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Rewatch S7: Season 7, Time for a Wedding (7x08)

Okay, so this episode is a bit problematic for some, so we'll see how I manage the minefield...

Originally, when I first saw this episode, I thought it was rather hilarious. I thought the premise was a bit stupid, but that was about my only complaint. The friend I usually watch Supernatural with, though, was rather livid with what they had done with Becky. I originally defended the show saying that everyone gets insecure and it actually made Becky a bit more of a realistic character than she had been before and blah blah blah - I kind of forget my reasoning now and I'm too lazy to go look it up.

I've been thinking about it though, and I think my friend's reaction might have actually been the right one. Becky worked as an inside-joke about the fans before, because she was confident, crazy, but, most importantly, completely unashamed. She might have been alone, and Sam might have had no interest in her, but she still snagged Chuck with no difficulty and then let Sam down easy as though he SHOULD feel bad that he couldn't have her anymore. In this episode, she suddenly becomes the stereotypical insecure pathetic nerd.

Then there's the whole drugging Sam and tying him to a bed without pants on... which you know, is just not something you do to a rape victim. Also, drugging someone who already has mental-issues is REALLY not a good idea. Basically, what I'm saying is that Becky problems aside, this episode should not have been possible plot- and character-wise this season. Sam should have A)flipped out about the change of reality, or B)flipped completely out after waking up tied to a bed and stripped. Basically, this episode drives the final nail into the coffin of Sam's serious storyline, because it's a huge neon sign that says: yeah, there are no repurcussions of the cage, because Sam's magically fine with all this.

Basically, what I'm saying is that if you go back and read my Quick Reaction, and then read this rewatch, you'll probably think that they were written by two different people... and in a way, they were. You can't step in the same river twice.

Anyway, now that I've addressed the numerous problems in this episode, let's start the actual rewatch... I probably won't be addressing those problems again, so this may in fact be a very short one... let's hope, anyway, I have to have a shower at some point today and go out for dinner.

- I have to say, I still love Sam's "you okay, lady?" back from S5.

Waitress: "...I'm in grad school. See! Okay, there's a look, stop!"
Dean: "No, this is my 'I dig smart-chicks' look. No, if they wore that, I wouldn't have dropped out of school."

- So, here we get A)a reminder that Dean is awesome and really does dig smart-chicks, and B)another confirmation that Dean really did drop out of high school.

Waitress: "So? What's your deal?"
Dean: "My deal?"
Waitress: "Yeah, you came in here looking like somebody shot your puppy."

- They did.

Dean: "Well, things are looking up now that your shifts over... alright, ah, here's the deal. I have this friend, he's got this younger brother. Canon's a little loose, his reactor blew a while back, it's not good. My friend, he's a kind of been sitting waiting to see if he goes guano again."
Waitress: "And I'm assuming the shit's hit the fan."
Dean: "That's just the thing, it didn't. Kids all reasonable now, considering he's crazy...well, he's not crazy..."

- We'll get into this later, but Dean needs Sam to need him - to take all his focus - because otherwise Dean has to think about all the problems that he can't fix. Sam, he knows how to care for, because he's been doing it his whole life - even if he's non-fixable crazy...but Cas being dead is another matter altogether.
- I also really like how Dean corrects himself when he says "crazy."

Dean: "...it's starting to seem like things might getting a little better."
Waitress: "Well, that's a good thing right."
Dean: "It's a miracle! Except when it happens during their uh, sacred annual pilgrimage to Vegas, and he goes off on some granola munching hike in the dessert by himself."

- Ah the Vegas trip that seems to occur at the same time every year...only not S4, and probably not S5, not the year Sam was in the cage, and I doubt Soulless!Sam wanted to stop hunting to go to Vegas...it's a definite possibility for S3, but it doesn't fit into the timeline in S2 (and I doubt they'd feel like partying it up in Vegas with their dad freshly dead...and not S1, because they either weren't together or it Jess was freshly dead.) So, really, how sacred IS this annual pilgrimage? Um, yeah, there's a reason that I never put it in the timeline. :P

Waitress: "Well, maybe he just needs some time alone. We all have to face ourselves sometime."
Dean: "Yeah, maybe he does."
Waitress: "Wasn't talking about him."

- I think you are overstepping your bounds, strange waitress... unless you are a psych grad, I suppose.

Sam: "I'm in love and I'm getting married."
*Dean stares at him*
Sam: "Say something, like congratulations for example."
Dean: "What?"

- I love that reaction.

I love the wedding cake title card.

Dean: "Shouldn't she have asked for my permission or something?"
Sam: "You wanted her to ask for my hand?"

- I love this. Mainly just because it says so much about how Dean thinks of Sam.

Dean: "Okay, ignoring everything, have you forgot the average lifespan of your hook-ups?"
- I also get a kick out of the fact that it's now canon that Sam has a deathcock.

