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Rewatch S7: Defending Your Life (7x04)

Unrelated: On Sunday, I found a restaurant/bar in Vancouver that basically had Ash as a bartender. It's not that far from the hotel where they hold the convention - so I kind of hope that he's still working there come August.

Okay, now we tackle the episode that Jared has decided is his least favourite (according to him at the Dallas Convention, though he didn't say why.)

Oh yeah, car chase.....in Gastown, it looks like. Gastown is a really good looking part of town. Less glass, more brick, cobblestone streets - what's not to love?

Teaser dude upon reaching the safety of his apartment: "You're okay, you're okay..."
- I do that too... I mean, I've never been chased by a ghost car, but I've had to do that when I've lost my temper before... and if something scares the bejeesus out of me.

And the car being inside was awesome. I kind of like that ida.

*Sam gets out of the car, here's a distant 'Saaam', rubs his hand*
Dean: "Feels wonky"
Sam *slightly panicked*: "What?"
Dean: "Working a regular job."
*Sam relaxes*

-See, MORE OF THIS. I think this is the last time they do it. Ugh.

Dean: "...and you seem good."
Sam: "I am. for me..."

- I like that Sam doesn't worry about being good for "normal" he only worries about being good *for him.* Healthy attitude... TOO healthy, MOAR SAM ANGST! Okay okay, I'll give it up. Seriously though, he actually could have had this lovely healthy attitude and STILL been seen to be having more struggles with mental instability. It's not beyond reason.

Sam: "...by the way, thank you"
Dean: "For?"
Sam: "Amy. I know you didn't want to let her go, but it was the right thing to do, so thanks."
Dean: "No problem."

- Oh Dean. Are you now realizing that perhaps YOU are the mentally unstable one?
- I'm actually serious... I think Dean was so focused on Sam being the unstable that he didn't think to examine his own mental-state in the wake of Cas' betrayal and death. And now he's riddled with guilt, because maybe killing Amy WASN'T the right thing to do... or maybe it was, but killing her behind Sam's back wasn't the right thing to do (hint: it definitely wasn't.)

Dean: "Check this out: AA ten years. Dead and sober, double crappy."
Sam: "There's a charge that keeps coming in, fifty bucks a month at a place called Jane's. Alright, congrats on sobriety. I'm going to go find out what Jane's is."
Dean: "I- haha, I gave up AA for lent"
Sam: "We're not catholic."

- I think this is the only mention we ever get about what the Winchesters ARE. I mean, we know Dean was an atheist until S4... and I guess Mary was an atheist too. Was John? Were they brought up atheists... well, I guess they were brought up Hunters, so maybe it was just never addressed or taught, so Dean became an atheist and Sam became a believer in God but one that didn't belong to any one organized religion... I don't know what the word is for that.

Dean: "Always with the details, AA gives me the jeebs."
Sam: "Ah, shocker."

- AA gives me the jeebs too, but that's because it's religion based, and everything religion based tends to give me the "jeebs" - no offense to you religious people out there. I'm glad it's working out for you. I'm also creeped out by girl guides, boy scouts, and... well, really ANY organized group or association. It's a problem.
- I'm sure the reference here though is to Dean's obvious drinking problem - which has gotten worse.

Um...why the heck do they have to go physically see the gave? They've got a name and the fact that she's dead already... I mean, they could have been looking for unholy ground or something, but they didn't seem to be. It was just a "fill time" scene...even though they cut a perfectly fine "fill time" scene.

Sam: "At least he felt bad - flowers."
Dean: "Kind of makes you wonder if he weren't drunk when he ran her over." *look at his beer, takes a sip*
*Sam looks at him slightly worried*

- Again, neon arrow to Dean's drinking. Beware anvils.

Sam: "So, now that we got a lead on ghost-rider, let's go."
Dean: "Where?"
Sam: "Burn her bones. Put her to rest."
Dean: "And the fun never stops."

- Dean really has this weird thing about children. I'm beginning to wonder if I should be worried about myself, because I really don't have it. If a kid is killing people and or going to kill people, kill the kid. If the kid is a ghost, kill the ghost. Honestly, it's not hard.
- I like how Sam thinks about what he does as a service - that he's helping.

