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Quick Reaction: 8x05 Blood Brother

Ben Edlund episode! Yay!

Okay, despite my hatred of vampires, that was a good episode. I think though, that in order to talk about it coherently, I'm going to talk about the flashbacks in separate flashback chunks - rather than try to remember at which point in the episode the flashbacks occurred. And actually, let's talk about the flashbacks FIRST, just to switch it up...

Sam's Flashbacks

YAY Sam flashbacks! From what I had heard about this episode, I assumed we wouldn't be getting any - I'm happy to have been wrong. I will say though, that Sam's flashbacks, for the most part, seem to come apropos of nothing. Like..okay, klonky fan, I understand, but staring at an ice machine while you're in the middle of something? I think the last one in the car though, DID come from the state of mind he was in...but I guess I'll get to that.

What did we learn from Sam's flashbacks? Sam's a secret handyman! Also, he lived at a motel - not surprising. I like the fact that he learned the name of the kid running the desk, when Amelia obviously didn't. He was also there long enough to burn through a credit card...I wonder if he actually stuck with one name. Or, I guess he just started working for the motel and they let him live there free.

(Is anyone else a fan of Community? In the air conditioner scene, did anyone else start giggling to themselves and imagine John Goodman appearing out of nowhere to tell Sam that he had a gift and try recruit him for sinister purposes?)

We also learned how he started socializing with Amelia, that she was kind of a drifter too and thought he was a creep...until he spotted that she was all lost and lonely like he was. (Because yeah, that's not creepy...oh Sam.) Also, I love that he called the dog Dog for the first little bit. That's what I do with all animals... and my sister has friends who have named their dog D.O.G. :P

Also, Sam apparently buys his clothes from Army/Navy Surplus (I haven't actually looked up the brands for Sam's clothes yet - but I'm guessing they are going to be like Dean's, and are actually American Eagle, Eddie Bower, Carrhart, etc. And if they are anything like the rest of Supernatural's wardrobe, they are probably purchased at Mark's Work Warehouse and The Bay...and obviously, American Eagle.) 

We also learned that Amelia really likes limes, but does not know how to properly dispose of the skins.

Dean's Flashbacks

In Dean's flashbacks, we learn that there's not much to do in purgatory but bicker with your boyfriends. :P

....when you aren't killing people, that is.

We also learnt that Benny didn't like traveling with Cas, because he's a beacon for trouble. We learn that Dean refuses to leave Cas behind, even though Cas isn't sure he'll be able to leave with Dean. Dean is human, Benny once was human, but Cas was never human and never will be. Also, to me this confirms that Jimmy is dead - because if I were Cas and I knew that Jimmy was still alive, I'd say "Listen, I can't go with you, but take Jimmy back," because I'd be a decent angel like that.

Leviathans can apparently drop from the sky like liquid bombs and then form themselves into the semblance of man... that was actually pretty cool, I thought.

And, Benny rescues Cas - and me and my friends discussed this, because one pointed out that that was the moment that Dean knew he had to help Benny escape, because Benny had saved Cas for Dean, even though Dean knew Benny didn't want Cas around. My argument was that that was exactly why Benny did save Cas. It wasn't out of the goodness of his heart, but rather a strategic move to have Dean feel even more indebted to him.

I was also really happy that Cas voiced the metaphysical question that I've been asking since this season began: If you kill a monster in the monster afterlife, where do they go?


It's nice that they're actually trying to track Kevin down. I loved Dean raiding the mini-fridge immediately, knowing that it was on someone else's dime. (Also, he took that money later in the episode.... I wonder if Dean has developed a PTSD hoarding issue....)

And then he gets the call from Benny who has had his ass-kicked... and Dean takes the call outside. I was waiting for Sam to clue into the fact that the only person who should be calling Dean is Sam. :P

So, Dean leaves on "personal" business...and I love how absolutely confused Sam is about it... because, while Dean has a point that they should be allowed to have personal lives apart from each other, when have they ever?! 

Sam angrily stays behind to try to find Kevin and resist googling his ex-girlfriend and Dean takes off to Vancouver... I mean, Puget Sound.

