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Rewatch S7: Of Grave Importance (7x19)

Okay, back again! I meant to have this up earlier, but I slept in - so it's another day where I'm having lunch for dinner and dinner at midnight. I'll do better on the weekend.

I don't know, I can't decide how I feel about the Bobby-ghost storyline... I just think it a)diminished the loss of him, and b)was pointless. But, you know, whatever.

I love domestic-Winchester scenes like this one...where you just see them doing something mundane, like eating take-out on the hood of a car in the middle of nowhere.

Dean: "You know, even though the world is going to crap. There's one thing that I can always count on - these things tasting the same in every drive-thru in every state in our great nation."
- Ah, foreshadowing. Soon that one thing Dean could count on is going to be taken away from him.

Dean *answering phone*: "Annie!"
-Sam's little look... hahaha.

Annie: "...heard about Bobby, sorry."
*Dean eyes briefly glance at Sam*
Dean: "Yeah, us too."

- I love the very subtle acting that Jared and Jensen always do. There's so much conveyed in a gesture. Like the fact that even though we never see it, DEAN knows that Sam is mourning Bobby just as much as he is... that he doesn't want to re-open that wound on his little brother by passing on Annie's condolences or even saying Bobby's name in his reply to her.

Oh, stupid teenagers....this wouldn't happen if parents were more understanding about sexy times. Do you hear that parents? Let your teenagers have sex with their friends in their room, otherwise they will be killed by ghosts in abandoned houses.

The thing with Annie that I don't get... she just seems to be going in there without weapons or anything...at night. I mean, at least bring in a shot-gun. It probably wouldn't have done her much good, but still.

Sam: "Annie's not usually this late, is she?"
Dean: "No never. She's totally compulsional, I'll try her cell."

- It is kind of funny that we're only just meeting this character, yet Dean knows that she's never late. :P

Sam: "You know, uh, you know, she and Bobby had a thing, right?"
Dean: "Yeah, yeah, I knew that."..."Really?"

- I love how you can tell that Dean didn't know right away.

Sam: "Yeah, kind of a fox-hole thing, very Hemingway."
Dean: "She and I kind of went Hemingway this one time too."
Sam: "Alright, well, that happens."

- Sam! Your FACE! I love it.

Dean: "Wait, you too?"
Sam: "Look it was a while back, we ended up on the same case - she was stressed and I didn't...have a soul."
Dean: "That's a lot of fox holes."

- I LOVE the idea of Annie sleeping with both of them. I mean, damn. Annie sure knew how to live. Also, kudos to the boys for not being afraid of the older ladies. ;)

Dean: "Ah, it's better this way, and just because I wish we could see him again, doesn't mean that we should... are we being stood up?"
Sam: "Let's hope that's all this is."

- And I love the use of the phrase "stood up" like this is some sort of threesome date they were going to have.

Dean: "I gotta go get a refill."
Sam: "You know what, why don't you just pack it away for a while. All it does is remind us of him."
Dean: "Yeah, I thought about that, but - not yet."

- This comes back to the notion that the ghost affects the mourning process...that we saw way back in 4x15. I really wish they had remembered that more and played it up. Because it could very well be that Bobby's presence is making Dean cling to that flask subconsciously and preventing him from moving on...

Ah the curtain shimmy... it's frustrating being Bobby.

Bobby: "Hi, I'm Bobby, I'm a ghost. Looking for a little ghost orientation here. Je m'appelle Bobby. Great."
- I don't know why he thought french would work, but whatever. It's good to know that he realizes he needs a ghost tutor.

Bobby: "I figure it was a month before I even knew I was still here..."
- Which means the first thing he did was make that beer disappear and then he probably blacked out.

Annie: "Bobby! You ran away from your reaper? On purpose. That's why you're still here? You crazy old..."
- See, Annie agrees with me!

Bobby: "...I tried helping the boys out once by knocking a book off the table and blacked out for two weeks."
- Which also means that he missed the whole reunion with Cas...and probably "woke up" just in tine to slide that sword to Dean.
- I wonder what happens when he "blacks out"...is his presence still there, but he's just not sentient. I guess it makes sense for the ghosts that work on a schedule...like Greely and the car-crash chick, who only appeared once a year or something to have an epic battle.

Annie: "Hascal, you're right, we are novices. So, could you do me a solid and show me how to move that chair. It's one stupid chair."
- No one who was killed in the 1930s would know what "do me a solid" means.

Hascal: "...we deteriorate at different rates, some sooner, some later - but eventually all - like that. Nothing left at all."
- And here we get a very key component of the Ghost!Bobby storyline... "we deteriorate at different rates"... I think certain things should have been emphasized more. We should have seen the progression of things more. It's the same problem with the Crazy!Sam storyline (or a similar one). This season really is about mental-illness, but unfortunately they don't do it as well as they could have.

