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Rewatch S7: The Girl Next Door (7.03)

Ready for more? Well tough, you're getting it anyway...

I love Dean trying to leave the hospital as soon as he gets there... and I love Dean waking up drugged. Jensen does the comedy-of-small-things so well.

And Dean launches himself out of bed with a broken leg... that's A LOT of morphine. I once launched myself out of bed on two legs that had completely fallen asleep without me realizing it. I collapsed in a very confused heap.

Dean: "Bobby, you're alive"
Bobby: "Of course I am. Why are you on the floor?"
Dean: "They gave me morphine - a lot. Hey look, a monster broke my leg."

- Did I mention how much I love slightly-out-of-it Dean? Because I do.

Dean: "Wait where? Bobby I'm a gimp!"
*Bobby hands him crutches*
Bobby: "Hey" *pats him on the cheek*

-Dean's FACE here. It's just... such a mixture of everything - confusion, love, amazement, affection.

The way they shot the scene with Bobby waiting for Dean in the ambulance is cool. I love the way they trick us to think that Dean has to come out of the door behind the leviathans.

3 weeks later...

*Dean watching TV, Bobby walks in*
Dean: "Dude, Ricardo"
Bobby: "What happened?"
Dean: "Suicidio" *shakes head and looks dismayed*

- I find this very interesting, as Dean spends most of this season suicidally depressed. So, yeah, I think it's foreshadowing that they chose for Dean to watch a soap opera involving a suicide.

Sam still has a red forehead 3 weeks later...that must have been one MASSIVE bruise. Actually, unless i'm mistaken, that bruise should be yellow. I'm pretty sure the order bruise colours is red->purple/blue->yellow. ...at least, that's been my experience.

Bobby: "I talked to a few hunters. They're running into the same sort of thing that set up shop at that hospital"
Dean: "And don't forget tried to kill us."
Bobby: "Yeah, consensus is they're like shapeshifters only a lot more into eating folk...and nothing can kill them."
Dean: "Good times. Anything else?"
Bobby: "Yup, they bleed black goo"
Sam: "Like that stuff that came out of Cas. Those things from purgatory...um, leviathan."

- So, did they not put it together that these were the leviathans before? It's been THREE WEEKS.

Dean: "How about those chompers you and sheriff saw at the hospital, they still making spleen burgers?"
Bobby: "Yeah, I made some calls, that doctor never showed back up to work..."

- Again, three weeks... did Bobby drive them to the cabin, stock them up with food, and then turn around and leave for three weeks without word? This seems like research that should have been mentioned within a couple of days. I mean, yes, I know they have to tell the audience what's going on, but I think they could have figured out a different way to do that.

*Sam's has an episode*
Dean: "What do you think Sammy? Sammy? Sam? Hey ground control! Sam!"
Sam: "Wha? yeah, I'm right here."
Dean: "You okay?"
Sam: "Yeah, I'm fine."
Bobby: "Good"
*Sam still looks vaguely terrified*

- See, this kind of thing - I LOVE it. It's simple. It gets the point across that Sam's not okay. You don't need to pay Mark Pellegrino... why couldn't they have just continued this? I mean, besides Sam rubbing at his hand... just have him glance off in the corner occasionally and look vaguely terrified. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Apparently, yes.

Bobby: "Every last bit of info I ever had burned down, so..."
Dean: "What about this place? Rufus leave anything? Did you check the basement?"
Bobby: "C-rations and dust. I don't think he'd been here in years."

- So, again, wouldn't Sam have wandered around the cabin and checked it out? Reported back to Dean that there was nothing in there of interest? Maybe they WEREN'T at the cabin for three weeks. Maybe Bobby was putting them up in motels until he remembered the cabin existed...

Bobby: "So, I gotta go round up my old library"
Sam: "I thought you said those books were one of a kind"
Bobby: "Yup, which is why I stashed copies all over the place."

- I love Bobby.

Dean: "Hey two-legs, we're fresh out of grub, you want to make a run?"
Sam: "Sure"
*Dean hands Sam the car keys*
Dean: "Be careful with her" *Sam makes a face* "...and Sam?"
Sam: "Yeah?"
Dean: "Pie."
Sam: "Obviously."