The dog murderer... I love how adorable that dog looks before it kills the guy.

I like the little bit they put in with Dean trying to lie down and not even making it to the mattress before sitting back up again.

Dean: "Wait a second, do dogs even have ghosts?"
Sam: "First I've heard of it."
Dean: "That sounds weird. Ghost dog?"

- This is an unanswered question of the Supernatural universe. DO dogs have ghosts? Are dogs smart enough to dodge their reapers? Do they get reapers? Do they have souls? A German shepherd has an IQ of 60, though I have no idea how they measure IQ in animals. Pigs have the IQ of three-year-olds. So, next time you're eating that pork sandwich, think of eating three year-olds. (Should I be worried that I have no problem eating pork, even though I think of three year-olds every time I do? ... I'm beginning to think that I may be a high-functioning sociopath).

Dean: "...I mean, I'm no one to judge, but sounds like that guy had it coming."
-Oh Dean, you always judge. Okay, that's not fair... it was Sam who was all judgey in Folsom Prison Blues.

Sam: "...he started volunteering at an animal shelter."
Dean: "Yeah, because he had to."
Sam: "Yeah, but he kept going long after he served his time. Looks like he got really into it, raised a lot of money for the cause. People change."

- And this is exactly what Dean DOESN'T want proven. He convinced himself that Castiel couldn't change his nature, and that's why he betrayed Dean and therefore had to die... and he convinced himself that Amy couldn't change, which is why he had to betray Sam and kill her. And the idea that people CAN change, well, that would mean that maybe Castiel betrayed Dean and died because at some point Dean had fucked up the relationship (note: I'm not blaming Dean, I just think that Dean would blame himself.)

Sam: "Alright, get suited up. Let's go check out the body."
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "What? What?"
Sam: "Nothing. You okay."
Dean: "Peachy, let's do this."

- I just love this exchange. Dean's upset by everything because life is horrible... and Sam is just confused because he's probably got enough on his plate with Lucifer standing in the corner of the room even though we can't see him,

Dean: "An apple farm?"
Sam: "Yeah, apparently whatever's in the red dirt makes great apples."
Dean: "Wow, I'd be so interested in that if I ate apples."
*affectionate smile from Sam.*

- Firstly, I love how much Sam loves Dean not despite, but BECAUSE he can be downright surly.
- Secondly, how on earth did Sam figure out it was the apple-farm? SERIOUSLY. Oh dirt! I'll figure out where it came from somehow! Who is he, Sherlock Holmes? Does Sam have a mind palace full of all the different dirt in the continental US?
- Thirdly, what about apple pie, Dean?

I do feel bad for the dude who just got out of prison... mind you, that's because I think that guilt is a punishment in and of itself. I'm extremely lenient on people who actually feel really bad for their non-premeditated crimes. Like, there was this one kid who accidentally killed five of his friends back in my hometown. My mum was kind of... well, she wouldn't say, but I'm pretty sure her opinion was that the kid should go to prison forever or something... I thought that it was bad enough that he had accidentally killed five of his friends. He's ruined for life emotionally after that. But you know, whatever. I don't actually know what happened to him in the end.

Sam: "What is it?"
Dean: "What is it?! Sam - how about a drunk driver, Michael Vic, a murderer-"
Sam: "And?"
Dean: "And? When did our black and white case turn to mud?"

- When have any of your cases not been mud?

Dean: "I'm just saying, I'm having a hard time not rooting for the ghosts on this one."
Sam: "No, you said it ourselves, it's not on us to judge."
Dean: "Yeah, except that's complete crap. Everyone judges all day long. Look, I'm just supposed to ignore what that guy did?"
Sam: "We shot people, Dean, more than two."
Dean: "Yeah, and you know what, when those ghosts come to kick my ass, they've got a compelling case."

- And here's our episode in a nutshell. Dean feels guilty about everything and thinks he deserves to die. Sam does not.

