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Rewatch S7: Repo Man (7x15)

Okay, time for them to finally come back to the storyline that I had been wanting since 7x02...

Oddly enough, I didn't take many initial notes as I watched this (ie: transcribed less dialogue), so we'll see how long this ends up being after I go through and remember what I wanted to say...

WARNING: I discuss rape.

Oh yeah, THE PAST!

I do like how they know how Sam USED to dress. The way he dresses puts this squarely in S3, for me. Beige jacket, blue striped shirt, white crew-neck T (he switched to v-necks in S4). It's basically Sam straight out of Fresh Blood.

Nora: "I needed to see for myself, after all that tracking, all those hours we spent - I mean, it's one thing to study them in books..."
- Oh Nora, you should never want to see a demon in person... silly.

Oh man, Dean's wearing the red plaid shirt of angst...not exactly angsty, but hey, old shirt.

Dean: "You know, you were right, we liked Jeffrey. He's a decent guy. In fact, he just signed off on his temple."
- I love how Dean calls the body a temple... I tried to look up where that originated, a quick google tells me that it's the Bible - Corinthians. Really, I think I just have a thing for Dean using the word "temple" in general. I just like it. Don't judge me.
- Also, the fact that Jeffrey "signed off on his temple" might actually be foreshadowing here...

Dean: "Okay, you're good to make it from here, right? Okay, Jeffrey - no demon talk in the ER, alright? You were mugged."
Jeffrey: "Okay, uh, alright... thank you"

- One thing I love about this episode is that it actually shows us the AFTERMATH of the Winchesters. We've had seven whole seasons of the Winchesters breezing into town, killing monsters, and leaving a pile of corpses in their wake - and there's no follow-up. Here we actually see that Sam stays behind to make sure they won't turn up in any forensics done at the crime-scene, and Dean drops the survivor a few feet from the front door of emergency, and drives off before the guy even says 'thank you.' :P

Hallucifer: "It's nice, kinda like a men's room with beds."
- Hallucifer! Yay! I still maintain that they could have kept this storyline alive and well even without actual appearances by Mark Pellegrino, but it IS nice to see him.

See, even just these shots with Sam in the foreground kind of quietly focusing on whatever task he is doing while Dean chats in the background - it brings the focus of the scene (even though Sam isn't even in focus) on the fact that Sam is quiet and that he requires more concentration then might actually be necessary - that maybe something is rotten in the state of Sam.

Dean: "Alright, well, we can take a swing at it. But you know it's all about leviathans now, I mean they're the ones we should be hunting."
Sam: "Yeah, but no. I mean, not right now. This one's ours Dean. It's unfinished business apparently."

- At this point, the leviathan references just annoy me, because it seems like the Winchesters aren't being proactive AT ALL. They're being very passive heroes, and I think that's a problem with this season. They give the info to Frank and then just wait for Frank to get back to them, but we don't see THEM working on it - they're waiting for someone else to gain the information so they can take action, sure, but they should be taking action by trying to gain the information themselves! They're relying on someone who isn't in their right-mind some of the time and seems to get easily distracted by his own mental-illness.
- Also, what I didn't pick up on the first watch through, but AM picking up on this rewatch, is the fact that it's DEAN pushing the leviathan hunt and Sam seems to be continually finding them cases to do in the meantime...but isn't Sam just as much Bobby's son as Dean? Wouldn't Sam ALSO be very interested in revenge? I'm not saying they should have had Sam be as obsessed as Dean is, I'm saying they should have EXPLAINED his non-obsession - which would have been EASY. Sam is A)distracted by trying to keep sane, and B)doesn't have Bobby's flask with him 24/7, something that could easily be affecting Dean's mind - à la 4x15 when the ghost!kid's mom couldn't move past her grief at all as long as the ghost!kid was there.

Dean: "You know, ever time we do this, I wonder if today's the day we walk up and flash our ten to a bunch of chompers pretending to be police men."
Sam: "I hear ya"

- If they actually had the Winchesters visibly working on the problem more, they wouldn't have to put dialogue like this in to remind us of the threat.

