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Rewatch S7: Death's Door (7x10)


Ahem, I mean...please join me in this rewatch of Death's Door...

Oh god, I don't know if I can take this. At least the clothes should be relatively easy to catalogue. (And they were!)

Dean: "Sam, is he dead? Is he dead?"

- Oh god, my heart. Dean must be having a heart-attack.

Dean: "Keep him upright, stop the bleeding!"
Sam: "I'm not an idiot, Dean, I know first-aid for a freakin' bullet to the head!"

- I love the fact that Sam DOES know the first-aid for a bullet to the head - that he's probably been trained for it since he was a kid - that he does believe the idea of not knowing would make him an idiot.

I love how Bobby clues in that something is wrong pretty much right away.

-Ah the mystery numbers. I liked this plot point...until it was RUINED. Okay, that's me jumping ahead.

Bobby: "I didn't have time to tell you what they're cooking up. You need to know."
- I also like how much this simple fact drives Bobby. Bobby has always been Sam and Dean's "Information Guy" and even when he's dying, he puts getting information to Sam and Dean above all else.

Karen Singer...I do love whenever she shows up.

Bobby: "This is, this is just like it was."
This is also the first time we see the upstairs of Bobby's house (or at least part of it.) It's got sloped ceilings, which is cool. I love sloped ceilings. (My sister's 6'4'' boyfriend does not...I think he was fairly happy when me and my sister decided to move out of our old sloped ceiling apartment.)

Bobby: "Mother Mary, I've got a messed up fruit-cake."
- I just like this line.

Rufus: "Number one trick is act like you know what you're doing, Bobby!"
- This is very true. Listen to Rufus folks. This is basically applies to ALL OF LIFE.

Bobby: "No, listen to me Rufus, I'm going to die!"
Rufus: "Oh, now that's a realistic view of the mortality rate of a ghost hunt!"

-Hehehe, I love Rufus.

Rufus: "Oh, whoa nelly! Red-line! Alright, baby boy, here we go."
-Am I the only one that just noticed that Rufus called Bobby "baby boy"?!?! Later he calls him "paco" but seriously, "baby boy" is perhaps my favourite nickname from Rufus for Bobby.

Rufus: "Are you coming Bobby? I mean, we're not getting any younger here!"
- I love this line, because they aren't getting younger, but they also aren't getting older. Rufus is already dead, and Bobby is dying.

Kid!Bobby: "God's going to punish you."
- So creepy.

Reaper: "Hello Mr. Singer, you're time's up."
- I really like Bobby's reaper. He's such a dapper dude.

Reaper: "You're in a coma, genius, this is what happens - I climb into your...custard, and fish you out."
- And this is an interesting take on the mythology. When Dean was in a coma, he was in spirit form and the reaper found him in spirit form...but I guess Bobby's noggin' is too messed up because of the bullet for him to enter spirit form, so the reaper comes to him.

Sam: "I'm just saying, you can't really compare."
Dean: "I don't even know you right now! There's not even a contest!"
Sam: "It depends on the criteria"
Dean: "Survival is the only criteria, and when the crap hits the fan, it's not about who has skill, it's about who's the bigger badass. Bobby, will you please tell Sam that Chuck Norris could kick Jet Li's ass."

- I love that Bobby's favourite memory is of the boys bickering about films and candy. It says so much, because Bobby has been there when they've fought about much weightier things - and he's put them back together during and after those fights...and here we see him just enjoy a fight that anyone could have, that's not malicious, that doesn't have the world hanging in the balance...it's just two brother's bickering about who's a bigger badass.

I love the effect of having Bobby's mother in a 50s style kitchen while Dean is still behind Bobby in the living room.

Rufus: "Oh simple, I went deep."
Bobby: "Deep like old?"
Rufus: "No, deep like crap you don't want to think about, so you bury it, you shove other crap over it, and you don't go there. Ever."

- I love the way Steven delivers this line, because you feel every ounce of dread that comes with the idea of confronting the things that everyone buries. And I firmly believe that everyone has SOMETHING...even if they don't know what it is.

Bobby: "I gotta find the right door to get this to Sam and Dean, I'm in a coma Rufus, right now."
- What I like about this is that Bobby is talking about Sam and Dean as though Rufus (this Rufus) knows who they are - which means he very well might...which just speaks to how long Sam and Dean have been in Bobby's life. Bobby may have still been hunting with Rufus on occasion when they were kids.