Sam: "So what? You're saying what? You don't want to work the job anymore..."
Sam: "Look, I'm going to go out and check that barn. You coming?"
Dean: "I'm going to go check the bar."
Sam: "To work or drink?"
Dean: "I haven't decided."

- I wonder if the Winchester's have ever been like "Ugh, I don't like this case - let's leave town." I don't think so.
- I do feel bad for Dean though. He's already struggling about whether what he did with Amy was morally right - whether it's the murder itself or just lying to Sam - and then the first case he gets is something where he's technically saving murderers... it doesn't help one feel like a hero.

Sam: "Bobby, hey. Me. Listen, I'm sending you some symbols to look up..."
- I just love how Sam identifies himself as "Me." Well, that clears it up, thanks Sam! I really do love it. It's basically ONE WORD that speaks to the close familiarity between Sam and Bobby.

Mia: "Love life or job? Two quick doubles, it's something. I'm Mia, by the way."
Dean: "Well Mia, that is a complex question. I'm Dean, by the way."

- And it's complex because it's both. Dean is horribly depressed because his best friend is dead (love), he doesn't like the case their on (job), he's not sure whether killing Amy and lying to Sam about it was the right thing to do (love/job).

Dean: "Work thing, since you asked... you ever do something behind someone's back because you had to."
Mia: "And now you feel bad? Well, Dean, if you had to, why feel guilty? Doesn't make any sense"
Dean: "Well, you know, we don't have enough room for the worms if we pop that can, sister."

- I'm with Mia on this one...but then, I think we've already established that I'm possibly emotionally-deficient in some way.
- Also, I like Dean's answer about not having enough room for the worms. That ranks right up there (but still behind) Chandler's "Can: open. Worms: everywhere."
- Additionally, for some reason I get a kick out of him calling her "sister" - I'm not sure why.

Bobby: "They identify the god Osiris, real authoritarian type. He gets a hold of you, he's judge jury and executioner. Lore says that he can see directly into the human heart. He weighs the guilt and if he finds more than a feathers worth, boom, your done."
- So, I'm a huge fan of the Osiris-Set-Isis story from Egyptian mythology - in which Osiris is killed by Set, resurrected by Isis, but confined to the waters of the Nile thereafter. So, yeah, I was kind of jazzed about the villain being Osiris... probably anything they did wouldn't have lived up to my jazzed-ness though. That being said - I like the philosophical questions this idea brings up: How do you define guilt? By what you believe/feel? Or what is actually the case? If you weigh a persons guilt by how much guilt is in their heart, than people like Dean are hanged a thousand times over for things that were beyond their control...whereas amoral characters (like, for instance, Moriarty from Sherlock or Soulless!Sam) would walk free.

Bobby: "...You know what this means?"
Sam: "Yeah, it means we've got to find him before he goes to ground again"
Bobby: "No, you idjit, it means you two got to get the hell out of Dodge. He hones in on people who feel guilty. Who does that sound like to you?"

- I love how WELL Sam and Bobby know Dean. I love that after seven seasons and a sold-soul and everything else, they know exactly what Dean's emotional weaknesses are.

Dean: "It's been a while, but you know yourself. It's nothing but a ground ball, you just have to put your mitt down. You are Dean Winchester, this is what you do."
- So, the first time I saw this, I thought it was funny that Dean had to psych himself up for sex. I thought, well, technically, he hasn't been with anyone since Lisa (at least not that we've seen) - so it makes sense. He hasn't had a fling for a while. But, it occurs to me now that what Dean is really doing is going through the motions. He is Dean Winchester and this is what he does... he's pretending to be himself. Dean Winchester is trying to act like Dean Winchester, so that no one will know that he's broken and hurting and lying to his brother and lying to himself about how broken and hurt he is.

Sam's in Dean's phone as Sammy... also, he has a Vancouver number.

And the old dude does not understand how salt works...

Monsters really have to learn not to trail so much dirt, sulfur, whatever around with them...

Sam: "Look, if anyone should be on trial. It's me."
- I like how even though Sam doesn't feel guilt anymore, he still has this belief that he is forever the worst of the two of them

Dean: "You're not a lawyer"
Sam: "I was pre-law"
Dean: "Yeah, pre"

- He was going to end up a TAX lawyer (if Dean's wish!verse was anything to go by)...so yeah, Sam really isn't the type of lawyer that Dean needs.

