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Rewatch S7: The Mentalists (7x07)

A short one today... or at least, short in comparison to some of the others.

The Mentalists. This is the one I saw filming - which was loads of fun...

I love how the guy in the seance is skeptical, yet thinks that the seance woman can actually find out where the papers were.

Oh Dean, no one is calling you...and you are stealing a Dodge.

*Dean sees all the garbage in the car*
Dean: "Geez, have some pride"

- For some reason, I love this line.

The clock tower in Lily Dale is CGIed over top of Ladner, I believe.

Dean's actually wearing gloves at a crime scene...amazing. Also, I love how he finds all the little tricks that the "medium" was using.

Dean: "Oh spirits of the further, am I going to win the Powerball?" *knocks the table* "I'm going to be rich!" *no one is there to roll their eyes.*
-It's a sad day for Dean Winchester.

So, Dean walking down the street - he's walking down Commercial Drive, which is basically where I do all my errands (because I'm lazy and I don't want to go any further away from my house. I'm about two blocks from all this. The cafe he goes into - with the painted mural is Cafe Deux Soleil. The interior looks nothing like the interior that they use on the show (which is actulaly a different establishment across town, I believe).

Waiter: "Hello, first time at Good Graces?"
Dean: "Yes"
Waiter: "Well, we're locally sourced, bio-organic, and you get a free affirmation with every order."

-Take out the free affirmation part, and this is basically ALL OF VANCOUVER, especially Commercial drive.

Dean: "You always wear a suit to get your palm read? Yeah, I'm not surprised you caught this one. It's on every morning zoo in America. You mind?"
*Dean sits down*
*Sam is annoyed*
Dean: "So, I uh, went to the scene. Wires, speakers, enough EMF to make your hair stand-up, so don't even think about getting a reading. Oh, and if this hadn't been two psychics that bit it. I would have just chalked this up to being dumb and accidental. And I know I know, this whole town's supposedly crawling with ghosts, but that takes some serious spellwork and some serious mojo...[...]...when was the last time you even saw a real psychic, huh? I mean, Pamela? Missouri? Anyway, this is good, I mean, uh, how you been?"

- I love how Dean just talks and talks and looks NERVOUS, because he knows if he stops talking, Sam's going to tell him to get lost. This is actually sort of an interesting fight, because all the other times that Sam and Dean have faught, Dean hasn't been in the wrong - or at least, hasn't thought himself in the wrong. This time he is - at least when it comes to the fact that he lied to Sam. So, we get to see how Dean reacts to Sam being legitimately pissed off at him.

Waiter: "And what can I get for you?"
Dean: "Uh, pancakes, side of pig, and a coffee, black."
Waiter: "Fantastic. You are a virile manifestation of the divine."

- All breakfast meats are pig related, that doesn't really tell the waiter anything.
- Also, I love that affirmation, because it's true. Dean's the Michael Sword after all.

Dean: "What the hell he say to me?"
*Sam smiles a bit but tries not to*
Dean: "Oh, it's funny? Nah, go ahead, laugh it up, Sam, hilarious."
Sam: "Dean-"
Dean: "Oh, he speaks!"
Sam: "Look-"
Dean: "Sam, we're both here. Alright, the chance of either of leaving while people are still dying out there?" *indicates zero* "You might as well bite the bullet and work with me on this one."
Sam: "I don't know if I can."
Dean: "I'm not asking you to open up a can of worms? I'm not even asking you to tell me where you've been for the past week and a half-"
Sam: "Good"
*Dean makes a face like he REALLY wants to know*

- I think Dean is super duper lonely without Sam, and he desperately wants him back.
- Also, I like how Sam's tie is slightly pulled loose.
- Also, I want to know where Sam has been the last week.

Dean: "Can I help you?"
Lady: "You're the brothers from the-"
Sam: "Oh no no no no, the Winchesters guys on the news a couple of week's back? No, we get that a lot."
Dean: "No, those depraved killers got put down like the dogs that they were. Us on the other hand, we're completely harmless."

- Hehe, part of me thinks that Sam has had to give this speech before. Also, Sam and Dean are hardly COMPLETELY harmless, but they are mostly harmless.

"I'm Russian, we can spot the law"
- Oh, stereotypical Russian joke. :P

Sam: "He broke my spoon"
- I just love how absolutely pissed off Sam is.

