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Rewatch S7: Slash Fiction (7x06)

Woo! I remember liking this one...

How did the leviathans know how to imitate the clothes so well? Were there small clothing fragments in the shower drain too? I love tv shapeshifter, because they can grow clothes like skin, apparently... you can't be nude on TV! What will the children think!?! That they're bodies are nothing to be ashamed of?!? But it's quite alright to chop of heads and whatnot, but please, no naked bums - that'll turn regular folk into psycho killers. Sorry... I've been watching the Almighty Johnsons, and now I'm spoiled for seeing naked bums. I know the actors don't want to be naked either. Film sets are cold cold places...and probably not sanitary for their fine naked bums.

Oh yeah, Jericho - I forgot the bit about the following-the-first-season thing.

WINK to the camera and massacre... lovely. Those in the back should dive down and under the falling bodies. Just saying. Best chance of survival. Play dead, cover yourself with the dead - a few holocaust survivors escaped that way. Um... yeah, okay, I'm really bringing the mood down, aren't I... I'll stop. Sorry.

Leviathan: "Actually, Edgar walked away from that car. He's fine. Well, he's a little pissed at you, but... oh, you didn't know?"
Dean: "Why don't you shut your cake trap."

- I just like the Dean's use of the word "cake trap".

Dean: "How'd you find us?"
Leviathan: "It was easy. I used pattern recognition software and a basic heristic algorythm to track your known aliases."
Bobby: "Great, just what we need, a mensa monster."

- The thing is, Dean's shown himself to be quite handy with computers - or electronics anyway. Maybe Dean's more of a hardware guy, and Sam's the software guy.
- Also, I like the fact that the monster is smart - and using human technology against them. All the other monsters are primitive, outside society...these ones have quickly intigrated. Part of me doesn't think that the leviathans were a concidental monster in a year when there was a lot of talk about the 1%.

Sam: "...How'd you get our aliases?"
Dean: "From your trenchcoated friend, obviously, when we were all nesled in at camp Cas - kinda got the full download. That's just how we do."

- So, this is the thing - if they downloaded everything Cas knew... well, then they know a LOT really.

Chet? Was that his actual name or just what Bobby decided to call him.

Leviathan: "You can't stop me. You can't stop any of us. We can't be killed you stupid little chew-toys..."
- And it's true, they can't... they've killed Dick, but it's not like they can make THAT many "special swords"...so, I guess the plan is the decapitation/cement burial for the rest of them.

Bobby: "Maybe one of them touched you at the hospital?"
Leviathan from the basement: "It was the hair! Not too hard to lift some DNA out of a motel shower drain guys!"

-lots of hair in a motel shower drain... I suddenly have this image in my head of two leviathan sitting in a motel room touching hair and changing, and then looking at the other one and saying "This one?" "No, try the next one." "Okay, this one?" "No, now you're an old asian woman..." :P

Dean: "What is their plan exactly?"
Sam: "Squeeze us. Turn us into the most wanted men in America."

- It's actually a pretty brilliant plan. I remember being excited that we might get another Hendriksen-esque chase during the season...but no, they wrapped it up in the same episode. But, it makes sense, because these crimes were WAY too big and there was WAY too much heat.

Dean: "They're wearing our faces, Bobby, this is personal."
Sam: "I'm with Dean here."
Bobby: "Well, if you're going to be stupid, you might as well be smart about it."

- I like Bobby's lines and mottos. Also, I agree with Dean too...you can besmirch his good name like that!

Bobby: "You need to see a fellow named Frank Devereux"
"Who's he?"
Bobby: "A jackass and a lunatic, but he owes me one from back in Port Huron."

- I love the difference between Bobby and John. Remember back in S1 and S2, when Dean and Sam would often come across people who "had a falling out" with John "a couple years back". Everywhere they went, someone was pissed off at John. Whereas, Bobby is constantly putting them in touch with people who "owe him one." But then, of course, the pattern doesn't always hold - because there's Rufus, who was Bobby's partner, yet apparently they had such a huge "falling out" that Rufus never forgave Bobby.

