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Rewatch S7: The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo (7x20)

Yay Felicia Day episode! :)

-Seriously, that was the THEN...Frank dies, Bobby dies....everybody dies. This sums up Superntural pretty well.

Sam *on phone* "Alright, well, thanks for looking."
Sam: "So, Nora didn't see any pattern to the dig sights either."

- Who's Nora? Also, when did they switch from caring about Wisconsin to caring about archaeological digs? I mean, I know it's actually MORE important than Wisconsin, but THEY don't know that. They should be focusing on what Bobby died trying to tell them. Was it when Frank died because they realized it was him looking at the archaeological digs that made them kill him? Do the Winchesters just go from avenging different people without telling us? Bobby is dead, we have to figure out what he was trying to tell us! Frank is dead, we have to figure out what he was trying to tell us! No wonder they never get anything done.

Bobby spills all the beans on Dick Roman's plans. And THIS should have been what fulfilled his purpose...now pass into the light Bobby...but nope.

Bobby: "Biggerson's? He's bought a list of joints ten pages long!"
-As percysowner suggested last episode rewatch, it would be nice if THIS was the reason that Sam and Dean couldn't put things together themselves...maybe they've been half stoned these past few episodes! It would explain a lot if they had a line like "What? BurgerJoint! We just ate there yesterday!" For the record, if I ever open a burger franchise, it will be called BurgerJoint, and it will sell burgers and marijuana...I'd make a killing.

And they really take us through the reveal like WE'RE too stupid to have put it together... I don't know. I just...I don't think this was a big enough mystery? Or maybe I just say that because no matter what the mystery was, this is an anti-climatic way to solve it.

Frank's hard drive!

Sam *reading*: "...my drive is full of compromising info, your new aliases, hangouts, where you stored your car."
Dean: "Baby?"

- I do like this line - it reminds us that Sam and Dean didn't DITCH the car, they're doing everything they can to protect her! It warms the cookies of my heart.

Sam: "...he put a tracking device on it. Let's see where Frank's drive is..."
Dean: "Perfect. It's in the middle of the death star."

- I like this line too.

Yay, Charlie! I like Charlie... I also love the name Charlie, so that helps.

Harry: "You hooked up at a charity benefit!"
Charlie: "If you can't score at a reproductive rights function, than you simply cannot score."

- Charlie is kind of perfect, because she's a genius, a nerd, and obviously a smooth motherfucker...or in this case, non-motherfucker. HA! (lesbian abortion jokes FTW? y/y?)

Harry: "Wait - is that legal?"
Charlie: "We were two consenting adults!"

- Hee hee.

Pete: "Charlie! My office, now."
Harry: "I love you."
Charlie: "I know."

- More Star Wars! This obviously tells us that Charlie is going to be our Han Solo for the episode - reluctantly helping the rebel alliance destroy the Death Star.

Dick: "Charlie Bradbury. Dick. Sit."
- You got to admit, the amount of slime in everything Dick says is an amazing thing to behold.

Dick: "Tell me, how does a high school drop-out become one of the brightest minds of Roman Inc?"
Charlie: "Um, honestly, historically I've had this problem with authority - no offense. So, I realized the only way I could get away with being me was to be as indispensable as possible."

- Firstly, very interesting that we have another high school drop-out here... just like Dean. In both cases, it's absolutely no measure of how intelligent they really are.
- Secondly, that's good advice from Charlie, folks. If you always endeavour to be indispensable, you're more likely to get far in life.

Dick: "You're kinda completely me right now, Charlie."
*Charlie makes a face*

- I just love Charlie's face. It's such a "oh god, I'm so creeped out" face.

Dick: "You have that spark. That thing that makes humans so special - not everyone has it you know, those people, they can be replaced. But people like you are impossible to copy."
Charlie: "Copy?"
Dick: "Take the compliment."

- This is another tidbit of information that I had hoped would be more useful in the long run... I hoped it would mean something.

Dick: "You have three days or your fired. Good talk."
- I just like this line and delivery.

Charlie: "Dick Roman gave me an assignment"
Harry: "Is that good?"
Charlie: "It MEANS the Eye of Sauron is on me."
Harry: "Well, if you need anything, I'll be back in the Shire."

- I love this conversation. It's just...so referency, and therefore so awesome. There was a period of time where one of my extended family members spoke almost exclusively in Simpson's references....I'm not sure how that's related, but it is.
- Also, I haven't read very many fantasy novels - but one thing I have noticed is that a lot of the time the heroes come from a "fantasy land" that resembles the Irish countryside. So, if you ever find yourself in a weird fantasy-novel type scenario in real life, try to hook up with an Irish man...that's my advice. Mainly I'm thinking of the Shire and the Two Rivers... like I said, I actually haven't read that many fantasy novels.

