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Rewatch S7: Time After Time (7x12)

Time for Dapper!Dean :)

I really like Jason Dohring - of course, I know him back from his Veronica Mars days...so I was happy to see him in this. He has this ability to look like a douche and then RIP MY HEART OUT.

Huh, so we get a precident for Dean disappearing into thin air....

I really have a thing for sleeping (attractive) people. It's... it's a problem. But, seriously, Sam waking up right there is the hottest fuckin' thing for me. I would be the creepiest girlfriend ever, because I would actually WATCH HIM SLEEP, and then when he woke up, I'd be like "Ah yeah...that's it..." Also, I'd most likely molest him in his sleep...just saying. I have the weirdest kinks. No wonder I'm alone. :P (well, there's that and the fact that I geniunely do not want to date anyone.)

Anyway, is that a new shirt, Sam? Would you CUT IT OUT. You have like 3 billion shirts! Oh no wait, that's Sam's upholstery shirt! Wow. I haven't seen that thing since S3.

"Don't give me that dirty diaper look, I aint calling you."
-This is all the more hilarious, since Dean probably actually does remember exactly what Sam's dirty diaper look looked like.

Also, Dean is wearing plaid. This is indeed a rare occassion.

Jody: "Sam. Jody Mills. I wake you?"
Sam: "Sheriff, yeah, I mean, um..."

-Firstly, I love the fact that Jody is talking HANDS FREE. Way to respect the law, Sheriff! (Well, the law as it is here, where we aren't allowed to hold a phone while we drive.)
-Secondly...um, Sleepy!Sam is my favourite Sam.

Sam: "Hey, question, how does a Sheriff in Sioux Falls know about a case in Ohio?"
Jody: "I'm just that nosy. Look after everything I've been through with you boys and..with Bobby...you know, something like this pops up on the wire, it catches my ear, what can I say."

- God bless Kim Rhodes. I mean, I don't know what it said in the script, but a simple tone change in her voice and all of a sudden we know exactly how she felt about Bobby's death, even though we weren't allowed to see it. I do wonder how she found out - whether it was over the wire, or if Sam and Dean actually did get around to calling Bobby's people.

Sam: "Sheriff Mills, she caught us one."
Dean: "Oh, I feel bad, we didn't get her anything."

- Sassy!Dean
- Also, I love how Sam always refers to her as Sheriff or Sheriff Mills - he's so polite. Polite and sleepy - it's like my kryptonite!

Sam: "I really hate to say this, but I hope you're watching cartoon smut, because reading Dick Roman crap over and over again is just self-punishment."
Dean: "It's called anime and it's an art form"

- I don't know when Dean got into anime, but I love it.
- Also, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with sexy Sam here. I think Dean SHOULD be reading Dick Roman stuff and trying to figure out what the hell is going on in Wisconsin, so that the Winchesters are the ones that solve the mystery rather than looking like helpless stooges. You could even work it into the Crazy!Sam plot, by having Dean so obsessed with solving the mystery that he doesn't notice that Sam's getting worse or something.

Sam: "Well, there's a semi-functioning bathroom and one unrancid bedroom."
Dean: "Define semi-functioning and do not use the words 'hole in the floor'"

- I love the fact that Sam doesn't answer this question - he just goes into rock-paper-scissors for the bedroom.
- Also, I love that we get this little slice-of-life as to what it's like for them squatting in abandoned houses.

Also, I love the fact that Sam can tell that Dean's going to try something other than scissors... and then he knows what it is!

Dean: "Now how's paper beat a rock? It's stupid."
- This is actually an interesting question... I'm curious as to how it was explained to other children, because I've only recently realized that I might be very weird in my experience with this. I've heard "Paper covers rock" as the only explanation (I think on the Big Bang Theory?)...but, um, when I was a kid, it was "paper covers rock so that you can light it on fire." Like...you know, the paper was the kindling in order to get the fire going that would scorch the rock... it made perfect sense to me as a kid, and I distinctly remember that being my big brother's explanation. So yeah, I guess I'm wondering if anybody else got the "so you can light it on fire" explanation or if it might have just been me. :P

Dean: "Special Agent Smith. This is Special Agent Smith. No relation."
- Hehehe, I love the "no relation" they now have to add to the end of their generic IDs.

