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Rewatch S7: Out With The Old (7x16)

Okay, Out with the Old... a kind of weird episode that I have mixed feelings about...I think? This one actually turned out to be very short.

Oh ballerinas... I love their thighs.

Possibly the weirdest death on Supernatural...or is it? I guess that's a hard category to judge.

"So Dick's funding an archaeological dig..."
- And so begins the end game. I guess there's something a little bit weird about the enemy digging up their own "special sword"... but hey, how else are the Winchesters going to find it? It's hardly like the Word of God is just going to wash up on a beach at their feet one day...especially since they never go to the beach.

Phone call to Frank...it's like part of a formula for S7 - Explain why you aren't working on the mytharc by explaining that you are waiting for an unreliable crazy person to do your work for you. It would have been better, I think, if the Winchesters went there because they got intel that Dick was interested in the area, so they went to go check out the town and while they were there they stumbled on the other hunt.

Dean: "What are you going for the Guinness record for caffeine consumption? It's like your fifth this morning."
- You know, at a certain point, caffeine can loop back around and make you sleepy. It happened to my aunt.

Sam: "Yeah, well every time I close my eyes, Lucifer is yelling into my head. It's like I let him in once now I can't get rid of him."
Dean: "You know he's not actually..."
Sam: "Yeah, no, I know. Try telling that to the volume control inside my brain."

- I do wonder what it's like to hear voices. Not that I want to find out. I had a friend who went schizophrenic once and thought strangers were talking to him behind his back... they weren't saying nice things. Anyway, I'm just saying that it must be all kinds of horrible.

Dean: "Well did you try the hand thing?"
Sam: "Yeah."

- Dean, of COURSE HE TRIED THE HAND THING *rolls eyes*. I guess this illustrates how far out of his depth Dean is though. He can stitch up any wound Sam gets, but he is not equipped to deal with mental illness. Really, I think this lose of control on Sam's part should be frightening Dean way more than it appears to.

Dean: "Dancers. They are toe-shoes full of crazy."
Sam: "And you would know this how?"
Dean: "I saw Black Swan, twice. Hot tutu on tutu action? Come on, Sam. What's wrong with you?"
Sam: "Wow, the depth of your...ugh, anyway..."

- You know it's bad when Sam can't even manage the words to point out how gross Dean is. :P Also, I really don't think Black Swan is a movie from which to base your judgement of dancers in general.

There's gotta be some rule about not allowing kids in the evidence lockers.

Hehehe, the getting the shoes off the girl scene is hilarious. I love her "sorry!" every time she kicks Dean in the face.

Dean: "Hey, didn't we put those in the trunk?"
Sam: "How did they-"
Dean: "Cursed object, Sam."
Sam: "Do those look like they're your size?"
Dean: "Shut-up"
Sam: "Are you-"
Dean: "Getting a strong urge to Prince Siegfried myself into oblivion? Yes."
Sam: "You really did see Black Swan."

- Hehehe, I love this dialogue, and their faces, and the fact that Sam knows Dean's show size so well...and the fact that Dean wants to dance. In toe-shoes, no less.

They turned the diner in Fort Langley into a hardware store. The antique store is right across the road, and is actually an antique store - though the interior was a set.

Sam: "Scott, listen, these shoes..."
Scott: "Just some personal stuff she collected. I'm trying to get rid of it all."
Sam: "All, is there more like this?"
Dean: "Sam."
Sam: "Scott, what was in those boxes?"

- This is why you should tell your kids about cursed objects, Hunters...even if you don't want them to know about your secret career. Though, I guess Scott says something later that implies his mother tried to tell him, and he just didn't believe her. So, KIDS! LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS, even if they seem to be crazy.

Also, Scott reminds me a little bit of French Stewart.

Ugh, tea-kettle death. Horrible horrible.

Can I just say how much I love the trench coats they've started wearing in the winter these past two years...they're gorgeous  Sometimes I really wish I were a man, just for the clothes.

Sam: "Yeah, I'd like to report an accident at 23 Goram rd. My name? Uh, Bruce Hornsby."
- I had to look this one up: Keyboard and accordion player for The Grateful Dead from 1988-1995.

Dean: "Alright who's next on the list?"
Sam: "We've got a gramophone sold to Brenda Gluck... and a vintage gentleman's magazine sold to Peter Yankit 27 Johnson lane."

- You know, just in case there weren't already enough dick jokes in this season. You gotta hand it to Sera, not many people are daring enough to build an entire season around dick jokes. ;)

Dean: "I wonder how old porn kills you"
Sam: "I'm pretty sure you don't want to know."

- I've got some ideas...none of them are good deaths.

You're 11 year-old is never going to appreciate a gramophone lady. That kid does have adorable freckles though.

I love how Sam just rushes in, stops a stabbing, and is like "Where's the gramophone!" Hehehe

Dean: "Hey, got the porn. Just in time too."
Sam: "What was he doing?"
Dean: "Like you said, you don't want to know."

