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So, I was super bored tonight, because of no new show, and I also didn't feel like writing (because I suck), so I figured I'd catch up on some of my timelining and watch Blood Brother 8x05 again...


Firstly, yes, Supernatural has indeed done the "soap-opera year" and despite being "one year later", it is still somehow 2012.

[image here]

Secondly, Kevin Tran's date of birth is December 2nd 1993, making him nearly 19 years old, which is actually a little old to be starting university, isn't it? Maybe he did an extra year of kindergarten like yours truly...all the smart kids do it, I hear which is exactly the right age to be starting university, good job, Kevin!

Kevin is also an Agnostic, and he's using a credit card under the pseudonym Kevin Park.

We also get to find out Amelia's DOB: April 20th 1980, making her three years older than Sam.

[image here]

Anyway, that was my fun for the evening. :) 



Nov. 22nd, 2012 08:33 am (UTC)
This is the story that makes my "3/4ths" thing a lie. I swear, I'm half tempted to have it go like this:

Bobby: So Doctor, I'm thinking this whole bug thing might be more in your wheelhouse than mine.
Doctor: Ooh, what will they think of next. Invisible brain-eating insects. Amy, Rory, get your coats.
Rory: So it's over, right?
Doctor: Yes, of course...unless....well, I did hear about this one planet-
Amy: Urgh, so let us never have anything to do with bugs, or things that eat brains, or bugs that eat brains ever again.
Doctor: Fine, ruin all my fun.
Bobby: Doctor? You mentioned time being out of whack?
Doctor: Oh, right. The whole time loop thing should clear itself up in a few years.

Nov. 22nd, 2012 08:41 am (UTC)
LOL works for me :P