The stoned guy is kinda hilarious - and he's such a storyteller!

Dean: "Alright, let me drive for a sec"
Sam: "Are you going to look at more anime or are you strictly into Dick now?"

- Oh Sam, he's so proud of his joke.

Sam: "Are those local feeds?"
Dean: "Yeah"
Sam: "How'd you do that so fast?"
Dean: "Little tutorial from Frank - don't worry, we'll pretend this never happened."

- See, I was right - Sam is the software guy and Dean is the hardware guy. Dean has now learned software and Sam's universe has been thrown off balance.
- That being said, I think they could have come up with something a little better on the computer screen that we see in the second that Dean has the computer - because all he does is type "Canton web cams" into a search engine. Oh Supernatural... I'll pretend it was much more impressive.

Cop: "Are you some kind of Gerry spy?"
Dean: "Jerry who?"
Cop: "And a bad one at that. This badge was issued 68 years from now. Ace work..."
*Dean does math*
Dean: "44! I'm stuck in 1944?!"

- See, Dean does math in his head as well as I do. :)

Ness: "What happened in the alley and paint me a picture."
Dean: "Alright, I'm 12 monkeyed no matter what I do, so here goes..."

- I love the battle of the temporal references.

Dean: "You believe me. You're a hunter!"
Ness: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Dean: "Demons, ghosts, shifters, hey, I've killed them all, and you're the same, just 68 years before me, huh?"
*Ness looks happy*
Ness: "And your name is?"
Dean: "Dean. Winchester."
Ness: "Ness. Elliot Ness."

- I do love this introduction, especially how happy Ness looks when he realizes that Dean is a Hunter too.

Sam: "Dean!"
Jody: "No...Why? Where's Dean?"
Sam: "That thing that's been mummifying people took him in a friggin' ball of light and disappeared!"
Jody: "You guys get that a lot?"
Sam: "Yeah, more than most people."

- There's something kind of kid-like about how Sam describes what happened. I also love how he's right - as Bobby said, whenever they go in to clean something they always end up covered in mud.
- I also love how Jody immediately twigs to the fact that something is wrong.

Jody: "Well, I got you into this, so-"
Sam: "No no no-"
Jody: "Shut-up, Sam. How can I help?"

- I also love that Jody immediately offers her help. Now, just to continue to play my game of "what could have made this season a little better": I think it would have been better if Sam had really NEEDED her help. If we could see that Dean being gone added a level of stress to Sam that made it hard for him to deal - thus, when Repo Man occurs and Dean disappears and Sam starts engaging with Lucifer, there's a precident and a warning that it could be a bad idea. I mean, think about it...if right before Jody called, we saw Sam staring at a fixed point in the room and then maybe opening his mouth to speak, but the phone cuts him off. And then when Jody offers to come help, Sam tells her not to, but then looks off at that fixed point again and says "actually yeah, um, I could use your help - you mind picking some boxes up for me first though-" ADDED DRAMA and THROUGH LINE FOR B PLOT (or is is C PLOT...who knows!)

Ness: "One witness said she saw the assailant light up red after killing the man."
Dean: "Awesome"
Ness: "How does that fill you with awe?"

- Back when I was in Grade 8, me and a friend were big into...well, shakespeare and stuff...and for a period of time we decided that we would only use the word "awesome" in the traditional sense. I think we lasted all of an afternoon. Overusing awesome is practically my catch phrase. :P Actually, at least to my mother, it IS my catchphrase. Anyway...the point of this story is that I loved this dorky joke.

Dean: "Wait, does this mean that I'm an untouchable now?"
Ness: "It means we have to get you into some new clothes, you look like some sort of bindlestiff."
Dean: "I'll stiff your bring-what?"