I love the long pause with Dean standing still...and then..."REALLY!?"

Dean: "Speaking of the whole book-thing - Becky randomly shows up during Vegas week?"
Sam: "Yeah!"

- See, the only way that Vegas week could fit into other seasons is if it were flexible...but Dean implies here that it isn't.

Dean: "Maybe uh...uh...uh, CHUCK wrote about it?!"
- I guess it's been nearly 2.5 years, but it's kind of funny how Sam and Dean never clued into the fact that Chuck is missing...and they seem to even forget his name. Wow, with friends like these... (just joking, I know Dean and Sam weren't exactly friends with Chuck.)

Dean: "Bobby, I know you're deep in that Oregon nest. I'm heading to Delaware to do a little snooping around. Sam is there with his wife. That's right, his wife. Call me."
- I'd have loved to have seen Bobby's face when he got that message.

I do like Emily Perkins, I should say. Even if this episode did undermine the character, I thought she played what she was given very well. Actually, she just had a baby recently... I guess, um, either just before or just after she filmed this, seeing as how she's not preggos in this episode.

It's also kind of hilarious how huge Sam is compared to her.

Becky: "Guy, meet my husband, Sam"
Guy: "It's an honour to meet you, Sam."

- I love how you can practically see the "Oh shit. shit shit shit. Play it cool..." going on in Guy's head.

Becky: "Guy's a really good friend, we met in the erotic fiction section at the novel hovel"
Guy: "Oh my god, Becky, TMI, man's just met me."

- Well, at least Becky is still partially unashamed. :)

I also like the actor who plays Guy. He's good looking.

I love how the romantic dinner is a store-bought roasted chicken...still in the plastic.

Sam: "Becky? Wha- wha- what am I doing here?"
- Jared does actually put a lot of panic/confusion into that...which is probably his attempt at grounding this episode in some sort of character-reality.

I actually completely forgot about the side-plot thingy with this murdering dude.

Dean: "Me being supportive. Congratulations to you and the missus."
Sam: "Thanks"
Dean: "It's a waffle iron. Non stick. You just uh..." *makes hand motions* "...I actually don't know how to use it. Are we good?"

- I do love how Dean plays the part - complete with traditional waffle-iron wedding gift.

I do love how Becky is working the case - all LARPing like.

Dean: "Guy wins the lotto, guy hits the bigs - I mean, obviously people's dreams are coming true in this town..."
- Dean's put it together.

Sam: "...maybe that's what's bugging you, that I moved on with my life. I mean, you took care of me and that's great, but I don't need you anymore."
- Ouch. Also, the entire storyline of S1-S5.

When he goes to wipe the red off her nose - his hand is SO BIG. Man...Jared, you give me such a size-kink.

And I love the journal thing, with Sam hugging it close and looking adorable.

Holy crap - one of the extras in the Alpine Club is wearing one of Sam's shirts. WHY AREN'T I A MALE EXTRA!?! I want to wear one of Sam's shirts!! (Actually, i haven't signed up to do extra work this year...so, yeah... I mean, I still could at any point, but I just haven't felt like it.)

Oh Garth... I know some people don't like you, but I do.

Garth: "He told me two things. One, he's tangling with a major league nest up in Oregon territory, numero dos, he said you'd be all surly and pre-menstrual working with me. But hey man, sticks and stones."
- Again, I love how people who aren't Sam and Dean describe Sam and Dean...so "surly and pre-menstral" from Bobby is pretty entertaining to me.

Garth: "Hey, is that your-"
Dean: "Yes"
Garth: "Awkward."

- I like how Garth has never met Sam and Dean, and yet he somehow is able to recognize Sam as Dean's brother. Maybe Bobby described him too "big guy, needs a haircut."

Sam: "What's with scrawny guy?"
Dean: "Temp."

- Heheh, even the Hunting world has temps.

Dean hasn't worn a sweater-vest since...I do wonder why he went with the wool suit this time.

Dean: "'kay, you know what? I'm trying to save you from a really bad accident."
Woman: "Are you threatening me?"
Dean: "No, I'm pointing out a pattern, why do people think I'm threatening them?'
Garth: "Because it sounded exactly like a threat, dude."

- Hehehe. I like how Garth screws up the interview, but Dean screws this exchange up.

Garth: "...except those are ten year contracts. Why is the bill coming due so fast?"
Dean: "I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about whose next. I gotta find Sam, pronto."
Garth: "Alright, here's the plan. I drop this lady at my cousins; he'll stop anything trying to get her. We, uh, find Sam, hopefully fix this. Everyone's home in time for America's Got Talent. Now you, you'll be living with a tri-racial parapalegic sniper until this all blows over, okay?"

- This is the thing that I like about Garth - he comes across as incompetant, but he actually isn't.

Sam: "Becky, what's happening?"
Becky: "Don't you remember, Sam? We're married."
Sam: "Ugh, god, I'm calling, Dean."

