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Quick Reaction: 8x08 Hunteri Heroici

Once again, I've had too much wine on a week night! This move to Wednesday really messes me up. Let's see what I can remember...

The intro death was cool. Not much else to say about it...your standard teaser death, I guess.

So, let's jump to the boys at the gas station! I'm guessing that this episode picks up almost immediately after the last one, seeing as how Dean is JUST asking Cas what he's going to do next. Or, I guess they dropped off the Trans with Garth first - who apparently has them in his safe-house-boat. Better not tell Benny! ;) I like how Sam is just like "I don't even ask anymore" and laughs...I like how they don't question Garth's out-of-the-box behaviour and equate it to incompetence...the dude's still alive and has proven that he's smart, so they just go with everything. I also love how Sam pulls the "Dean's here and he really wants to talk to you" with Mrs. Tran on the phone...me and my siblings used to do that with relatives who talked too much. :P

"What's the word, Cas?" "A shortened version of my name." Hehehehe...oh Cas. I do love how literal you are, even if after ~6 years, you should be getting the hang of it. Wow, Cas really has been part of the Winchester's lives for ~6 years...dude is hanging in there.

I think there were kind of traces of Crazy!Cas in this episode...sort of like the Cas of S5/6 and the Crazy!Cas melded somehow...or maybe I'm just saying that because Cas smiled so much and that's something we really only saw Crazy!Cas do.

I loved Cas deciding to be a hunter and finding them a job, and then when Dean makes him act like a human, trying to take the shotgun seat away from Sam, and Sam elbowing him out of the way with a "No!" hahaha... I also like Cas' theory that being a third wheel is a good thing because it adds stability and girth...or was it grip? Anyway, as someone who rode various sizes of tricycles until they were 10 years old, I can only agree. (I'm sure people would have made fun of me, if I had associated with people as a child, thankfully I did not.)

Of course, before I leave these scene, I have to talk about Dean's line about Cas "opening a B&B in Vermont" which we had to pause the show to laugh about - Dean is writing his own curtain-fic! Hahaha...then I remembered that I was pretty sure that was the premise of Newhart. In any case, we had a good laugh. Anyway, I expect 200 fics by next Tuesday. :P

The morgue - I do like how Cas just rattles off all information he can glean from the corpse but misses all the human elements to the guys' story...and then Dean calls him Sherlock, and really, he's if we're going by BBC Sherlock, he's not THAT far off. Though, BBC's Sherlock CAN approach things from the human angle too, it's just fanfic that things he can't. I'm getting off track.

I liked the police woman. She was awesome.

So, Dean and Sam prove that the job isn't as easy as Cas might think it is...and they all go to talk to the dead dude's wife. As Crosby, Stills, and Nash... oh show. I love the fact that the musician names are back, and that they seemingly had enough time to come up with IDs as a trio instead of a duo. :)

And then Cas tries his hand at "Bad Cop" and oh my goodness, but that was an awesome Columbo impersonation...especially for Cas. He even led with the whole "I don't want to bother you, I really don't..." and "I just have one question..." though usually that's said just as everyone thinks Columbo doesn't suspect anything and he's about to leave and they've gotten away with it... oh man, Columbo, my older sister loved watching that show.

I love the fact that the married couple were "monogamish" (as Dan Savage calls it)....and I love how Dean was like "awesomest wife ever!" and then the quick change of scene and the cars beeping when Dean responds to whatever Cas says about the case with "I don't give a BEEP" hehehehe.

Never look down, jumper dude, never look down.

Okay, so here we had to pause the show again, not because we were laughing too hard to hear the dialogue, but because we had to figure out where that roof-top was. It's downtown Vancouver, of course...and they CGI'd in a building! Actually, looking at google maps, they seem to have CGI'd in several buildings. But it's near the corner of Dunsmuir and Richards, looking South-West down Richards. You can tell because of the Cathedral (and Cathedral Square).
I like that Cop-lady actually called them...I also LOVE that she called Dean Scully - I forgot to mention that before. 

What's next?....oh, I guess it's around now that they start putting it together that it's cartoons. Did they show Cas Cartoons before or after the bank-job? And when was it that they were just chillin' in the hotel room? 

