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Rewatch S7: How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters (7x09)

Oh wow, we're at this episode already...

Well, that's good...we're one off from my second favourite episode of the season... though, that also means that we're one off from the saddest episode ever.

I think this season actually works better marathoning, because then you get to the mythology episodes faster. :P

The non-camping "camping"...seriously, they have a generator and a bed...and ENDTABLES WITH MATCHING LAMPS. Maybe they were one of those people who were evicted from their houses in the whole mortgage-thingy and this is where they live now?! Oh my god...I just made this so much more tragic.

It is kind of hilarious that he puts on "sounds of nature" when he is IN NATURE. Though, in fairness to him, "soothing seas" has got to be better than "raccoon fight" which is usually what I end up hearing when I go camping.

Sam: "You strip enough wire?"
Dean: "Yes, I stripped enough wire!"

- Oh, boys.

Bobby: "Well, I'm taking a page out of Frank Devereux's bible on this. Everybody-is-out-to-get-you Paranoia is just plain common sense."
Dean: "Weeks guys, weeks. We've been living with cold showers, cold hotpockets, cold everything. I mean, this is the bottom that we're living in, you get that right?"

- It just occurred to me that we really don't have any explanation for Bobby being here - besides the fact that the case might involve outdoor tracking - though, it's not like Sam and Dean have never done that before...except, that might have been all the way back in Wendigo and then never again, so maybe they actually do think they need the help.
- Anyway, poor Dean. They've taken away his hot hotpockets. It IS interesting to have a monster that drives Sam and Dean even further out of society than they were before, while the monster rises HIGHER in society.

Dean: "This is stupid. Our quality of life is crap. We got purgatory's least wanted everywhere, and we're on our third 'the world's screwed' issue in, what?, three years? We steered the bus away from the cliff twice already."
Sam: "Somebody's got to do it."
Dean: "What if the bus wants to go over the cliff?"
Bobby: "You think the world wants to end?"
Dean: "I think that if we didn't take it's belt and pins away from it each year, then the whole enchilada would have offed itself already."
Bobby: "Stop trying to wrestle with the big picture, son, you're going to hurt your head."

- I think Dean would like to go over a cliff, and he's projecting.
- Seriously though, Bobby's right. The reason Sam isn't as low as Dean is because Sam is forced to take every single minute at a time, due to the mental-illness (that we are not seeing). Bobby is focused on whatever hunt he's on and keeping the boys alive - but Dean is letting himself think of everything...he's thinking about everything he's lost, everything that's wrong, and how it never ever seems to end...he never catches a break, and he's never allowed to have anything good in his life. And the more he thinks about "the big picture" the more it "hurts his head" because the big picture is horribly depressing and is basically a big neon sign telling Dean that every single thing he does is pointless and all of his loved ones are going to die in the end.
- Here's a bit of completely useless trivia for you 'en-chi-la-da' sounds a lot like the Mandarin Chinese for "eat spicy food"...in my opinion anyway.

Dean: "...we make sure this isn't just some backwoods crackhead who likes to roll glampers."
Bobby: "What the hell's a glamper?"
Dean: "Sam?"
Sam: "High-end camper. TV/AC/WIFI - back to nature, zero inconvenience."
Bobby: "That's idiotic."
Sam: "Yeah, some people just don't know how to live."

- I love how Dean delegates to Sam to explain. It's cute.
- I also love Sam's "some people just don't know how to live" because I'm sure that's what all the glampers are saying about regular campers - the goal in modern life is supposed to be constant-luxury, and yet...is that really happiness? It's the old argument about whether happiness lies in luxury or simplicity.

Ah Ranger Rick...

Ranger Rick: "Come to think of it, I haven't seen Phil in a couple of days - he's supposed to call from whatever station he's checking off."
Sam: "You think maybe your assistant chief ranger might be missing?"
Ranger Rick: "I should probably report that."

- Heheh, I suppose I should have known something was off right away, but I think at this point I was just thinking of the different characters they had back in Monster Movie and I didn't really twig to it. :P

Bobby: "...and a wendigo don't leave no scraps."
Dean: "Lunch?"
Bobby: "Starving"

- I love how they can eat after a conversation about things eating people.