- I also love how Sam's reaction to "reality is not making sense" is "must call Dean." Now, wouldn't it have been cool if this episode used an OC instead of Becky, so they didn't know the history, but just liked the look of Sam and had no morals...and then when the potion wore off, she had to deal with post-wall Sam freakin' the fuck out? That would have been a much better episode, though, not played for laughs, obviously...so, yeah.

Sam does panic a good bit when he wakes up - which again, I'm going to credit to Jared.

Becky: "..this isn't the honeymoon I had in mind, well, some of it is, but not in this context."
- Haha.

Becky: "Do you know, we haven't even consummated our marriage...."
- The standard 'I know this looks really bad, but no rape has actually occurred' line.

Sam: "You're not this stupid, Becky."
- My point exactly.

Becky: "And, he said it wouldn't even work if you didn't already love me deep down, it just activates it."
- Of course, this lie sort of does show how Becky didn't realize she was completely roofie-ing Sam.

I do love the 'fuck you!' with the gag in his mouth...though, I cringe at the safety issues of gagging someone whose hands are tied and then leaving them unattended.

Garth: "Last post: 'going on romantic trip with hubster.' Three exclamation points. Guess she got excited."
- I love this line so much, you don't even know. It's that old dead-pan humour from like... Dragnet.

Dean: "That look romantic to you?"
Garth: "Oh hell no, but I got this thing about fish - dead eyes, man."

- I do like Garth.

Becky: "Honestly, the only place people understood me was the message boards. They were grumpy and overly literal, but at least we had a common passion."
- Best description of Supernatural fans ever. Haha.

Becky: "...but then you left and Chuck dumped me. I think I intimidated him with my vibrant sexuality."
- And this is the other thing. It was so much cooler to think of Becky as the one who dumped Chuck.

I love the burning devils trap in the carpet...brilliant.

At least Becky saves the day!

Crowley: "Only one rule, make a deal, keep it."
Crowley: "This isn't Wall Street, this is Hell, we have a little thing called integrity!"

- It's weird that Crowley actually does have more integrity than some humans... no morals, but integrity.

I do also love that the crossroads demon is more scared of Crowley than he is of the Winchesters.

Crowley: "Years of demons nipping at your heels, you haven't seen one for months, wonder why?"
Dean: "We've been a little busy"
Crowley: "Hunting leviathan, yes, I know. That's why I told my lads to stay clear of you meat-heads."

- It's an interesting dynamic that Crowley is trying to help them. You'd think he'd yell at them for taking smaller hunts instead of going after the leviathan more though.

Crowley: "You met that Dick yet? Smuggest tub of goo since Mussolini. I hate the bastards. Squash them all, please. I'll stay clear."
- I also like how at this point, the Winchesters haven't met Dick and don't know what Crowley is talking about.

Annulment. Nice. I'm not even sure how paperwork could go through on a dead man's name. :P

Becky: "It wasn't all bad, right?"
Sam: "Okay, you did save my life, and for that, thanks."
Becky: "So, I'll see you again?"
Sam: "Yeah, probably not."

- A little reminiscent of Sam's "No, we have guns and we can find you" line from Real Ghostbusters - but not as good.

Sam: "Look, Becky, you're not a loser, you're a good person and you've got a lot of...energy. So, just do your thing, whatever it is, and the right guy will find you."
- And Sam, always trying to be the nice guy. :P

Dean: "Well, buddy, I gotta say, man, you uh, you don't suck."
Garth: "Thank you, that's the nicest thing everyone's ever said to me. Well.."
*hugs him*

- HUGS! This is the thing with Garth, he's a well-adjusted Hunter, really. He doesn't seem to have a tragic backstory.

Sam: "Aw, you made a fwend."
Dean: "No, uh uh."

- Hehehe.

Dean: "You know, I gotta say, for a whack-job, you really pulled it together."
Sam: "That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."
*both laugh*

- I love when they joke and laugh. :)

Sam: "Look, don't be too impressed man. It's still a denver scramble up here, I just know my way around the plate now."

Sam: "You know what though, seriously, might be nice..."
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "Well you've basically been looking out for me your whole life, now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time, huh?"
Dean: "Yeah, right."

- And there we go, we've circled right back to the beginning of the episode, with Dean losing the ability to focus all his energy on Sam, and thus ignore the problems that he doesn't want to face or work through...mainly, Cas' betrayal and Cas' death.

Yeah, in the end, I didn't say much about this episode, did I? Ah well...more time to read fanfiction, I guess. ;)

Just a note on clothes: It's been 8 episodes and Sam has 5 new shirts already. Dean has 1, and he didn't even give me a good look at it.
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  • New Years Questions

    In the spirit of reflection, I stole these questions from metallidean_girl... usually, on New Years Eve, I used to do a fic-themed recap of the year,…

  • Fanfic Question Meme - Question 29-30

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