Sam: "The usual?"
Dean: "Rhymes with sing-songs!"
*Sam smiles*

- I just love how much Sam loves Dean.

Sam: "You guys have protein bars?"
Cashier: "Yeah.... but...but it's in the back, just give me a minute..."
Sam: "Sure, thanks! :)"

- Sam's so adorable, how could he possibly be a mass murderer!

Sam: "I'm pretty sure the cashier just made me. Drive."
- I also love the fact that Sam uses the expression "made me"... it's so...spy movie.

FBI dude: "Winchesters spotted at a Gas'n'Sip about a 1000 miles from here - that was fast. Must have flown."
Other FBI dude: "That or batmobile."

- I'm pretty sure that this is a dig at how the Winchesters can seemingly travel across the continent overnight... even when they aren't in two places at once.

For some reason I just really enjoy whenever Sam/Jared calls out someone's name. It makes me laugh for some reason.

Frank: "Well I'll be darned. Psycho Butch and Sundance. You're on CNN right now."
"That's not us!"
Frank: "No, can't be unless you've got a teleporter. Do you have a teleporter?"
Sam: "No, sir, we don't."

- I love this exchange. It's similar to Sam asking Dean if he's psychic in 7x04. I also love the way Sam tries to stay so formal in the face of possible insanity.

Frank: "Guy saves your life one time, and what? You owe him the rest of yours?"
Dean: "That's usually how it works, yeah."

- Ah life-debts, can't live with them, dead without them.

All their lovely IDs, oh the pain! They put a lot of work into those, I'm sure!

I like the twist with Frank being more like Ronald (from S2) than a Hunter... he knows there's something out there, he's just focusing on the wrong theories.

Frank: "The first thing we have to do is wipe all your old aliases, no more rock shout-outs. It's Tom and John Smith from now on. And no plastic, cash only, and change your phones on a very frequent non-schedule schedule, you understand? Oh and try to stay out of view of the 200 million cameras that the government has access to..."
- It's a good thing the Winchesters don't live in the UK.

Frank: "This is your laptop right?"
Sam: "Yeah, that's mine"

-I hope Sam has his stuff backed up on Cloud or something.

Sam: "Um, thank you, I guess."
Frank: "No problem. You owe me five grand cash."

- Hahaha, also, we get the first non-altruistic "hunter." He'll take the job because of a life-debt, but he won't do it for free. Really, he's not a hunter, so much as someone who knows things... I'm not exactly sure what Frank actually DOES with his knowledge.

Back to Rufus' basement...
Oh, the chains are only holding him down because of the spell... I was wondering. I was like "if they can just tied them up in chains, why aren't they doing more of that?"

For the record, Dean is Thomas Smith and Sam is John Smith according to their new IDs.

Frank: "I marked all the towns your stunt-doubles hit so that you can see the pattern."
Sam: "Great, so what is the pattern?"
Frank: "No clue, I can't see it."
Sam: "Seems random"
Frank: "Little tip from a pro: there is no such thing as a random series of robbery murders by your evil twins. Now have yourself some uppers and look at that some more."

- I just like that last line of Frank's.

"Thanks Frank"
Frank: "For what, sending you to your death?... "

- Part of me thinks that Frank genuinely feels sad that he's helping these two friends of Bobby's kill themselves.

Frank: "...now, I'd lay low, because I love life and it's infinite mysteries, but you two want to be dumb, that's fine... "
- Awesome line.

Frank: "At least have the common sense to ditch your car."
Dean: "Uh, excuse me?"
Frank: "Your double-mints, they're using a car just like the one outside."

-NOoooooooooooooo it's the beginning of the end, or rather, it IS the end. I should have appreciated her peeling out of that gas station more.

-Sorry, I've decided to announce her happily whenever she arrives in an episode.

Bobby: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Jody: "You're all charm, Bobby."

- That's how I great people who show up unexpectedly too. FYI: Always call first.

Jody looks good.