Detective: "Thought you guys might show up! It's the drummer boys, Agents Bonham and Watts, right?"
Dean: "Uh, yeah."
Sam: "Nice to see you again, Detective"
Halluficer: "Sutton"
Sam: "Pardon me, Detective-"
Halluficer: "SUT-TON"
Detective: "Oh, no problemo, Detective Sutton."

- Okay, stuff like this, which is brilliant, can't be done without Mark P., I'll grant them that. I love how he's just chillin' in the background. Though, just to be annoying, I'll point out that they COULD have just recorded Mark's voice and interspersed it through the preceding episodes in the background during Sam POV scenes...that would have been cool.
- There's also the whole psychological aspect of Hallucifer here. What is he? A lot of people in the fandom treat him like he IS Lucifer; but he's not...at least, not in my opinion. I think he's a piece - when Sam's wall fell, Sam fell to pieces..and they were all Sam at different stages, different memories...so, Sam melded all the memories in order to wake up, but he still needed to psychologically deal with the years of torture - so his mind, along with the other hallucinations, created Hallucifer, which was the part of Sam that will never be free of what happened to him. So, Hallucifer is both Sam, and not Sam, if that makes sense. He knows things Sam knows - like the detective's name, but he also says things that Sam doesn't mean... I mean, we all say rather cruel things to ourselves sometimes, but it's not really us saying them, it's whatever social/life experience has crammed that idea into our heads. Like when you look in the mirror and "you" think that you look ugly, because you don't look like the current cultural ideal for your gender. Is that actually you thinking that? Or like in Bobby's case, "you break everything you touch" - Bobby believed that about himself ONLY because his father told him that when he was a boy.His father's thoughts became Bobby's thoughts, but were also still not Bobby's thoughts. That's what I think Hallucifer is to Sam, only, naturally, in a much more extreme way.

Hallucifer sticks out his tongue.
- I love the little added fork to his tongue. Brilliant.

Sam: "So, you haven't had any contact."
Nora: "With the demon? No, thank god."

- Ah, the clever rephrasing so that she doesn't have to lie.

Nora: "Have you found Jeffrey yet?"
Dean: "Who?"
Nora: "The man who the demon possessed, the one you almost beat to death."
Dean: "Yeah...Jeffrey...that poor bastard."
Nora: "Some demons tend to be sentimental don't they? Always go back to the same host?"

- Besides the (now known) fact that Nora is leading them to their doom here. I love how the Winchesters don't even remember Jeffrey really. I mean, it's been 5 years and they see a LOT of people come and go.

Oh the puppy... so cute, so tragic.

You know, when I hear a noise down an alley, I just keep walking - but hey, that's me.

Dean: "Sorry, just had to make sure."
Jeffrey: "Make sure of what? That I peed my pants today?"

- Hehehe, I love the Winchester's faces. Like "What? you aren't jumped regularly? This happens to us every second day. We have to cut ourselves before we can hug."

Sam: "I know it must have been...hard."
Hallucifer: "Do you even listen to yourself?" *Sam presses his hand* "Oh don't bother." *Hallucifer disappears*

- Halluficer is already taking control away from Sam, just from the simple fact that he claims control of his leaving rather than it be a victory on Sam's part in managing the mental-illness. Small "worsenings" like this would have been nice to see before this episode...
- Also, you see what I mean about being that voice in your head that tells you what an absolute idiot you are?

Jeffrey: "Marjorie Willis, she's the next one on the list."
Sam: "List? What list?"
Jeffrey: "The demon used to recite it all the time, like a grocery list. He burned it in my head. The names of all the women he was going to kill."
Sam: "He already had his victims chosen?"
Jeffrey: "And put in a line. In an order."
Dean: "But why? I mean, demons aren't usually into the obsessive seriel killer crap, they're more all around evil. Why would he do this?"

- And we get our first hint that the facts aren't lining up - because Dean actually nails it on the head here. This is not demon behaviour, this is serial killer behaviour.

Sam: "So what?"
Dean: "I think we really helped mess this poor son of a bitch up. Look at him, he's got a state-assigned dad."

