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Movie Review: Star Trek

I saw the Star Trek movie!

Man, I can see why mizzykitty has become obsessed with it. It was AWESOME! I kept sitting there thinking "More! I WANT MORE!" and the movie wasn't even over yet - I just wanted more of EVERYTHING. I wanted them to reply scenes from different angles and then have the characters come off the screen and chat with me....Man, you know, I'm not sure when I fell in love with it, but it might have been little James driving a car off a cliff while listening to the Beastie Boys

....or it might have been the fact that Zach Quinto KICKS ASS - and the dude they got to play McCoy = Made of Win. For that matter so was Pegg and my god - Yelchin! Chekhov was my secret favorite character in TOS when I was a kid. He was 22. I have remembered that Chekhov was 22 since before I could even remember my OWN age...and Yelchin did fantastic. He actually was able to marry Koenig's weird "wessel" accent with a more authentic Russian accent. Awesome, just awesome.

And they had Leonard Nimoy! WHAT COULD BE BETTER?!?!

Ok, ok...a couple of things I WASN'T too keen on: The Spock/Uhura thing...I don't know...I mean, I guess in this one they were getting in touch with Spock's human side more than in the show...but, I don't know, I kind of liked the idea of a female on the crew that WASN'T linked romantically to any of the guys. Also, the tendency for the director to put flashing lights on everyone's faces while they were on the bridge. It was like a frickin' disco in there!

Directorial things that I DID like - I love the different perspectives in space - I mean, the fact that you didn't always see the enterprise with the "top" at the top of the screen.

All in all, awesomeness...now I believe mizzykitty left me a list of Star Trek fanfiction to read :-P

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