Benny needs blood to heal up - and I liked that addition to the mythology. The fact that vampires can't just snap themselves back together easily. Man, for the life of me though, I could barely understand a word Benny said when he was explaining to Dean how vampires heal. His voice was way to low and whispery (for the record, this is also one of my main problems with Nolan's Batman films. I need subtitles.) Benny also has really blue eyes.

The vampires are pirates! They're vampirates! I love how Benny is like "Wow, we never thought of that" and Dean is says "What? It's like the third thing you say!" and Benny is just like "No...no it isn't." Hahaha, oh Dean. It's funny, but it made me wonder if Benny got the whole picture of Dean in Purgatory or not... I mean, Dean was really focused and whatnot, but did he make jokes? Was he ever as goofy as he is on earth? Probably not.

It IS a pretty good vampire-gig though, I have to hand it to them. Attack boats, drain the passengers, loot, and then the boats are "lost at sea" and no one is the wiser... until, apparently, you fall in love with a Greek heiress, who shares your love for high-waisted pants. Then you give it all up, settle down in Louisiana, and live happily ever after until the vampires find you and kill you. It's the dream.

So, Benny is on his revenge mission, and Dean just tags along, even though Benny tells him not to. I do wonder what Dean's reasoning is there...does he still owe Benny, does he just want to hunt? Would he terribly sad if Benny died again? I guess I'm just wondering how emotionally invested in this vampire Dean actually is.

The conversation in the car was interesting, because Benny sounded a bit like someone Dean could relate to... the whole "worshipped my father like a god" thing...which was kind of surprising when you find out that his father is a vampiric equivalent of Kurt Hummel from Glee.

Anyway, get to the house and things go south...and the continuity is always a bit spotty in Supernatural when it comes to vampires, because some can hear a human heart from two blocks away and others can't seem to hear the human heart that is hiding just down the hall. 

Turns out the vampires didn't kill Benny's love, they turned her - which is something I totally saw coming. And Benny's distracted enough that they get the drop on him and tie him to a chair. Thankfully, they're so distracted by someone coming back from the dead, that they totally miss when Dean sneaks off to the basement, or wherever he went.

I loved him calling Sam, and admitting to where he was. We had to pause for a laughing break when Dean said he had a friend backing him up, and Sam said "Who, Dean? ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD!" and Dean was like "THIS ISN'T THE CONVERSATION I CALLED TO HAVE!" or whatever the heck the line was... I just thought it was hilarious, because I suddenly imagined a universe where Dean DID call in order to have a conversation about how all his friends were dead. :P

You can't text while you are on the phone though... or at least, I can't. I can only talk on the phone when I'm on the phone.

Dean's phone gets destroyed and Sam angrily drives out to meet him. And this is where Sam has the flashback of recognizing that Amelia had lost someone... and Sam is super super distraught when he comes back from the flashback...and yeah, I think Sam is absolutely terrified of losing Dean AGAIN...like, the last time was the last time, and he just can't take it anymore... which might have oddly been why he didn't obsessively try to resurrect/find him. Maybe he just couldn't take losing him anymore. 

Meanwhile, Dean is taking down monsters, and Benny is meeting with his besweatered father-god, and purgatory did a fine job of training both of them.

But sadly, the Greek heiress is now a monster and not the girl Benny fell in love with...because when it comes right down to it - if you are reborn into a vampire, then it means whatever you were before has died. So, Dean chops her head off. I laughed then too, (I added my own dialogue: "Sorry about killing your girlfriend, man. It's just this habit I have. Ask Sam.")

Which then brings us to Sam and Benny meeting... and it's AWESOME. I love how Sam is already seething on the dock. I love how Sam can tell the minute he shakes Benny's hand (As my friend pointed out: Benny would be cold to the touch.), and I love the slowmo of Sam reaching for his knife, and then Dean shaking his head...

And I love LOVE the final shot of an EXTREMELY pissed off Sam.  I kind of have a thing for Angry!Sam. (Actually, I have a thing for anger on guys in general - my long-suffering male bestfriend would constantly get frustrated with me because I'd basically metaphorically poke him until he snarled, and then he'd look over at me expecting me to be angry too or sorry or something, but instead I'd be like :D )

So, the shit hath hitteth the fan... can't wait for next week! :) 

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