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Rewatch S7: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie (7x14)

Okay! Funny episode time!! I remember liking this one...

Sam: "It's okay, they can't hurt you....They CAN hurt you.... If it bleeds you can kill it. Yeah. If it bleeds you can kill it."
- Oh Sam... I love how he moves from things that Dean probably told him when he was a kid, to things that Dean told him the day before.

Poor Sam...

Love the titlecard. :)

Dean: "Hello...I am the Eggman....seriously, Frank, payphones? I mean I'm getting the clap just touching it."
- Germ-a-phobe Winchesters. I grew up with the philosophy that you had to build up antibodies somehow... these days, I DO welcome winter when I have an excuse to wear gloves on the subway.

Dean: "...this whole protocol du jour thing is really creeping my cheese."
- Sorry, I just really love the phrase "creeping my cheese" - that's another one that I'll have to remember.

Sam: "So, we got dick on Dick?"
Dean: "that's a vivid way of putting it."
*Sam laughs*

- Sam is just loving these dick jokes. :P
- Also, Dean was totally just picturing dick on dick action there.

Dean: "...but a few simple rules: No babies. Heck, no baby mamas, no bars, no booze, no hot chicks of any kind."
Sam: "W-w-wait, did you just say-"
Dean: "Hey, you spawn a monster baby, see how quick you want to dive back in the pool."

- It's official, shippers, Dean has sworn off women. Heheheh...I know, this lasts all of five minutes, but still. ;)
- Also, it's nice to get a LITTLE previous-episode referenses in these one-offs, but I wish they were different references...like how Sam might go insane and how they're working on the leviathan thing.

Dean: "So, what are we looking for? An octovamp? Vamptopus?"
Sam: "That's crazy even for us, right?"
Dean: "It does push the envelope."

- Heheh, I bet there's been a lot of these kinds of discussions in the writer's room when they're trying to figure out what the monster of the week should be.

Woman: "If you want to know what he was up to lately, ask Stacey."
Sam: "Stacey?"
Woman: "Our nanny, she was here the night he died."

- Is it just me or is there a sub-theme of infidelity, or suspected infidelity, going through this season? Maybe it ties into the whole "recovering from betrayal" Dean-arc? Thoughts?

Sam: "Alright, I'm on the nanny."
Dean: "No, I'm on the nanny!"
Sam: "I thought you said no hot chicks."
Dean: "We don't know that she's hot!"

- Enter hot girl...who kind of reminds me a little bit of Cassie, you know, that girl Dean fell in love with while Sam was at Stanford.

Stacey: "...we had a birthday party at Plucky's"
Dean: "Plucky's? Why does that sound familiar."
Stacey: "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie? It's a pizza chain for kids - well, more for lazy parents."
*Dean nods*

- I think Dean is identifying with the "lazy parent" aspect of the sentence...because, well, I'm pretty sure that's the category he falls into - but I'll talk more about that later...

Sam: "I got a 20 on her right now."
Dean: "Can you get to her without tripping the Amber alert?"
Sam: "I'll try."

- I like this exchange - the fact that they acknowledge how hyper vigilant everyone is about kids these days. Not that you shouldn't be of course, what do I know - I don't have kids... and I'm a super huge control freak, so if I did have kids, they'd probably be the weird home-schooled kind.

Um, are people in the States just like...really anti-social and scared of strangers? Because if my daughter was talking to some FBI guy in the front yard WHO I HAD ALREADY MET, I wouldn't be like "Kelly, come inside" *stare at FBI guy suspiciously while I close the door slowly.* I'd be like "Hey, FBI guy, what are you doing back here? I don't think you're allowed to talk to my daughter without permission, so that's not cool, buddy. Besides, my daughter's all traumatized and stuff, talking about monsters - I already told you to go talk to that skanky nanny chick! Anyway, peace out!" Only, you know, in better words.

Ah, the unicorn death... there's a lesson here folks... ALWAYS keep running. (Though, I think there's some Inuit legend about fortifying your defenses or something - unless that was just something Benton Fraser made up on Due South...that sometimes happens.) In any case, some of us can't run.

"It it bleeds you can kill it."
*the clown doesn't bleed*

- Oh Sam... I just love Jared's acting in this whole episode, I have to say. The guy knocks it out of the park. If this were a gif-ified review, it'd just be filled with every single muscle change in Jared's face. :P

Sam: "Hey"
Dean: "Hey, do you remember a chain called Plucky Pennywhistle's?"