Jody: "I uh, I wanted to come thank you."
Bobby: "Thank me?"

- This suddenly brought me to the line that hasn't happened yet, from Death's door "they pretty much never thank you for saving them." Ugh, now my heart is broken.

Jody: "How you doing, Bobby?"
Bobby: "I'm fine. Everyday's a gift."
Jody: "You're house just burned down."
Bobby: "As you can see, I've got a roof over my head."
Jody: "Bobby, let someone be nice to you for two minutes."
Bobby: "Okay, but not too nice, can't be going soft."

- Oh man, Jody bobbys Bobby, like Bobby bobbyed Dean. Yes, I just turned Bobby into a verb. But doesn't that conversation remind you a lot of the one Bobby tried to have with Dean in 7x02?!? Y/Y?

I was worried that Jody was a leviathan, because it seemed too good to be true... and it was, but in a different way. :(

A the squeeky my little pony...

Sam: "You okay?"
Dean: "You know it's bad enough that their ganking people wearing our mugs, but now this? Us driving around in this....this caboodle while Baby's on lockdown."
Sam: "It's temporary, Dean."
Dean: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
Sam: "You know that's a line from-"
Dean: "Swayze movie! Swayze always gets a pass"

- Does that mean that Dean's seen To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything - Julie Newmar? because you know, if Swayze always gets a pass...
- Also, guys totally have man crushes on certain movie stars. It's adorable. If society didn't put so much pressure on men to be hyper masculine, I bet we'd see a lot more straight-guys openly drooling over male actors.... which would make me like straight-guys more, because then we would have something in common.

Sam: "Right, well, you want some tunes or something? Here....sorry man..."
Dean: "Just leave it, it's probably the only thing on..."
*Dean sings along to Air Supply*

- Okay, so, a couple of things... firstly, I know this is an homage to some movie with Brad Pitt (Mr and Mrs. Smith? Yes, I think it's that one...because technically Sam and Dean are now Mr. and Mr. Smith.)
- Secondly, this makes me wonder about Dean's taste in music. I mean, think about it... we know he likes classic rock, and I'm not saying he doesn't... but I think he likes a lot more than that too, but he won't admit to it. It's the whole societal pressure to be hyper-masculine. Dean is an awesome example of how that's kind of detrimental to guys (ie: misogyny and homophobia hurt straight males too!). Because we see Dean basically act this part, and it might be true in certain respects - he has a very "masculine" job, he shoots guns, he has a working-man wardrobe, he really likes his car... but he's also the mother of the family, has been since he was 4 years old, and he tends to fall for really strong intelligent women, who more often then note, "wear the pants" in the relationship. And yeah...basically, I'm saying that Dean is so good at burying his feelings (or not good, as the case may be) because he's been burying them his whole life, because god forbid he have a human range of emotion and personality!
- Thirdly, for you destiel fans.... "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you" ? Really.... INTERESTING. ;)

Sam: "Jericho - the lady in white. Black water - wendigo. Manitoc, the kid in the lake.."
Dean: "They're hitting towns we've done jobs in."
Sam: "In order, since the day I left Stanford."

- Firstly, the fact that Sam can remember this on top of 7 years and an a possible 180+ years in the cage is AMAZING.
- Secondly, this information was IN CAS' BRAIN! Remember when Cas said he was a fan of Chuck's books? I think he really meant it... it also kind of makes him a bit like Becky, doesn't it? Hahah.

Sam: "The next town would be St. Louis"
Dean: "Perfect. Connor's Diner, best burgers in St. Louis. Oh, I deserve something good in my life."

- Poor Dean.... poor poor Dean.

Levi!Dean: "You know, he has one of these everyday, and in his heart, he thinks they're almost as good as sex. This is disgusting."
Levi!Sam: "Dead plants with creamy good, it's like eating self-righteousness"

- Dean's all about the base comforts... and Sam.... well, yeah... I love Sam.