I wish I had gotten that extra gig... just stand around staring blankly at things while dressed as a ghost.

Victoria: "I saw you here the other day. I know the kind of work you do. Did."
Annie: "Hey, I'm still doing it, well, other dimensionally speaking."
Bobby: "Thatta girl"

- It's interesting though, the fact that Bobby still considers himself a hunter, even though he's something that he should be hunting. I guess Gordon was the same way after he was turned too - kill Sam Winchester, then kill himself.

Victoria: "When you were here I was able to call out to you that way."
Annie: "Ah, spectral voice transference."
Bobby: "Right, ghost juju"
Annie: "Sure."

- I just like the look on Annie's face, "can't we use professional terminology here."

Is there no heat in that museum? You can see the dude's breath...though, I guess Bobby's hanging around. I wonder why Sam and Dean don't notice that. That's what they get for wearing so many layers. :P

Domestic Winchesters again! I love them talking about the case while Dean's in the shower...with the bathroom door open... I mean, these guys have absolutely no boundaries with each other. This is why wincest fics practically write themselves.

And Dean teases us by reaching around the curtain, because they didn't have time to put the tattoo on.

More stupid teenagers taking themselves out of the breeding pool to the benefit of the rest of us.

Dean does his hair the same way I do... only mine's longer, but yeah, push it back, pull it forward.

Dean: "Sam, tell me you wrote that."
- Yes, because Sam decided that talking to you while you were in the shower was annoying, and instead he should write creepy messages in the fogged up mirror. :P

See, all ghosts just need a tutor.

Dean: "B-bobby...Bobby! This whole time we've been trying to talk ourselves out of it, he's been- what's he doing here?"
- It's a weird mixture of relief and anger/concern really...because they aren't crazy, but that means that Bobby's not in heaven, like they were probably telling themselves he was in order to feel better.

Bobby: "We don't have time for this! Get your assess back to that house!"
Dean: "We gotta get back to the house. Stat."

- I also think they could have had more of this as a lead up too...remember in In My Time of Dying (2x01), when Dean used a phrase while he was a roaming spirit and then Sam repeated it later? It would have been cool to see some hints like that. With very Bobby-like phrases coming out of the boys... or maybe not.

Ah, and the twist, where it's not the guy who looks like a murderer who's the murderer. There's a lesson here for all of us.

Annie: "So, when he does that? What happens, just poof?"
Victoria: "Forever."

- Not a bad thing though, really. I mean....you do WANT to die completely don't you, Victoria? Isn't that why you called Annie in the first place?

Annie: "A fancy lady? A hooker?"
Victoria: "Please."

- No one respects the sex-worker industry. It's a shame.

*Camera slides out of nowhere to land at Dean's feet.*
Dean: "That's not odd."

- Heheh, oh, Dean, I love you.

Dean: "Ugh, I hate these indie films, nothing ever happens."
- *snerk* apparently some of the fanbase agrees with you when it comes to 8x04.

Bobby: "Give them a moment, they've got a little slower since I left."
- They have, and it annoys the crap out of me. We should be beyond this at this point.

Victoria: "...I was a fancy lady."
Dean: "A hooker?"
*Victoria looks offended*
*Sam looks annoyed at Dean*

- THANK YOU, SAM! At least SOMEONE has a healthy attitude towards prostitution. :P

Well, Victoria is free now, Van Ness burned her bones... she's met possibly an atheist's end... isn't that what she wanted?

This whole attaching yourself to objects in order to stay behind really works. I will make note of it...also, probably it's a good idea to attach yourself to something plastic, because that stuff never biodegrades.

Annie: "Hey listen, sweetie, you could beat yourself up all day about this, or we could take advantage of the fact that Whitman's gone, do what we're supposed to do. Let's go figure this out. Coming, Robert?"
- I like Annie.

Pretty trippy to see yourself dead.

Annie: "So, uh, what do you think happens to them? Heaven, hell, or none of the above?"
Bobby: "I don't know, just gone, most likely."
Annie: "Yeah, that's what I think too. That's what I want. I want a Hunter's funeral. Ah, come on, it's better than this... I'm ready for some peace."

- This isn't canon though. They aren't SURE. I do wonder if there's a legitemate "atheist's end" in Supernatural. I think it's the only death that would work for the boys, if they're destined to die.

Annie: "...it's lonely, what we do."
Bobby: "Yeah, but the life I had is the one I picked."

- Which makes Bobby different from Sam and Dean...well, up until mid-way through S6 anyway. Then they could have possibly walked away and washed their hands of everything. Let the world burn.

Annie: "Yeah, but you had the boys. All I had was work. It's gone now."
Bobby: "Yeah, well, I ain't done."
Annie: "Alright fine, but I am."