- Part of me really wishes we could have seen Dean's POV too...the other part of me is glad it's left to the imagination. :P

Scott: "You know, I keep thinking, if I hadn't pushed her."
Dean: "Hey, little tip, um, feeling guilty ain't going to bring them back. Best you can do is live your life the way you think would make her proud, or at least not embarrass the crap out of her."

- Interesting, that Dean actually expresses a rare healthy attitude towards grief in the episode before someone he is grieving returns... mind you, I think he's thinking more of John and Bobby here, as he's talking about a guy who just lost a parent.

I really like the real-estate lady. I think the actress does a phenomenal job.

Oh George...you are the only leviathan that I liked.

Joyce: "Do you know how many assistants I've had since taking this body, George?"
George: "I don't know...three?"
Joyce: "Five. I leave it to your imagination what happened to the first four."

- How do leviathans reproduce? Do they? Are they slowly taking each other out? Are there are finite number of leviathans that is ever shrinking?

The lampliter is a really nice restaurant, fyi. You can't go in there for just coffee though, you need to go in for a full meal.

Dean: "Sam? Sam?"
Sam: "Yeah, yeah, sounds good. Keep me posted."
Dean: "Sounds good? Sam, are you feeling alright?"
Sam: "You know how they say that sleep deprivation is an enhanced interrogation technique?"
Dean: "Yeah?"
Sam: "Trust me, it's torture."

- Firstly, hey, Supernatural is taking a stance in the torture debate. Second, DEAN! GO MEET YOUR BROTHER BEFORE HE DIES.

Dean: "Frank, I don't mean to double-dip in your crazy sauce, no offense"
Frank: "None taken, fudgepop."

- I just love his nicknames for Dean. Someone should make a list if they haven't already.

Sam, don't fall asleep!! Oh man...it makes my palms sweat, even though I know everything is going to be okay. I fell asleep once while driving - thank goodness for rumble strips, that's all I'm going to say. Another time, I didn't fall asleep, but somehow found myself driving through the ditch, to this day I have no idea what happened there. It was like I lost time. Anyway, all I'm saying is that driving while sleepy is a good way to get yourself killed.

George recognizes Sam from his voice...which is crazy, but I guess all the leviathans were in Castiel, and Castiel spoke to Sam while he was possessed.

Joyce: "We have a chain of command here, George. You see a Winchester, you don't eat him, you tell me, and I eat him. What do you think - I'm going to tell Dick, 'I think he hate him, but I didn't see it.' I'm supposed to vouch for you, George? Like you're not one dumb move away from a bibbing already?"
- Sorry, I just like Joyce, and what a horrible boss she is.

Frank: "If you dig down deep, it's all Dick."
Dean: "So, Geothrive is a subsidiary of Roman Inc?"

- And the other part of the end game starts as well. Well, technically it started in 7x09, so I guess now it's just expanding.

Dean: "Okay, you know what, enough with the insomnia crap, Pacino; you need to crash. I'll keep working, you find a motel and get some sleep, okay."
- It's kind of heartbreaking and precious that Dean thinks that just telling Sam to sleep will get him to sleep. That all Dean has to do is tuck him in somewhere and everything will be okay.

Sam: "It doesn't matter what I do, Dean. Lucifer will not shut-up."
Dean: "Even now?"
Sam: "He's singing Stairway to Heaven right now."
Dean: "Good song."
Sam: "Not fifty times in a row."

- This tells us that Sam knows all the words to Stairway to Heaven... also, it tells us that he probably hates the song now and listening to it will no doubt bring up unpleasant memories.

And then we get the fight scene and all that good stuff...

Dean: "...you want to eat your boss?"
George: "You've got a better way to make her stay dead?"
Dean: "So, what, now you're on our side or something?"
George: "Yeah...no...."

- I do like George. I think that the Winchesters should have let him eat her though - at least her head, to make sure that she'd stay dead. THEN they could have killed him. Heck, they could have killed him while he was distracted with snack-time.

George: "...this, gentleman, is where we are going to cure cancer."
- It's too bad that the leviathan's plan was to cure cancer AFTER they dumbed us down and started eating us, because you know, it'd be nice if someone cured cancer. Cancer sucks.

Sam: "So, what do we do now?"
Dean: "You are going to sleep on it, all the way to Frank's, capice?"
Sam: "I wish I could."
Dean: "You get any sleep last night?"
Sam: "Yeah, yeah, a little, I don't know."
Dean: "Well, we'll find you a soft rock station, that always knocked you right out."

- Firstly, Sam is still lying to Dean - trying to make it sound like maybe he did get some sleep...like maybe this thing isn't so bad.
- Secondly, Awww, I love the fact that soft rock always knocked Sam right out. That's adorable.

Bad Moon rising is always a bad omen.

And Frank is dead. What's going to be their excuse for not working on leviathan stuff themselves now?!?!

Okay, that was amazingly short one.... Um...overall, I like this episode, but I think it could have been a bit more tension filled somehow? I don't know how, honestly though. I mean, it's a good episode, but for some reason there doesn't seem to be much substance to it.
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  • Stranger Things 3

    I just finished watching Stranger Things 3 and I am FULL OF FEELINGS. It was great, I should begin with that. I like that they followed more the…

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