This is always the problem with modern technology - how to make hacking look exciting. :P I think the movie Hackers did the most hilarious job of it.

Bobby: "No, wait, boys. You can't just break in, they know your mugs! What if we mailed in the flask, then I could ghost through the joint..."
Sam: "Bobby, that's Dick's office."
Dean: "I think what Sam's trying to say is what happens if you run into Dick and, you know, go vengeful. You know that isn't something you can just shake off."

- See, and how do they know that Bobby's unfinished business is suddenly revenge? Before it was helping them. Is there some unwritten rule that all murdered ghosts have an element of revenge in their lingering?

Charlie: "Don't do it. Roman said to bring it right to him" *looks at Hermione action-figure* "You're right H. You're always right."
- I actually really like this, because it IS in keeping with Hermione's character. People that intellectually curious cannot help but read everything they come across...I know, for I am one of them.

Charlie: "I'm pretty sure I spent the last 24 hours hacking into a looney bin. Where's Pete?"
- And I like this too, the fact that Charlie isn't like 'OMG Monster's are real!' Instead she's like 'This dude is psycho.' That's a far more realistic reaction.

Dick: "No, you won't. Bruce Springsteen, Eli Manning, our own little Charlie. You know what they are? Irreplaceable. You're more of a Tim Tebow, Joe Bidon type. You've got no spark in you. Fact is there's nothing in you, except Daryl's dinner."
- I mean, what does it mean that half the human race is copyable and half isn't? I'm legitimately curious about this.
- But of course, this is when Charlie SEES that monsters are real...which is really the only way you'll convince anyone.

I love this sequence of her going into her apartment and Sam and Dean being there. It's a very brief outsiders point of view on what it's like when Sam and Dean show up ALL OF A SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTEDLY. They do make rather an intimidating first impression.

Oh yeah, the fake commercial! I have nothing to say about it. I just forgot it existed. It's kind of...weirdly places.

Charlie: "So, you're saying, you guys are monster hunters - so there are other monsters? Stop, nevermind, just shh...."
- It's interesting that Charlie doesn't want to know about the other monsters. If I found out there were monsters living among us, I'd want to have as much information as possible, personally.

Sam: "Wait, how long did it take you to hack into Frank's drive?"
Charlie: "A day or so"
Sam: "Is there anything you can't hack into?"
Charlie: "Not yet."
Sam: "How about Dick Roman's email?"

- I love how Sam is suddenly like 'wait, she is BETTER THAN I AM AT THIS!' and he gets this kind of brief delighted look on his face.

Dean: "So, you're saying that if we're inside Dick's office then we can hack into his email."
Charlie: "You can't, only someone like - but I sure as hell ain't doing it. I am doing my job, and- ...what are the chances that I see everything on that drive and Dick let's me live, anyway?"
Sam: "I think you know."
Charlie: "So, I erase the drive first. Protect me and you. Then I go back to my old life, right?"
Dean: "It's not that easy. You're on Dick's radar, so it means you don't have an old life anymore."
Charlie: "I'm going to die. I should have taken that job at Google."
Sam: "Look, Charlie, it's okay if you can't do it. I mean, you didn't volunteer for this."
Charlie: "Totally, exactly, but now I volunteer."

- Curiosity killed the cat. Would Charlie have been killed if she had just handed the drive to Dick? Dean seems to suggest she would have. I think Dick may have wanted to keep her around though, since she had skills that he obviously didn't...though, would they still need those skills? Anyway, I guess it's a moot point.
- I like how Sam and Dean don't treat her like an idiot though - they know that she's putting it together in her head already. I also like how they don't try to force her to work with them - she's the perfect tool for them to use right now, but they're not going to force her to do anything she doesn't want to do. It's really rather moral of them considering what's at stake. I'd be like "HELP ME OR I KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!" (This is why I am not a good hero. At best, I'm chaotic good...but I might just be chaotic neutral for all I know.)

Sam: "Are you sure?"
Charlie: "No. But these things are going to eat everyone I know. What kind of douchebag stands by for that?"
*Dean smiles*

- And this is where Dean fell in platonic love with Charlie. :) (Sam fell in platonic love when he realized she was a computer genius).

I know from some commentary or convention somewhere that the dialogue when Dean and Sam move over to the table and start asking Charlie what she can do and if she has a key card and stuff was adlibbed.

Dean: "15 minutes ain't a long time."
Sam: "No, she said if it took longer to hack his desktop, then she deserved to be eaten."
Dean: "I like her!"

- Dean has a thing for professional integrity.

Sam: "Bobby - do you think he-"
Dean: "Hitched a ride after we told him to cool his jets. What's he thinking?"
Sam: "He's not."

- And this is where Sam starts to realize that they're already dealing with a vengeful spirit.