Bobby: "You're coming with me Rufus!"
Rufus: "What?"
Bobby: "I need my partner on this! Please!"

- I also love that Bobby insists that Rufus come with him. Rufus was Bobby's white knight once upon a time, and then he was Bobby's mentor, and then he was Bobby's partner...and I love the fact that that all means something to Bobby. Bobby could have gotten imaginary!Sam'n'Dean to come with him, but no, he wants his partner. Supernatural is very much a show about partnerships.

Rufus: "By the way, killer bride - how come she called you a heartbreaker anyway. You're a family man if I ever saw one."
- This is also kind of heartbreaking about Bobby, the fact that he's a "family man" to anyone who meets him, but he was terrified of having his own children.

Karen Singer: "...you knew I wanted kids! Why didn't you just sit me down and say... I don't understand. You're a good man, you'd be a good dad. What does that even mean - 'you break everything you touch'? What kind of excuse is that?! [...]"
Bobby: "Just so you know, I'm sorry. I've never stopped being sorry."

- And this is why you talk about kids BEFORE you're married. Though, maybe Bobby actually did want kids, and thought he would get over his issues...and then got scared and they had this fight. Maybe if Karen hadn't died, she would have convinced him that he wasn't going to be his father.

Rufus: "Bobby, I'd thought you'd want a gang of rugrats. So how long after this?"
Bobby: "Did she get possessed? Three days. Biggest regret of my life, this night... you'd think it was when I had to stab her to death, but no, all through that, I was thinking 'we never got to get passed this.' If I'd have known, I would have said anything she'd wanted to hear."

- Remember back in Phantom Traveler when the boys tell us that people experiencing extreme emotions are more vulnerable to demonic possession? They haven't brought it up since, but I couldn't help but think of the idea that this fight might have helped the demon possess Karen...which you know, just adds salt to the wounds.

Rufus: "What year is this? 89-ish?"
- Thanks for the date, Rufus! Dean would have been 10-ish, Sam would have been 6-ish.

Little!Dean: "Hey Bobby, where're we going?"
Bobby: "Well, Dean, where's it look like?"
Little!Dean: "But Dad says I'm supposed to practice with a double-barrel."
Bobby: "Well, we're going to skip the guns today. Today, you're going to throw a ball around, just like a regular snot-nose little jerk."

- Dean made his first sawed off when he was around 10 or 11.
- I also loved this look at Bobby babysitting John's kids. I wonder if they were ever enrolled in Sioux Falls elementary for periods of time in their life.
- It also gives us a minimum age for meeting Bobby...in that it had to have happened in the first 4 years after Mary died, in order for Dean to be so familiar with Bobby.

Rufus: "You know, for a guy who'd rather break his wife's heart than give her a baby, you make a hell of a nanny."
Bobby: "Shut-up, Rufus."

- Seriously Rufus, don't salt those wounds!

The headline on the back of Bobby's dad's newspaper is "The Past is Best Left in the Past"...the front of the newspaper is "Soviets Set for Historical Launch" ..which you know, might be a reference to Sputnik? Or anything else the soviets launched into space, I guess!

Poor Kid!Bobby...

Oh, organ donor guy...you are playing with fire.

Dean: "Listen to me, I'm going to say this once. He's not going die. It's one bullet. He's going to be fine, because he's always fine."
HospitalGuy: "I apologize..."
Dean: "Why are you talking to me like he's going to die! Huh? I do my job. Do your jobs! Save him!"
*Dean punches glass*
Dean: "Walk away from me... NOW!"

- I love this scene. It's horrific and heartbreaking - but you see Dean's mindset. I think part of him believes that as long as he doesn't acknowledge the possibility of anything else, then Bobby will survive...it's the old thing humans do where they think they're actions and thoughts have more effect on the world around them then they actually do. Like wearing your lucky hat to a game in order to make sure that your team wins...only, you know, on a horribly heartbreaking scale.
- Also, I think it's against a Hunter's burial tradition to give away organs.

And Dick... I love Dean trying to call him out, pointing out the problem with pretending to be a famous person. It adds a certain bit of reality to the situation somehow.

Dean: "You're either laughing because you're scared or you're laughing because you're stupid. I'll see you soon, Dick."
- I love this line. It's so good. And I love how for the briefest of moments, Dick IS scared, or at least genuinely worried about the threat that Dean poses.