I can't remember. Let's just talk about the hotel room scene.... I like Cas' interpretation of the Coyote and Roadrunner...and the fact that he finds it hilarious. It makes me think that maybe his fondness for humans partially comes from finding them adorable and amusing...like kittens. It also reminded me of the movie The Believer, which, FYI is NOT hilarious...but, um, it has a similar theme to Cas' interpretation of the Coyote and the Roadrunner (and an ending that I found really cool.)

I'm also expecting fifty-billion fics about Cas watching Dean sleep. I do find it amusing that Dean and Sam were expecting Cas to get his own room (does the guy even have any money?)... it's especially amusing since in Party On, Garth, Dean and Sam just got a cot put in Garth's room. I was thinking that it wasn't actually realistic that Dean and Sam would force Cas to get his own room, because I know me and my siblings don't have any problem with sharing hotel beds when we have to cram a bunch of people into one room.... but then, none of my siblings are over 6'1''. At 6'5'', Sam would have to sleep diagonal across a bed, which would leave Dean sharing with Cas...and they're both around 6'1'' aren't they? Or is Cas 5'11''? I can't remember how tall Misha is now, which is kind of ridiculous because I just got into an argument about it the other day that involved pulling out my Con-photos to compare heights... anyway...um, not to feed the Destiel shippers, but technically, if you are platonic buddies with somebody, you really don't care if you have to share a bed with them. Or at least, I don't. I share beds with my best friend all the time when we travel, and we don't care...and we're even each other's preferred sex for romantic partners. The only time it got awkward was that one time that I accidentally washed every single piece of clothing I owned at once and I didn't have any pants to sleep in...and it was cold...and I spent the night unconsciously trying to cuddle my best friend for warmth much to his horror...THAT was awkward. But maybe two ~6' guys don't fit on a queen-sized bed together either, and THAT's why it would have been awkward...if Cas slept that is. But yeah, I really don't see the problem with Cas sitting in the corner while Sam and Dean sleep...besides the fact that Dean finds the idea of watching someone sleep "rapey." I wonder what he thinks Soulless!Sam did all those nights he wasn't sleeping...Dean has weird double-standards is all I'm saying.

I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore...


I love the cartoon stuff becoming more blatant... and the black-holes!  Did he paint them on, or bring them? It's just awesome. The dude crushed by the anvil is disgusting, but awesome.

I hope Sam got it on with that awesome Cop-lady when he went to go see the files...no, wait, what am I saying...I don't hope that, because then she might die. Also, she's too good for Sam. She can do much better. She's probably married to someone equally awesome already.

And Cas moved the anvil, which is just more disgusting - but I actually have thing for the strong-man superhero type. On Star Trek TNG, my favourite character was Data, partially because he had no emotions and was BFFs with my other favourite character (Geordi), but mainly because he was stronger than WORF. I mean, what's not to love? My loves went Data, Geordi, Worf. I think I shipped Data/Geordi before I even knew what shipping was.

God, I keep getting off track...I APOLOGIZE.

Let's talk about the serious conversation between Data and Geordi...I MEAN CAS AND DEAN. Damn it.

Dean thinks Cas should go back to heaven and check it out...and Cas is afraid to. And Cas kind of breaks my heart...he's reminding me a bit of The Doctor actually...with this immense guilt about destroying (or possibly destroying) his own people. Of course, the Doctor has the benefit of having a good reason to have done so (and the unspoken blessing of his mother), but Cas really just did it because he was mad with power at the time. Poor baby. I think part of the reason Cas is smiling so much is to try to hide the fact that he's absolutely terrified...which I think is more the reason why he stayed in purgatory rather than feeling like he needed to do penance (though that was a part of it too). I think Cas is absolutely terrified to face what he has wrought (which was also mostly the reason, I think, that he went 'crazy' in S7).

And speaking of crazy, when Cas said, "DEAN! No!" I swear to god, I heard him say my best friend's name and not Dean, and it flipped me the fuck out...my friend had to rewind and play it again for me, and then I heard the "Dean" really clearly, and I'm not sure if that made me feel better or even more insane. ANYWAY, OFF TOPIC AGAIN!

Yes, I AM going to talk about Sam in this quick reaction, I promise. (Ever notice that these quick reactions are NOT QUICK...I've already been typing for more than an hour.)

The retirement home is the key! So it's off to interview the old folks. The lady mistaking Cas for one of her husbands was adorable and kind of sweet. I also love Cas interrogating the cat... that ALSO reminds me of Doctor Who. "He says his name is Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices." (SORRY OFF TOPIC AGAIN).

Okay, let's talk about Sam and his flashbacks....

