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It's officially Merlin's last season! There are only 5 episodes left, two of which will be a two-part finale... so really, arguably, four episodes left, and then nothing more. It'll be interesting and it's what I wanted, so I'm happy.

This is what I said about it on Tumblr:
Well, it’s official that Merlin is ending. I can’t say I’m surprised, I also can’t say I’m upset. I wanted them to end at the end of this series, because they really have no where else to go in the story and I prefer my shows to end on a high note.

Yes, there is still the magic reveal, and yes there is still Albion…and there are only 5 episodes left with which to achieve it before our heroes meet their destined ends. The Arthurian legends always end in tragedy. It’s now a question of whether part of that tragedy will be a posthumous Albion that our heroes may never get to enjoy themselves… I’m thinking it must be, if they indeed intend to end the series with Arthur’s death.

I wish all the actors the best. Their talent not only made the show, but it often outstripped it.

In other good Merlin-related news: I read through what I had written so far of my Merlin/Supernatural crossover and....


It's actually....it's actually kind of good? Well, I mean, opinions might vary - but *I* enjoyed it. I've written some more of it...and I can tell I like it, because I stopped writing it to make dinner and then just kept writing it in my head while I grated my potato and cut up my broccoli and washed my dishes... and then when I sat back down at my computer I realized that they really needed to develop a technology that let you type with your brain...or I guess I need voice-typing software or something and then I need to train myself to talk outloud while I'm writing things in my head.

I'm still not too sure if it's going to have any sort of epic point to either storyline or if it's just going to be the equivalent of a MOTW episodes (or Magical Assassination Plot Of The Week as the case may be for Merlin)...but hopefully even if it is, it'll still be FUN TIMES.

I've got nearly 7,000 words and they haven't even started hunting the monsters yet...so, I'm not sure when this beast will be done. I might actually want to wait until Merlin ends to see if I can weave in any awesome foreshadowing for the fun of it. (I'm assuming that everyone is going to die at the end of Merlin as per Arthurian legend...though, Merlin IS the high school/college AU of Arthurian legend, so who knows.)


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Nov. 27th, 2012 04:54 pm (UTC)
I feel really bad about the amount I haven't been commenting on your posts. But as I have fallen out of touch with both Supernatural and Merlin I very rarely have anything to say. But this has changed! Because you are talking about one of my favourite things! ALIX FIC. :D

I am very excited. I have missed your stories and ESPECIALLY your crossovers. So I am very much looking forward to this, when it is ready of course. :P
Nov. 27th, 2012 05:09 pm (UTC)
Yay! And no worries. You are not obligated to comment on everything. ;)

Nov. 27th, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah I know. But I have found that, since I stopped watching Supernatural, the amount of people I talk to online has dropped off dramatically.

Though that also might have something to do with none of my online friends being half as excited about the Hobbit as I am. :P
Nov. 27th, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)
I'm excited for the Hobbit! I just don't have anything to say about it because it's not out yet.

I'm also excited for Sherlock S3, but we have another year before that comes out. What else.... I've been watching Leverage, but I don't think you watch that one...and I don't talk about it anyway.

It's probably for the best anyway - all that time you would spend talking to people online, you can spend doing better things...like...reading, or something. :P
Nov. 27th, 2012 05:48 pm (UTC)
Ooh I have in fact watched the first season of Leverage. But I was sad cos they focus way too much on the two boring characters and not enough on Elliot, Parker and Hardison. Who are clearly the best thing about that show.

Haha that is the opposite for me. I have ALL THE FEELINGS about the Hobbit. But mainly because it makes me feel 13 again and it's wonderful and I'm using it as an excuse to watch all the LotR extras again and read the Hobbit again and generally get very excited about the whole thing. To be fair, I'm not that surprised that people don't talk to me about it. I just decend into flailing. :P

Oh man Sherlock S3. Has to fight with the Hobbit and Doctor Who and Neverwhere on BBC Radio 4 for actors and writers now. Poor thing.

And reading, yes. I have expanded into comics because of reasons. :P
Nov. 27th, 2012 06:03 pm (UTC)
Yes, I feel the same way about Leverage - but its still a fun show, and I keep hoping that in the later seasons they'll run out of things to say about Mr and Mrs Boring and move on to the other characters :P (Merlin suddenly got ridiculously dark this season - both metaphorically and literally...so I need another fun show.)

It's also given me another rare het-ship with Hardison and Parker.

Which Sherlock star is on Doctor Who? Or are you just thinking of Moffat and Gatiss' writing schedules? The Neverwhere BBC Radio 4 thing sounds crazy-cool...I mean, the cast they have is epic.

I'm fine waiting for Sherlock. Ironically, the only thing that makes me impatient is that I want to write another segment to my Merlin-Sherlock crossover, but I have to wait to see what the canon is on Sherlock's time away. :P (My own fault for not wanting to "go AU" on a story where I've already GIVEN SHERLOCK ANOTHER BROTHER... I mean, seriously, I'm ridiculous.)