Levi!Dean: "...talk about a hero-complex, and he doesn't have relationships, he has applications for sainthood...."
Levi!Sam: "Who has two thumbs and a full blown bats in the belfry  I'm serious, it's nothing but Satan vision on the inside. I mean, how he's walking around in a jacket with detachable arms is beyond me."

- And yet they won't SHOW US THIS! Ugh... how IS Sam walking around?! What exactly is Levi!Sam seeing? Is the Lucifer hallucination talking to him as though he is Sam? How does this work, that Levi!Sam gets Sam's madness? It means there has to be something PHYSICALLY wrong with Sam's brain... or at least, since the leviathans get the thoughts, then the madness has to exist in the same realm as memory... but does it interact with the host in the same way?

Levi!Sam: "You know, I had a brother with this many issues once, you know what I did? I ate him."
Levi!Dean: "Of course you did."

- Hehehe. And this is the problem with monsters - they don't understand love...which is why the Winchesters constantly defeat them using it.

Levi!Sam: "Idea. Want to trade? I mean, I'll take Chuckles over Schizo"
Levi!Dean: "Nah, I like this one's hair better, you can stay in the big one."

- There's this way Jared occasionally punctuates his lines that drives me nuts, because it takes me right out. It's when he does comedy (something Jared admits that he's not confident at), but he says a word and usually punctuates it with a hand movement, that communicates "I am about to, or just have, said and or done something funny. This is a funny line." Anyway, sorry, Jared, you know I love you to pieces and think you are fabulous, but I just want one of your directors (or Jensen) to tell you not to do that.
- Secondly, and I didn't copy out the line, but Levi!Sam then says something like "Well, let's do this, the sooner I can get into something more stable the better." - Did you catch that? The LEVIATHAN is having trouble with Sam's madness... the LEVIATHAN feels unstable and thinks that it's best if s/he change into something else. How is Sam walking around? How is it possible that we can't SEE any of it?!

Dean: "Well that's something I guess, well, assuming we can even get close to them."
Bobby: "I don't want you walking right up to them either. I'm still looking for something you can shoot at them."

- I hadn't even thought of this.... the idea that Bobby wasn't just looking for a WAY to kill them. He was looking for a way to kill them SAFELY. Oh Bobby... you love those boys so much.

Jody: "You take mayo, right Bobby?"
Dean: "You got a chick over there?"
Bobby: "What, no."
Dean: "Are you even working, Richard Gere?"
Bobby: "Shut-up, ya idjit"

*Dean and Sam smile*
- UGH SO MUCH LOVE. I can't take it!

Okay, so I know they are psycho killers, but that little cellphone video when Jared picks it up and Jensen gets in close is ADORABLE...and then the two winks! Love!

It's just skin contact...that's kind of crazy... they just have to brush up against a cell that HAS your DNA inside of it, and BAM. Copied. You know what they should have done? Copied Jimmy Novak, come out of the water and pretended to be Cas... killed them then.

Levi!Bobby: "Oh, you and Dad, now that's a can of scorpions. You're favourite singer is Joni freakin' Mitchell, oh Bobby, you are ten pounds of sad in a five pound bag."
-I think this is why Bobby and Dean connect so well. They both have horrible self-esteem... Daddy-issues... and both like music that society thinks is for chicks, so they hide it.

Sam: "Oh this is all sorts of wrong."
Dean: "Those are nice wheels. I'll tell you what, when this is all over, I'm stealing those rims."

- I love Dean.

Levi!Bobby: "Tell the kids I said hi"
- This is actually the first reference we get where "Bobby" outright calls Dean and Sam his kids. Now, of course, it's not actually Bobby...but I think it counts.

And that shot of the leviathan Sam and Dean in the car - SEXY AS HELL.

Levi!Bobby: "...you know, deep down inside, you're no cynic. You still hope.... you're not getting any older than tomorrow, Bobby, why do you bother?"
Bobby: "You a Browning fan?"
Levi!Bobby: "Come again?"
Bobby: "Robert Browning, poet - you got that name rattling around up there with the rest of my thoughts and feelings?"
Levi!Bobby: "Well, it's kinda hard to swift through all the drunken blackouts, but-"
Bobby: "A man's reach should exceed his grasp."
Levi!Bobby: "I like that, that's actually lovely, [after I eat you, I'm going to check out a library...]"