- But hey, they might drop him off to walk into the ER by himself, and they may forget his name, but it doesn't mean they don't CARE.

Oh yeah, HERE's a major problem with this episode: That beautiful librarian is not chubby at all.

Hallucifer: "You're right, we just don't read anymore."
- I love how he pops up from behind Sam's back. Also, I love how he's responding to things Sam is thinking - again, negative things, Sam thinks he should read more.

Jeffrey: "...but I lost my job, my health insurance, I started to drink and drift, and I got lost. I had some kind of mental break, and I started to talk about what happened."
Dean: "Oh man, never tell, never never."

- If we ignore Jeffrey (who doesn't deserve sympathy because he's a serial killer) and just think about Dean - this is really rather sad, and comes down to the fundamental problem of being a Winchester - "never tell, never never." There's absolutely no mental help out there for them, because no one can possibly understand, they'd be committed right off the bat and given medication for mental problems they don't actually have.

Dean: "So, let me guess - drunk tank to psych eval, to 72 hour forced hold, to a nice long stay at an institution of their choice."
Jeffrey: "Yes"
Dean: "It's happened to friends of mine."

- I'm sure Dean is thinking of Martin here, from 5x11, but it speaks a lot to the fact that Dean knows EXACTLY what the procedure is.

Oh yeah, the *headdesking* in the library... jeezus that's disturbing. I had forgotten about that. There's a gif my friend used to send me in internet chats that was basically that in cartoon form and in front of a computer, and it even disturbed me then. But you see when Jared looks startled, then squeezes his hand and closes his eyes and then goes back to business? COULD HAVE DONE THAT THIS WHOLE TIME, and we wouldn't have even needed to know what he was seeing. Still, it could have been simple stuff, like the kind of stuff I used to "see" when I'd go out drinking without my glasses back in university. There was one time my friend took me to a bar and wanted to introduce me to someone across the room, and she pointed out the person and started walking over there - and I just started following her and trying to hide how absolutely horrified I was, because it honestly looked like the girl's face was melting off right up until I got within five feet of her.

Halluficer: "Come on, Sam! Pay attention to me, I'm bored!"
- I think "I'm bored" was probably something Sam heard in the cage before HORRIBLE THINGS happened to him.
- Also, Hallucifer, you are a child.

Oh and Dean is being led to the slaughter...

I've never made out in a library...I've spent a lot of time in libraries - sometimes with people I was sleeping with at the time, but we never thought to make out. #dorkyhistoryloverswhoactuallywentothelibrarytoread.

Dean: "Hey, I'm going to get you out of here." *kid starts struggling and looking terrified* "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you alright, but you have to stay still..."
- Oh man, this is the problem with being used to terrifying people - Dean does not realize that the freaking out is a sign that he is being snuck up upon.

Hallucifer: "I'm pretty sure this guy's the boring sort of chubby chaser."
- She's not chubby! :P

Dean's voicemaiil: "Leave your name, number, and nightmare at the tone."
- I love that outgoing message. Also, appropriate, since Sam is currently descending into a waking nightmare.

Halluficer: "Huh, I'm surprised you haven't picked up on that yet - it's right there in the coroner's report..."
- Again, at this point, Sam has *felt* that there's something off with the coroner's report, but he hasn't figured out what - and Hallucifer is making it seem like Sam's an idiot for not figuring it out yet.

Halluficer: "Oh wow, that's every cellphone Dean's got. One of them should have picked up, right? Big brother's probably dead."
- Remember when I said that Supernatural was about a pessimist and an optimist on the road together? Well, I think this is the story of the pessimist and the optimist that live inside Sam's head. :P
- Also, did you notice how Hallucifer refers to Dean as "big brother" - he's stessing the IMPORTANCE of Dean to Sam. Jody did the same thing when she was helping Sam gete Dean back in Time After Time - "big brother" she was stressing the REASON they needed Dean to be back. Hallucifer is doing the same thing, he's stressing the reason why Sam should be panicking.

Sam: "Shut-up"
Halluficer: "He said shut-up to me!"