Sam: "Objection!"
Osiris: "Grounds?"
Sam: "Witnesses being called without prior notice."
Dean: "Good one"
Sam: "I saw it on the Good Wife."

- I love the fact that the Winchesters watch TV... like, seemingly everything and anything, because they are stuck in motel rooms with nothing to do. I like the idea of Sam watching the good wife and thinking that Juliana Margalese (or however you spell her name) is a good actor.


Osiris: "Isn't it true that you admired him."
Jo: "As a hunter, yeah. As a guy he was kind of a jerk."

- Yup. It's interesting that Osiris harps on the feelings though, because it means that Dean really focused on them too... that part of him recognized that Jo had a crush on him at one point, and he felt bad for not reciprocating.

Osiris: "No feelings? You would have chosen the exact same road? Ended up at that hardware store, holding the fuse-"
- Yes.

Sam: "So, why'd you start? To impress some loudmouth ass that you just met? Or because of your dad?"
Jo: "Daddy-issues, definitely. Listen Dean, I don't-"

- I love the fact that Jo tried to tell Dean that she didn't blame him.

Osiris: "Sam, not exactly the life you expected is it?"
Sam: "Details are a little different."

- I love Sam.

Osiris: "...until your brother showed up in that gas-guzzler"
Sam: "It's complicated"
Osiris: "That one act had quite the domino effect. You come back and your girl is dead."
Sam: "That wasn't his fault."
Osiris: "Sure, and neither is anything that came after. All the blood and the death and the hanging on by a thread. None of that is on Dean, directly."
*Flashback to everything horrible that has ever happened to Dean*

- To me this is possibly the most heartbreaking part of the episode - the idea that Dean feels like Sam would have somehow escaped all of it if Dean just hadn't shown up that Halloween to fetch him. Like, in Dean's mind, there's this world where Sam is getting his law degree and Dean is burning his father alone, and killing the YED alone, and defeating Lucifer alone...or perhaps just dying before all that even happens... alone.

Osiris: "But don't you think that your brother dragged you back into that catastrophic mess, because he'd rather damn you with him than be alone."
Sam: "No, one way or another, I would have gotten dragged back in."

- I like the pause before Sam answers, because they both know it's true. Dean doesn't want to be alone, he never has... and Sam knows that Dean doesn't want SAM to be alone either - Dean proved that much in Swan Song, when he drove out to stand between two arch-angels, just so that Sam wouldn't die alone.
- But Sam's right of course - he was damned 10 years before he was born. There was nothing Dean could have done. Though, arguable there was Dean and time-paradox involved, but that wasn't Dean's fault either.

Osiris: "I don't decide anything, Sam. I don't decide Dean's guilt. I just weigh the guilt that is already there. This is solely about how Dean feels, way down deep."
- And that's when we know where screwed.

Osiris: "People want to be judged, they really do. When your heart is heavy, real punishment is a mercy."
- Exactly. This is what I think too...which is why I didn't think that dude who killed his friends needed to go to prison forever. The guilt is the punishment... I mean, honestly? I'd put that kid on suicide watch and that would be his punishment. He'd has to live forever with the knowledge of what he did and what he lost. It's the classic "to the pain!" challenge rather than "to the death!" from the Princess Bride - "it means I leave you in agony, wallowing in freakish misery forever."
- Now, that being said, the fact that the old man served his prison time, still felt guilty, and still gets killed, makes me feel bad for him. Real punishment IS a mercy, as long as it has the effect of making you feel as though you've atoned somehow. But I'm of the opinion that the people who don't feel guilty are the ones that need to be killed or locked away... the ones that serve their time and STILL feel bad, like the old guy...they're the ones who deserve to live and be free.

Sam: "So, Dean, when you came and got me, did you know Jess would die?"
Dean: "course not."
Sam: "No, how could you. I mean, are you psychic?... that's a question."
Dean: "No, definitely not psychic."