Dean: "Hey, uh, Brandon, can we grab a booth?"
Brandon: "Hey, uh, douchwad, the hostess will seat you. Do I look like a freakin' hostess?"
Dean: "Do you want to...look like a hostess?"
Sam: "That didn't really make sense, what you said."

- Heheh, and this was before Dean was stoned... you have to love Dean, you really do.

Brandon: "Sidewinder soup and salad combo goes to Big Bird. TDK slammer to Ken Doll, and a little heart-smart for Creepy Uncle."
- Hahaha

Bobby: "Well, Brandon's got his flare all up in a bunch."
Sam: "Yeah, there goes his 18%."

- Okay, so, do you actually tip 18% in the states. I read an article the other day that said that Canadians are known as bad tippers in the states...I mean, I know our minimum wages are all higher, so waiters don't actually have to rely on tips. But our usual rule is 15-20% depending on the quality of service, but 15% is usually minimum unless you are a douchenozzle.
- I'm also taking this as a reference to the movie Office Space, which is an awesome movie and I love it.

Dean: "...It's like the perfect storm in your top three edible birds."
*Sam smiles fondly*

- SERIOUSLY, I think this season more than ever, Sam is ALL ABOUT LOVING DEAN. He might as well wrap him up in hugs and kisses and start petting his hair at this point.

It's actually really weird to see the Winchesters with rifles...which is kind of funny given their name.

Dean: "You used to take us hunting, remember? Dad had a case, he used to dump us on you. Shoot, you must have taught us most of the outdoor tracking we know."
Bobby: "Yeah, what I could get to stick. Never could get you little grubs to pull the trigger on a single deer."
Dean: "You're talking about Bambi, man."
Bobby: "You don't shoot Bambi, jackass. You shoot Bambi's mother."

- Oh, and the hints begin...because they're talking about how Bobby was with them since they were kids, and teaching them stuff, all nostalgic like...and Bobby's a PARENT, and then Bobby's punchline is about killing a parent... and yeah.
- I do love how much Dean doesn't like hurting animals. He gets sad when witches kill bunnies, he refuses to shoot deer.

Bobby: "Damn thing's eating Rick"
Dean: "Man, I liked Rick"

- Oh partially starting to be Stoned!Dean. I guess it takes a bit to kick in.

I do like the shoot-fest when the monster jumps back up again. I tried to take it frame by frame to see if I could see the point where Jensen cut his hand on the slide...I may have caught a wince, but it happens very fast. (Oh, um, Jensen explained at a Con that he cut his hand on the slide during this scene.)

Dean: "Ugh, that is just going to ruin the leather"
Bobby: "Are you feeling okay?"

- You know, there's a lot of truths revealed about a persons personality when they're stoned... and here we see that Dean cares about whether or not leather gets ruined. :P

Dean: "Are you guys getting hungry? I'm hungry."
- Oh, Stoned!Dean, you're hilarious.

Sam: "Dean?"
Bobby: "What do you think?"
Dean: "I'm not worried about it. That's funny, right? I couldn't give two shakes of a rat's ass. Do rat's shake their ass or is that something else?"

- I like how even when stoned, there's a part of him that does realize that something is out of the ordinary with himself...even though the thought is quickly derailed (as is wont to happen while stoned.)

Sam: "There's something wrong with you, Dean."
Dean: "Are you kidding? I'm fine. I actually feel great. Best I've felt in a couple months - Cas, black goo - I don't even care anymore. You know what's even better? I don't care, that I don't care."

- I think this also says a lot about where Dean's depression is coming from. Dean is worried about Sam, and grief-stricken/angry about Cas, and with that much going on, he can't bring himself to care about the state of the world - but, then Dean starts getting depressed about how much he doesn't care about the world anymore, how much his job seems pointless... and the more depressed Dean gets, the more he doesn't care about the world and the more he doesn't care the more depressed Dean gets...it's an endless downward spiral.

Dean: "Is that...in me?"
Sam: "Only half of it."

- Heheh. Two things: 1)This reminds me of that joke that kids tell each other - "what's worse than finding a worm in an apple?" - "finding a half a worm" and with those last two lines 2)context is everything.

Sam: "So whatever [...] is currently turning Dean into an idiot-"
Dean: "I'm right here. Right here."

