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So, I was super bored tonight, because of no new show, and I also didn't feel like writing (because I suck), so I figured I'd catch up on some of my timelining and watch Blood Brother 8x05 again...


Firstly, yes, Supernatural has indeed done the "soap-opera year" and despite being "one year later", it is still somehow 2012.

[image here]

Secondly, Kevin Tran's date of birth is December 2nd 1993, making him nearly 19 years old, which is actually a little old to be starting university, isn't it? Maybe he did an extra year of kindergarten like yours truly...all the smart kids do it, I hear which is exactly the right age to be starting university, good job, Kevin!

Kevin is also an Agnostic, and he's using a credit card under the pseudonym Kevin Park.

We also get to find out Amelia's DOB: April 20th 1980, making her three years older than Sam.

[image here]

Anyway, that was my fun for the evening. :) 



Nov. 22nd, 2012 09:47 pm (UTC)
I'm sure they purposefully made Kevin 18+ - I mean, I think Osric is 26 or something ridiculous, but it also gives them more range of storyline...not just for potentially killing him, but for torture (as you point out) and also for any romantic storyline they might want to give him. It just gives them more freedom.

I'm guessing that Samandriel is also riding around in an 18 year-old for that reason too - though they haven't confirmed that.

As far as I'm concerned as well it's 2014. It's not like they actually reference current events (besides the entertainment industry) so I don't see why they insist on keeping the Winchesters in the our present.