- Sam's FACE here. You can just see the horror. This whole conversation then slides into absolute brilliance on Jared's part. From the lying to the anxiety and the trying to deny the anxiety...

Sam: "No"
Dean: "Really? I could have sworn you loved those places."
Sam: "No, dude, I hated them. You would dump me and then go trolling for chicks."
Dean: "It's not like I left you in jail. I mean, those places are supposed to be fun."
Sam: "Fun? They're lame...and they smell like puke, and the ice cream is all grainy."

- I love these complaint because they are CHILD complaints. It doesn't mean they they aren't legitimate complaints, they are just phrased in the way a child would complain, not the way a grown man would complain.
- There's some argument as to at what age Sam was when this was happening...and I remember theorizing extensively about it, because would have to be when Dean was interested in girls and Sam couldn't be left unsupervised at the motel and was still young enough to sort-of fit in at Plucky's.
- I also can't help but feel like part of Sam's hatred for Plucky's (besides the clown thing) was that Dean was ditching him. :(

Dean: "Alright, don't have one of your episodes, okay... I'm just saying, I hit a dead end with this whole witches gone wild thing, but both kids were at Plucky's day of. Look, why don't you go check out the local plucky's and ask about this Billy kid."
Sam: "W-why don't I just uh, why don't I just wait for you to get back."
Dean: "...I'm on my way to talk to Billy."
Sam: "W-why don't I talk to Billy. Right now."

- Like I said, I just love Jared's acting in this scene. This whole conversation is perfection.

Dean: "Wait, this isn't about your clown thing, is it?"
Sam: "What? No."
Dean: "Sammy?"
Sam: "No."
Dean: "What in the world did they do to you..."

- I just want to pause here because Jared does this wonderful thing with his face when they cut back to him on the phone. He blinks slowly and sort of looks around...and man, this season needed more of that, because it takes a "haha, Sam's afraid of clowns" moment and it turns it into "Haha, Sam's afraid and...shit...this might not be good for the ol' sanity thing." Sadly, we don't really get a follow-up on that. I know they were trying to keep this episode lighter, but it didn't even necessarily have to be in this episode - it could have been a reference that Lucifer makes to clowns in the next episode and then this episode would have more storyline-significance.
- I love that Dean calls him Sammy in this conversation - it's as though they've reverted, or at least Sam has, to being Dean's little brother who is scared.

Dean: "...alright, never mind, just know that 99.99% of clowns can't hurt you, and if it bleeds, you can kill it."
*hangs up*
Sam: "If it bleeds you can kill it"

- I also love it because Sam listens to Dean as though he's reverted too. His big brother is never wrong...

Manager: "...personally, I think it's a load of hooey, but they say if these fears run wild, then it affects kids long into their adulthood."
*Clown scares Sam*
Sam: "Yeah, I've heard that."

- Oh Sammy... I do wonder how this fear started.

"So, what's the low-down with trauma town?"
*Sam is not impressed*

- Dean IS in a much better mood suddenly during this episode. It kind of kills the ominous nature of the end of last episode. I kind of think maybe they should have reversed these stories... Dean could have still been on a high from meeting Ness, and it would have explained why he's so jokey-fun-times. Then they could have done the whole Amazon thing and ended with the "just don't die" and "I'll do what I can" lines and Sam looking worried. It would have tied into Repo Man REALLY well what with how stressed out Sam is worrying about Dean. Yeah, I think that's my "How They Should Have Done It" with this episode - put it first, changed that line about swearing off hot-chicks, and voila.

Sam: "Wait, so now unicorns are evil?"
Dean: "Yeah, obviously."

- What kind of kid is afraid of unicorns?

JAWS! They really mimicked that scene well...and hilariously.

Dean: "So?"
Sam: "Manager found the body in the ball pit, blood everywhere."
Dean: "Cops have a theory?"
Sam: "Yeah, they think the ball washer did it."
Dean: "The what?"
Sam: "The ball washer."
Dean: "The what?"
"The ball-" *Sam is not impressed.*
*Dean laughs*

- I think that's just getting you back for all the dick jokes, Sam. :P

Dean: "That's a shark bite, and judging from the diameter, a twenty-footer at least."
*Sam gives a look*
Dean: "Shark week, man! How do you not watch that!? A whole week of sharks."