Melanie: "Like you two, long time partners, but lot of tension. You're pissed and you're stressed. It's not brain surgery..."
- I do like how Melanie explains how "psychics" works...where they're just good at reading people. You can see it if you ever go to one. I accompanied my sister to a tarot card reading once, and as soon as she had a visible unpreventable response to a certain idea, suddenly the reading was geared more towards that idea more than anything else... which wasn't necessarily the best, because the tarot reader didn't know the situation and aired on the side of giving her hope, where there really wasn't any...which you know, fair enough, I guess it's better to err on the side of hope than the side of "move on with your life."

I like how Dean repeats "orb or Thessaly" under his breath after Jimmy Tomorrow says it.

"You know, I give private energetic readings."
"No thanks"
"A loss weighs on you. You're angry. It's complicated. Come see me, Agent."

- So, this is the thing... I know the loss here is Amy, and Sam does consider Amy to be a friend, as we find out later... even though he actually concedes that Dean might have been right to kill her. I guess that's where the "it's complicated comes in"...but all that aside, the other thing that annoys me about this season (and Supernatural writing in general) is that there's absolutely no portrayal of how SAM is reacting to CASTIEL'S death.

We get a lot of grief from Dean, and we get Sam being sympathetic to Dean... but technically, Cas was Sam's friend too, albeit an awkward one. Anyway, this line just reminded me of that. I'm not saying that I want Sam to be sobbing in a corner somewhere, because that wouldn't be realistic, Sam and Castiel just aren't that close (though they've demonstrated a willingness to protect each other)...but it'd be nice if there was some acknowledgment that Sam is sad about Cas too...that maybe he ALSO has to work through what it all means. After all, Cas may have betrayed Dean, but he also betrayed Sam, and actually damaged him quite badly.

What they could have done... and maybe I should make this a regular segment....

WHAT THEY COULD HAVE DONE: Have Sam struggling with his insanity more, but also with the fact that someone who was his friend had done this to him... he can still forgive Cas, and he can still help try to save him, but I'm sure there's part of him that wishes Castiel was still around, if only because Castiel might be able to help. Make Sam NEED help and then the loss of Castiel is more profound...what he DID is more profound...and we'd get more of Dean being messed up about the fact that Castiel broke his brother, yet Dean misses him as a friend, etc. I feel like I'm not being really clear with this idea, but basically I'm saying that there could have been loads more engaging conflict here.

Ah the cutlery death. :P

I can bend spoons too, you know; all I need is a tub of hard ice cream.

Dean: "A ghost. Real deal."
Melanie: "Come on... you're serious"
Dean: "Yeah, see there's fake woo-woo crap and then there's real woo-woo crap..."
Melanie: "So, the X-files is real, or you just stopped talking like an FBI agent."
Sam: "Well, we're not FBI agents."
Melanie: "I need a drink."
Dean: "I support that."

- I just like this exchange. I like how Dean knows to just stare unflinchingly at her, the truth in his eyes, in order to make her believe.

Dean: "This is going to be like looking for a needle in a stack of fake needles."
- I also like this. I mean, I think the whole "needle in a haystack" line comes from the days when needles weren't necessarily metal, but finding a needle in a stack of fake needles is much harder than the needle in a haystack thing.

Dean: "Alright, so, what? Start hitting up the Ms. Cleo's?"
Sam: "I was thinking split up and canvas, it's a lot faster." *gives the roof of the car a pat-pat*
Dean: "Right, of course you were."

- Again, Dean is just focused on keeping Sam by his side. He really really just does not want to be alone.
- Secondly, I love that tick of Sam's (Jared's?) where he does that pat-pats thing. He did it way back in the pilot when he left Dean.

Ah the fake Haitian accent...is that Haitian? French-influenced, anyway.

The mystifying Campbell brothers.
- I like the look Sam and Dean give each other, like "Are we related to these people?"

Guy: "It never ended well for the siblings."
Dean: "Why's that?"
Guy: "Hm, the strain of working together - or maybe just being around each other all their lives. Those two were the exception. The Campbells got along famously. Of course, that was just a stage name, they weren't actually brothers...that was a cover for their alternative lifestyle."

- Hehehe, good cover though... and I know it's a bit on the nose, but I kind of enjoy this bits of homoerotic incestuous subtext.

Guy: "...but she looked after Kate. Sometimes one's true gift is taking care of others."
- I also like this line, as it's clearly intended for Dean.