- Oh Dean, I love you.

I love how Dean checks out the army guy and not the girls who walk by. Haha. EVERYONE likes a guy in a uniform.

Ness: "He's from the future."
Dean: "Gas costs four bucks, you can get cheese from a spray can, the president is a black guy. I could go on."

- I love Ness' face when Dean says that the president is a black guy. You see the possibility that this does not sit well with Ness (hey, I know we want to think the best of our heroes, but people are a product of their times.)

Sam: "Let me help you with those"
Jody: "No, I got these. You go get the other twenty in my truck."
Sam: "Seriously?"
Jody: "Yeah, I think Bobby may have had a slight hoarding issue. I could barely get the door open on that storage locker. Oh, and I'm pretty sure something's alive in at least three of those boxes."

- I wonder what happened to all Bobby's stuff in the long-run... if they took it back to the storage locker, or if it's in the basement at Rufus'...or what.

Ah, Dean's beautiful clothes... I like how Ness is openly appreciative of the fine figure that Dean cuts.

Dean: "Awesome."
Ezra: "Awesome? Is he some religious cook?"
Ness: "No, he just likes saying that."

- Hehehe, I just love how Dean's like a cute animal at a zoo that Ness got to take home and is now trying to make sense of.

Ezra: "So...what bucket of syrup did you two idjits step into?"
*Dean laughs*
Ezra: "What's so funny?"
Dean: "You just reminded me of something."

- Everyone has a Bobby...except Sam and Dean now. :(

I love the duel investigations in the two different times happening "simultaneously."

Ness: "...and then go kill that bastard, because that-"
Dean: "-is the Chicago way."
Ness: "Chicago way? Who talks like that?"
Dean: "Sean Connery."

- Oh Dean, that's not even a good Connery impersonation. Also, you are such a dork... I can't believe you constantly make fun of Sam for being a nerd, when it's quite clear who the nerd in the family is.

Dean: "He's using the Biff strategy!"
Ness: "Using what?"
Dean: "Chronos is betting on races he already knows the outcome of."

- It is brilliant. I think we all wish we could do that. But what I really love is the Back to the Future reference.

I love the guy who plays Lester Young - he's such a fit for the genre.

Ness: "...but my partner here. He just got back from the war. He spent the last two years kicking in Nazi skulls. If he doesn't kick in a skull every few days, he gets real touchy."
Dean: "Lester? Is that a German name?!"

- So, I was going to cry foul here, because DDay wasn't until 1944, but then I remembered North Africa. Sigh. I always forget about North Africa. So yes, it is quite conceivable that the Americans had been kicking in Nazi skulls for two years and not just Japanese ones.

Sam: "Damn it!" Jody:"That's it!"
Sam: "Okay! Yours sounds better, go first!"
Jody: "It says here that people could summon Chronos to compel him to tell them their futures."

- I love the way Kim delivers that last line.
- Also, I just love everything about Sam and Jody working together - and for that matter Jared and Kim working together...moar please! SAM NEEDS FRIENDS TOO.

Sam: "It's more like we have to get the timing right to the exact second."
Jody: "Or we get an angry god and no big brother."
Sam: "And he's trapped there forever."

- I love the fact that Jody refers to Dean as "big brother," because it says so much about WHY they need him back. It's not "no hunter" or "no Dean" or "no friend", it's "no big brother." She's there to help Sam get his big brother back, for the simple reason that Sam NEEDS his big brother.

Jody *reading*: "'Fine you ass'-"
*Sam looks startled*
Jody *still reading*: "'-you win for once, enjoy R.' Who's R?"
Sam: "Rufus. A family friend. I wonder what they were betting over."

- I love the split second that Sam jumps when he thinks Jody is calling him an ass.
- I also love how Sam says FAMILY friend. Not "Bobby's friend" and never mind the fact that Sam and Dean only met him a handful of times - Rufus was Bobby's friend and therefore a "family friend."