- Firstly, I love Bobby...and that is a good quote.
- Secondly, this is an interesting bit of information about Leviathans...because the Leviathan can't immediately access the quote Bobby is talking about, or the information on the poet, even though it is obviously important to Bobby... which means that there's a chance they don't know EVERYTHING.
- Thirdly, I love that Bobby turns the Leviathan into a library enthusiast... okay, that's stretching it, but still.

The borax thing is done well.

Jody: "Oh, sorry, little snafu here."
*Bobby kisses Jody*
Jody: "Not the reaction I was expecting."
Bobby: "What the hell was in that bucket?"

- Awww, so cute.

Cop after listening to Dean and Bobby's phone convo: "Borax, decapitation, what kind of sickos are you and your friends?"
- Hehehe, I love how we see the conversation through someone else's eyes, if only for a moment.

Dean: "What is it? What happened?"
Cop: "It's just, I don't know what I just saw..."
Dean: "Let me out of here. Okay, you listen to me, and we'll live.."

- I like how Dean knows something has gone wrong the minute he sees the Sheriff walk back into the room. Also, I love how the Sheriff just immediately lets him out.

*Sam trying to get the cuffs off*
Sam: "Dean!"
Levi!Dean: "I'm not your brother, but I am Dean-adjacent!"

- I love that line.
- Also, Sam is having a touch time this year with people not actually being his brother... well, just twice, but still, the guy is half-insane.
- Also, I love that Sam is picking at his handcuffs already.

Dean: "Sammy? ...Not Sammy."
- I also love how Dean can immediately tell it's not Sammy.

Levi!Dean: "I just want to let you know how much I've really grown to hate you and your brother since we've been wearing you. I just don't get it. You could be anything, you're strong, you're uninhibited, you're smart enough - believe it or not. But you're so caught up in being good and taking care of each other."
Sam: "What do you care?"
Levi!Dean: "Because it pisses me off! You're wasting a perfectly good opportunity to subjugate the weak."

- I like the fact that Levi!Dean says "you're smart enough - believe it or not" ... the leviathan is reading DEAN'S mind and telling Sam that Dean is smart enough to subjugate the weak...that Dean is smart enough to BE anything. YES! I'm a huge fan of the fact that Dean is not as dumb as he likes to pretend he is (or believes he is)...and it drives me crazy that the writers are so inconsistent with Dean's intelligence/skill level.
- And along the same lines, I like that the leviathan is implying that Sam and Dean are just one decision away from being humanity's worst nightmare... basically saying that if Sam and Dean DIDN'T care about being good or taking care of each other, then they could have this wonderful horrible rule over earth or something.

Levi!Dean: "Here's the deal, Dean, thinks you're nutballs, he thinks you're off your game."
Sam: "Are you going to kill me or is this some sort of play with your food bull"
Levi!Dean: "Alright, alright, you know, I guess that's why Dean never told you that he killed Amy. There it is, the look on your face, that is priceless, THAT's what I've been waiting for. Now I can eat you, because you see, I like my meat a little bitter."

- I love Sam's "god, why do the monsters always have to psychologically mess with us before we die!" :P It's true though, Dean thinking Sam is nutballs would drive Sam...well, nutballs. Because it takes them right back to that relationship that Sam spent 26 years or trying to get rid of, where Dean was the only one who knew what was best and Sam was treated as a child.
- Jensen does such a good job of showing the leviathan's absolute delight in dropping that bomb.

It's not supposed to feel good to decapitate yourself, Dean.

Cop: "Whatever I can do especially if it involves lying about everything I just saw."
Dean: "Good. I was hoping you could help us, kind of, be dead, you know? quote unquote."
Cop: "Yeah, yeah, I should be able to swing that."
Dean: "Alright, come on, let's go grab a mop. Sammy, you okay?"
Sam: "Yeah, I'm fine."