Guy: "I'm sorry. I don't usually do this during business hours, but do you know an Eleanor or an Ellen? She seems quite concerned about you. She wants to tell you, 'if you don't tell someone how bad it really is, she'll kick your ass from beyond. You have to trust someone again eventually.' Anyway, don't forget to visit the gift-shop."
- I like this little "cameo" by Ellen too. It makes me think that she's found Ash at the roadhouse, and their spying on Dean using Ash's computer, and Ellen is being all motherly.
- Also, tell them how bad WHAT is? His grief? His trust-issues? I'm going to go with both. I think Dean is playing the "I am angry with him, so he deserved to die!" act, but inside he's trying to wrestle with the fact that he's super sad that Cas is dead AND he's still angry with him...and it's sort of like this big ball of unfinished business, because he was betrayed, yet he can't force himself to stop loving his friend...and that probably feels like a kind of betrayal too.

Sam: "Alright, hit up the graveyard, dig up Kate?"
Dean: "Alright, hold on a second."
Sam: "All signs point to her, Dean."
Dean: "Just hang on a damn minute. Enough with just the facts."
Sam: "We agreed-"
Dean: "No, we agreed to work the case, we didn't agree for you to be a dick the whole time."

- This reminds me of something I was talking about in comments on one of my rewatches recently. We got on the topic of whether John was physically abusive or not - and I was arguing not... and anyway, my point was that Dean is the type of person to be just as affected by yelling as by any sort of physical abuse. He can't stand having people mad at him even if it's for good reason.

Sam: "What?"
Dean: "You're pissed and you got a right."
Sam: "Damn straight."
Dean: "But enough's enough."
Sam: "Says who? Look I'll work this damn case, but you lied to me, and you killed my friend."

- I love the fact that "you killed my friend" is a relatively SMALL argument when it comes to the Winchesters. I think it was Steven Williams (Rufus) who pointed out that basically the Winchesters are homocidal maniacs... and this sort of illustrates that. Dean killing Sam's friend is like Dean putting a red sock in with the white load and ruining all Sam's shirts. :P
- Also, I like how Sam immediately reacts to Dean trying to police his behaviour.
- And again, the main issue is the lying... a habit, I should say, that BOTH Winchesters picked up from their dad.

Dean: "No, I put down a monster who killed four people! And if you didn't know her you'd have done the same thing."
Sam: "I did know her, Dean!"
Dean: "Yeah, which is why you couldn't do it!"

- And Dean has a point. Sam's judgement was compromised.

Dean: "Look, I get it, there are certain people in this world, no matter how dangerous they are, you just can't-"
Sam: "Don't pull that card! That's bull! Look, if I've learned one thing it's that if something feels wrong, it probably is!"

- What card do you think Sam is accusing Dean of pulling? The fact that Dean didn't kill Sam, when they're Dad told him too? Probably not, since his other option was to save Sam, and that's the one he went for... or maybe he's referring to the fact that technically Cas was dangerous. Cas was dangerous and Dean couldn't kill him - didn't want to kill him - still wishes that he weren't dead. Or, I could be stretching it.

Dean: "Usually, yeah. Killing Amy was not wrong. You couldn't do it, so I did. That's what family does, the dirty work. And I would have told you, eventually, once I knew that this whole waving a gun at Satan thing was a one-time show! I think it's reasonable to want to know that you're off the freakin' high-dive, Sam. You almost got us both killed. So you can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch."
- This argument for lying would have had more impact if Sam was still visibly struggling with madness. As it stands, we see him flip out once, and Dean is REMARKABLY POSITIVE that he'll be fine "baby steps"...and then all of a sudden it's 3 weeks later, Sam's seems perfectly functional, yet Dean suddenly doesn't trust him not to flip out at a moment's notice? It would have been far better if we had actually SEEN those "baby steps"...

Think about it, it would have been the perfect excuse for them not to be hunting Leviathan - they would have wanted to start Sam out on hunting with easy ones, to make sure that he could stay in reality during hunts, watch Dean's back, know what's really a ghost and what's a hallucination...that sort of stuff. It would have ratcheted up the tension on even the simplest of hunts... and meanwhile they still could have been trying to avoid Leviathan because Sam wasn't ready to take on something that powerful yet.

They could have even still had the Amy storyline, with Sam taking off to take care of it himself...but having a hard time of it, maybe being a bit confused even while he was doing it, so that his decision to let her go WOULD be questionable even to him, and then without doubt, it would have been Dean lying to him that was the major problem.

"I get why she's killing people, I just don't get why she's warning them."
-Oh Winchesters...

And Camille's house is about a half block away from me. :)

Poor Camille.