Bobby: "Well, Sam and Dean have run up against these suckers a couple-three times. I've picked up a few tricks, enough to slow them down at least."
- Again, I love that so much of Bobby's life revolves around Sam and Dean.

Sam: "What'd that guy want?"
Dean: "Oh, nothing, just an insurance mook."

- Dean lies to Sam here...and I think it's such a protective brother move. He doesn't want Sam to know that they're sniffing around Bobby's organs. Dean's actually, for once, doing everything in his power to be positive and optimistic.

Dean: "So when are they going to take the bullet out?"
Sam: "Dean, they're not even going to try that, not yet."
Dean: "What does that mean?"
Sam: "The word's 'abraiding', I think."
Dean: "English?"
Sam: "Cutting out the dead brain tissue, that's if it's even worth the risk."

- And here we get how dire the situation really is for Bobby, that even if he comes out of it, he'll be brain damaged in some way.

Sam: "Can I talk to you?"
Dean: "What? Talk about what?"
Sam: "You know what."
Dean: "No, we're not going to have that conversation."
Sam: "Well, we need to."
Dean: "He's not going to die."
Sam: "He might."
Dean: "Sam!"

- I think part of Dean really believes that as long as they don't have this conversation - as long as they don't brace themselves, Bobby will pull through for them.

Sam: "Dean, listen, we need to brace ourselves."
Dean: "Why?"
Sam: "Because it's real!"

- And Sam's words here tell us where HE is coming from. He needs to brace himself, because "it's real" because he's seen Bobby be killed by Lucifer before and it wasn't real...because he's got his sanity hanging by a thread and this might push him over the edge, and he needs words and a brother to hang on to.

Dean: "What do you want to do? Do you want to hug and say 'we made it through it when Dad died'? We've been through enough."
- And Dean has a point too, nothing they say or do will soften this blow.

And then Sam sits down and stares at a specific point for a second before squeezing his hands and then looking back at that point - and I absolutely love that they put this in here, because it shows that this is having a negative effect on Sam's ability to keep sane. I just wish they would have followed through with it on the next episode too...maybe built up to 7x17 by having the grief over Bobby putting Sam's recovery in jeopardy. It would have also been nice, because I feel like we get to see a lot of Dean grieving in this show, but we don't ever really get to see Sam grieving...and yeah, Dean may have been Bobby's favourite, but that doesn't mean that he didn't love Sam and Sam didn't love him just as much. It would have been a nice tribute to the character if we could see a more profound effect of his loss on Sam (obviously the effect on Dean was to drive him into revenge-mode...which we DO see.)

Past!Bobby: "No, we didn't shoot rifles, we threw a ball around as a matter of fact... He's a kid, John! They both are. They're entitled. ... Yeah, I know I ain't their Dad."
- So, it suddenly occurred to me that OF COURSE Bobby and John would butt heads over Dean and Sam. Bobby was raised by an overbearing abusive father who was master of the household and all cowered before him. Now, take out the abusive part, and you still have John's negative characteristics. John was master of his household and ordered Dean and Sam around like soldiers a lot of the time. Now, of course, he also loved them unconditionally and Bobby would have recognized that - but probably a lot of John's behaviour set Bobby's teeth on edge subconsciously.
- I always kind of thought of Bobby not as a second father, but as a second mother. He was the yin to John's yang. He wanted the boys to be boys and while he sometimes solved problems by yelling at Dean, he also was the one who was gentle with them, who asked how they were feeling, and who patched them up when they got hurt or were grieving. So, yeah, I never saw him as a John replacement, but rather a Mary replacement...especially considering that he and John were contemporaries in the boys' childhood. They BOTH raised Sam and Dean. The only difference between Bobby and a regular parent was that John could constantly remind him that he WASN'T a regular parent and that he didn't get a say...which again, would probably remind Bobby of his own father telling his mother that she was too soft on Bobby and that he was the only one who knew what was best.

Reaper: "Gotta admit, first time's anyone's pulled one on me while unconsciousness."
- I love what a badass Bobby is.

Reaper: "You've seen the dark coming. People disappearing, things going blank. Look around - cell by cell, that thing's killing your brain...."
- Yeah, there's no coming back from this.