- Firstly, of COURSE Sam is going to be careful with the car, Dean. He loves it just as much as you do - he's just in the closet about it. :P
- I don't think I had any other points, besides 1)I like Dean calling Sam "two-legs" and 2)the pie gag is always a winner...

Dean: "Before you bail again, girl-interrupted over there. Any thoughts?"
Bobby: "Looks to me like he's doing better."
Dean: "Better? Better? What do you mean better? You saw him."
Bobby: "I saw him check-out once. That's progress."

- I think this is a slight fault with writing/filming the episodes in the wrong order. Sam checking out for a minute really is LOADS better than he was, so Dean's level of worry is a little unwarrented. And he was VERY level headed about it (concidering) last episode, so it's like he's taken three weeks to ramp up his worry rather than have it diminish...which is a bit weird. Mind you, this is Dean, and he's probably had nothing to do for the past three weeks but to sit around and worry about Sam.

Bobby: "...People heal on a curve"
Dean: "Bobby, I get this thing off in 5 days, I'm golden. Sam's not a curve, he's a freakin' timebomb"
Bobby: "It's not like he's keeping secrets. What you see is what you get, what so bad about calling an upswing?"
Dean: "Because it's not how it works, Bobby, ever, especially not with Sam - the other shoe is going to drop, it's just a matter of when."

- Ah, the magical healing Winchesters. It only takes them 4 weeks to have a broken tibia heal enough to walk on...actually, only 3 weeks, because they get impatient.
- We also get Dean's pessimism here. The other shoe is going to drop. Things can't possibly be okay or be getting better. And I think what happens is that Dean is so convinced that the other shoe is going to drop, that he MAKES it drop, because he can't handle waiting for it.

And the leviathan are tracking the credit cards... it's the beginning of the end of the Winchester way of life...

Sam: "Where's Bobby? He take off?
Dean: "Yeah, hey Sam - how you doing?"
Sam: "Fine."

- I kind of get annoyed that Bobby took off without saying goodbye to Sam...but then, Bobby DID tell them he was taking off again before Sam left for the store.

Dean: "I mean, you still- you know..."
Sam: "Yeah, I know what you mean...yeah, I'm still seeing crap that's not real. But yeah, I'm fine, I mean, I can tell the difference."
Dean: "You think it's getting better."
Sam: "Honestly, I don't know, I just know I'm managing it, so don't worry."

- See, this is the thing - Sam's being COMPLETELY honest. Dean really doesn't have any reason to worry... or course, that's never stopped Dean in the past either.
- Again, it would have been SO EASY to continue this storyline... to slowly escalate it... ugh, okay, I'll stop complaining. Sorry, that's usually not my style.

Dean: "Where's the pie?"
Sam: "I got cake. That's close enough, right?"

- I love this running gag they have where Sam NEVER gets Dean pie.

Little Sam!

Colin Ford does such a good job. I also like how his demeanor changes when his Dad's on the phone... he stays stock still, though he doesn't go into full soldier-mode like Dean did in Scarecrow. Which, of course, has always been the difference between Sam and Dean.

I wish I wrote down sources for these things - but I remember Jensen saying somewhere that he didn't really like the sepia tone that post put over all the flashbacks. I'll be interested to see what his episode is like this year.

Also old cellphone! I used to have one like that.

Back to present...

Sam sneaking out... Dean's neck is going to be so sore in the morning. I love the commercial playing on TV: "My Bloodiest Valentine in hellish 3d" - way to plug your other projects, Jensen...hehehe.

Skatepark! I went to that on the location tour last year - it's relatively not that far from my place...and by "relatively" I mean that I would not want to walk all the way there, but it'd be like a five minute drive.

Back to Dean...and the wildebeest documentary: "The wildebeest lounges, lazy and self-content. He's oblivious to the fierce predator that stalks him in the shadows."
- Again, kind of reflecting current state of affairs with the Winchesters, who don't yet know that they're being tracked by the leviathan.

Note: "Back in a few days. I'm fine. Sam"
- I love how Sam writes his As like pentagrams. I'm pretty sure it's a Jared thing, but it fits the character so well.
- Also, I'm pretty sure signing a note with "I'm fine" isn't going to make a bit of difference to Dean, Sam... but nice try.