Jody: "Well, whatever it was Rufus sure was a sore loser."
Sam laughs: "Yeah"
Jody: "It's weird, huh? It's like their life's a big puzzle. You just keep finding pieces of it scattered all over the place. We should drink this. He'd want us to. Am I wrong?"
Sam: "It's be rude not to."

- I love what Jody says there, because it's so true... and Jody has had to go through this with losing her husband and son too. I just love the picture it paints - like the puzzle is together when the person is alive, but only they can see the picture - and then they die, the pieces scatter, and you can pick them up and try to see what the picture was, but you only ever really get snippets of it. The completed puzzle is lost.

Dean: "I thought you were a Boy Scout"
Ness: "Why'd you think I went after Capone in the first place? The man had the best hooch in Chicago."

- I love the fact that everything Dean thought he knew about Ness is essentially wrong. :P

Dean: "So who died in your life and made you a hunter?"
Ness: "Who died? Nobody died, you morbid son of a bitch. I started during this because vampires were turning folks in Cleveland."
Ness: "Sometimes I just want to punch through the red-tape with a silver bullet. Hunting sets me free. Isn't that why you hunt?"
Dean: "I used to do it because that's what my family did. But they just seem to keep dying. Tell you the truth, I don't know why I'm doing much of everything anymore."
Ness: "Boo hoo, cry me a river, you nancy. Tell me, Are all hunters this soft as you in the future? Everybody loses everybody and then one day - boom, your number's up. But at least you're making a difference, so enjoy it while it lasts kid, because huntings the only clarity you're going to find in this life. It makes you luckier than most.

- So, last episode we got Frank's advice on how to make it through the day, and now we get Ness' - the problem is, of course, that, just like Dean isn't Frank, Dean also isn't Ness. Really look at what Ness is saying about why he got into Hunting... and keep in mind this is right after we see him drink, even though he's a hero of prohibition. Ness started Hunting because he got tired of working WITHIN the law. Ness wants to kill things and "hunting sets [him] free." Yes, Ness gets to save people, which is a wonderful side-effect and a good excuse, but Ness doesn't understand Dean's situation because Ness LIKES hunting, he CHOOSE hunting. He doesn't look at it like a curse (as Dean now does), he looks at it as freedom. He defines it as "clarity" because he's basically just going around killing things...all his cases are black and white (in his eyes) and it's all life or death, and as long as he's the one living, he's the one that's happy. He also doesn't appear to have anyone in his life to worry about, so yeah - easy for him to say.
- Dean often has crushes on this type of hunter, because that's always what Dean WANTED from hunting...he wants the simple black and white cases and the feeling of being alive that only sowing death in your wake can give you. The problem, of course, is that's not sustainable...Dean loves and he grieves, and that's also about being alive, but it's a bit more like Samsara than "clarity."

Dean: "Sweet merciful awesome!"
- The trunk! I love how that's part of the hunting culture.

Ness: "Everything's coming up us, kid."
Dean: "Talk to me."
Ness: "I am."

- Hehehe.

Dean: "Wait, if I kill Chronos, I'm stuck here."
Ezra: "You just now realized."

- Oh Dean, you do put it together kind of late - but in fairness, you were a bit distracted by Elliot Ness and your new clothes.

Now who wouldn't take an opportunity to kiss Dean?


Chronos: "Sorry honey, I don't know where I left my head. I'll be right there."
- Good Omens reference? y/n? Probably no, but this line reminds me of Good Omens, so I'm happy anyway.

I really love the clipped way that Chronos talks to his girlfriend. I mean, it's really kind of harsh and scary, but I like the cadence of it.

Old!Guy: "Better come in"
Dean: "Okay!"
*Dean heads straight up the stairs*

- Haha, Dean, I love you.

Old!Guy: "Is everything okay up here?"
Dean: "Yeah, yeah, well, no no - but don't worry, I'm going to install something that will protect this house forever."

- For some reason, even though this is a lie, I find it sweet that "something that will protect this house forever" is a note to Sam and Sam's name carved into the wall.