- I liked Sam's "...that's a question" haha.
- ETA: As et_tu_lj pointed out to me in comments - this question actually has a deeper level of meaning. Dean was never psychic, but Sam was. If either of them could be blamed for Jess' death, it would probably be the guy who had been dreaming about it for weeks before it happened. I'm not saying he deserves that blame, of course, but it's a very interesting point - and might be why Sam feels the need to ask this question.

Sam: "What about Jo, did you kill her?"
Dean: "No."
Sam: "Isn't it true that you don't feel guilty about her - that you're just sad she's dead, that it just...blows."
Dean: "Actually, maybe yeah."

- I love Sam's argument - because it's true.

Osiris: "Very good, both of you. Alright, because I really enjoyed that, I'm going to be generous and ask - Dean, do you want me to call my last witness? Or have we had enough?"
- And of course Dean knows who the next witness is going to be - knows that there's no possible way Sam could talk him out of feeling bad about that one, because Sam is going to be pissed.

Sam: "Ram's horn...huh, apparently Jewish people blow through them once a year."
Dean: "Where're you going to find one this time of night?"
Sam: "Uh...Synagogue?"
Dean: "You're going to steal from a temple? That's a new low."

- Another Jewish reference from Dean! Yay! I love Jewish references from Dean... I like this one especially, because he calls a synagogue a "temple" which is something usually only Jewish people do, and he also called it a new low, as though synagogues are sacred (which is odd, considering that Dean doesn't seem to hold other churches sacred). Anyway, it's my personal headcanon that Dean has some previous connection with the Jewish faith... of course, that doesn't really work in the Supernatural universe, because the Jewish faith doesn't have heaven or hell - but I don't mean that Dean IS Jewish, just that he seems to have a great affection for all things Jewish. So, yeah, I've talked about this elsewhere, but I like to picture Dean being part of a Jewish community at some point in his formative years.

Dean: "dick's going to sic Jo after me, Sam"
Sam: "You're a hunter. You know how to deal with ghosts."
Dean: "So you're suggesting I kill her again?"
Sam: "You didn't kill her, Dean."

- I like the way Jared delivers that line - it's kind of, sadly resigned. It's painful for Sam to hear Dean shoulder blame that isn't his.

Rabbi: "I'm guessing you're not here for bar mitzvah lessons."
Sam: "Uh..."

- This seems an odd scene to include - is it just for that slightly lame joke? We never see Sam explain himself. I like to think he just asked for the horn, and the Rabbi let him take it - because Rabbis are cool like that. It's just...there's not much point to it.

Jo: "You know, I'd never do this..."
Dean: "I know."

- I feel bad that Jo is being forced to do something she doesn't want to do... later, when she's talking to Dean, she keeps sort of pacing back and forth - walking towards the stove and then walking back to him... it makes me wonder if that was on purpose, or if the director was just like "move around so that this is more visually interesting!" and so Alona just paced for no reason.

Jo: "Dean, my life was good, really."
Dean: "He was right, you know, that dick judge, about me."
Jo: "No he wasn't."
Dean: "You were a kid."
Jo: "Not true."
Dean: "You and Sam, and I just - you know. Hunters are never kids. I never was. I didn't even stop to think about it."

- Dean used that line on Jo during that case way back in S2 - "It's too late for me, but you still have a choice" or something to that affect. It's funny, because Sam was the one that was technically BORN into hunting, whereas Dean wasn't - and yet, seemingly through mutual agreement, John and Dean kept Sam in the dark as much as possible until he was eight or nine. So, therefore, Sam was a kid, and Dean never was. It's a really interesting dynamic.
- I think his line "I didn't even stop to think about it" is more about him picking up Sam from Stanford, which is confirmed by his next line.

Jo: "It's not your fault. It wasn't on you."
Dean: "No, but I didn't want to do it alone. Who does..."