Bobby: "Maybe he needed a little me time."
Dean: "Yeah, but his me time ain't just him, I mean for all we know he's roadtripping with Lucifer. Left me here like Jimmy freakin' Stewart."

- Firstly, I love the Rearview Window reference.
- Secondly, I love Dean's wooden crutch. It looks like Bobby or Sam just went out into the woods and made it for him.
- Thirdly, Dean DOES have a point. It's one thing for Sam to be "Fine" and "Dealing with it" when someone is around to keep an eye on him, but it's quite another to be on his own, where there's no one to watch his back if he "checks-out" at the wrong time. I mean, just *driving* would be a concern.

Dean takes his own cast off.... don't try this at home, kids.

Dean's number appears in Sam's phone as Lars Ulrich... I guess it depends how caller ID works on cell phones. I'm pretty sure that on my phone, it shoes up as what I've put in my contacts list as their name.

"How're you doing? Was there a, uh, big guy in here yesterday?"
"That's specific"

- So, I have this sort of fascination with the words people use when they're looking for their siblings. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but... My brother was once telling me this story about how he was looking for us once and the closer he got to where one of us was, the more bizarre the story about what was going on there became... and it was a funny story, but what I remember about it was that my brother described himself asking people where we were, as "Have you seen my sister?" or "I'm looking for my sister" "which one?" "doesn't matter." Because it never occurred to me before that my brother has 4 sisters and no brothers - so when he wants to find ANY of us, he just asks for "my sister" and knows that he'll find at least one of us. And, I'm not describing this well, but that was oddly mind-blowing for me. Like, for some reason, in my brother's mind, my sisters and I are one entity of "sisters" in four bodies or something. I'm not making any sense, am I? Okay, just forget all this...
- I like how Dean describes Sam as "a big guy." It's cute.
- Oh, and apparently the dude behind the counter is a bartender friend of Jensen's.

Coroner:"..their pituitary glands were clear gone. How'd you know that?"
*flashback* Young!Sam: "Yes, they need a steady supply of pituitary glands to survive"
Sam: "Educated guess."

- I just like the "Educated" guess thing...because of the "educated" part. That being said. I think it would have worked just as well without the flashback.

Young!Sam: "What? I'm just tired. I've been looking at this for like - 8 years!"
- For some reason I find this line hilarious. I feel like it works on more than one level, but I don't even really know why.

Wait a second... if Sam's reading up on Kitsune, in Bobby's books...which he complains are not in english and we SEE that they are in Japanese... how come Sam is then surprised that Bobby speaks Japanese in Yellow Fever! CONTINUITY MISTAKE I HAVE FOUND YOU!

Sam being adorably shy with the girl is adorable.

Young!Sam: "You stab it in the heart. Stab it. The heart. I said YOU STAB IT IN THE HEART!"
Librarian: "Shhh"

- I love it when Sam and Dean have conversations in public that they should not be having in public... and I love it even more when they get away with it.

Young!Sam: "Alright, are you guys cool? Can I have a normal life for five minutes now? Oh Dean - quick question, how do you talk to girls?"
- Also, this tells us that Amy was Sam's first crush.
- AND, it re-iterates a main theme of Sam's character - which is that he's in a constant battle between what he wanted his life to be and what his life has become.

Young!Sam: "Um, I just.. wanted to, you know, say hi, and-"
Young!Amy: "No, go away"
Young!Amy: "It's just I'm not supposed to talk to boys."

- First... oh man, the awkward adorkable way he tries to strike up a conversation. I have a feeling Dean told him "Just go say 'Hi'" and Sam translated that to that first awkward sentence.
- Second... did I mention how awesome Colin Ford is as young!Sam? I mean, I know he's fast approaching an age where he's too short to continue to play Sam...but I'm glad we got him when we did for the episodes that he HAS done. I'm still half convinced that at one point they cloned Jared. Colin's got the puppy eyes DOWN. Maybe Dean should have just said, "go look at her with your puppy eyes - resistence will be futile."

- Um, for those who don't know, one of the bully-kids was played by the same actor who played Lucas Barr way back in Dead in the Water (1x03).