But yeah, a lot of people seem to be in an uproar about the wait, but it just makes sense to me - they have to wait for their stars to be available - then they have to film the equivalent of 3 movies in a matter of MONTHS (please note that Martin Freeman has been filming three Hobbit movies over YEARS)...I figure the longer they make me wait for S3, the better quality it'll be. So, I'll only flip out about the wait if they make me wait that long and then the show is crap. ;)
Nov. 27th, 2012 07:04 pm (UTC)
Apparently it does. I have a friend who watches it. Or watched it.. I can't remember which. And Hardison is Aldis Hodge right? I love that man. Sometimes I wish I could sit through Mr and Mrs Boring just for those three.

Yeah I meant the writers. And NEVERWHERE. Oh my God. It looks so so fantastic. Christopher Lee! James McAvoy! Sophie Okanado! And others! Who are fantastic! I just need to know when it's planned for.

I'm fine with waiting for Sherlock too. I think partly because I love the Hobbit more so I'm fine with Sherlock and the Hobbit having to co-exist. I think if it were just Doctor Who that was pushing Sherlock back, I would have more of a problem with it. But yeah, they need time to make it crazy-awesome too. Like you, I'll only be annoyed if we wait for ages and then it's shit. But somehow I don't think that will happen.

And I love your Merlin-Sherlock crossover. I read it again recently in fact. :)
Nov. 27th, 2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
Yes, Hardison is Aldis Hodge... and the other day I forgot what his first name was and someone was talking about "Alec" in the show, and I was like "who the hell is that?" He does not look like an Alec to me. But yes, I do admit, I have a bit of crush on Aldis Hodge. He's the reason I started watching Leverage actually, which DOES make Mr and Mrs Boring even more annoying to me...but whatever. I knit when I watch, so I use the boring scenes to count stitches. ;)

I'll have to rely on the internet to record and make Neverwhere available to those of us who don't live in the UK.

I'd be annoyed if it were just Doctor Who that was pushing Sherlock back too... mainly because I've once again lost interest in Doctor Who and I've stopped watching. The Hobbit and Neverwhere are both things that I have an interest in though.

I re-read my Merlin-Sherlock crossover occasionally too... and then I feel like somehow I'm a bad person for enjoying my own work...which doesn't make any sense, because the whole reason I started writing crossovers was to give myself good crossovers to read. :P

There ARE parts of a second installment that I could write without seeing Sherlock S3, so I suppose I could get started on it at anytime and write around the missing facts as much as possible... but I'll finish this Merlin-Supernatural crossover first. ;)
Nov. 27th, 2012 07:40 pm (UTC)
I think Aldis was the reason I started watching Leverage too. And I stopped because... well, I got to the end of S1 and then just went "meh". Maybe I'll go back some time.

Ah. It's BBC radio. So you might be able to get that online through the website. I know that you can listen to it live abroad so I'm guessing that means that you can listen to it recorded abroad too. Though admittadely I haven't tried it. Try it! See if you can listen to BBC radio in Canada. I recomment Radcliffe and Maconie on BBC6 Music. :P

I watched the most recent, but I think it was more for Rory and Amy rather than the actual story, so now they've gone I'm not sure anymore. Plus apparently the "bad guy" for the Christmas episode is "evil snow". What the hell?

I occasionally enjoy rereading the (3) things I have written. I mean, what's the point of writing something if you don't actually enjoy the results?
Nov. 27th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
I occasionally enjoy rereading the (3) things I have written. I mean, what's the point of writing something if you don't actually enjoy the results?

Exactly. And if you leave it long enough, you forget the funny bits.

Actually, I CAN listen to BBC Radio on the interwebs. I even have a program that will fool UK servers into thinking I am in Britain so that I can watch TV shows on the BBC website (it's how I watched Merlin last weekend). So, yeah, no worries! I keep forgetting about that program of mine, even though I JUST used it. :P

I don't know when they're even recording Neverwhere. I figure the soonest it will appear is the summer - but I'd be happy if I were wrong.

I don't know if I'd stick with Leverage if I wasn't doing other things while I watched it... I do like the heist portion of it though. I'm a bit of a sucker for a good heist...so I might. But yeah, I need stuff to watch while I knit and crochet, so lately it's been Leverage and My Drunk Kitchen on youtube.
Nov. 27th, 2012 07:57 pm (UTC)

I think so too. Cos I know that Benedict Cumberbatch is also recording another radio programme for BBC Radio 4 which will get aired in January. So I guess that one will come first. Oh man, it's gonna be so good! :D

I've seen this My Drunk Kitchen thing around. What is it?
Nov. 27th, 2012 08:05 pm (UTC)
Basically this girl just gets drunk and then tries to cook something... usually with horrendous results. (She does have off camera supervision a lot of the time though, but not always.)

I like this one: http://youtu.be/VcJ5LxG4CRE
Nov. 27th, 2012 08:45 pm (UTC)
Thats... really random. But OK.
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