- It always amuses me how the Winchesters are seemingly able to watch TV without the other brother watching too. I mean, I know we don't see them on their off time, but where do they go? Does Sam go out and read in parks while Dean watches Hulu/Netflix or something?

Dean: "So, whoever we're looking for can literally fire off childhood fears at will. Well, watch out for evil lunch ladies."
-Something you want to tell us, Dean?

Dean: "Well what's my cover?"
Sam: "I don't know, hang back? Act normal."
Dean: "Yeah, guy in his 30s hanging out at Plucky's alone. That's normal. It's not pervy at all."

- Very true.

I bet that pretty actress was not particularly happy that she had to wear elastic-waisted pants. :P Uh, sorry, off topic.

Oh the giant slinky...

Dean: "Giant slinky! I would have killed for one of those when I was a kid. How much?"
Howard: "1000 tickets"
Dean: "American dinaro, how much?"
Howard: "Oh, we don't take money here at Plucky Pennywhistle's, only tickets won through hard work and determination!"
Dean: "You mainlined the kool aid, huh?"

- I get a kick out of the fact that that's Anna's husband...well, Julie McNiven's husband, I should say. He's really good in this episode. I also love how Dean basically WOULD still kill for a giant slinky. The great thing about being an adult is that you don't have to deny yourself the things that you wanted as a kid...sometimes you don't want them anymore, but sometimes you do!

Shades of soulless Sam... though you can tell it's an act that Sam is putting on.

Howard: "Special Agent, wow! I want you to know sure that I really appreciate what you do..."
- He reminds me of PeeWee, really.

Tyler: "Hey, stop cheating!"
Dean: "You heard him, knock it off!"
Tyler and Dean: "Jackass"

- I love when Dean and a kid are the same. I have no idea why.

Tyler's mom: "Tyler, soup's on."
- So, here's the thing: I always thought that phrase was JUST FOR SOUP. Apparently, I was wrong, as it can seemingly also refer to pizza.

Dean: "Why don't you cut her some slack."
Tyler: "Why do you care?"
Dean: "Because I've been where you are."
Tyler: "Your mom made you camp at a stupid Plucky's after school?"
Dean: "No, no, but my dad, he hauled me places. Besides, she's working a tough gig. She's exhausted. You should take pity on the old..."

- This is the thing - and I mentioned it a bit earlier - Dean isn't identifying with Tyler, he's identifying with Tyler's MOM. He hasn't been where Tyler is, he's been where Tyler's MOM is. He had to look after Sam AND try to have his own life. It probably wasn't easy for Dean to fit in with his school friends when he could never hang out with them because he had his kid-brother to look after...so yeah...he was probably juggling as many balls as any parent when he was a young teen, and Plucky's was the best solution he could come up with. He was working a tough gig and was probably exhausted.

Dean: "...besides, free grub!"
Tyler: "That stuff tastes like butt."
Dean: "What? Come on, can't be that bad. Let's see here...*Dean eats it, spits it out*...that is butt."

- As much as people spitting out chewed food absolutely disgusts me, I loved that they added this in here...because the one time I ever ordered pizza at a place like Plucky's, that is what I wanted to do. The thing tasted like it had been sitting under a heating lamp for three days, and I realized that it probably had.

Dean: "You scared of robots?"
Tyler: "They have laser eyes!"
Dean: "Yes"

- Is Tyler old enough to be the reincarnation of Ronald Resnick? Because I want him to be...probably not, he'd only be ~5. Ah well.

Cliff: "I've got rights, you can't-"
Sam: "I'm the federal gov't man, I can do whatever I want."

- I should not be turned on by that. But really...Sam can violate my rights any day... (oh, man, that sounds horrible. I take it back... or do I?)

I love Sam taking the long way around the clown when he runs after the guy...

Cliff looks familiar... maybe he's just got that particular native look that I see a lot in Vancouver? But geez... looks so familiar. Anyway, good-looking dude, in my opinion.

Sam: "Any idea what he drew?"
Dean: "Robot."
Sam: "Robot?"
Dean: "Yeah, about the size of a house. Shoots destructo beams out of his eyes."
Sam: "At least I'll see it coming."

- I like how Sam's just like "okay...robot the size of a house...I'm sure I'll figure something out."