Dean: "Charlie, it's Dean. Are you singing?"
Charlie: "I sing when I'm nervous, don't judge me."
Dean: "Judgement free zone."

- So does, Dean. Remember Phantom Traveler?

Sam: "Charlie, hey, it's Sam"
Charlie: "I'm sorry, Sam"
Sam: "It's okay, hey, listen, who's your favourite Harry Potter character?"
Charlie: "Hermione."
Sam: "Hermione. Well, did Hermione run when Sirius Black was in trouble or when Voldemort attacked Hogwarts?"
Dean: "Seriously?"
Sam: "Shut-up"

- So, did Sam see the movies or read the books? Let the debate begin! Whatever he did, he did it without Dean...

Charlie: "No, of course not."
Sam: "What did she do?"
Charlie: "She...kicked ass! She actually saves Harry in practically every book, and then she ends up with the wrong-"
Sam: "Uh, stay on track."

- Who wants to bet that Sam and Charlie could get into a shipping war if they didn't have more pressing things to do? I'm guessing Sam's a fan of Ron, personally. Ron reminds him of Dean.

Dean: "..uh, you go, Dumbledork."
- Or WAS Sam the only one to read/watch Harry Potter?! :P

I love heist films.

Dean: "Okay, when you see him, does he look at you or does he just kind of slide his eyes by?"
Charlie: "Uh, eye-contact. I don't know. He always kind of smiles a bit. I don't really-"
Dean: "Good, what you're going to do is you're going to walk up to him and flirt your way passed."

- I love how Dean knows how to read men's body language better than Charlie does. I mean, it makes sense - since Dean is a guy. He knows how he reacts to girls that he digs compared to those he's not attracted to at all.

Charlie: "I can't. He's not my type."
Dean: "You're going to have to play through that."
Charlie: "As in. He's not a girl."

- For the record, and speaking as someone who is very rarely attracted to anybody, I can still flirt with people that I'm not attracted to. I guess I'm just a better actor than Charlie is. :P

Dean: "Well, I don't know. Do you have any tattoos? Give him a sneak peak there. All tattoos are sexy."
Charlie: "Mine is Princess Leia in the slave bikini straddling a 20 sided die. I was drunk. It was ComicCon."
Dean: "We've all been there. Okay, I'm going to walk you through this."

- Dean finds tattoos sexy - this is what we have learned today. Also, Charlie's tattoo is awesomely hilarious. Also, I like how Dean wasn't kidding about the "judgement free zone."

Dean *flirting with the guard through Charlie*: "It shows, you look amazing" *to Sam* "this never happened."
- I just absolutely love how Jensen does this - because he has Dean actually ACT Charlie's part, so she can hear the smile in his voice and imitate it. It's perfect.

Dean+Charlie: "Do you do anything else in your free time? Like go out for drinks... Stop laughing, Sammy"
- I also love this because it's so rare that other characters call Sam Sammy...and Charlie can get away with it because she's just repeating Dean.
- I also love Sam cracking up so much. He's in full annoying-little-brother-mode.
- Though, this does put a strike through the Dean is a known-bisexual theory, since Sam would be used to him flirting with men and wouldn't find it hilarious. I'm still sticking with my Dean is a repressed slightly-bisexual theory though, and you can't stop me. It might be weird to have a theory on the sexual-orientation of a character in a show where you don't even like shipping, but so sue me, that's how I roll.

Charlie: "Your password is 'winning' with two 1s? Fail."
- Also, hilarious.

So, Bobby DOES actually help in this one, and it's not something we should overlook. He shuts the door and gives Charlie enough time to think of a cover for her presence in there...and that's just the first time he helps...

Dean: "Well, this is awesome. You know what, new plan, from now on we just stay in the van and send in the 90 pound girl."
- A little chauvinistic of you, Dean - but I'll take it, because it's chivalry really...there's a fine line.

Dean: "Yeah, I know, doesn't mean I gotta be happy about sending in frickin' Veronica Mars."
- Okay, so Sam's a dork for watching/reading Harry Potter...but Dean's perfectly in the clear knowing who Veronica Mars is? Good to know.

Sam: "She'll be fine, or we'll go in."
Dean: "Get as far as we can. Damn right."

- It's been a while since Sam and Dean have made a suicide pact. Nice to see they haven't changed.

Dean: "What the hell was that?"
Charlie: "Just my manager - the MONSTER."
Dean: "Leave."
Charlie: "I can't. I have to act normal. I told him I was working, let's just finish this."

- I like the fact that Dean wanted Charlie to leave right away, even though she hadn't completed all the tasks that she was meant to do for them yet.

And here's where they mess with our perception of time...

Dick: "I've been looking for this for a very very long time." *case opens to reveal borax bomb* "Now, who could have done that?"
- I love that. I love that the Winchesters can make bombs at the drop of a hat...and I love that they got one over on Dick.