Reaper: "Come with me, be done, you've earned it. Or fight me, stay here and you know the drill."
Rufus: "I don't know, Bobby, I mean, you really want to get stuck turn into some ghost."
Bobby: "I know what I'm doing, Rufus."
Rufus: "Yeah, yeah, you're thinking you can help those boys...."

- Foreshadowing, I see you. I do not like you, but I see you.

Reaper: "You've done enough, believe me."
Bobby: "I don't care."
Reaper: "Why?"
Bobby: "Because they're my boys!"

- Oh Bobby, you love them TOO much...or rather, you don't have enough faith in them (or the writers don't, for that matter).

Bobby's Father: "I'm your father and you show your father respect"
Bobby: "The day he deserves it! You drunken bully...."

- So true. I was raised to respect my elders and sometimes I really wish that I hadn't been - because some of my elders do not deserve respect.

Bobby: "I was a kid! Kids aren't supposed to be grateful! They're supposed to eat your food and break your heart, you selfish dick! You died and I was still so afraid I'd turn into you I never even had kids of my own."
- I love Bobby's definition of what kids are supposed to do. It says so much about his experience with Sam and Dean - that they drop by, eat his food and break his heart.

Bobby's Father: "Good. You break everything you touch."
Bobby: "Uh huh, well as fate would have it, I adopted two boys, and they grew up great. They grew up heroes! So you can go to hell!"

- I also love this because it's the only time Bobby outright says what he is to the boys. That he 'adopted' them, maybe not officially, but he took them into his heart as his children...he saw them grow up, and they were separated for a time, but then when they needed him again he was there for them, and even though they were adults, they still needed a parent.

Bobby's Mother: "Bobby, what did you do? God is going to punish you."
Bobby: "Hey, you did what you had to do. This is where you learn that they pretty much never say thanks when you save them. Now go get a shovel, bury the old man behind the woodshed."

- I wonder how many bodies they're going to find on Bobby's property when whoever buys his land off the estate sale goes to build.
- Also, I love the line "they pretty much never say thanks" because Bobby was introduced to the thankless job of a hunter VERY early in life, way before he actually became a hunter. And I also love it because Jody Mills DID say thanks, and well...someone else will before this episode is over...

Reaper: "You've got the only genetic case of bullet in the brain I've ever seen."
- I think this is kind of awesome in a heartbreaking sort of way.

Sam: "Hey, um, Bobby, hey, just, uh, thanks...for everything."
- And Sam (on behalf of him and Dean) says thanks.

This season is all about Sam's hands...Bobby writes on the right one, and it was Sam's left that's scarred.

Bobby: "Idjits."
- It's Bobby for "I love you"

So, heartmoniter machines don't actually flat-line in real life...that means that someone unplugged the machine. :P

Reaper: "...this house, it's your last island - everything else melted by that bullet. Gone. This is your last chance to come with me and move on, for your own good Bobby, let go. They'll be okay without you."
Bobby: "Last memory, huh? Glad I saved the best for last."

- And I LOVE that this is Bobby's best memory - just hanging out with his boys, watching them be brotherly, and loving them both to pieces.

Dean: "Okay, scoot jerkface, show your elders some respect."
Sam: "You scoot, asshat!"
Dean: "Did we get licorice?"
Sam: "No, we did not get llicorice, we got good snacks. Licorice is disgusting."

- The way Sam says that last line "we got good snacks" is SO childish, it's awesome.

Dean: "I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that, mister peanut butter and banana sandwiches"
Sam: "You know what, I stand by that sandwich! Nobody likes licorice. It's made of dirt."
Dean: "It is a classic movie food, it's right up there with popcorn!"
Sam: "Popcorn?! You're out of of your mind."
Dean: "It's like little chewy pieces of heaven..."
*Dean and Sam disappear*

- I'm with Dean on this one.
- Also, I like how they disappear as Dean is talking about "chewy pieces of heaven" - a hint maybe, about where Bobby would have gone.
- Also, it's horribly heartbreaking when they disappear, because it means Bobby's brain has forgotten them...that even if by some miracle Bobby were to live, there'd be nothing of the Bobby we know and love left.

Reaper: "Well Bobby, stay or go, what's it going to be?"

So, this is where my opinion differs with the creators of the show. I think Bobby should have gone. That Bobby was a hunter and he should have KNOWN that it was better to go - that you should always GO. I also think that he had gotten his message to Sam and Dean, that he should have felt that was enough for them to go on and been at peace enough to cross over.

