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Quick Reaction: 8x02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Woo! Early Quick Reaction today because I watched on the east coast feed and then had dinner - so I'm now typing during the west-coast feed (which is usually the time I watch).

Anyway, let's get on with it...

I really like Kevin...who is arguably still upset about the whole dead girlfriend thing. I like how Sam just stays completely out of the fight between Dean and Kevin, and smiles when Dean tells him to shut-up. Sam is VERY passive so far this year, to the point where it's almost out of character? Maybe not. I'm hoping the flashbacks will shed a bit more light on this, but you definitely get the impression that Sam is very much just in this because Dean told him to, so he's just going along with whatever Dean decides.

Anyway, it's off to see Kevin's mom, because for some reason he didn't try to make his way there during the whole year he was on his own. Maybe he figures it's only good to go with reinforcements.

The stake-out of his old house (which, by the way, indicates Kevin's mom is loaded) is very reminiscent of the stake-out of the house Lilith was "vacationing" in back in No Rest for the Wicked (3x16)...with the mailman and neighbours all possessed.

And man, they really aren't caring about the vessels anymore, are they? Though, I guess it makes sense, not wanting to alert Crowley. Still, makes me miss demon-blood!Sam's powers that saved the hosts.

ETA: I forgot about Sam saying the exorcism backwards!! AND IT WORKED! I love that the Winchesters know it so well that Sam can just say it backwards rapid-fire! Brilliant! :)

Kevin's mom is kind of awesome. At first, I thought her acting was a little stiff, but I think it's just because I couldn't read the character - but she definitely grew on me. Also, more Asians! But you definitely see the fact that Kevin has NEVER argued with his mom (or at least knows that he can't ever argue with her and win.) And I love the "It's not like it's my first tattoo" line and Kevin's reaction.

Though, was it just me, or when Sam told Kevin he needed to get a tattoo, did he look oddly flirty? Maybe that's just my thing for Jared coming through...

Anyhoo, Kevin really thought that putting the tablet in a bus station locker would work? Oh Kevin.

Before we get to that though, there are a COUPLE of continuity things that twigged me - one, Kevin could see Demon's true faces in S7, so for some reason that isn't working anymore? Also, when we were first introduced to Kevin, he knew instinctively where the active tablet was...why can't he sense the demon one moving around the world without him?

The interrogation scene was cool - with Dean going in and out of flashbacks and threatening the information out of the guy. It's funny how calm Sam is though, just banging on the table and basically saying "No, Dean, bad dog!" but he doesn't get up or try to help or anything - he just tries to get Dean's attention.

The pawnshop scene was good. Why Kevin's mom had him memorize the blue book, I don't know...or why Sam knows the tax in Wyoming...but I love how Kevin's mom immediately proves her worth to the team. Though, you know, I knew there was a good chance she'd be dead by the end of the episode...

And then "Mr. Peanut" shows up. They've used that motel before...and that EXACT CAMERA ANGLE...maybe they should have avoided it, or done something...but whatever.

Sam even THINKING of using the Impala for bidding was blasphemy. My goodness. Dean's threat of killing Sam, and Sam's children, and Sam's grandchildren, was a little ridiculous though, considering that Sam doesn't have any children and probably never will.

Off to the auction! I was super afraid that the demon knife was going to get stolen as soon as Dean put it in that box...but I was wrong!

Okay, enter my new favourite character: Samandriel! (I'm pretty sure that was his name, could be wrong.) HE'S SO LITTLE AND CUTE!! He's a little adorable angel and I love him. 

Also, he is Cas-friendly, and seems so sad about Castiel... and the fact that he says that Cas always had "too much heart" - awww...

He triggers the flashback to when Dean finally finds Castiel...and Castiel gets his hug! and I love how Dean actually DIDN'T doubt Castiel. He didn't believe that Castiel had abandoned him at all...only, Cas had, but for good reason! But that's okay, because Dean insists that they're going to get out all together...so now it's just a matter of figuring out why that didn't work. :(

The auction was funny, I loved the bids. I can't remember what the angel was bidding, but I love the fact that Crowley tried to bid Alaska and the moon. :P

I knew as soon as "Mr. Peanut" invited Kevin to the auction that he was going to end up being one of the items, so that bit didn't surprise me at all. And then I figured, yeah, Kevin's mom has been the expendable crew-member this whole time, so of course she's going to bid her soul.

And did I mention how much I love Samandriel? He tries to do his angelic job, and when Ms. Tran turns him down, he's just like "okay, I understand..." and walks off like a little kicked puppy. Oh man, baby angels are so cute!

I was NOT expecting Crowley to jump into a different vessel. Also, it's the first time we see Crowley's eyes!! He is indeed King of the Crossroads, because the eyes are red. Not only that, but the smoke is red! But I've jumped ahead of myself...what I really want to talk about is:

SAM USES MJÖLNIR!!! COOLEST THING EVER! I shrieked and clapped! Oh my god. Lightening and everything - no wonder Sam was growing his hair long ;) I LOVED IT. Can Sam's new weapon by Thor's hammer for always? Dean can run around with the demon knife and his purgatory ax, and Sam can CLOBBER PEOPLE WITH MJÖLNIR!!

Anyway, meanwhile, Dean takes off after Crowley!Ms.Tran and he aims to kill her...which, yeah, dude, you get a chance to kill Crowley and you don't take it? You're an idiot. Kevin, however, takes offense.

Also, we get to the one bit of the episode that annoyed me, because Crowley waltzes out in his usual vessel all cool as you please and bends down and picks up the tablet and then saunters away,and Dean DOESN'T CHASE HIM?!?! He had no problem chasing him when he was Ms. Tran, why stop now?! Ugh...I hate it when there's no good reason for the bad guy to get away other than the hero just didn't kill him FOR NO REASON.

So, yeah, that bit pissed me off.

Of course, Crowley gets his one poisonous word in before he goes and mentioned that everyone the Winchester's "use" ends up dead and bloody...and then Kevin's mom is catatonic...and yeah, Kevin makes a break for it.

And we also get a flash of something...Cas falling? Dean letting him go? You can't tell...but SOMETHING happened in purgatory where Dean had to abandon Cas, I'm sure of it. Crowley wasn't that far off the mark.

So, with Kevin gone, and Crowley holding the tablet, there's not much to do next week but have a Monster of the Week and some Sam backstory...that's my prediction anyway. I'll be interested to see just exactly what happened with Sam...if we'll get any sort of clue as to who that shadowy person was lurking outside his girlfriend's house in Texas was...

So, what did I miss? What/who did you love? Let me know in comments... 
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