Fight scene.
- I also remember Jensen saying that this scene was really hard to direct because the kids didn't have fight experience and weren't that good at it. I think Jensen did a really good job of hiding that fact, because I think the fight scene looks pretty cool.
- Also, I LOVE it when the Winchester's kick ass in hand-to-hand.

Young!Sam: "Hi, I'm Sam."
Young!Amy: "I'm Amy"

- Okay, scratch what I said above. I think Dean told Sam "Just go say 'Hi, I'm Sam.'" Because, Sam does it with so much confidence here and it's BECAUSE he just kicked two guys' asses. Sam just did something that he does WELL. This is the tragedy with Sam. Sam is a good Hunter, he is not a good 'normal person.' It's no coincidence that he has no problem talking to the girl when he's just been a badass hunter, but he's tongue-tied and awkward when he's a normal kid in a library.

Young!Amy: "So, are you going to tell me?"
Young!Sam: "What?"
Young!Amy: "How you kicked the crap out of those guys! I mean, no offence, but you're kind of-"
Young!Sam: "Wirery."

-Hahahaha, I LOVE how he says this, like it's the sexiest thing anyone can be. Oh Sam, how can anyone not love you?

Young!Sam: "...I've seen the biggest ball of twine twice."
Young!Amy: "Three times. Not that big"
Young!Sam: "Right! But be honest, I mean, moving all the time sucks. You're always the new kid, and everyone always thinks you're a freak."
Young!Amy: "Sam, you are a freak, but so is Jimi Hendrix and Picasso...so am I. All the coolest people are freaks."

- So, here's the thing about Amy... I know raloria was saying the other day that she didn't believe the friendship, because they only spent one evening together. But, it's not about what they actually were, it's about what Sam built her up in his head to be... even before the reveal of her true nature. Here is this beautiful girl, who UNDERSTANDS Sam, not only that, but she's THE SAME. She feels like a freak, she travels around a lot... but on top of all that, she's telling Sam that it's OKAY to be a freak, that there's nothing wrong with him, that not only is there nothing wrong with him, he's BETTER than normal people. Think about teenagers for a second and imagine the impact that statement has!
- Also, think about being a teenager for a second and remember how hard and fast you fell "in love." And then add on the fact that the object of your affection is telling you all the reassuring things that you've always needed to hear...and yeah, instant "I will love you until the end of time" feelings.

Sam needs to stop getting head-wounds... seriously, he JUST recovered from a massive one, and then Amy knocks him out again... I'm predicting that Sam eventually dies from a small blow to the head.

Bobby: "A what?"
Dean: "A kitsune. Dad and I hunted one back in '98"
Bobby: "That vaguely rings a bell"
Dean: "Yeah, it didn't make our highlight reel."

- You'd think Bobby would be up on his japanese monsters...especially given that he was helping Sam research that hunt. :P But, you know, it was 14 years ago. (Just last night, I mistakenly thought that '98 was 10 years ago, because I am old.)

Amy: "Sam, you know me."
Sam: "No, I knew you, but that was a long time ago-"
Amy: "No, Sam, you know me. You know the kind of person I am."

- I love the emphasis on person. Like she's reminding him that she's a person too, or she's separating the monster from the person, as though they are two different aspects of her and only one of those matters... in Amy's case, the only thing that matters is the person, in Dean's case, the only thing that matters is the monster.

Young!Amy: "..yeah, well, she has a temper, sometimes, I mean, it's no big deal."
Young!Sam: "My dad does too. You don't want to see him when he's drinking."

- I'm just going on record to say that Amy's mom is worse than John Winchester... and Sam probably realizes it too when Amy's mom hits her...because I really don't think John ever raised a hand to either Sam or Dean. They are WAY too phyisally affectionate with him for that. That being said, I can imagine that John could have been a very yelly-drunk.

Young!Amy: "My mom, I don't think she's a good person. Sometimes, I don't think I'm a good person either."
Young!Sam: "You are."
Young!Amy: "Don't be so sure."
Young!Sam: "I've been around enough bad to know good when I see it."

- And here Sam's returning the favour that Amy did him. Reassuring her with the words that she has always wanted/needed to hear. And he's not necessarily wrong.