More than that, I think it would have been better plot-wise and character-wise for Sam and Dean to HAVE to figure out the leviathan's plans. To NEED to do it on their own. The hero's journey is that the mentor dies so that the hero can be fully realized - because they have learned everything they need to succeed. The fact of the matter is that Dean and Sam, at this point, should be smart enough to get the job done without Bobby. It's not like it hasn't been hinted at - They've been dealing with things beyond Bobby's ken for a while now - Bobby doesn't NEED to be the expert anymore, because Dean and Sam should be the experts.

I think it would have made the episodes much more intriguing if Dean and Sam were putting puzzle pieces together the whole time and coming up with a picture of the plans that Bobby had seen on their own, rather than leaving it all to Frank and then waiting around just for Bobby to show up in ghost form and tell them. It makes Sam and Dean out to be incompetitent and it doesn't make for suspenseful plot. Intead, when Sam and Dean DO get a hint (the curing cancer thing), they're just like "I dunno what that means, let's go kill something unrelated and not worry about it unitl someone else points out how significant it is..." It just...yeah, drove me a little crazy.

There's also the fact that bringing Bobby back as a ghost and giving him a second death retroactively makes this one a little less poignant, which is a tragedy.

Other than what comes after this episode though, I LOVED this episode. I thought it was perfectly written and executed. It was heartbreaking and gorgeous and very very loving, a fitting tribute to such a beloved character.


Dick with a gun standing outside the warehouse after shooting Bobby. Telling Leviathan!Susan that he just returned the favour of Bobby shooting her in the face. Yeah, pointless scene is pointless, I can see why they cut it.


This time with Jim Beaver and Steven Williams! They are delightful and well-spoken men, so I actually don't add much to the conversation below, I just quote my favourite bits and write down a few tidbits they give us.

They shot the Death's Door repeat scenes of 7x09 at the same time as 7x09.

Steven found the episode technically fascinating.

Jim really loves Carrie-Anne Fleming. Steven can't understand why she's with Bobby, neither can Jim.

Steven really appreciates all the actors on Supernatural - that they're all wonderful and the characters are all full and have quirks. Jim agrees, that there are shows out there where everyone talks the same and everyone acts the same, but Supernatural isn't like that.

Steven: I absolutely loved our relationship.

Jim thinks John Wayne could take both Chuck Norris AND Jet Li. Steven is a "buddy of Chuck's" but he thinks Jet Li could take him.

Steven didn't realize Rufus was Jewish until this episode (actually, it wasn't until VanCon 2011 when the fans told him. I was there).
Jim: When we buried you last season, we buried you in a Jewish cemetary.
Steve: Yeah, but I was dead so I didn't know that.

A lot of the medical personnel were real medical personnel. Jim was scared of the women who cut his shirt open, but she had done it hundreds of times.

The hospital was Riverview. Steven finds it scary.

Jim thinks it's fitting that Bobby would turn to Rufus to help him, since Rufus was his mentor in hunting. Steven agrees.
Jim: They have uh-
Steven: -a tangled relationship *laughs*
Jim: But when push comes to shove-
Steven: -they have each other's backs.
Jim: So why not after death as well.

Steven was very happy to be in another episode. It's his "lobbying" episode "bring Rufus back!"

Steven loves watching the crews reaction to an actor doing a good job.

Steven: "Acting for me is about intent. It's about an intention. If you have an intent, it shows in your eyes. [...] I think what an actor does is not lie, but he finds the truth in the writing [...]
Jim: James Cagney said that the secret to acting is you walk in, you plant your feet, and you look the other guy in the face and you tell the truth.
Steven: Exactly, and tell the truth.
Jim: But, you know-
Jim and Steven: -what did he know?

Steven: ...You can see the caring in this scene that these guys have for each other.
Jim: Well we have a lot of banter together, but then when it gets real important, you see that the connection goes beyond that. One of the great things about Supernatural is that it's not just a scary show, it's got a lot of all kinds of aspects of drama in it...

Jim: Yeah, here's a real special effect, making me look like I'm 30, not sure they pulled it off.

Steven was happy to wear one of his earrings on TV.

Bobby's father was played by an Australian guy.

Jim talks about how intense it was watching some of Bobby's memories, because the body doesn't know the emotion isn't real. At the end of the day, he was exhausted from being angry all day. Steven thinks that a testament to Jim's acting.

