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Good News about Merlin! (some of which might be seen as bad news by others)

It's officially Merlin's last season! There are only 5 episodes left, two of which will be a two-part finale... so really, arguably, four episodes left, and then nothing more. It'll be interesting and it's what I wanted, so I'm happy.

This is what I said about it on Tumblr:
Well, it’s official that Merlin is ending. I can’t say I’m surprised, I also can’t say I’m upset. I wanted them to end at the end of this series, because they really have no where else to go in the story and I prefer my shows to end on a high note.

Yes, there is still the magic reveal, and yes there is still Albion…and there are only 5 episodes left with which to achieve it before our heroes meet their destined ends. The Arthurian legends always end in tragedy. It’s now a question of whether part of that tragedy will be a posthumous Albion that our heroes may never get to enjoy themselves… I’m thinking it must be, if they indeed intend to end the series with Arthur’s death.

I wish all the actors the best. Their talent not only made the show, but it often outstripped it.

In other good Merlin-related news: I read through what I had written so far of my Merlin/Supernatural crossover and....


It's actually....it's actually kind of good? Well, I mean, opinions might vary - but *I* enjoyed it. I've written some more of it...and I can tell I like it, because I stopped writing it to make dinner and then just kept writing it in my head while I grated my potato and cut up my broccoli and washed my dishes... and then when I sat back down at my computer I realized that they really needed to develop a technology that let you type with your brain...or I guess I need voice-typing software or something and then I need to train myself to talk outloud while I'm writing things in my head.

I'm still not too sure if it's going to have any sort of epic point to either storyline or if it's just going to be the equivalent of a MOTW episodes (or Magical Assassination Plot Of The Week as the case may be for Merlin)...but hopefully even if it is, it'll still be FUN TIMES.

I've got nearly 7,000 words and they haven't even started hunting the monsters yet...so, I'm not sure when this beast will be done. I might actually want to wait until Merlin ends to see if I can weave in any awesome foreshadowing for the fun of it. (I'm assuming that everyone is going to die at the end of Merlin as per Arthurian legend...though, Merlin IS the high school/college AU of Arthurian legend, so who knows.)

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