- And I LOVE that line, because it's a call back all the way to the PILOT. That was what made Sam come with Dean to Jericho. All Dean had to say was that he didn't want to do it alone...and we didn't even know the characters yet, we didn't realize how significant that admission was coming from Dean, yet Sam did, because that's what made him change his mind and join Dean on the road for that one hunt that started everything... even though everything would have started anyway, with or without Dean not wanting to be alone.
- ETA: ALSO this is heartbreaking because it's something Dean did because he WANTED to. It's a "selfish" choice he made because it would make him happy. If there's one thing that this show keeps shoving down Dean's throat - it's that he isn't allowed to have wants and desires, and he's definitely not allowed to do things that make him happy... when he went to go play videogames as a kid, Sam was attacked and his dad was angry...and when he wanted company on the road because he was lonely, he ruined Sam's life somehow.

Dean: "...the right thing would have been to send your ass back home to your mom."
Jo: "I'd like to have seen you try."

- And this is the slightly insulting thing about Dean's guilt, because it takes away Jo and Sam's agency. Dean blaming himself is basically him saying that they weren't in control of their own decisions. The truth is that Jo or Sam could have decided to stop hunting at any time, and Dean wouldn't have been able to stop them - especially Jo. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Jo: "You carry all kinds of crap you don't have to, Dean. It kind of gets clearer when your dead."
Dean: "Well, in that case, you should be able to see that I am 90% crap. I get rid of that, what then?"

- And I think Dean is referring to the act that he's putting on - this pretending to be Dean Winchester crap, rather than admitting that he's sad and broken and making stupid decisions because he is sad and broken...so, yeah, you take away the 90% crap and Dean is probably curled up under the sink, to put it like Bobby.

So, turn on the gas, wait only a second or two, and then open a window and get a good breeze going... yeah, I don't think Dean actually has much to worry about. :P

Jo: "He's making me do this."
Dean: "It's okay"

- Dean is assuaging Jo's guilt, while damning himself for his own. A commenter on 7x03 noted that maybe Dean let the kid go because he has a death-wish... and in this scene, I'm inclined to agree. I think Dean WANTS Jo to kill him - which just makes Osiris right. 7x02 was a great episode about Sam being suicidally depressed deep down - and yet they drop that storyline completely from Sam's arc, and switch it over to Dean in only two episodes...giving DEAN that storyline for 3/4 of the season, if not more, while Sam is suddenly positive and happy...and you know, good for Sam? But hey, at least SOMEONE gets the suicidal storyline, I suppose.

I love the hand to the cheek. That moves always breaks my heart when it comes to Dean. He's EXTREMELY starved for affection. Dean's an extremely affectionate character, trapped in a world where he isn't shown or allowed to show affection. It's sad. Stupid social constructs of masculinity!

I actually like the fact that they brought back Jo for this episode. I think because it was done in a way that doesn't diminish the impact of her death in anyway... perhaps because it's a whole two seasons later, or perhaps because her appearance is about her death - I don't know.

Dean: "So, I got a question - where the hell did that come from? Volunteering to defend me?"
Sam: "He was going to kick me out."
Dean: "I don't know man, in another life, you could have made a pretty decent scuzzbag."
Sam: "I'm O for 1, Dean."

- I like how Sam is just laughing at how sucky a lawyer he is.
- I think that "another life" Dean is talking about is that one in his head, where Dean never picks Sam up at Stanford to look for John.

Sam: "So who was he talking about?"
Dean: "Who?"
Sam: "That whole final witness thing?"
Dean: "No idea, honestly, that could be just about anybody dead we know."

- I think Sam should have called bullshit on this answer. It was obvious that Dean was panicked when Osiris asked about the final witness, there's no way he didn't know who it was.

Dean: "By the way, I mean, I get why Judge Judy put me on trial. I got guilt coming out of my poors. But, uh, why'd he skip you?"
Sam: "I think I just don't feel guilty anymore."
Dean: "Come on..."
Sam: "I don't know what to tell you. I mean, I spent a lot of time feeling pretty crappy - like, my whole life."
Dean: "What you got a secret stash of happy pills?"
Sam: "Hell. Look, I'm not saying it's logical, I just - I feel like I did a lot of stuff I should have felt bad for, and then I paid a lot of dues and came out the other side-"
Dean: "And that worked? You really feel like your slate is wiped?"
Sam: "Well, no, nothing ever gets wiped. I mean, sometimes I see Lucifer when I friggin' brush my teeth, but, I don't know, I guess I just finally feel like my past is my past and I can move on with my life. You know, hopefully."