Young!Amy: "It's just, she has this whole plan for me, but I don't want to be like her, you know?"
Young!Sam: "I don't want to be like my Dad either."

- Again, it's what they have in common that makes Sam fall for Amy in such a short period of time.
- We could also get into a character debate here about whether Sam IS like John or not. In my opinion, out of Sam and Dean, Sam has a tendency to act for more like John than Dean ever does... but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, YES, the tendency to become obsessed with a single goal has never led to anything good, and Sam has a temper too... but John also really deeply loved his family even though he didn't necessarily know how to show it all the time, and I think Sam's the same way. John also was all about doing things intelligently and educating himself before he acted, and that's also a good quality that Sam has.

Sam: "But you're still feeding..."
Amy: "On the dead. I'm a mortician..."

- I just think this is a brilliant solution to her problem. Though, it does make me wonder what she did before she became a mortician  Unless she just broke into morgues.

Amy's mother: "We're leaving they caught up."
Young!Amy: "Who?"
Amy's mother: "A couple of pros in a piece of crap Impala"

- I love it whenever we hear the Winchesters described by other people. She derides the car, sure, but she also calls them "pros."

Young!Sam: "It's my dad and brother in the Impala. You're a monster."
Young!Amy: "You're a hunter. So, you're supposed to kill me, and I'm supposed to kill you?"
Young!Sam: "I guess."
Young!Amy: "Sam, I've never killed anyone, and I don't want to hurt you. Do you want to hurt me?"
Young!Sam: "No"

- I love this comparison between monsters and hunters... they've done it before in the first season with vampires. But I love the idea that hunters are just a different kind of monster themselves. They're the monsters of the monster world, but they're also outcasts from the "normal" human world, just like monsters are.
- It's also very interesting viewpoiint, because being a hunter becomes something you ARE rather than something you DO, and that's reflected in the language. And it's the exact same language that Sam and Dean use for monsters. You are a monster, it's not about whether or not you actually do monstrous things. So, monsters and hunters actually have more in common than they want to...which, of course, is why Sam and Amy clicked without realizing it. (And probably why Sam has clicked with Madison... and even Ruby, though she did technically rape him first.)

Back to the presents...
And Dean punches Sam when he opens the motel door.... again, how many hits to the head can Sam really take?

Dean: "New rule, you steal my baby, you get punched."
- Fair enough.

Sam: "How many times do I have to tell you, I'm fine!"
Dean: "Oh no, you're a poster boy for mental health. You have any idea the kind of horror shows I had going on in my head."
- Dean sounds so much like a parent here. And this is the one thing about the Sam-goes-crazy storyline that they did avoid by not actually having a Sam-goes-crazy storyline (*annoyed look*)...and that's the fact that the story-arc from S1-S5 was about Sam becoming an equal rather than a little brother... and Sam being compromised mentally with Dean going back into protective-older Brother mode, ran the risk of negating that. So, I am glad that they didn't do that. I wouldn't have wanted to have a rehash of the "you have to treat me like an adult, Dean!" storyline.

Amy's mother: "Knew you were hiding something - can never leave town without Amy throwing a bitch-fit. So, agreeing to go peacefully..."
- Again, this sounds like something that John would have said about Sam. Amy is practically Sam in monster form... okay, well, that's stretching it. But at THIS point in their lives, she is.

Amy's mother: "I already told you, you cannot have friends, this kid is food!"
- I just love this line.

Dean: "You never told me that."
Sam: "I never told anyone. I mean, could you imagine what Dad would have done."

- I think this is partly Sam's mistake right here. Yes, Dean can imagine what Dad would have done... and he can't say that he disagrees with it.

Young!Sam: "Amy! Do you have cash? I want you on the first bus out of town tonight."
Young!Amy: "What about-"
Young!Sam: "I'll take care of her"
Young!Amy: "Come with me. We don't have to be alone. We can be freaks together, Sam. Sam..."
Young!Sam: "I can't... I'm sorry."