- And thus the Winchesters aren't going to be wanted by the FBI anymore. Just the leviathans...which, apparently, is enough to keep them away from the Impala.
- I kind of love that Dean immediately helps with the clean-up. Usually, they don't, of course, but I think here it just contrasts so beautifully with the image the cop originally had of Dean. Dean goes from being a psychotic-killer to a hero who helps you mop up monster blood. :P

*Bobby saying goodbye to Jody*
Bobby: "Actually, there is one more thing..."
*smiles* *confusion* *Bobby gives her a head*

- Oh, Bobby... you are not very smooth with the ladies.

I don't think it's wise to throw any part of water-based creatures in water... but I like the burying them in cement idea. Also, the other problem with throwing the heads into water is that human remains eventually float, especially if they're in something as flimsy as a cardboard box. If you never wanted those heads to be found, then you should weigh the box down with something... or eventually that sucker is going to pop up next to a fisherman.

*kiss on the cheek*

Levi!FBI-man! I feel bad that the nice Sheriff and the coroner was dead.

Levi!Valenti: "I'm sorry, sir, we could grab some more DNA, double them again."
Dick: "I like where your head's at, but sometimes less is more, those boys coming back from the dead again starts to strain credulity, even for the American media, am I right?"

- I like the show's little dig at itself here. How their heroes just keep coming back from the dead. I also like the dig at American media in general.

Dick: "And Valenti? Next time call me with a win, for your sake, please don't make me bib you."
- This is the first time we got word of bibbing.

Crowley: "Mr. Roman, I thought it was time we met in person. I'm Crowley, I run hell."
- Baby uvula gluten-free muffins... oh Crowley, you are bizarre.

Crowley: "Straight talk: You should be friends, you and I"
Dick: "Why? Why in the world would we be?"
Crowley: "I brought you here, Dick. I found a way to open the door to Purgatory."

Dick: "To steal every last soul, you mean. You and that angel friend of yours. Don't roofie me and call it romance."
- I love that last line of Dick's here. Because it's true, Crowley just wanted to burn out the purgatory souls for power.

Crowley: "I think you've got me wrong-"
Dick: "Now, it's your turn to listen. I'd rather swim though hot garbage that shack hands with a bottom feeding mutation like you. You demons are ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores. You're less than humans, and they're not good for much until you dip them in garlic sauce. I'd never work with you, Crowley, in fact if I wasn't busy with better things, I might activily wipe your kind from the face of the universe, and you'd deserve it. Are we clear?"
Crowley: "Keep the muffins."

- Great speech by Dick.

The my little pony is still in the trunk.

Dean: "You know my motto, here to help."
Sam: "[...] like you helped Amy? Don't lie to me, Dean. In fact, don't even talk to me. Yeah, no, I can't."
Dean: "Can't what?"
Sam: "I can't talk to you right now. Dean, I can't even be around you right now!"
Dean: "Okay, so?"
Sam: "So I think you should just go on without me. Go."
Dean: "Alright, sorry, Sam."

- What I like about this is that it really is just the lying that Sam has a problem with. And it makes a lot of sense, given that Sam's having trouble telling what is real and what isn't - the last thing he needs is for the one person he thought he could trust to start lying to him.
- Also, true to Sam's nature, he walks away from the fight rather than have it escalate.
- And, true to Dean's nature - he's so down on himself that he expected this, and he doesn't put up a fight... he just let's Sam walk away, because Dean knows he lied, and he knows he shouldn't have, and so OF COURSE he deserves to be left...in his opinion, anyway.


2 scenes:

Bobby and Jody eating sandwiches!!

Bobby: "Why is this so damn good?"
Jody: "Spam."

Jody mopping and spilling the borax!

Jody: "Oh damn it! Nice Jody."