- And this is what Alistair robbed Dean off in Hell. If Dean had got out of Hell a month earlier, having been tortured for 30 years, he would have felt like he DESERVED happiness. He would have gone to hell for his brother (a noble cause) and he would have suffered for the sake of love, and he would have felt like he had paid his dues for whatever crap made his eyes bleed in Bloody Mary. Instead, because he turned torture, he came out of hell feeling more guilty than when he went into it... and he felt guilty for every single thing he did SINCE coming out of hell, probably especially if it involved torture in any way (which a few things have).
- Because Sam was just raped and tortured for 180+ years (if not more), he feels like he deserves to be happy now - and he does. He's atoned for drinking demon blood, betraying his brother, and starting the apocalypse... he's served his time. Also, now that he's been reunited with his memories, he knows that he can't be blamed for Soulless!Sam's behaviour either. So, he's good there. The past is the past and all the matters is how he moves forward - which is probably why he erred on the side of letting Amy go, come to think of it.

Dean: "I don't know whether to be jealous or weirded out."
Sam: "Well, get used to it. I mean, I don't want to sound lame, but - I kinda feel good, Dean."
Dean: "Well, you are going to be a pleasure to ride with."

- Be jealous. This too, could have been yours... could still be yours, if you learned how to forgive yourself, Dean.
- Also, yeah, Sam being happy does not make the whole "So about your monster friend..." conversation any easier.


We come to the first deleted scene on the DVDs...

Sam is outside barn on the phone with Bobby asking him how to kill Osiris... because Dean's missing. Bobby doesn't know.

Bobby: "You're not going into there seat of your pants, are you?" *Sam has obviously hung up* "Balls."
-Ah Winchesters, you never change.

And there we go, I am finished the first disc.



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Oct. 2nd, 2012 08:00 am (UTC)
Sigh...This is where the weird writing of Sam's mental state starts...

Sigh...Lost potential...
Oct. 2nd, 2012 08:13 am (UTC)

Oct. 2nd, 2012 08:38 am (UTC)
Okay, now we tackle the episode that Jared has decided is his least favourite (according to him at the Dallas Convention, though he didn't say why.)

Wow. I'd love to know why, too. I always liked this episode.

Can't believe they didn't cut that stealing the ram's horn scene and cut something else. Where is the logic here, folks? *sigh*
Oct. 2nd, 2012 08:50 am (UTC)
Agreed, there were a lot of "kill time" scenes in this episode, which just bugged me. I think they cut the wrong one - or should have stretched out some of the scenes that at least had a bit of substance.

I'd love to know why it's Jared's least favourite too. He probably wouldn't say... I think they make it a habit to not talk to negatively about anything for fear of being misunderstood (since that seems to happen every time they do.) But yeah, I didn't think this episode was too bad, besides the pointless-scenes problem.
Oct. 2nd, 2012 05:03 pm (UTC)
I love how quickly Bobby picked up that Dean would be grade A meat to Osiris. <3

Sam: "So, Dean, when you came and got me, did you know Jess would die?"
Dean: "course not."
Sam: "No, how could you. I mean, are you psychic?... that's a question."
Dean: "No, definitely not psychic."

What I really like about this is the reminder that Sam WAS psychic. His confession to Bloody Mary that he'd seen Jess' death coming was one of my earliest perfect details in the series. (I've only watched through once so maybe I missed it, but did Sam ever tell Dean that secret? I don't think he did.) He's arguing against Dean's guilt here, but the way he's arguing it has a deeper subtext. Dean couldn't have prevented it because he didn't do know, but Sam did and what if? An earlier more guilt-ridden Sam might have blamed himself for not preventing it (never Dean) but as he's grown up and gotten past his own guilt, now he accepts it wasn't his fault either. I love that the subtext is still there though, because a darker interpretation is that Jess' death wasn't Dean's fault, if anyone's, it was Sam's.