- I just love Dean's line there.

"If I wasn't so chilled out right now. I would puke."
- I love the look Sam gives him. 'I know, buddy.'

Sam: "What's he doing?"
Bobby: "Sleeping it off. [...]"
Sam: "So you think he's okay?"
Bobby: "Yeah, he's alright."
Sam: "Good....so you don't worry about him?"

- I love this - because we get to see from Sam's point of view however briefly. We get to see that he's noticed that Dean's depression is more than just the lying about Amy, because he hasn't gotten better since then. And the way Sam asks - you can tell that Dean's the most important thing to him, and it could just be because Dean's his brother (and I'm sure it is), but I also think it's partly because Dean's his rock at the moment. He needs Dean in order to keep his head screwed on straight, and watching Dean slowly crumble under his depression and grief is probably worrying on a whole other level to Sam.

Sam: "...more like ever since my head broke, and we lost Cas - I mean, you ever feel like he's going through the same motions, but he's not the same Dean, you know?"
Bobby: "How could he be?"
Sam: "Right, yeah, but what if-"
Bobby: "What if what, Sam? You know, you worry about him all he does is worry about you. Who's left to live their own life here? The two of you - aren't you full up just playing Snufflupagus with the devil all the live-long?"

- Although Bobby has a point and that Sam and Dean really do need to learn how to worry about themselves just as much as each other, I'd argue that he's also wrong... that Dean is PART of Sam's ability to play "Snufflupagus with the devil all the live-long."
- I also love that Bobby referenced Old-School Sesame Street when Snufflupagus was thought to be just a figment of Big Bird's imagination. (I'm pretty sure he's come out of hiding since then and now everyone knows him...though I could be wrong...it's not like I watch Sesame Street very often anymore.)
- And I love how Sam can always see through the "Dean is pretending to be himself" act.

Sam: "I don't know, Bobby, seeing Lucifer's fine with me."
Bobby: "Come again?"
Sam: "I'm not saying it's fun, but to be honest with you, I kind of see it as the best case scenario. I mean, at least all my crazy's under one umbrella, you know?" *starts heavily squeezing hand* "I kind of know what I'm dealing with. A lot of people got it worse."
Bobby: "You always were one deep little sonovabitch."

- Do you see how Sam starts aggressively squeezing his hand as he talks about Lucifer? This is a clue that ACKNOWLEDGING IT makes it WORSE. Do you know what would have been awesome?! MORE STUFF LIKE THAT! If we knew the parameters of Sam's grip on reality, then we'd have had a LOT more concern for his ability to LOSE that grip, and it would make the loss of that grip all the more painful...if we had actually SEEN the struggle.
- And of course, if we also get another clue that Bobby is not long for this world "you always were..." Oh man, all the little subtle ways Edlund has to say "I have been a mainstay in your life, but not for much longer."
- Oh, and of course we get the whole optimist vs. pessimist thing again - Dean "This is the bottom that we're living in" Winchester vs. Sam "A lot of people have it worse" Winchester.

"Dick is coming."
- I don't know if this is where the dick jokes start, or if it was the last episode with Crowley's "you met that Dick yet?" Personally, I think it's here.

Bobby: "How's your head?"
Dean: "I think the slammers pretty much worn off [...]"
Bobby: "I wasn't talking about that."
Dean: "Look Bobby, don't, don't go all Sigmund Freud on me right now, okay. I just got drugged by a sandwich."
Bobby: "I want to talk about your new Party Line."
Dean: "Party line? What are you talking about? I don't even vote."
Bobby: "The world's a suicide case, we save it, it just steals more pills." [...] "I've seen a lot of Hunteres live and die. You're starting to talk like one of the dead one's, Dean."
Dean: "No, I'm talking the way a person talks when they've had it. When they can't figure out why they used to think all this mattered."

- This is actually a fairly big thing for Dean, because he's actually admitting to how horribly depressed he is rather than saying "I'm fine, let's go hunt monsters."

