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Podcast with Jared

Just popping back in to say there's a podcast with Jared, that might be new? Anyway, it was recorded quickly back at ComicCon. It's a good interview. I always like listening to Jared.

Jared starts about 5 minutes in.

A couple things:

I got sort of annoyed at the conversation where it seems they were suggesting that women only watch because the Jared and Jensen are pretty, but I realized that Jared just meant that the women would hopefully START watching because they were pretty and keep watching for the plot, whereas they hoped the very masculine premise would entice guys to watch despite how pretty Jared and Jensen were. Still, could have been said better.

Jared talks about living in Vancouver and how it kind of sucks because it's not home - and because it's not home and only temporary, he's afraid to form relationships here because eventually he's going to leave. I thought that was interesting, because I tend to leave places because I've formed relationships. I get to this point where suddenly it feels like too many people know me.

I kind of love the fact that Jared had to look up where Vancouver was on a map. I also feel REALLY bad about how he and Jensen found out that the show was going to be filmed in Vancouver. Poor guys. (I've long since stopped being offended when people don't want to live in my country, mainly because I don't think they should be offended that I don't want to live in their's :P ...plus Jared's biggest complaints about Canada are that his friends need passports to visit him, and he can only bring in two bottles of wine at a time/wine is twice as expensive here, and he can't watch Hulu or other US-geoblocked content. So, yeah, seeing as how the second problem is something I don't like about Canada either, I don't blame him for it....and the first and third problem aren't Canada's fault. :P )

Jared's worst drunk-story is kind of adorable and hilarious. Also, aww, brothers looking out for each other. :P 

Also, I had to laugh at the fact that Jared has now sworn off ever being on another show with only two leads. We have to enjoy this one while we can! I think Supernatural is probably going to be the only two-lead show for the rest of time now that word has gotten around about how grueling the schedule is. All the more reason to love Jared and Jensen for signing up all the way to 10 seasons, when really they could have declared it over at any point.

Anyway, it's a good podcast, because it's always fun to listen to Jared ramble and get his words all mixed up... "music-song" quickly becomes a joke between him and the interviewer. Also, wow, but Jared's lived a charmed life.


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Oct. 2nd, 2012 01:33 pm (UTC)
oh thanks for the rec - must listen! The comment about the passports made me go O.o because in Australia certainly people like Jared and his friends would've had passports since they were teens.

eta: I had to look it up - apparently about 75% of Australians hold passports compared to 38% of Americans....
Oct. 2nd, 2012 04:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I had the same reaction. "My friends who don't have passports can't visit me" - so tell your lazy friends to get passports, I highly doubt they can't afford them... or they're all illegal immigrants. That's not a valid complaint.

But then, I think Canadian's are probably like Australians... maybe getting a passport in the States is some horrible ordeal, rather than the paperwork and $80 it is here. Though, I think in the States you allowed to smile in your passport photo! So, it can't be THAT hard to get one.
Oct. 10th, 2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
It's not that hard, it's just a pain. You have to get it at the Post Office, but only *some* PO offer it, and they have bizarre times. Like, mine is 2 - 5 Tuesday and Thursday. Which is when I'm normally at work.

And for a long time, you didn't need a passport to cross the Canadian or Mexican borders...only a birth certificate. (which, really? Proved nothing about who you were.) That changed after 9/11, but a lot of people still don't really realize that, or are resistant because they think it's too much governmental control. I've had a passport since I was in high school, but I don't think my parents do. (which is kind of funny, because my grandparents lived in Canada, so we went back and forth across the border several times a year. My grandmother died in 2001 though, so they haven't been back since then.)

Thanks for the pod announcment! That was great! I just love Jared... :D
Oct. 10th, 2012 10:55 pm (UTC)
Interesting. For us, we can pick up the paperwork at the post office (or a government office), but we can just mail it in once we fill it out and get the pictures taken. And our post offices have pretty good hours, so you can usually stop in before/after work.

Or, I think you can request the forms be sent to your house - since my sister who lives in the states has to get Canada to send her forms every 4 years for her family.

I remember the days when you just needed a drivers license or a birth certificate to cross the border. A friend of mine who lived in NB used to cross the border to go see movies, since the nearest movie theatre to him at the time was actually in Maine. :P
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