- And this is the thing, Bobby talks like he stuck around for the boys...which, okay, legitemate in-character move. But after this episode he ACTS like he stuck around for revenge... and to me that diminishes the character and the sacrifice of sticking around. But hey, that's me.

Blink and you'll miss it, but Dean reaches out to touch Sam after he shoots the key and gets rid of Van Ness.

Van Ness: "Enjoy the view from my room? Planning to thin out the population? IS THIS HOW YOU REPAY MY HOSPITALITY!?"
*Van Ness attacks Bobby*

- You know what would have also been cool? If they played this up more and made it mean that Bobby would deteriorate faster than usual...like, Van Ness sucked a lot of his life-force/ghost-sanity out or something. That would have explained Bobby going off the rails so quick. Because that's my head-canon.

Bobby: "Hey boys"
Dean: "Bobby!"
Bobby: "Wait, you can see me?"

- I love how Bobby just greets them as though they won't see or hear him.

Bobby: "You're staring you know."
*Boys look anywhere but at Bobby*

- Hahaha, so awkward.

Sam: "That's why you never answered me. I tried calling you - talking board, the works, but I was always alone. Dean always had that thing in his pocket. That's why the EMF only went off half the time. We thought we were going crazy."
- I think this is a relief for Sam, 1)because he was really concerned about being crazy this season, and 2)it means that Bobby doesn't hate him. Think about it...for the past few hours (since they discovered Bobby was a ghost), Sam was probably wondering why Bobby never answered him when he called and figuring it was because he only liked Dean or something. :P
- Though, that being said, Sam picked up the flask in the motel room and waved it at Dean as though he knew it was what was rooting Bobby to the spot, so he should have put this together immediately.

Dean: "So what happened, did you get stuck or what?"
Bobby: "I wanted to stay."
Dean: "Bobby-"
Bobby: "I need to help!"
Dean: "Not if it means you have ta...be this."

- Okay, so as much as I didn't think staying was in-character for Bobby, I do admit that this DOES sound like him. He's always willing and trying to help the boys...it's the revenge stuff that he suddenly turns to that I just don't buy.

Bobby: "...and keep my damn flask away from the fire. Obviously."
- I think they were tempted to burn it... and it probably made them feel horrible and confused.

Bobby: "I'll miss her."
Dean: "Yeah, me too."
Sam: "Yeah"
Bobby: "Well, you didn't know her like I did."

- But Bobby made the flask move in the restaraunt RIGHT AFTER the boys had the conversation about Annie. He should know. This kind of continuity mistake really bugs me.

Dean: "Well, here's to Any, she got the hunter's funeral she wanted. Kinda like the one we thought we gave you."
Sam: "Dean-"
Dean: "What were you thinking, Bobby? You could be in heaven, drinking beer at Harvelle's not stuck-"
Bobby: "Stuck here with you? We still have work to do, I just thought that was kind of important, Dean."

- It's really sad, because I think Dean was comforting himself with the image of Bobby being happy in his own personal heaven... and now he doesn't have that comfort. Bobby is still dead, and that's not going to change...and Dean's going to have to burn him one day and then he might not even go to heaven.
- Also, there's something in the exchange that makes me think that Bobby is interpreting this as one of Dean's self-esteem things. Just by the way he says "stuck here with you." Like he's made at Dean for thinking that Bobby doesn't love him that much or something.

Dean: "It's not right, you know that."
Bobby: "Sorry, you're right. What was I thinking?"

- And he's probably also just offended that Dean might be suggesting that they don't need his help or his love.

Sam: "So what do you think we should do?"
Dean: "We did what we should do. Now, I don't know."
Sam: "I mean, do you think it's possible we could make it all work somehow."
Dean: "I have no idea. Maybe? I've never heard of it. But you know what I do know - it ain't the natural order of things. Everything was supposed to end. He was supposed to... and now, what are the odds this ends well? What are the odds."

- And it is a conflict, because there's a temptation to hold on to that last remnant of your departed loved one...but if you do that, you're basically stuck in a constant grieving process.
- Also, Dean does that thin I hate where he repeats the last thing he says twice for emphasis... drives me nuts.


Outside the house before they go in to look for Annie the first time.
Sam: So, you ever actually talk to her?
Dean: We had a very healthy non-verbal understanding. Of course I draw the line at banging Bobby.
Sam: Ha, I didn't know you had a line.
Bobby: Hey, can we just get the hell on with it.

Haha, I kind of like that dialogue - also, did you hear that Dean/*whoever* shippers? Sam basically gave you carte blanche, because he didn't even know Dean had a line. ;)

And that's that. A shorter one today. More to come on the weekend, since I want to wrap up this rewatch so that I can start doing other things again. :)
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