- This is just funny. Also, sadly, Sam's undoing (or is it?...I'll talk about this later...)

Hallucifer: "That's what I'm talking about, Sam. Real interaction again, I miss that - the rapier wit, the wittier rape. Come on, I'll be good, I'll even help you solve your little Nancy Drew mystery or whatever."
- This episode brings together the metaphor for rape in Supernatural with actually stated rape...because possession in Supernatural has always been talked about in sexual terms, and demon possession in "non-consensual" sexual terms. This episode brings together the idea of demon possession and Lucifers actual stated rape of Sam in hell - and equates them. And I think this is actually what messes Sam up... in a kind of dark and twisted way, but yeah...I'll get to that...
- I really do admire Supernatural for the way they have Lucifer reference his rape of Sam so much... I know that might sound odd, but male rape is so invisible and just not talked about in our society - and I know it's never completely addressed in Supernatural either really, and the one time they could have actually shown real repurcussions of it (7x08) they failed, because they were playing that episode for comedy...but still. We're reminded several times in this season, quite directly, that Sam is a rape victim, and I think that's...well, something. It's the fact that it's not just metaphorical or even subtly implied (like Dean's rape by Alistair.)

Haha, for a brief second you can see that Jared was chewing gum while he was going through drawers... oh Jared.

Sam: "I've never seen this spell before."
Hallucifer: "No, but you've seen this type."
Sam: "A demon summoning, why?"
Halluficer: "Why? to summon a demon, jackass. Start looking at who..."
Sam: "Okay, what do you mean?"
Hallucifer: "Okay, look at the page."
Sam/Hallucifer: "I/You know this hand writing."

- This is the thing, Halluficer doesn't have information that Sam doesn't have. When Sam asks him what he means, he can ONLY respond "look at the page" because Sam hasn't put it together yet. Earlier though, Hallucifer DID remember the detective name before "Sam" did...but I think it was actually SAM remembering, but Hallucifer speaking the thought, which meant Sam didn't want to acknowledge it as HIS thought, because that might mean acknowledging other Hallucifer thoughts as his...such as the "I'm ugly" thoughts that aren't actually ours but feel like ours.

Sam: "Nora! Stop it! Calm down!"
- I just love the way Sam yells this. That's all.

Nora: "Everything is happening how he said. You can't help. You can't change it."
Hallucifer: "Hit her."
Sam: "Nora, tell me what is going on."
Hallucifer: "Sam, shake her up. She knows what happened to Dean. Get this stupid cow to focus, will ya?"

- I love the lighting in this scene - how Hallucifer is lit u in red from the neon lights, even though Sam and Nora aren't.
- Also, along with being Sam's negativity, Halluficer is also Sam's less... good... urges. :P

Jeffrey: "No one asked you to get involved. To save me. To save anyone."
Dean: "What?"
Jeffrey: "Did you ever think that maybe I loved being possessed. I loved the connection, the power, and I loved him. Love of my life actually."
Dean: "Ah you gotta be kidding me."
Jeffrey: "He liberated me, started me on my true life's mission."
Dean: "So you're the one with the thing for all those women. You're a serial killer."

- I love the fact that they did this storyline...someone who actually LIKED being possessed. It's not that much of a stretch, especially for a demon who let Jeffrey have a measure of control - who let him dictate who to kill. Sam liked drinking demon blood because of the power he felt after a lifetime of feeling powerless - being in charge of a demon wouldn't be dissimilar, especially for a small, weak, crazy dude like Jeffrey.

Nora: "See, it is all part of Jeffrey's plan."
Sam: "Yeah, well, new plan: Tracking spell. Bavarian, Egyptian, I don't care, dealers choice - use the flesh of the body, to find the body, and Dean. Do you want the ear, or the kid?"

- Sam has a point. Nora is kind of stupid for letting Jeffrey dictate the plan to her, then following it, and then acting as though Jeffrey has this amazing power to get what he wants. No, he got what he wanted because you LET him.