I LOVE COMMENTARIES... ah crap, it's 4pm, I have to shower, hold on...sorry, going over to my friend's tonight to watch the S8 premiere! Yay! But if I don't set a time to shower, then I forget, and then I'm not a very good house guest. There's absolutely no reason for me to have typed all this, but, I figured I may as well leave it in, since this is a commentary about what I'm doing while I type about the commentary... so yeah, I'm being meta... and dripping on my office chair.

JARED AND JENSEN COMMENTARY! YAY! It's been a while. A LONG WHILE. Actually, I don't think they've done one (just them), since Phantom Traveler. And then I don't think they've done one at all since In My Time of Dying. I could be wrong about that though.

Jared: "I remember shooting that scene over the car as the day that I told everybody on set that we were pregnant..."
Jensen: "That you and I were pregnant?!"
Jared: "Yeah, yeah, that we were-"
Jensen: "That's disturbing."

- We can all breathe easy. Jensen hasn't found those fics yet.

Jensen: "Ah, I wish I was that charming."
Jared: "Hahah, I do too actually, it'd make things a lot easier."
Jensen: "Shut-up"

- Um, have you two looked at you? It sounds like Jensen at least thinks that Jared is charming.

Jared loved the gun, but Jensen said that the "gun did not like you"... the casings eject out the top, and that caused problems for how Jared could hold it...and caught him by surprise... and possibly made him cry.

The basement of Rufus's cabin is actually Bobby's basement revamped - they moved the stairs and put different furniture in it.

Jensen cast the guy who played Leviathan!Chet (in Vancouver for The Girl Next Door). Jensen liked the fact that he was so small, because the character was so powerful.

Jared: "I'm 6'5'' so not a whole lot of people are my size-"
Jensen: "And you're not manly at all."
Jared: "Exactly, yeah."

Jensen laughs at his own facial expressions as Dean.

Then Jared and Jensen just watch quietly for a bit....they actually watch quietly for a good portion of the commentary. But, I kind of like that, because they're actually ENJOYING their own show, which just tells you how much they love doing it.

Gas station was the same one they used in Croatoan - according to Jared, who may not be a trusted source.

They unplugged the fridges in the convenient store because of the noise... you can tell in the shot, because some of the lights are off.

Jensen's sister and brother-in-law were visiting.

Jared: "Half-Busey, and a Full-Busey from Jensen."
Jensen: "Absolutely"
Jared: "Whenever we do a shot like this, where we-"
Jensen: "Where we look towards the camera even though there's no reason to look towards the camera anyway. *laughs*"
Jared: "That's called the Busey. So the Full Busey is the full face and the Half Busey is the half face. Always trying to sneak in some screen time."
Jensen: "You can only learn that by wartching Busey"
*Jared laughs*

The first meeting with Frank was the first time they worked with Kevin too. Kevin had a clear idea of who his character was, and so a lot of Jensen and Jared's reactions are VERY geniune, because it was the first time they were seeing the character too.

Jensen laughs at all the jokes in the show. Sort of adorable.

It was actually a real computer that Frank smashed (Mac) - Jared cringed.

Jensen doesn't think Kevin ever missed a line.

Jared talks about how uncomfortable scenes are where you're tired to a chair...how you start to forget that you can get up. Jensen talks about fighting against chains so much in the scenes that you don't realize you're indenting your wrists with chain marks.

They both lament the loss of the Impala.
Jared: "It's like saying goodbye to another character."
Jensen: "Yup. I'm about ready to get that car back"

Jensen: "Sheriff Mills!"
- It's not just me who feels the need to announce her!

Jared talks about how she has a really cool female element that brings out something different in the regular characters.

Jared: "Go Bobby Singer"
Jensen: "I will say, the Sheriff's department in her town has a great tailor."

Chet gets his head back
Jared: "uh oh"
Bobby decapitates him - Jared laughs.

POS car in the script now instead of Impala interior, exterior, etc....