Bobby: "Oh you poor, sorry. You're not a person."
Dean: "Thanks."
Bobby: "Come on now, you tried to hang it up and be a person with Lisa and Ben, and now here you are with a mean old coot and a van full of guns. That ain't person behaviour, son. You're a hunter, meaning, you're whatever the job you're doing today. Now you get a case of the Anne Sextons, something's going to come up behind you and rip your fool head off. Now you find your reasons to get back in the game. I don't care if it's love or spite or a ten dollar bet. I've been to enough funerals, I mean it. You die before me and I'll kill you."

- Okay, not to speak ill of the dead here, but I actually don't think Bobby takes the right approach here. I mean, YES, I get that he's worried about Dean, that he wants Dean to not be eaten by a monster because he's too depressed to care... but at the same time, he's basically saying the equivalent of "Suck it up" to someone who just said "I'm horribly depressed and I don't know what to do about it." Um, just.... that's not what you should say to someone who is depressed, fyi. Don't ask me what you DO say though, I don't know. I just know what you don't say... so yeah, I guess I can't blame Bobby too much.
- Okay, now, that that's out of the way... I get what Bobby is TRYING to say, which is that Dean wasn't happy as a person either, that there's a REASON he came back to Hunting. And of course, he's also saying "I'm worried about you and I love you" which, I think, thankfully, is mostly what Dean hears.

Dean: "We need to scrape some money together - get you a condo or something."
- And I think that's Dean's way of saying "I love you too."

The Rise of Dick...
Haha, such bad photoshop...you know, I don't think it's that the art department doesn't have skills, it's that they probably never have enough time. Poor art department.

Dean: "Now it's all making sense. Remember when Crowley kept going on about hating dick? I thought he was just being general-"
- Hehehe.

Dick: "You know what I love? I mean, besides handball and a really crisp chardonnay - I love progress."
- Although I'm not sure the leviathans as the big bad were pulled off effectively this season, I do like James Patrick Stuart's acting.
- I also wonder how much of their "host's" personality Leviathans pick up when they become other people... because Dick uses all the catch-phrases of a corporate motivational speaker, and the Leviathan!Doc acts like a little kid (his first host) even though he knows science and such... and the Chet!Leviathan tied up in the basement wanted to go to a library after it became Bobby... it's just an interesting train of thought.

I like how Bobby has made his own Bluetooth by clamping his cellphone to his ear using his headphones.

Dick: "No, the golden rule is that there's no such thing as monsters...."
- This is a good line... the whole "greatest trick the devil ever pulled..." Really, the fact that monsters are a secret in the Supernatural Universe actually makes it much easier for the monsters. Just imagine if EVERYONE was salting their doors and windows?

Leviathan!Doc: "You're bibbing me?"
- And the whole bibbing thing...which, you know, defies physics, not that this is the first thing we've had to suspend our disbilief on, of course. But I honestly thought that the fact that Leviathan's had a self-destruct ability would come up again...but if never did.
- I guess what it does most effectively is showing how much power Dick has - just from the fact that he can order an underling to eat itself and it WILL.

Bobby: "Now I have officially seen it all."
-Nooo...you jinxed yourself.

Dean: "They got him."
Sam: "Dean, there are at least four leviathans in there. We don't even know how to kill one."
Dean: "Well, it'll be quite a shock when we walk in the front door."

- Of course... because if Bobby dies, Dean will strap Sam into the car and drive off a cliff.

Bobby: "No, they're too smart. They know they don't have the numbers. It'd be suicide. I've run my race. I could die worse."
- This is the thing...which I'll get to probably at the end of my Death's Door rewatch, but Bobby, at least up until he saw the plans, was AT PEACE with impending death. And really, what Hunter (by choice) isn't? Every single job could be his last, and this is hardly the first time he's believed that he's going on a suicide mission for/with Sam and Dean.

So, how do Sam and Dean get SO FAR ahead of Bobby when they run out of the building... he's not cornered for THAT long.

Sam: "Hey Bobby, your hat.... oh god, Bobby!"

Tune in next time for TRAGEDY! 

(Next rewatch might not happen until Thursday or Friday, unfortunately... I have to work tomorrow, and then I have evening plans...and then Wednesday is S8 SPN... so, yeah... and then the next episode is going to be a doosy, because it's also got commentary.)
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  • Dean's S9 Blue Plaid

    Dean's S9 Blue Plaid This plaid shirt is similar to Dean’s Stolen Plaid, but different! It’s got a very simple plaid pattern.…

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