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Fanfiction Month

I've decide that November is Fanfiction Month.

This means that during the month of November, and possibly into December - I'm going to try to write some fanfiction. I've got a few ideas, but not that many...and some ideas I'm having trouble with.

1. Merlin/Supernatural crossover - I've mentioned this before, and I know it only appeals to a small niche of you guys, but I AM hoping to get this one done. I started it, and it's probably sitting around 4,000 words or something ridiculous...except that I don't necessarily like all those words, so I'm going to have to take some out and replace them with other words. 

The main problem is that I can't decide what the point of the story should be...which characters I should be exploring, etc. So, here's a question to those who care: If you were to read a story in which Sam and Dean were transported to the Merlin universe...what would you like to happen in the story? (with the caveat that there cannot be a magic reveal...as I'm going to be trying to stick as closely as possible to canon like with my other crossovers)

NOTE:  While we're on the topic of crossovers...I'm not going to write demented'verse fic - because the next story that I have ideas for has to be set in late S8, so I have to probably wait until S8 is over so that I can again keep it close to canon.  I'm also not going to write any further installment of my Merlin/Sherlock crossover because I need to wait for Sherlock S3 before I do that, so that I see how they handle the return.

2. So, during my S7 rewatch, I came up with some ideas as to how S7 might have been written differently...I could, conceivably, write some of these slight AUs. So, that's any idea...but a fairly ambitious one that no one might actually be interested in.

3. I like my headcanon for how the "shift" of Sam's madness to Castiel actually worked, and I could conceivably write something about that...the problem with this idea is that I'd kind of like to see a few more episodes of S8 before I try to write anything. I'm not even sure there would be anything to write.

Other than those three ideas, I really don't have any clue what to write... which is another problem.

But regardless of lack of ideas! I am going to be writing fanfiction this month! It might end up sucking, but I will STILL DO IT.
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