eye of the Tiger Shirt, Sam's newest coat, and Dean's second leather jacket)...so, click on If Clothes Could Talk for those additions. With the 3 entries I did today, the only catagory to add new clothes to is "Shirts" which..uh, is a pretty big catagory. I believe there are ~12 new additions made in S7 (most of them blue plaid shirts), so we'll see if I can get them all uploaded by Dec 14th. Then it'll be charts and graphs time!

PDFs... a lot of people have expressed interest in getting PDF copies of my rewatches (the good ones, anyway). I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you guys. I'm just a bit busy with everything else. I promise to try to get to that PDF project in the new year. In the meantime, people can tell me what downloading site they like the best - mediafire? Sendspace? Let me know your thoughts.
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