Jeffrey: "...god, you were so desperate to fix the world back then. It kills you that people keep getting hurt, and you just can't stop it. Or I should say, it's killed you, shouldn't I?"
Dean: "You know what, screw you."
Jeffrey: "Hey, I was there, I was depressed, Dean, because he was gone - I was a wreck, an emotional shell. Drunk. I was suicidal"
Dean: "I don't usually endorse suicide, but man, what stopped you?"

- Again, this episode would have been MUCH better to follow up after Slice Girls when Dean was more depressed.
- Also, besides the whole "where would he go when he died" problem, we see one of the reasons why Dean HASN'T offed himself for all his depression - he doesn't usually endorse suicide. :P
- It's interesting that Jeffrey knows that Dean died. I'm not sure how he would have come upon this knowledge.
- Uh, fourthly? It's very interesting that Jeffrey is saying that he and Dean are the same - that Jeffrey was depressed "because he was gone" just like Dean is currently depressed. Dean is depressed because both Bobby and Cas are dead - to people he also loved a great deal, though in a far more acceptable way than Jeffrey loved his demon. So yeah, I think Jeffrey implying that the lose of Bobby and/or Cas is equal to Jeffrey losing his demon very much deserves a "screw you" from Dean. 

Dean: "No...oh you sick son of a bitch."
- Poor doggy. It's a good thing it's just a show. Also, I love that Dean really doesn't like it when people hurt animals. :)

Jeffrey: "What are you doing?"
Demon: "I'm thanking you, Jeffrey."
Jeffrey: "What are you doing with this half-dead piece of crap, come into me."
Jeffrey: "I don't want to be your pupil, I want to be yours."
Demon: "I'm done with you, my work is finished, you can do everything now. All on your beautiful own."
Jeffrey: "No"
Demon: "No?" *hits Jeffrey* "We don't do no, remember, Jeffrey?"

- So creepy, also, such an abusive relationship.

Sam: "So, Jeffrey was just pretending to be the victim. Way back in that farmhouse, during the exorcism. He was just acting."
Dean: "He's a psychopath, Sam, that's what they do all the time is act. Act like their normal. Act like they're not balls to the wall crazy."

- And here's the problem - because what Dean is saying and what Sam is hearing are two different things - because Dean is describing SAM, who has been acting like he's normal, like he doesn't see horrible visions or here Lucifer telling him to hit women who aren't giving him information fast enough...he's been acting normal, even though he's crazy... he and Jeffrey are the same in that regard.

Sam: "You going to sleep?"
Dean: "Damn straight. Screw consciousness, that's what I say."

- Dean and I have so much in common... I say "screw consciousness" every morning, which is why my sleeping schedule is shot to shit, but I regret nothing.

Hallucifer: "Oh no, Sam, no nap for you Sammy. Ah, come on, don't do that. Let's talk, Sam. I always enjoyed our special little chats. Don't you want to talk? Look at that, something's definitely different now, isn't it? You let me in, you wanted me, partner, so you think you can use your little tricks to banish me again, like that. No, I do believe I've got you, bunk-buddy. Got my finger, wiggling around in your brain pan. Come on, Sam, come on, say it with me now, GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!"
- "You wanted me" - like Jeffrey wanted the demon... only Sam just needed to get his thoughts in order, he wanted to be able to THINK and find Dean and it was hard to do with Hallucifer whining the whole time and not staying focused... so Sam stopped ignoring the part of his brain that was crazy manifested, in case it spoke important information before "Sam" did. But, that translates to "you wanted me" and this is directly following a conversation about another "psycho" who pretended to be normal, who wanted a demon in a very sexual-overtone type of way... and then you have the "you wanted me" quickly followed up by the reminder of being Lucifer's "bunk-buddy," and well, Hallucifer wiggling a finger rather...suggestively... which really, implies "you wanted IT"...which is possibly the worst thing for a rape victim to think. And you know, once you start thinking that... any recovery you MAY have been having is severely set back.


Jeffrey arriving in ER...and collapsing. It's quite gruesome really.

And there we have it. Because tomorrow (today?) is Wednesday and I'll be watching the new episode of S8, there won't be another rewatch until Thursday at the earliest. :)
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