Why do they have to know anything about Margaret if they already know that they have to dig her up and burn her. :P

"I feel naked doing this in the daylight."
"Yeah, just hurry up."

- They've done it in daylight before...but it IS pretty rare.

And this is the problem when occult dealers turn bad - you can't use them to find the bad guy.

You'll notice they show Sam pulling up to the Lamaze house, and then they show him kicking in the door...it's because Jared broke the car and he couldn't open the drivers side door. :P So, yeah, on one take, he rolled down the window and leapt out head first. It was ungraceful and hilarious.

"You're not a necromancer"
- You've got a keen eye, Sam.

And pawn shop guy is gross...

Ghost!Margaret-Fox is ruining the structural integrity of that house.

Jimmy Tomorrow: "I live in squalor, because I can't put on a show like them."
- I live in squalor because I can't do a lot of things like a lot of people, but I recognize those as my failings, not theirs, buddy.

I love how Sam just takes him down with two shots to the chest - professional style.

Dean: "In the bed? They were in the bed?"
Sam: "Yeah"
Dean: "Ugh, I can't believe he was boning her."
Sam: "Dean!"
Waiter: "Can I get you anything else?"
Dean: "Just a refill and if you affirmate me, I'm gonna punch you in the face."
*Sam hides a fond smile.*

- Awww....I'll say it again, I just love how much Sam loves Dean. Also, it reminds me of the Leviathan!Winchesters conversation from the previous episode, where Levi!Dean was complaining that Dean actually thinks he's funny... but he is funny TO SAM. I mean, they might be bad jokes and Sam might roll his eyes, but there's no way Dean misses all the smiles he can get out of Sam...so OF COURSE Dean thinks he's funny. The only audience that matters loves him.

Dean: "No reason to thank me."
Melanie: "You saved my life."
Dean: "But not your friend's"

- Oh Dean, you are such a pessimist.

Melanie: "I wish we had met on a better week."
Dean: "I wish I had better weeks."

- Again, Dean just has pessimism coming out his ears...which isn't bad, but these lines just say so much about his character.

Dean: "That's your stuff"
Sam: "Yeah, yeah, I figured we'd take one car."
Sam: "...You were right, about Amy, if she was just any monster, I'm not sure I could have let her walk away. I mean, we'll never know."

- See, even Sam agrees that he was compromised by the fact that she was his first kiss. The fact remained that she killed 4 people to save her son, but what happens if her son gets sick again? What happens if her son doesn't want to be a mortician? They can't change the fact that they basically have to have steady access to dead bodies one way or another. They're ALWAYS going to be a threat to humans.

Dean: "What are you saying?"
Sam: "What I'm saying is that I get why you did it. You were just trying to make sure no one else got hurt. But here's the thing. You can't just look me in the face and tell me you're fine. I mean, you're not sleeping, you drink for the record-"
Dean: "Oh, here we go"
Sam: "Listen, last one to preach, I know - but, just be honest with me, how are those the actions of someone who knows they've done the right thing?"

- It's interesting that Sam points out that he drinks a lot too, here. We don't ever see it as much, and it's never made into the issue that Dean's drinking is...but BOTH of the Winchesters might in fact be functioning alcoholics as well as homocidal maniacs. :P
- Also, Sam sees Dean behaviour as a direct result of killing Amy...rather than as a result of the PILE OF SHIT that he is under.

Dean: "I went with my gut, and that felt right. I didn't trust her, Sam, of course, ever since Cas, I've had a hard time trusting anybody. And as far as how I've been acting - maybe I just didn't like lying to you, it didn't feel right. So you got me there. I've been climbing the walls."
- This is the interesting thing about Dean...for all the brother's lie to each other, Dean does it the least. His record is 10 episodes... and even then, his lie was coming out in dribs and drabs before he opened the floodgates. So, yeah, Dean's increased odd behaviour since episode three probably really was because he was lying to Sam.

When Sam gets into the car, his knees are practically in his face. :P

Anyway, there we go! The Winchesters are back together and hitting the road, which means that next time, I've got to tackle the can of worms that is Season 7, Time For A Wedding... oh dear.

ETA: Oh, I should also add that I had a great birthday! My friends took me out to Hart House for dinner - most of you will know Hart House because it served as the location of the fancy party that Sam, Dean, and Bela attended in Red Sky at Morning back in S3. Sadly, although the food was very delicious, there was no Dean and Sam Winchester in tuxedos at my birthday dinner. ;)
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