I definitely agree Dean's got a not so subtle death wish going on this season.
Oct. 2nd, 2012 05:12 pm (UTC)
Oh man, you're right about Sam. Actually, I might go back and add that in to the post. He did actually tell Dean about that - I think in Home 1x09. So, yeah, this is actually a little dig at himself, even if he has since forgiven himself (after all, Jess' death was his first vision, I think - so he couldn't have known what it was or what it meant.)
Oct. 2nd, 2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
Did he? Awesome, I'd forgotten. Then yes, even more so then, he's reminding Dean that Jess wasn't his fault, he didn't have the info he would've needed to stop it. Sam did, but didn't understand it well enough to do anything with it. (I'm glad he left it in subtext, so we didn't point it out to Osiris, but it was there for the two brothers to pick up on.)
Oct. 2nd, 2012 05:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I agree. I like how subtle it was. I mean, Osiris didn't really have much to go on with Sam anyway, since Sam's heart wasn't heavy with guilt like Dean's was... but still, I like that they left it so subtle. Also, because then they didn't have to explain why Sam wasn't psychic anymore :P
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 2nd, 2012 09:43 pm (UTC)
Okay, that's what I originally thought - but then I thought maybe "agnostic" just meant someone who wasn't sure whether they believed in God or not. Now I'm thinking that I was just confused by the people who I've known who have claimed to be "agnostic" and not what the word actually means. :P

Oct. 2nd, 2012 10:21 pm (UTC)
This episode would have been fine if the things the boys were guilty of were more revealing. For example, what if Dean saw Azazel go into Sam, s room, but instead of calling for help he stayed quiet and hid under the covers? And we all know that Dean taking Sam from Stanford changed nothing. Brady would have killed Jessica anyhow. It was all part of a plan. And I love Alona Tal, but the part she played felt forced, like the writers just had to have her baco and made something work.
Oct. 2nd, 2012 10:44 pm (UTC)
True. It would have been a kick-in-the-face if Dean saw Azazel go into Sam's room, rather than just rehashing things we already knew about Dean in terms of what he blames himself for.

I DID think it was interesting that Dean blamed himself for picking Sam up at Stanford, even though it would have changed nothing. I mean, even if it WAS Azazel going into Sam's room instead - it probably wouldn't have changed anything either, so it's the same thing. But I see your point, they could have illuminated past experiences that we DIDN'T know about rather than ones that we did.

I didn't feel like Alona's part was too forced, myself.
Oct. 6th, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
*shakes head in disgust* How much do I hate this episode?

First of all, one name BRADY.
As etoile444 mentioned and Jess herself said in 'Free to be you and me', Jessica was dead as soon as Sam took an interest in her. If he had told Dean 'no' about joining him on the 'woman in white' case, it would not have made a difference. There would have been another opportunity for Brady to kill Jessica and force Sam to join his brother and/or father in the hunt for the YED. Dean (and Sam) should have no guilt about Jessica's death. Sam 'saw' her death, but he 'saw' the deaths in 'Simon Says' and even when he was able to change what happened the people still died. Jessica was going to die no matter what.

Jo's (and Ellen's) death was also not Dean's fault. Dean didn't bring the hellhounds there. Anybody could have been attacked by them. Jo knew she was dying FROM THE HELLHOUNDS ATTACK and she saw a reason to make her death meaningful. Ellen didn't want her baby to die alone and maybe wanted a little revenge on the hellhounds.

Dean shouldn't feel guilty about Amy's death. He may feel guilty about not telling Sam right away, and leading Sam to believe that Amy was alive and well somewhere. We assume that Amy would have been the next witness, but that would have only been proof that she was dead. Sam would have gotten mad at that but he would have realized that she was a monster that needed to be put down.

Four episodes: 2 were good and 2 sucked. The next episode needed to be good to help balance the season, but it just got worse. Crap.
Oct. 6th, 2012 10:00 pm (UTC)

Though, I will say that Dean IS someone who takes on responsibility that isn't his, so when things go wrong, he does assume that he's somehow failed.

I agree though, that Dean doesn't feel guilty about Amy's death. He feels guilty about lying to Sam about it.

But yeah...basically, I agree with you.
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