The Air Supply song starts, Jensen laughs.
Jensen: I don't think this was really in the script.
Jared: It was not.
Jensen: It was in an early draft as a joke and then they took it out... and then John Showalter, our director, was like 'Let's just do it, and if it turns out good, then we'll leave it in there.' So I'm still wondering why they left it in there."
Jared: It was pretty great *laughs at it a lot*

Jared loves shout-outs to earlier seasons and earlier parts, and "what makes Supernatural Supernatural." It helps him remember "the very real journey that Sam and Dean and Jared and Jensen have gone through"
Jensen: "Yeah, that we've all taken."

Jensen's brother-in-law and sister are the couple at the counter beside the fake Sam and Dean. S. E. Hinton is in the booth behind Jared.

The diner was the one they always use on the backlot. Jared gets his S6 episodes confused as to what monster it was that changed into their mom. (He thought it was Fate).

They had a tough time figuring out what they could and couldn't say to do the proper shout-out to Pulp Fiction but still be allowed on TV.

All driving scenes at night are done on stage. They've spent years perfecting it. Apparently they are the envy and amazement of the other productions in Vancouver.

They talk about how hard it is to film in a scene with yourself.

Jared: I think those were our doubles.
Jensen: No, that was you.
Jared: I don't know. I'm not convinced.
Jensen: Really?
Jared: I think that was Nathaniel.

Jared explains how the doubles stand in for them sometimes
Jensen: Which is good because they're better looking than us.

Jared: Leviathan!Dean can't wink as well as real!Dean-
Jensen: -As real!Dean, no, and oddly enough, neither of them can wink as well as I can. So, it's really uh-
Jared: Three different characters.
Jensen: -really bizarre.

Jared talks about how in Supernatural they can find out about the character from the character themselves - dissect yourself. Jared: "...something that the character would never admit to, someone is able to take over their body and their psyche and admit to it for them"

When Bobby kisses Jody
Jared: 'atta boy. ... way to go, Bobby, too bad it was short lived.

Jared: How can we be in two places at once?
Jensen: It's throwing me off.

Jensen hates jail scenes because you have to find the lens through the bars.
Jensen: "You can do the whole scene and then find out both eyes were covered by the bars."

Jared laughs at how funny that phone conversation between Dean and Bobby is to overhear.

Jensen was dripping in sweat during the jail scene and they kept having to towel him off, because they filmed it just after lunch and they had been playing football.

Jensen: Not Sam
Jared: Sam adjacent.
Jensen: Sam adjacent.

Jensen talks about "the invincible Todd Scott" and how he basically ran up a runway and launched himself into a cabinet.

Jensen had fun playing the leviathan.

Axe prop was too long and Jensen couldn't get it out of the case.

Jensen had to swing left with the ax, and he's right handed.
Jared: So the blood wouldn't go all over me and could splat on the wall-
Jensen: I didn't HAVE to do it that way, I did it so that Jared wouldn't be dowsed in black goo"
Jared: Which I appreciated. I'll return the favour if I get a chance.

Jensen: "It's okay. I was able to switch-hit a little bit in high school baseball. I never thought it'd come in handy in my professional career."
-Hehehehe....I'm sorry...just, I'm 12.

Jared talks about how it wasn't really about Dean killing Amy, it was about him lying to Sam. That it's important to him and Jensen "to clarify the character's drives."
- I love this, because if you think the FANS are protective of Sam and Dean, that's really nothing on how Jared and Jensen are protective of them. :P

Jared wishes they could have explored the Bobby/Jody relationship.

Jared: Oh, I didn't know that happened.
Jensen: Yeah, because we weren't there.

Jared: He really needs to wash his face. Oh, it's not that bad, maybe just tighten up around the collar."
Jensen: Yeah

Jensen thinks the extra in the shades is awesome. So does Jared.

Jared and Jensen both think James Patrick Stuart did a great job with Dick Roman.

Jensen laughs at Dick's drink order.

They watch the final fight between Sam and Dean, and then...
Jensen and Jared *both in pretend tears*: I hate when they fight!


Tomorrow is my birthday folks! So, I might not be around much - I've got things to do and people to see. But I'm sure I'll be back on the weekend with more rewatches! :)
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