- I love Sam taking charge here.
- We see from Amy's plea to come with her that the crush did run both ways... or it's the teenage romanticism that Amy needs to justify what she just did - that if she gets a traveling companion out of it. If she did it for love, instead of a desperation to just escape... then it's some how more noble.
- I think Sam was tempted, but the age old problem of "I can't leave my brother alone" was still there. It's why I think that going to Stanford was hard on Sam too. It's probably one of his favourite memories because for it's a time where he felt BRAVE. But, that's another whole debate that I'm not going to get into. What I'm trying to say is that at this point, Sam wasn't brave enough to leave... but that didn't mean he didn't want to.

Dean: "Look, I get it. You meet a girl, you feel that spark. There's nothing better - but this freak?" *Sam gets annoyed and moves across the room* "I didn't mean-"
Sam: "Yeah you did. I see the way you look at me, Dean, like I'm a grenade and you're waiting for me to go off."

- Dean used the F-word! :P Seriously though, this IS in keeping with the characters, and the "freak" word is something they've struggled with since S1... Dean usually being unapologetic about it, or at least in denial about what it does to Sam. But the whole "I see the way you look at me, Dean" is a conversation they've had in one way or another a LOT between S1 and S5... and if they HAD returned to that storyline it would have been annoying. It would have been Dean waiting for Sam to crumble rather than for Sam to go darkside, but it would have been too similar.

Dean: "Sam-"
Sam: "I'm not going off. Look, I may be a freak, but that's not the same as dangerous."
Dean: "I didn't say-"
Sam: "It's okay, say it. I spent a lot of my life trying to be normal, but come on. I'm not normal, look at all the crap I've done. Look at me now? I'm a grade-A freak, but I'm managing it, and so is Amy."

- And again, we get the comparison that Sam and Amy aren't that different.
- We also get Sam accepting that he's not normal... which he's done in the past. It was part of his excuse for drinking demon-blood, actually. I think a lot of Sam's character is about this tug-of-war between being normal and being a freak.

Sam: "Look, you don't trust her, fine. Trust me. Dean, please."
Dean: "Okay"
Sam: "Seriously?"
Dean: "Gotta start sometime, right?"

- And this kills me, because Dean SAYS he trusts Sam, but he actually doesn't. I think Dean is still reeling from Castiel's betrayal and he's trust of everyone, including Sam, is affected by it.

Dean: "I'm Sam's brother..."
- This has got to be a pretty terrifying sentence for Amy to hear.

Dean: "Sam doesn't know I'm here."
Amy: "But he told you, my son..."
Dean: "I know, I know, but people - they are who they are, no matter how hard you try, you are what you are. You will kill again."
Amy: "I swear-"
Dean: "Trust me, I'm an expert. Maybe in a year, maybe ten, but eventually the other shoe will drop. It always does."

- Now, regardless of what I said above, I really think killing Amy is about Castiel. I mean, YES, there's a little bit of not trusting Sam in there, but I think the majority of Dean's reasoning stems from the part of him that was hurt by Cas. Castiel was a supernatural being - he was, technically, a monster. ALL the other angels that Dean knew were, quite frankly, just as monstrous as any other monster. They tried to end the world, they tried to kill Dean's family, they stole his brother, they killed and they hurt people... except for Castiel. Castiel was different, Castiel was Dean's friend... until suddenly he wasn't. Suddenly he was just another angel who was hurting his brother, killing people, wreaking havoc... and he was someone Dean had to try to kill... and how does Dean sort this out in his head? Maybe he wonders if there was no avoiding it... maybe he decides that he had been wrong to think that Castiel was different than the other angels, that he'd been tricked into believing that he had a friend... maybe he decides that it had always been only a matter of time before Castiel reverted back to his true nature. But that's just an opinion.

Jacob: "The only person I'm going to kill is you."
Dean: "Well, look me up in a couple of years. Assuming I live that long."

- FOR GOD'S SAKE! KILL THE KID! Why does no one kill the kid?! If you are going to kill people, don't leave any loose ends! Jesus, people. It's not like the kids a mortician! You idiot.

And the leviathans are closing in!

Nacho cheese death is horrible.

And there you have it!

More tomorrow? Maybe? We'll see. I've got to clean my apartment at some point this weekend, and apparently I'm going to the movies tomorrow too...

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  • Stranger Things 3

    I just finished watching Stranger Things 3 and I am FULL OF FEELINGS. It was great, I should begin with that. I like that they followed more the…

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