Jody: "You are toast. I'll keep pushing, you go get some shut-eye."
Sam: "No, that's okay, I'll-"
Jody: "Do I have to use my mom-voice?"

- And this kind of breaks your heart when you remember that Jody's son is dead.

I love Sam noticing the his name... :)

Jody: "Wait, this is from Dean?"
Sam: "Just read!"

- I love how happy Sam is - he's all "My big brother is the awesomest!"

Lila: "Ethan said awful things. And then he strangled that poor man."
Sam: "What poor man?"
Lila: "Two policemen came to arrest Ethan."
Sam: "Ma'am, was this one of them?"
Lila: "Ethan choked the life out of that man."

- Sam's FACE. Oh god, my heart.
- This is interesting though, because Supernatural time-travel episodes always work on closed loops (ie: they go back in time, because they've always gone back in time. They return to the future, because they've always returned to the future). So, Lila's version of events is what it is EVEN THOUGH Sam saved Dean...which means that Lila has reinvented what happened that night as a coping mechanism. She couldn't explain why Ethan and Dean disappeared in red energy - but she saw Ethan choking Dean, so therefore Ethan choked that poor man and then Ethan ran-away or was arrested...or something...

Oh man, they got me AGAIN with that jump scare of Chronos tackling Dean.

Chronos: "I'm not a monster. I'm the opposite..."
-And here comes Jason Dohring to break my heart...

It kind of annoys me that they don't use 24 hour time when they summon Chronos. They could be summoning him at 11:34 AM! Actually, that would most likely be the default. Kind of really annoying to me. Sam should have written 23:34 to be sure.

I love what they did with Chronos, making him a tragic "The Time Traveler's Wife" time-traveler. Instead of being a master of time, he's a victim to it.

Chronos: "Because I lived the worst existence you can imagine and then I found her!"
- Hugs? Seriously...I just...just want to hug you. I don't even care that you kill people...okay, I do a little.

Ness: "Hey, untouchable!"
- I missed this the first time! That's cute.

Chronos: "No! You destroyed everything!"
- I see you've met the Winchesters.

Chronos: 'You want to know your future? I know your future. It's covered in thick black ooze. It's everywhere. They're everywhere. The joy of living-"
-my heart. I love that monster death - the way you can see the red-energy beat along with the heartbeat that slows, and of course Jason knocks it out of the part as per usual. And you get the ominous warning that ties back into the main myth-arc. I really like this episode.


Sam and Jody in the car. Sam explaining that the store Dean sent the note from is in the hunting business and that's where they get the stuff to summon Chronos from, because it's still in business.

Saying goodbye to Sheriff Mills.

Jody: "Stay off the parallel bars until that neck heals up okay Dean."
-Can I see Dean on the parallel bars?

Dean: "Seriously, thank you, Sheriff."
Jody: "Jody! What's a girl gotta do."
Sam: "So, listen, don't call us again. Unless of course you want to be chased down by some crazy god or something."
Jody: "Yeah, don't worry, I won't."

- Aww, no, call all the time! Come back always!

-Seriously, I love Sam and Jody as platonic BFFs 4eva. Sam needs more friends - Dean has a bunch. Jody can be Sam's friend, so he has someone to drink beers with and complain about how Dean's ditching him to hang with his angel buddy or something.

Dean brags about hunting with Elliot Ness.

Sam wonders if they're capable of stopping the leviathan: "We're kind of dead-ended on Dick."
"I think the old man didn't die for us to stand around wondering. I think we're here to do what we can..."
He sends Sam out for some food and then he googles dick roman for the billionth time. :P
- Yes, more investigating! You know, I don't REALLY get how they wrote Sam here, because it seems like once again they forgot that Sam would ALSO be grieving Bobby. So, how come Sam's not out for revenge? Is he afraid because of the dark road it lead him down last time? Is he honestly that pessimistic about their chances of killing Dick? I don't get it.

Disc 3 completed!
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  • Ficlet: Wringer Washer

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