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Quick Reaction: 8x01 We Need To Talk About Kevin

First Quick Reaction of the season! WOO!

Okay, I'm going to do my best to remember the sequence of events, but I may just talk about the flashbacks in a chunk somewhere in this, since I can't remember what order they came in or when...

Or cut-text song tonight is Boots or Hearts, seriously, give it a listen - if Supernatural were a Canadian show, there'd be a lot of Tragically Hip songs in it. This one in particular has a couple of apropos songs.

I don't know what song played over the montage, but I liked it.

I also liked Dean's return - the big light, and the campers (Side question: Do people actually camp in those weird white tents, or is that a Supernatural thing because they wanted an easy exit and entrance?)

I especially like Dean appearing almost like a Wendigo...and definitely psychotic-killer-lost-in-the-woods. I thought Jensen played him really well too - kind of animalistic...especially when he took the bag and bolted.

It was also kind of funny that they actually put him in a flannel shirt that was the wrong size (and a style that Dean would never wear).

So, then he digs up the grave and we come to something that I'm actually really not happy about... guys: I hate vampires. Like... I really really hate them. Remember how Dean gave that speech to Sam in Bloodlust back in S2 about how their father had raised them to hate these things and Dean REALLY hates them? Well, that's me, only I'm not willing to make exceptions. So... yeah, I was spoiled for the existence of Benny, and I had a sinking feeling this might happen...but as of right now, I'm really really hoping that Sam or Kevin or Cas or SOMEBODY kills that motherfucker before the end of the season... now it's true, I DO like the Alpha Vamp, but Benny is not the alpha vamp. So, yeah, I'm actually... I think this is the first time Supernatural has actually pissed me off...like, completely. Now, I'm not saying that I hate the show now and I'm never going to watch again, and I'm not saying I'm not going to TRY to give Benny a chance - I'm just saying that this is going to be an uphill battle for all of us.

Also, I really just don't think Benny is good news. I really think he's not a good guy. I really think that he's got something over Dean, and he means to blackmail him or double-cross him or SOMETHING... and that Sam really will have to kill Benny... so I do have a lot of hope. If he's one of the big bads for this year, then that's fine... I just don't want to be told to sympathize with him. It's like Dean became friends with Dick Roman. That is what it's like for me.

Anyway, let's get back to the awesome...

Sam leaves a dog and a girl... gets in the Impala and drives to Rufus's cabin. I'm going to assume that Dean DID manage to get him a message, or else Sam would have freaked out when Dean jumped him.

I LOVE the greeting! With Dean testing Sam and then demanding Sam test him, and Sam's "can I say hello!?" and "I KNOW IT'S YOU, DEAN!" Hahaha...so good.

And the HUG! Oh HUGS! They needed more hugs!

ETA: Sam also has A NEW COAT! It's GREEN like two of his other coats! 

But Cas is gone..."didn't make it" - I'm calling bull. I've got a theory about that. But I'll save my theories to the end of the post. Anyway, I think they should have hugged again after Dean told Sam about Cas...because MOAR HUGS.

Haha... anyway... Sam got out of hunting. Everyone was dead. Hunting killed his entire family. I kind of get his point. I'm pretty sure Sam must have been ABSOLUTELY devastated. You can see it later in the episode too, when Sam's first reaction to the mission to close the gates of hell forever is to say "Kevin's going to die now too."

And Sam abandoned Kevin - because he ditched the phones... but I think Sam just figured it was only a matter of time until Kevin died, and he didn't want to have to see it. Think about it? Everyone Sam has ever tried to save has ended up dead, really.

I'm willing to bet that a lot of people will probably side with Dean though and be mad at Sam for not hunting or looking for Dean while Dean was "dead." But, whatever. Dean spent all of last season being really tired and suicidally depressed... Sam's due for being really tired of hunting and just wanting to get away from the thing that reminds him of everything he lost. Plus, he had no way of knowing that Dean was in purgatory.... though disappearing BODILY is kind of weird.

Anyway... I do like Dean's line about how they always ignore the promise to get a normal life because of their "deep and abiding love for each other."

Where was I?

Oh, Kevin's messages - I liked them. I liked how they started off so formal. "Sam Winchester, this is Kevin Tran blah blah blah, please call me. Kevin Tran." and then got drunk, and then were informal "I assume you're dead."

I also agree with Dean though - Kevin WAS their responsibility. They were the only ones who knew he existed and Sam was the only one to know he was in trouble - and it's not like he could have counted on Kevin saving himself.

So...go find Kevin....

I was also spoiled for the girlfriend ending up being possessed, but I didn't know she was possessed the whole time...and I loved her comment about only being Kevin's girlfriend when he was going to Princeton. :P

I liked Sam and Dean in the coffee shop - how Sam got Dean food, and Dean acted like it was the greatest gift ever....and called his burger a treasure. :) I mean, it's kind of sad when you think about it.... so just don't think about it.

Okay, let's talk about Sam's flashbacks now: I think they were the most sort of - out of place, in the episode. But Sam was very Sam in them. For instance, he immediately takes ALL THE BLAME for hitting the dog. Yes, he admits that the dog just ran out in front of him out of nowhere, but then he's like "I DID THIS." And then he gets all yelly because animal hospitals are supposed to fix animals! And it reminded me of Dean yelling at the hospital guy about Bobby. Man, the Winchesters get REALLY pissed at you if you don't do your designated job. :P Maybe in Sam's case, that's residual guilt for not doing his.