Ah, the old disguise and suitcase switch! Sam looks rather ridiculously wide-eyed and nervous.

Sam: "Did we just steal a hunk of red clay?"
- This is another question of mine...in the next episode, it's grey rock...what happened in between?

Dick: "So there's nothing about my company? How about a Sam or a Dean?"
Charlie: "I'm sorry, who?"
Dick: "Sam and Dean Winchester..."

- A better strategy would be to ask "Sam or Dean who?" because just asking "who?" sounds like you're trying to cover up the fact that you know them. Though, to be fair, Charlie is very nervous...and is trying to cover up the fact that she knows them.

Dick: "So really, how did you do it?"
Charlie: "Do what?"
Dick: "You broke the unbreakable. What's the thought process? Walk me through it and ix-nay the jargon."
Charlie: "Um, nothing's unbreakable, really. Nothing's safe if you poke at it long enough."
Dick: "Nothing's safe. I like that. But that isn't what I'm asking, Charlie. You're spark, it's one in a million. Believe me, when you've got it you invent guns and ipads, and holy crap you can be crafty. What is that Charlie? Because I can feed every fact in your brain into someone else and they still wouldn't be able to be you."
Charlie: "I guess you can't clone me."
Dick: "Don't think that doesn't piss me off."

- Again, I wanted this to MEAN something. I'm not sure what - but the idea that there was something about humans, or some humans, that thwarted the leviathans because of its very ESSENCE is an interesting concept to me.

Why didn't Charlie take the elevator?

So, here's the second point where Bobby actually does help. True, it probably wasn't smart to throw a LEVIATHAN into Charlie. I mean, seriously...but he also BROKE the window so that Sam and Dean could do their cool break-in, and he delayed Dick coming after them. Without Bobby there, things would have gone south fast and Sam and Dean would have probably been unable to save Charlie.

Unfortunately, this is the only time that Ghost!Bobby actually comes in handy...it's this one episode where he tells them stuff that the SHOULD have been able to figure out on their own because they're supposed to be the heroes, and then he saves Charlie - I mean, breaking an arm is a lot better than being eaten by a leviathan. After THIS, Bobby should have been like "Okay, well, it's all in your hands now...*walks off into the light*" But now...


Dick: "Alright, enough, show yourself. Let's do this like real monsters!"
- So, this does make me wonder about whether ghosts die an atheist's death, or whether in the act of remaining behind, they become monster souls and therefore go to purgatory when they die. I'm thinking not, from what we've seen so far of S8, but it's still an interesting idea - and it's all based off the fact that Dick basically equated Bobby and monsters.

Dean: "Charlie, talk to us, you okay?"
Charlie: "No! Why didn't you kill him?"
Sam: "Because we can't yet. We don't know how."
Charlie: "The evil ones always need a special sword."

- It's true. It's kind of funny, because Charlie is in a fantasy story telling our heroes how fantasy stories work. :P

Sam: "Listen, we can't thank you enough."
Charlie: "Actually, you can. Never contact me again, like ever. Deal?"
Sam: "Deal."

- And thus we lose a fine character...and Felicia Day returns to her life where she is far too busy to guest star on Supernatural. Seriously, that girl does a lot. She's a powerhouse in the gaming industry.

Dean: "Keep your head down out there, okay."
Charlie: "This ain't the first time I've disappeared. You think my name is really Charlie Bradbury, please. So, good luck saving the world. Peace out bitches."
Dean: "She's kind of like the little sister I never wanted."

- I love how much Dean loves Charlie... platonically of course... but you can tell he gets a huge kick out of her, and it just makes me smile.

Dean: "He didn't mean to do it."
Sam: "Exactly, he's not in control. Not about Dick. That was vengeful spirit crap."
Dean: "I know, but it's still Bobby."
Sam: "But if he really goes there it won't be anymore and then we won't be able to pull him back. And then what are we supposed to do?"
Dean: "I know. Look, let's just figure out what that thing we stole is and then figure out what to do with Bobby."

- Yes, because putting off solving problems always makes them easier to solve (says the person who has put off dealing with her career problems for 3 years.)
- That being said, I sincerely believe that if Bobby HADN'T been there, Charlie would have died...so a broken arm is nothing to get upset about. Though, Sam does have a point about all the rest of it.
- Maybe we just needed to know more specific ghost lore - like the more ghosts hang around their murderers the more vengeful they become? SOMETHING to explain the rapid decent. I don't know...I still think they kind of did the character a disservice by having him have two deaths. It was better when his death was tragic, rather than required.

AND there we go... I have three episodes left. Do you think I can do them all tomorrow? Haha. I really only average one a day...and I wanted to have these done by the end of the month... so, I guess, I might JUST make it.
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