Dean *upon seeing the cauldron of coals in the basement*: "Ah, that's perfectly normal."
- Hee.

Howard: "...as soon as I saw him, I noticed - staring at every single Plucky like it was going to stab him or something. Guy's got a real thing about clowns."
- What I like about this is the fact that Howard actually validates Sam's fear, even though he uses it against him. And by that, I mean that he takes it seriously - he acknowledges it as something serious and "real"...whereas Dean always just makes fun of him and laughs it off, which, you know, is fair enough. But, speaking as someone with an irrational phobia, it's actually much much nicer when someone acknowledges that even if your fear is completely ridiculous, it's still a REAL fear and manifests in your body the same way a "rational" fear would. I also think you sort of see that in Dean's face - that Dean realizes that deep down, and he KNOWS that this is really bad news for Sam, and he is worried on a level that isn't just "Sam'll be fine, that fear is ridiculous."

- I love that timestamp. :)

Dean: "So, your brother. What happened to him?"
Howard: "It's not my fault, it's theirs."
Dean: "It looks to me like he drowned."
Howard: "I was screaming, but my folks they didn't listen. They never listen."
Dean: "It was an accident."
Howard: "They let him die."
Dean: "I bet you still have nightmares. I bet you haven't been in the water since. Because you're afraid."

- Ah, the tragic backstory to the monster. There always is one...in this one, you have to wonder how it was that the kid drowned in the first place.

*Howard fires gun*
*bullets don't hit Dean, they hit the ghost*

- I missed that the first time I watched - the fact that the ghost actually came up in the direct line of fire and SAVED Dean from getting shot. Very cool.

Sam: "Let's roll... go ahead, say it."
Dean laughs: "I'm sorry, you look like you got attacked by some PCP-crazed strippers."
Sam: "Dude, one of them sprayed me with seltzer from his flower"
Dean laughs: I'm sor- what?"
Sam: "Nothing, carry on."

- I love how Sam's beat to hell - his sanity is probably hanging by a thread (shut-up, a girl can dream) - and all Dean has to do is be happy and Sam gets this look on his face like maybe it was all worth it. Ugh, I LOVE HOW MUCH SAM LOVES DEAN. Also, I think even if Sam's sanity HAD been visibly hanging by a thread, he would have lied and told Dean it wouldn't - just so as to not ruin Dean's good mood.

Dean: "Sam, I'm sorry for psychologically scarring you."
Sam: "Which time?"
Dean: "Seriously, me ditching you when we were kids, that was a dick move - the whole clown thing-"

- I do wonder when that clown thing started - was it from the days where Dean would ditch him at Plucky's? Before that? Thoughts? Was Dean trying to give him immersion therapy then?

Sam: "You know, man, honestly, getting my ass kicked by those juggalos tonight. It was therapeutic."
Dean: "You faced your fear."
Sam: "Exactly, and now what else could a clown possibly ever do to me. I feel good."
Dean: "Well congrats!"

- It's funny because the whole time Sam was in that clown fight, I kept thinking "does this count as immersion therapy?" (I think that's what they call it...) BTW: If anyone ever tried to cure me of my phobia that way, I will KNIFE THEM...slowly.

Sam: "By the way, to celebrate...."
Dean: "What? No...did you win this?"
Sam: "We earned that."

- I love how Dean asks if Sam "won" it - like he didn't even consider that Sam may have bought it, or stolen it... and I like the fact that Sam says they "earned" it - hard work and determination, indeed. :)
- Also, of course, do I really have to mention the delight on Dean's face? Or the fact that Sam KNEW he wanted it. :)

Dean: "Hey, I got you a little something too actually. What? You said you were over it. You can think of it as a clown phobia sobriety chip."
- Oh Dean. Also, I love how Sam is clearly not over his fear of clowns, no matter what he says.

Also, who knows how long in the pit and Sam's STILL afraid of clowns? There's no way Lucifer didn't use that against him, so I think he's already had a lot of immersion therapy for it and that obviously didn't work. Irrational fears are irrational.

Tomorrow, I'll tackle Repo Man, which, I'm sure you might be able to guess, I really like for probably obvious reasons...

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  • Continuity Error in Metamorphosis (4x04)

    I slept through my alarm today...oops...so, short post today... I was watching Metamorphosis (4x04) for my If Clothes Could Talk project, and…

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