I thought it was kind of weird for Vet-lady to be like "Take the dog!" I mean...how does she know it doesn't belong to anyone? Maybe it looked abandoned? Okay, we'll run with that....but even so, wouldn't she be concerned that Sam wouldn't be a good owner?

When was the motel scene? Anyway, let's jump to the motel scene...  I really liked how they heightened all the city sounds while the camera is on Dean... pointing out the fact that all of a sudden he's in an environment that is no longer familiar, and he's obviously still running on adrenaline required for Purgatory but not for Earth.

I like Dean being like "I KNEW I SMELLED DOG!" and Sam is like "I KNEW YOU'D FREAK OUT ABOUT IT!"

ETA: The line "Two rules, Sam: Don't accept joints from guys named Don and no dogs in the car!" - My grandfather's name was Don... I'm not sure what Dean is trying to say about Dons here, but I'm insanely curious. :P

Oh, I skipped the vending machine... I think that was Dean's "hurt locker" moment with the cereal isle.... and then he goes into a flashback where he meets Benny.

I DID like Benny's line about not being able to trust anyone, and then asking Dean to trust him, and then when Dean points out that that doesn't make sense, Benny is says "see, now you're getting it." But it's cool that there's a gateway for humans...sucks that obviously Benny DID hitch his ride... mainly because it damages my enjoyment of the show so much...ugh, but I will POWER THROUGH IT.

So, let's talk about Dean's flashback... he's madly running around trying to find 'the angel" - which means either he lost Cas completely from the get-go, or he lost him after that...but he WAS trying to find him. Interesting...

Back to the motel...

I like how Sam can see that Dean has PTSD, and I think that's why he ends up talking to Dean a lot during the night...maybe trying to calm him down enough to sleep. We never see if it works.

Oh, and girlfriend is possessed and kills her roommate to use the bowl thingy.

OKAY, off to see Kevin!

Kevin has taken the year off to become a badass! Woo! I love how he offers them a towel. It's so...Kevin Tran.

I also love Kevin's story about what happened after he was taken. I love how he outsmarted Crowley. CROWLEY. Brilliant. Kevin Tran is my new hero. He will replace Dean, since Kevin didn't bring a bloody vampire to the show! (Only joking...a little. I really hate vampires, you guys.)

In Kevin's flashback, when we saw Crowley start talking to him, it was SO FLIRTY. Haha, oh Crowley.... anyway, I absolutely love the fact that Crowley ended up in a goat field while Kevin killed his men and escaped.

So, Kevin read on the godrock that they might be able to close the gates of hell forever! Woo! I guess that's reason enough for Sam to get back in the game...that and the massive guilt-trip, and the fact that someone really has to look after PTSDean.

I liked Sam apologizing to Kevin. When Kevin said "I can't believe this is my life now." And Sam was like "I know it doesn't feel like it now, but it does get better." My friend laughed, and then Kevin said "I'm not gay, you know" and then we both laughed.

Meanwhile, I was thinking all the way back to Ava and how she thought doing crazy things was AWESOME...and I kind of missed her, even if she did go darkside. I think Kevin traded one high stress life for a different high stress life...and it's true academia won't kill you, but it doesn't necessarily make you feel very alive either. You end up living solely in your head...or at least, that was my experience.

I'm getting off topic...

So, Crowley and girlfriend show up! They still have the demon knife...for some reason I thought that had disappeared at some point, but I guess I'm crazy.

I loved the part where Crowley gets the demon in girlfriend to let girlfriend talk, and Kevin tells her "There is a demon inside you and you are going to your safety school" and girlfriend is takes the demon news well and then is like "WHAT?!" Hahaha....

Then, Kevin puts one over on Crowley FOR THE SECOND TIME! (Third time?!) WHATEVER! Brilliant.

That shot of them driving away in slow-mo and Crowley snapping girlfriend's neck was awesome.

My friend said, "She's better off. She was going to her safety school." Ah hahahaha.

Kevin is upset that his girlfriend is dead, and Dean tells him to suck it up - and then he goes off to call his secret Vampire boyfriend...ugh.

It's interesting though - I mean, what would Benny want with Dean now that he's out of purgatory? Why call? Why did Dean give him the number even? "Like we talked about, just take it one day at a time." What did you talk about? Why still be in touch? 

Benny saying that Dean was right and purgatory was "more pure" - is true though. In purgatory everything is instinctual and about survival, there's not a lot of higher level thinking. That's appealing to people like Dean, I think, who only get really really depressed when they higher-level-think. I mean, isn't that why people like D/s and S&M and all that stuff? 

I wonder who's funeral Benny was at.

Was that the end of the show? I guess it was.

Okay, theory: Dean is going to be giving Sam a hard time about abandoning the life and blah blah blah...but then we'll discover that Dean totally ditched Cas in purgatory for some stupid reason, so he's a giant hypocrite. Also, Benny is evil and needs to die. Cas will come back, and/or be rescued...and the whole time in the background/foreground, they'll be trying to get godrocks and close the gate to hell.

I'm not sure what Sam's storyline will be with his flashbacks...I mean, the way I picture it - it'll probably be him crying a lot, then shaking up with Vet-lady and dog...and then having that relationship fall apart... so, it'll be a very weird monster-free storyline for Sam to have, really...not sure what the interest there will be or how it'll impact the present.

But yeah, we're totally not getting the full story from Dean. This is like S4, but instead of Sam keeping secrets about what he did in the summer, it's Dean. I'm perfectly fine with this. I really really liked S4. ... I just don't like vampires.

And there you have it! The good, the bad, the huge gaps of things I've probably forgotten to talk about... seriously, leave me comments with things that you thought were important but that I didn't touch on at all, please! :)
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