So, there's this theory floating around the interwebs that Amelia isn't real...and I never believed it, because we see her in non-flashback form in 8x01 and we know the DOG is real because Dean could smell it in the car...but DAMN IT, I'm starting to wonder if those people are right. I mean, the way Sam flashes back to her when the orderly guy talks about people retreating into dreamworlds when life is too much to handle? And the way the flashbacks are all fuzzy around the edges, and things people do in them remind Sam of Dean...or John...or are just a little too coincidental.... I really thought they were just going to pull a 500 Days of Summer on us and the relationship is real, but Sam is remembering/interpreting things as good, when in reality they were horrible...but now I'm just not sure anymore. Especially since Sam seems to know a little TOO MUCH about retreating into a dreamworld...but that doesn't change the fact that we DID see Amelia in 8x01 in non-flashback form, and there IS/WAS a dog.. I just...I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S REAL!!!

My friend pointed out that if Amelia is Sam's dreamworld, that doesn't make any sense, because it's hardly idyllic...but then I reminded her about how the last time Sam's brain broke, the manifestation of his crazy told him that his life "had to be a mess or else you wouldn't believe it was your life." So, yeah... WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!? Is she real?! Is she a figment of Sam's crushing despair?!

Part of me kind of wants to get my hopes up...I want to believe that when Cas was zapped to Purgatory, whatever he did to "shift" Sam's crazy undid itself and Sam got a face-full of his crazy back... I mean, why else would Cas suddenly be sane in purgatory? (Besides the idea that the insanity was a COMPLETE act and Cas could actually handle the crazy the whole time.) The thought that they just washed away Sam's mental problems so easily really annoyed me, and I guess I'd just like them to do something else with that...but, odds are that they won't, and I should not get my hopes up. So, yeah, I won't...I want to! But I won't.

I also find it really interesting that Sam tells Amelia's father that the Impala was "his Dad's"...while technically true, I think fandom (and Dean) really think about it as DEAN'S car. So, yeah, it's interesting that to Sam, even after all these years, it's still Dad's car and Dean just happens to drive it.

Turns out that one of John's old Hunting buddies is in the retirement home! Fred Jones...a psychokinetic dude. It really interests me that in Supernatural being psychic and apparently psychokinesis are acceptable abilities to have...that John was friends with both Missouri and Fred Jones, Fred being, apparently VERY powerful...yet, when Sam developed abilities, they were something all of them feared, and Dean thought of him as a freak (even if he never admitted it.) I guess there are these weird blurry lines between "natural" and "unnatural" that sometimes even hunters don't understand. Sam's abilities had to be kept on the down-low, though everyone was seemingly cool with Fred.

I also always love tidbits of pre-series stuff...like the fact that Fred Jones gave both Dean AND Sam their first beers before they were even in the double-digits. (My dad also gave me my first sip of beer when I was very young...it put me off it until I was practically 17, so it was actually a wise parenting move....same with coffee - which was given to me by my aunt. I STILL refuse to drink coffee, though I like coffee-flavoured chocolate....OFF TOPIC AGAIN. SORRY!)

I should say, as soon as we met Doctor Man, I KNEW he was our bad guy. Mainly because I was sitting there thinking "they always give way too much information to the authority figures/employees in places like this, like they don't believe that they could be the bad-guy...and they ALWAYS ARE.

Anyway, kicked out of the retirement home, yada yada.

When the cake exploded, I thought it was the lady exploding....I was glad it was just the cake.

Then it's off to rescue Fred and stop a bank robbery! (OFF TOPIC: I have been typing for so long that I now require a snack....just so you know that you are not the only one suffering for how often I've gone off topic. I really write these things stream-of-conscious style, without editing, so yeah, sometimes it leads to this.)

Oh, I nearly forgot - that orderly accomplice guy was REALLY lucky that Sam and Dean had an angel with them. Stomach wounds are apparently the worst gunshot wounds, because dying is slow and extremely painful. Jumping back a scene earlier, I should also say that I love the fact that Cas actually listened when the old lady told him that the nurse was wearing her diamonds.

So, Dean actually gets to go through a cartoon hole. Yay!

Meanwhile, Sam and Cas find Fred and Cas zaps them into Fred's mind in order to talk to him. That sequences was cool. I love the ways they find to do really really crazy stuff on Supernatural, but make it somehow believable and logical....and how they can have these really epic emotional speeches in the most bizarre circumstances and locations.