Steven: Both these guys here, Jensen and Jared. Lots of potential. Future stars!
Jim: Yup, lot's of potential.
Jim: It's too bad they're such jerks to work with.
Steven: and horrible looking humans, aren't they?!

Jim: They are so much fun to work with, so much fun. And I think the whole tone of the set is set in a way by them. Because usually in a show whoever's in the top position is the one who's setting the tone... and if you've got happy friendly people setting the tone, then everyone's happy all the way down the line.

Steve: I was welcomed with open arms. The way that I was treated from day one on the set was fabulous.

Jim: James Patrick Stuart. He's a great guy. Terrific actor. Really slimey villain...

They talk about how taking the cross out of the book was difficult. Took forever, caught on pages.

Jim: I think this is one of Jensen and Jared's favourite episodes because they had a lot of days off.
Steven: Well when you're doing a show where there's two main actors, that's a hard long week...
Jim: I'm firmly of the opinion that the hardest job in the acting business is being the lead on an hour drama.
Steven: You know what fascinates me also, Jim, is the crew! If we show up at 6(am), they've been there since 4(am), and if we leave at 12(am), they don't leave till 2(am), and then there's a lot of paperwork to be done...
Jim: ...there are crew guys in an entire run of a series that I've never seen sit down.

Jim: Doesn't everybody keep a bottle of blood in their refrigerator?
Steven: I know I do, just in case...

Steven: You know what was exciting for me - I heard they were using Rufus' cabin for headquaters, and I thought, yes yes, there's still hope for Rufus yet! He's being mentioned once again. They're in his house. He has to go back and catch them.

Steven: It's the standoff of the beards...MOUSTACHE HIM!

Steven thought the line "most men like you die of liver disease watching Barney Miller reruns" reminded him a bit too much of himself, "little eerie." He laughs.
Jim: While I figured out that the way to escape death is never watch Barney Miller.

Jim: ...I think everybody wants a chance to review what where they've come from, what they're life has been about. In some of those stories it's about making it better, in this story it's about finding what is most true and using it to achieve an aim. I think that there's an awful lot of regret in the world, and I think people like to look at where they've come from...maybe not so much how they could have changed it back then, but how they can change it in the future. How they can make something better from what might not have been a comfortable past. [...] and it may seem like it's just about finding the right door to get out of his dilemma, but I think it's about Bobby coming to an understand - coming to an understanding about what his life has been.

Jim: The relationship between Bobby and Sam and Dean has been pretty clear for a long time, but it was great to be able to say it, to say [...] that 'I adopted two boys', no Bobby didn't go down to the courthouse and adopt them, what he means is they are the children that he could never bring himself to have. They are his sons. That relationship is one of the core relationships of the show, and it was affecting, personally affecting to me to get to say it out loud...

Steven: That's another thing I've noticed about this show too. I mean, most of the characters in this show are homocidal maniacs!
Jim: Well...we draw from life.

Jim says that once again Jared stood at the end of the bed and twisted his toes during this episode.
Steven: And yet you never cracked.
Jim: well, it's my job not to crack.

Steven: That's part of the fun. It's hard work, but the job can be fun.
Jim: Well, if you can have fun while you're doing it.

Jim: I love that Bobby's last word was "Idjits"

Jim: I'm glad the camera came off me, because I've discovered that the hardest thing for an actor to do is play dead. Try not to breath and move and flinching.

Talking about the collaborative effort of TV:
Steven: Put all the ingredients together the right way and you can get a nice cake.

Jim: ...it doesn't really matter what comes after, he's going to stick around for his boys.

Jim: I gotta say, this episode was a real honour to get to do. Character actors don't often get a banquet like this to feast on. And for all the people on the show that made that happen and gave me that opportunity, I'm very grateful. And I'm very grateful to have gotten to work with you.
Steven: Ditto
Bobby: I know a lot of people don't feel that way, but...
Steve: *laughs* then un-ditto!

And there you have it... next time, we move back to episodes that aren't as perfect as this one....

I should say, however, that after I typed up "Time for Wedding" I had this wonderful dream where I got to caress Sam Winchester's face a lot (consensual, of course ;) )...so, you know, it's not all bad reviewing episodes that you might not be particularly fond of!

I slept in so late today that I am now going to go make dinner at 11:30pm... oh adulthood, I am not good at you.
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  • Rewatch S14: Moriah (14x20)

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