Sam's big speech about living in dreamworlds...I mean, is he just talking about believing a relationship can work when you hardly know a person and your in a horrible mess? Or is he talking about retreating from reality completely? I love how the speech also means something to Cas - that without knowing it, Sam's wisdom is actually helping Cas with his problems. I wonder though, if Cas wasn't distracted by his own problems, would he notice that maybe Sam might have problems? I really think someone should sit Sam down and REALLY ask him about the past year, rather than just dismissing it as Sam trying to get the normal life he always wanted.

Meanwhile, Dean is having a cartoon fight in the bank. They, of course, have to throw in the reasoning for the thief - the stealing from the kids who don't look after their parents thing. Fair enough. THE REST OF THIS SECTION GOES OFF TOPIC: I read an article today about a couple in Germany who have opened a pet retirement home...where they look after old and sick pets that people don't want anymore or can't handle and would normally put to sleep. Apparently everyone who drops off a pet promises to send money for their care, but only 20% actually do...so this couple spends 2,000 euros a month out of their own pockets to look after the remaining 80% of the animals. Of course, those are animals, not people, blah blah blah...but still, people are kind of shitty. (I say this, having wished to put animals to sleep myself...but arguably there's a quality of life issue and whatnot...I HAD REASONS OKAY! ...I also once wished on a wishbone that my grandmother would die, and that was purely about the quality of MY life...so yeah, like I said, people are kind of shitty and I AM PEOPLE! SO I WOULD KNOW! Seriously, I am a horrible person. I'm not joking.)

I really like the cartoon fight. Especially the mid-leap pauses with the "latin" names for the thief and the Hunterus Heroicus, just like in Roadrunner. I think they even used comic sans. :P

Anyway, Fred snaps out of it and gets his sanity back for a moment...and apparently Sam used to be a scrawny thing. Awww....ADORABLE SAMMY (in my head).

Fred kills Doctor Thief. Then he admits that there's nothing stopping him from going to Cloud Cuckoo Land again and he's kinda bummed about it, and Cas is like "I can do something about that but it will leave you as possibly a shell of your self" (does he take away his psychokinetic abilities?) and Fred is like "sounds like a plan. I'm a responsible superhero who will sacrifice myself for the good of mankind." And so Cas leaves him listening to Ode to Joy (good choice! I love that song. I used to know three versus of it in the original German when I was nine...and DAMN IT I NEED TO SHUT UP!)

Then Cas is all like "I am also going to be a responsible superhero, and I am going to face my mistakes and go to heav-"

And then Naomi zaps him to heaven and is like "Na-uh!" 

Speaking of Doctor Who...Naomi is kind of like the Silence, isn't she? Tell me, I'm not alone in thinking this, fellow Doctor Who watchers?!? Uh, for those who don't watch Doctor Who - the Silence are beings that you can see, and will tell you what to do, but as soon as you look away from them you forget that you ever saw them - but you remember their instructions and you HAVE to obey. So, they're are a VERY hard enemy to fight.  Guys, CAS SHOULD START WRITING ON HIS ARMS WHILE NAOMI IS TALKING TO HIM WITHOUT HER NOTICING!

The Winchesters have got to notice Cas blanking out eventually, right?! I mean...it's sort of odd behaviour. Somehow, I get the feeling that all three of them are so caught up in their own problems, that they are not noticing each other's.

Cas decides to spend a few days with Fred listening to Ode to Joy, I guess....or maybe they're going to go through more than one song. And then he doesn't know what he'll do. Translation: Cas will not be in the next episode, or possibly the one after that...but he'll pop back in eventually when the storyline requires him to.

I totally forgot at what point in the episode Dean told Cas that he got to ride shotgun because he earned it...was that at the end, and then Cas didn't go with them? Or was that somewhere in the middle? I know we never actually got to see it...I would have loved to see Sam sulking in the backseat while Cas got his "reward" of sitting next to Dean. If I were Sam, I'd make Dean sit in the back seat and I'd drive. "Dude, you do NOT have permission to give away my seat unless you are willing to give away yours." - that'd be my rule, anyway.

Am I done talking about this episode now? It's been OVER TWO HOURS! 

If I forgot anything (lord help us all) tell me in comments and I'll talk about them with you tomorrow. I really do apologize for the length of this thing.

NEXT WEEK: The mid-season finale! NOOooooooooooo....
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